Monday Update on Lost in Love 4th July 2022


Monday Update on Lost in Love 4th July 2022

Virat asks Ashwini if she saw Sayi, if she is in kitchen. She says no, she thought she must be sleeping in her room. Bhavani says she ordered her not to come out till holi celebrations finish, so she must be hiding somewhere. Virat thinks where she must have gone then. Sai with Devi reaches wedding venue. Devi gets happy seeing decoration and asks if Pulkit did all this. Sai says yes. Devi says she always dreamt of a lavish wedding and Pulkit fulfilled it today. Sai says her every dream will be fulfilled from today. Pulkit with Madhuri walks to them and asks if they faced any problem. Sai says not much and gets out fo cab. Virat asks family if anyone saw his phone. Mohit gives phone and says Virat was drunk, so he kept it safely. Virat thanks her and calls Sai. Pulkit thanks Sai for bringing Devi here and fulfilling his dream. Sai gets Virat’s call and asks Pulkit to take Devi in, thinks Virat must have found out that she is not at home.

Ashwini asks Usha to search Sai at home as she keeps phon somewhere. Omkar says there is nothing to worry as Sai is habituated to go out uninformed. Shivani walks in, and Ashwini asks if she saw Sai. Shivani says no. Ninad says they should check Devi’s room. Shivani says she already checked and even Devi is not in her room. Faily gets alert. Sonali comments. Bhavani says something is wrong and Sai must have taken Devi out. Virat asks how can this happen. Bhavani asks Ashwini if Sai informed her something. Ashwini says no. Pakhi with her parents walk in. Virat asks if she saw Devi and Sai. Pakhi says she doesn’t know about Devi, but she saw Sai with Virat last time. Virat he is asking after celebration. Shailesh says he saw Sai and Devi going in cab.

Pulkit extends his hand. Devi says he is looking handsome, but she is not looking pretty. He says she is looking perfect like before. She shyingly asks is it. He sasy yes and says she wanted their lavish wedding, he arranged their wedding and invited a few guests, they will take pheras and oaths again. Sai tells Devi that Pulkit has brought her bridal dress and jewelry, so she should get ready soon. Devi asks if its a reality and not a dream. Sai says this is reality and asks her to get ready soon, before any problem arises again. Pulkit holds Devi’s hand and walks away. Sai thinks Virat will realize later that this was right for Devi. Virat thinks where is Sai and where she must have taken Devi uninformed. Sai hopes Virat forgives her.

Bhavani yells at Virat that his wife took Devi out uninformed and her truth is out. Ninad says Virat will support only his wife and tells Virat that they never let Devi out of house except for treatment, how can Sai take Devi out uninformed. Sonali says who is Sai to take Devi out. Ashwini says Devi and Sai’s lives must be in danger. Shivani says where they must have gone. Ashiwni says maybe Devi’s condition worsened and Sai took her to hospital. Pakhi says Sai would have informed someone, but went uninformed, she feels something is wrong. Her mother says Devi looked very happy in cab. Pakhi says Sai must have taken Devi out in lieu of sight seeing.

Pakhi’s parents leave. Bhavani asks Ashwini if she will take her bahu’s side even now, Sai made many mistakes and they forgive her; Sai took Devi luring her when they were busy. Sonali says its a sin as Sai murdered their trust and should be punished. Virat sasy at this time they shouldn’t think about Sai’s punishment nad should find out where she must have taken Devi. Pakhi says she feels Sai took Devi to Pulkit. Virat says its impossible as he had warned Sai to stay away from Pulkit and not think about Devi and Pulkit’s wedding, then why would she disobey her. Pakhi says his wife never obeys anyone. Mohit asks not to think wrong about Sai. Sonali warns her to shut up Pakhi says Sai challenged to get Pulkit and Devi married at any cost.

Bhavani thinks if Devi and Pulkit are married and their secret is out, family will be defamed a lot. Omkar asks what is she thinking. Bhavani says she is worried for her daughter. Ashwini asks not to come to conclusion with Pakhi’s verdict, they should find out truth first. Pakhi says Devi cannot even take care of herself. Virat says if Sai has gone to perform Devi and Pulkit’s wedding, she will be punished for sure. Mohit asks what if Pulkit is unmarried and Sangeeta is trying to trap him. Shivani says it is possible. Pakhi reminisces Virat telling he will reinvestigate after holi. Omkar and Sonali scold him. Bhavani asks Virat if he will support Sai as her husband or find out Devi as her brother. Virat calls Sai. Pakhi asks him to accept that Sai is with Pulkit. Virat says he will find out where and with whom Sai is and if she has taken such a wrong step, he doesn’t know what step he will take. He calls his subordinate and orders him to reach Dr Pulkit’s house with a team and he will join them there.

Pulkit takes Devi inside wedding venue and says she used to dream about a lavish wedding and he booked Nagpur’s finest venue Pavani Lawnce. Sai asks how did he arranged all this alone. He says people whom he had helped earlier helped him and introduces his ex-patient’s relatives whom he cured. They say anything for him and he will help him if he needs anything else. Virat calls Sai, Sai disconnects his call, he gets more angry. Pakhi thinks of burning Sangeeta’s letter and lights match stick, but then stops thinking Virat may ask letter and what if his police brain finds out that she burnt letter. Virat walks to lawn ready in police’s attire and informs them that he will not let Sai perform Devi and Pulkit’s wedding. Pakhi provokes him against Sai as usual and says he helped Sai so much, but she doesn’t even respect him, etc. Virat says everything is recorded in mobile, he will not let Sai ruin Devi’s life. Ninad says he and Omkar will also accompany him. Virat says he will go with his team. Pakhi asks him not to fall for Sai’s sugar-coated words. Virat says he would have if its about him, its about Devi now and he will not tolerate it.

Pulkit introduces Madhuri to Devi. Devi asks who is she. He says she is his sister. Devi says he didn’t inform about Madhuri before. He says he found her later, she is not his biological sister but more than that. Madhuri says she was waiting for Pulkit and Devi’s wedding and will take care of Devi like both SIL and sister. Virat messages Sai where is she, why is she not picking call, and if Devi is with her. Madhuri also reads messages and feels concerned for Sai. Sai asks her not to worry about her. Devi gets happy seeing PD logo. Pulkit says Sai gave her sketch. Devi thanks Sai for taking care of her so much. A lady informs Pulkit that wedding muhurat is nearing. Pulkit asks Sai to get Madhuri ready soon. Devi asks Pulkit what happened to their baby as she was pregnant. He says they have a daughter named Harini who is like her and he will take her to Harini immediately after marriage. Devi gets more happy. Sai thinks family must have found out she took Devi out.

Pakhi burns half letter, puts it in kitchen dustbin, and acting as brooming kitchen floor asks Sonali to throw vegetable garbage in dustbin. She then acts as noticing burnt paper and acts shocked. Sonali picks paper and noticing its Sangeeta’s letter blames Sai for stealing and burning it.

Sai gets Devi ready and says she will go now as family must be searching her by now. Devi insists to attend her wedding. Virat reminisces all the recent events and realizes that Devi was chatting with Pulkit all the while.