Monday Update on Lies of the heart 8 June 2020


Monday Update on Lies of the heart 8 June 2020

Samrat’s office
Smrat is shocked at urmi’s statements and begins to get angry, but she asks him not to shout, as he wouldnt want a scene in his office itself. urmi says that she doesnt want to get to this deep shit, but she had to behave tit for tat, to teach him a lesson. she asks him what would he remember. when he doesnt remember, she again tells him, that the woman he is insulting all around, is his own son’s mother, and maybe it gets famous or not, he would have to definitely pay for it, and threatens him to stop doing this. she leaves, while samrat is furious.

Later, Diwaker’s boss is very happy to have received samrat’s call, thinking that he must have been called for a job. But samrat denies for that, and asks about diwaker. the person is all praises for diwaker, who has taken the company to great heights. Samrat says that one instant would change everything, and he would get his wishable amount for that work. The person asks him to assign him as he would be lucky to do his job. samrat instructs him that tomorrow a big chunk of money would go missing from their account and would be found in diwaker’s drawer, implicating him of fraud, misappropriation and debauchery. The person is surprised, and asks how can he think of trapping his own brother. samrat asks if he is a reporter, and asks him to tell if he would do so. The person agrees to do this to please samrat. samrat applauds him for this.

Annu’s residence
Asha gets a stranger to the house, and starts reprimanding that man in front of saroj, that he is a Jinn, and then goes on her rant of nonsense as usual. the man begins to get amused at asha’s terrible idiocy. He thinks to put it to his advantage. saroj starts reprimanding asha for doing all this. The man begins to act like a ghost, and says that she wont leave from here, while asha continues to pester with him. saroj asks him to stop this drama and leave. the man says that asha has terribly tortured him, hence he would leave only after having been paid the price. he eyes her jewellery, and asks her to give it to him, along with the cash.

She starts doing so, while saroj reprimands him, and asha takes her aside and tries to say that this is right. She ultimately manages to give the man her jewellery. Saroj is shocked. The man is about to leave when granny comes in hitting the person with the jhaadu, and he drops the jewellery. She drives him off, while he starts cursing them to have an idiot like this in the house. asha runs from there to her room.

Sushma’s residence
Shaurya asks sushma’s husband to help him revise his poem, so that he gets admitted in the school. he wards him off. shaurya threatens him to continue irritating him, if he doesnt listen and help him get admitted in the school. The man resignedly agrees to listen, while shaurya starts reciting. Just then, a man named Mr.Verma comes in with suahma, who she has got, for urmi to get an order for the cake of his son’s birthday. Just then, urmi comes in tensedly. sushma introduces them and then Verma tells urmi about the assignment, and sushma vouches for urmi’s talent and effort. She asks him to be confident in urmi’s ability.

Urmi asks about the quantity, and he says that he needs a 4kg normal cake. But sushma insists for chocolate, and he agrees. Sushma bargains with him for urmi, and then agrees on Rs. 2500. urmi assures him for quality. he begins to leave. Susham asks him to give an advance, and he gives Rs. 500 to urmi, who’s overwhelmed to receive her hard earned money. He leaves. Sushma takes the money from her, saying that it would be adjusted in the due amount, and asks her to get ahead with making the cake.

When urmi returns back, she is shocked to find samrat sitting with sushma and her husband. Shaurya ducks behind urmi, while samrat smiles at them. Urmi asks him whats he doing here. Samrat humbly says that he’s her husband, and asks her to come along, as its been enough drama. urmi asks him to stop his nonsense and leave. Sushma falls for samrat’s nobility and reprimands urmi for lying. urmi asks him to get lost and not create any more drama. Samrat points out to sushma very humbly that this is how she behaves even in front of the the child. sushma and her husband point out that urmi did their loss, and then didnt give money and tells her the entire story.

samrat says that she is his wife, and says that he would get them a line of cars. urmi asks him to shut up, as she would repay back. Sushma falls for samrat’s act and then he tries to put urmi down all the more. Sushma gives samrat the account, and urmi asks him to retreat as she would repay. Susham shuts urmi. And samrat too plays along with them, but urmi pleads for some more time, but they dont relent in. samrat makes her trask of convincing them all the more difficult, and then gives to sushma the amount that urmi owes them.

Urmi is tensed. Urmi tries to tell sushma that she would repay back, but in vain as sushma gets the money back. samrat pretends to be very happy that now he can take her urmi back, as she is free now, and is amazed that she was captive for such a petty amount. Samrat asks urmi to come home, as she should realise the money and power of her husband, and then get to senses and come back home, where her family awaits her arrival. Urmi stands tensed. suahm and her husband observe their conversation.

Sushma’s residence
Sushma asks urmi and her husband to solve this matter themselves when urmi says that she would go anywhere

but not with him. Shaurya too reprimands samrat for troubling his wife. Samrat is about to vent his anger

that even his son is speaking against him. He shows sushma and her husband as to how she has instigated even

the child against his own father. sushma doesnt want to be involved and asks them to resolve it themselves,

as they wont force urmi to go. Sushma says that if she wants, she can leave, but can stay back too, as a

tenant, but only if she wishes. urmi is relieved. samrat asks that they should let her go, as they got the

moeny from him. Susham asks if he gave the money not because he wanted to pay their losses, but because he

wanted to get urmi to himself. she points out that he is a lowlife, and asks him to get lost. he tries to

politely ask them to let urmi go, as they have got their money. Susham says that had he kept the wife with

manners, this day wouldnt have come. She says that no wife leaves the husband without being tortured to the

greatest extent, and a trailer of which they saw yesterday, when they saw him defaming his own wife. susham

starts reprimanding him for beingh a lowlife, and such cruelty. Her husband too favour and says that its

shameful, that there’s a man who behaves like this with women. he asks samrat to get lost. urmi is relieved.

Samrat tells them that they arent doing right, and turns to urmi, that she would have to pay a big price.

sushma asks samrat who is he threatening, and asks him to get lost, and there’s no need for drama, as they

can have him thrown out. Samrat reprimands them too, that they would see that they didnt do right upsetting

him. sushma says that they arent scared, and asks him to get lost. He threatens both the couple and urmi too,

and then leaves, after he is being shoved off, by sushma and her husband. Sushma asks her husband to go

inside nad take the medicine. urmi turns to them and tries to say something, but they both leave inside

silently. Urmi smiles at her son.

At the dinner table, shaurya says that the food is very tasty tonight. As he tries to get pokey, urmi shuts

him up, and then thanks sushma for her support, which was a huge favour to her. Sushma says that they just

did what was right and agrees with her descision to have left her husband. Urmi says that she is thankful

that they didnt throw her out of the house. Sushma says that they had got their money, hence werent

interested in throwing her out. Susham says that her husband wont let her stay anywhere else, and then points

out that she would have to live as a tenant, ans asks her not to try and build a relation with them, as they

dont trust them. Her husband asks her to pay the rent on time. urmi agrees. the phone rings, and sushma

offres to see who is it. She picks it up, and is shocked at what she hears. Her husband gets tensed when she

doesnt respond, asking who is it. He leaves to check on her. He finds that she slammed the phone shut and is

tensed. He again asks whose call it was. urmi too comes to check. sushma leaves without responding. Her

husband goes after her. urmi is tensed too.

The next morning the phone rings yet again and this time, its her husband who is tensed. Sushma comes tensed

herself, and asks if the call was from london. Sushma asks why is he calling now, and what does he want and

why is he calling now, as he never bothered to remember them, and now he is calling after all this time. Her

husband says that atleast he is remembering them now. she asks should they forget then, what he did to them.

Meanwhile, urmi hurriedly gets to preparing the cake, and looks around for the baking soda. But doesnt find

it, and goes to ask for it from sushma. she overhears everything from a distance as sushma and her husband

talk. She hears sushma says that its better to be without a son than being with one like this, and tells her

husband that she knows they have no son, and asks him to behave so too. urmi is tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s and Amrit’s residence
While aditi says that she isnt able to do it, amrit tries to convince her. Amrit thinks that this girl is

useless, and isnt porving to be any help. But he composes himself, and then keep trying to endearingly

convince her, while she explains her helplessness. He asks where her mother is and is told that she is in the

kitchen. amrit then explains to aditi and she hears it intently, while scared of noone listening to her. He

boosts her to do it, for the sake of their son and their family’s future. aditi decides to try. amrit is

relieved. aditi goes to shashi, working in the kitchen, and tries to intitiate a conversation with her. She

asks shashi to make some special food for her too, while eyeing the jug of water with a special plan. She

turns around and pretends to accidentally spill water on her. Aditi asks her to go and change her saree, and

when she complies, she watches her go. Shashi opens the almirah and then takes a saree and goes to the

washroom to change it. Aditi hurriedly comes in and tries her hand at the bunch of keys, trying to break in

the almirah, and finally takes the key out that fits. she leaves the bunch and goes. Shashi comes out, and

takes the bunch and leaves herself too.

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