Monday Update on Lies of the heart 6 April 2020


Monday Update on Lies of the heart 6 April 2020


The next morning, urmi is busy with household work, when the phone rings and she picks it up. She answers but noone responds from the other side. Finally, aditi speaks up saying that its her. they exchange greetings and ask about each other. aditi congratulates her and expresses her desire to meet her once, for their relationship. Urmi tries to avoid, but aditi asks her to try and come. she tells her about her location and asks urmi to come. urmi finds the servant crippling and shashi behaving arrogantly with him.

She tells aditi that she would definitely try to meet and then cancels the call. shashi begisn to scold him again, but her husband asks her to stop as he has faceed enough. The servant says that he wont be able to continue. samrat comes in rudely and says that he can go, but he wont get the due salary, as the rule is. He gets in his work, while his father asks the servant to silence up. urmi comes and apologises to the servant, but he says that he wont work. Kanchan and shashi make him guilty that urmi is apologising.

urmi again requests him not to go and he complies. urmi asks him to go and rest while she handles the work today. He complies to that too. samrat’s father is pleased, while shashi isnt. After he leaves, shashi asks about the phone call. Urmi tells everything. Shashi asks her to go, so that she feels good, as she is away from her family and would feel good if she meets a member of the family. She asks urmi to go while she handles the work here.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
As they come home, devi is happy that he is now relieved for urmi, and that finally everyone is happy and settled. he again starts praising samrat’s behaviour, while saying that this child would bridge the gap. Saroj is still tensed, and reminds how he treated the servant, and thats the proof that samrat would never change.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and the police academy
trisha calls up urmi to say that there’s something important to discuss. urmi asks if anything has happened recently. Trisha says that she isnt at peace with herself. Urmi asks her to speak. She hesitatingly says that there’s boy who says that he loves her like mad. She is happy and asks trisha if she likes the guy too. trisha says that she isnt sure but would want her to meet so that urmi can give her opinion too. Urmi complies. Trisha is happy and says that she would fix up a metting.

Scene 4:
Location: MG Road
Finally, Samrat’s sister meets urmi on the road. they hug each other, while urmi gives her a box of sweets that shashi has sent. she congratulates urmi again, and says that she is very happy and is fortunate that urmi is samrat’s wife, who considers emotions and feelings so much, and that she is exactly opposite to samrat and asks her to convert samrat into something like her. urmi says that she would have to go now. but aditi says that she needs to sit down and talk with her. urmi says that next time, she would come for a longer time. Aditi says that her husband would come soon and asks her to wait so that she can meet him too. urmi is happy as she finds him approaching on the bike, with a helmet on, so that she can meet the son in law of the family. As he comes and takes off the helmet, he turns out to be the same man, trying to woo trisdha nd who trisha is also getting attracted to.

On the road
Aditi introduces amrit, her husdband to urmi, and instantly he starts praising urmi for having heard so many things about her, and thanks for saving his wife that day. urmi says that she would happily give her life for aditi. Amrit offers coffee, but urmi says that she has to hurry as samrat doesnt know, and they can meet and catch up some other time. after exchanging greetings, urmi leaves. Amrit looks at her leereingly. They drive off together.

Scene 2:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Urmi has a dizzy spin while working in the kitchen, and everyone is concerned. they seat urmi so that she can compose herself. Urmi says that she got nauseated. Shashi gets water and urmi drinks it, while all stand tensed around her. Shashi reprimands her for taking food on time, to avoid such things, as it would lead to nausea, and reminds her to take care of her doubly due to the baby too. Urmi says that she’s waiting for samrat, and then they shall eat. shashi says that she should forego such rules during pregnancy. His father also says that samrat’s coming back isnt definite, and hence she should start eating. they lay out the plate for her. As she is about to take the first bite, samrat comes in angrily, asking her to wait and saying how can she even think of doing things like this. He takes the plate away, saying that now on she shall eat healthy, to take care of herself and the baby and not eat such things. He says that he has got salad and soup for her, and asks shashi to serve it. Shashi is shocked to see her concern. Meanwhile, otherrs are amused as samrat stops urmi from working and gets shashi top lay out the table for her. urmi looks at him shocked. shashi leaves resignedly. Samrat shows the diet chart that he has got prepared for urmi and the baby. Shashi comes back with the food. samrat gives her the diet chart to take care of urmi and prepare everything according to that. Samrat’s farther and kanchan are amused at shashi’s torture. Urmi is shocked to see such huge quantity of food, but samrat says that she has to finish all that, and monitors that she does. shashi doesnt like the concern at all. kanchan and his father are shocked. After samrat leaves, kanchan teases urmi for samrat’s concern. urmi is happy from inside, as she begins with the salad.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s and samrat’s residence
Granny advises gaurav to have food in leisure and not hurry for work. gaurav gets a call from makhan, his childhood friend, who asks him to go outside as there’s something for him. he is surprised and goes out. When he comes out, he finds makhan standing before her, making a dashing entry from the car. they are all pleasntly surprised to see makhan, as he joins them cheerfully. They ask him whats he doing here, and he says that her has come here for choosing a location for Ad shoot. They are all curious about the glamour biz and he satisfies their curiosity. He is teased for his peculiar name. all have a hearty laugh over such banter. When asked about food, makhan says that he has to leave in ten minutes, to meet his team at the hotel. they all ask him to stay back, and he complies finally, upon much insistence. Rashmi is particularly happy.

Later, urmi is busy with decorating flowers, and samrat’s father calls her to him. she complies. He gives her the holy books, to read, so that the thinking is purified and the child shall be a well mannered child. She gets saroj’s call, who tells her about makhan. urmi says that it must have been very good then. shashi is eager to know what she is talking. saroj asks about samrat’s behaviour. urmi eyes him and says that she is being taken care of, like a queen, by samrat. saroj is happy and asks her to take care of herself. Urmi is happy with turns her life is taking, as things finally seem to fall to place.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s office
The priest looks at the kundali, while samrat looks anxiously. The priest tells samrat, as he sits in his office, that his son would become a worldwide known name, and be very successful. samrat is happy that his son would take over his business successfully and give it greater heights. But the priest shocks him when he says that his son wont have anything to do with his business. The priest says that when he grows up, he would be inclined creatively and artistically, and would earn name and fame in galore with his art. Samrat is shocked to hear this. samrat asks himk to shut up, as he wont be anything like this, and vents out his frustration at the priest. he says that his child will be like him, and not an artist. the priest humbly says that he only says what he can foresee. He is furious while the priest says that with the father, the child takes on mother’s inclination to art. samrat is forced to think while he leaves.

Scene 5:
location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat comes back home, to find urmi listening to music, and happily enjoying it. he gets tensed and immediately stops the music. urmi gets tensed. He asks whats happening. She asks why did he stop the music then. samrat says that from today onwards, urmi wont listen to any music, at all, as that would have a negative impact on the child. She is shocked, trying to clarify that music is never bad for anyone. She says that the child would be a jolly person then. He says that he doesnt want his child to be jolly, and explains in detail how he wants his child to take over his business. urmi asks why is he planning everything rigth now. he says that he wants it to happe, thats why, and what he wishes that always has to happen.

Samrat’s residence
Kanchan comes inside thr oom and breaks the tension, as samrat reprimands urmi to not listen to music at all, and also the child. samrat lets go of his temper and leaves.

The next morning, while shashi is making panjiri, she is frustrated with the latest work that is added since urmi’s diet chart. Her husband comes in asking about the ration card, and teases her about working. she vents out her frustration at samrat for putting her to work for his wife, urmi. Her husband asks her to do this for the happiness of grandchildren. she is unable to digest samrat’s change at the prospect of a boy. He is amused at her irritation. Meanwhile, in their room,

samrat finds urmi with nausea and a vomitting sensation. She rushes to the bathroom, and he gets concerned for her. she comes out finally while she is tensed. She says that its just morning sickness. He asks if she has a stomach problem. She eyes him surprisedly, and says that its normal in such a condition. He asks her to come to the office so that they can go for a doctor’s medical check up later on. He asks her to leave all work and relax and rest, while he sends kanchan to assist her.

Annu’s residence
gaurav is unable to find his stuff, and goes onto find rashmi and asks saroj about her. saroj says that she isnt here, and asks him to instead call the servant to help him out. all get tenseed as they dont find rashmi anywhere. gaurav says that he hasnt seen her since morning. Anu comes from outside and gaurav asks her if rashmi is outside. Annu denies. Buaji asks him to call and find out. before he can, they are all shocked to hear rashmi’s laughter and banter as she comes inside with makhan. They are all shocked to find her in a track suit. she excitedly tells everyone that she went for jogging along with makhan, on his insistence. Granny reprimands her for her sense of clothing and what impact would it have on the society.

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