Monday Update on Lies of the heart 4 May 2020


Monday Update on Lies of the heart 4 May 2020

Samrat’s residence
Rudra gets furious at what manish says, while urmi is shocked. manish says that they both love each other, and he is willing to accept her with shaurya too.

adiit is shocked that he knows about shaurya too. tauji asks what nonsense is he talking. manish says that urmi should now tell that they meet everyday, and tell everyone about the dance class. urmi is shocked and distraught. samrat gets furious from the balcony and asks what nonsense is he taliing and comes down asking him to get lost.

Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 3 May 2020

He asks urmi what nonsense is he talking about. urmi says

that she qas just about to tell him. Samrat asks if she knows this guy. urmi says

that not so well. rudra asks her to explain clearly. samrat reprimands her to

speak. urmi reveals to everyone about her dance classes, and how he met manish

there. samrat asks how come he didnt know about this. aditi and others say that

they too dont know. samrat confronts her for this. kanchan asks when she went to

go. urmi tells them that she did during shaurya’s swimming classes. Samrat

reprimands her for leaving his son alone. urmi tells samrat that shashi knows

about this, and asks her to say how she had only instructed urmi to join the

classes. Shashi says that she complied only to fulfill her wish, and she didnt

know she would resort to infidelity. urmi breaks down saying that what manish

said is false. tauji supports urmi for that. He confronts manish that noone shall

believe his nonsense and asks him to get lost. shashi asks why should he lie, and

that there must be something. manish again emphasises that they are in love with

each other, and asks urmi to accept the truth. urmi says that he is lying. samrat

asks her to shut and turns himself to manish. manish says that he has no reason

to lie and shsahi too supports manish’s statements. He says that urmi has even

told him that her own husband doesnt keep her happy, and she feels suffocated

here. shashi pretends to be shocked, while samrat is furious. He asks urmi if she

said so. urmi replies in non-affirmation. Manish also talks about knowing diwaker

and his feud. Samrat is shocked beyond belief and urmi too herself is apalled.

urmi asks manish why is he lying. Manish asks why is she lying, as she has noone

else to tell this to him. urmi continues to say that he is lying, and she never

even said anything. She tries to convince people. samrat throws manish out,

saying that there’s no relation between him and his wife. Manish remembers that

he had given her a bouquet of roses and an I LOVE YOU card, and she accepted it

too. urmi tells them that its a sorry card and she did accept it, but continue to

fsall deep in her trap. shashi adds oil to the fire. Samrat says that she must

have that card if she has accepted that card. urmi says that she would just get

it. samrat stops her and asks aditi to get the bag. rudra asks samrat to stop

this and throw this person out. samrat tells him to stop and let him do what he

is doing to find the truth. Samrat tel;l;s manish that he manish is indifferent

to the threats and keeps smiling. Samrat gets the card out and finds that its an

I LOVE YOU Card actually. urmi says that she knew she was innocent. samrat says

that his own wife is a fraud. all are shocked and apalled. urmi stands

distraught. He starts reprimanding and taunting urmi for doing this, while urmi

stands embarassed. urmi says that mansih didnt give him this. Samrat is in a rage

as he throws around things, and calls her characterless. As manish tries to say

something, samrat slaps him and throws him out of the house. urmi tries to

convince samrat, but he is beyond consolation, and is in a state of shock. He

asks her not to call out his name, from her dirty mouth. he starts reprimanding

Shashi and Rudra, and tells urmi that if she had run away like gaurav’s wife, he

would be shameless. kanchan, shashi and diwaker too do not suuport him. rudra

leaves too, leaving urmi alone with tauji. She begs that this is all a lie and

collapses on the floor, saying that she didnt do anything. tauji comes to her and

places his hand on her, and says that he has observed her eyes, and she is true

and pure, and he believes her. He is in deep thinking as to whats behind this.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
While saroj and devi are receiving guests, they demand for anu to be seen. saroj

leaves and finds anu’s room locked. asha comes and proudly tells what she has

done. saroj is frustrated. she tells the same to annu, from the window and she

gets angry too. Outside, Devi’s friends ask if anu is willing to even get

married. devi says that he is. They point out that she is taking way too much

time to come. granny leaves to find out. When they find saroj and anu talking,

granny asks whats happeneing and when she gets to know, she is frustrated. She

and saroj go to the kitchen and find her searching for the keys. saroj gets to

searching too, and finds the keys finally. saroj leaves to get annu, while granny

reprimands asha for her foolishness.

On the road
Manish is shocked as samrat gets down from his car,in a rage and goes on to

confront him. He hugs manish saying that he acted perfectly. manish says that he

had scared him, and that he did jnust as he was told, and only did it to

improvise him. samrat says that he too improvised during the act. they have a

good laugh at it.

Samrat’s residence
Urmi is extremely tensed remembering the stinging words, and is distraught to find that noone is listening to her at all. shashi and others discuss that tauji is with samrat, and he would help him cope with the emotional trauma that urmi rendered on him. Shaurya comes and asks why isnt urmi eating. Shashi vents out her frustration at urmi, in front of shaurya, while rudra asks her not to talk such things with children. kanchan and others hear this and are tensed. As shaurya’s plate is laid out, he leaves with the plate to go to urmi. Shashi tries to stop him, but he doesnt listen to it.

In her room, urmi is crying incoherently. shaurya comes and tries to pacify her. While shaurya is being fed by a dishevlled urmi, and he asks her to eat it, she clutches tightly at him crying incoherently. Shashi comes and finds her like this, and taunts her for stopping this drama as her true face has been revealed and that she shouldnt betray her son too now, and that the child is unfortunate, to have gotten a mothr like this. she doesnt let any shameful sting be left from urmi. urmi tries to convince her, and says that the guy is yling, but shashi says that the drama has ended and her true face is revealed. Shashi takes urmi’s phone, and says that this is the root cause, and that till the time she is here in this house, before they throw her out, the phone wouldnt be with her. shaurya asks shashi to give her the phone. Shashi begins to leave. urmi says that she may take the phone but atleast believe her. shashi leaves her and runs away. urmi is distraught and apalled.

Annu’s residence
karan’s mother starts complimenting anu as the ideal wife. anu is visibly at discomfort with marriage talks. saroj says that dinner is served. but they ask saroj when can they finalise the marriage. Anu is tensed seeing that all things are being finalised. Anu says that noone asked anything from her. all get tensed. granny says that they should have food first, and then talk. But karan’s mother says that they should ask her first, as its important that the girl and boy like each other for marriage. they ask anu’s consent. Anu clarifies that she doesnt like him and she doesnt want this marriage to happen. all are shocked and anu is tensed.

In the restaurant
While samrat talks about his business deals, tauji looks lost. samrat points it out. tauji says that he was thinking about him, that he has gone through such a big deal, about having a lover in his wife’s life, that person should be shattered and devastated and that he is happy that samrat is coping with it with much intelligence and maturity and moving on with his work. samrat gets tensed and then starts smiling, that he too got befooled. tauji asks what. Samrat asks him to understand that he outsmarted even him today. Tauji asks him to clarify. Gloating about it, Samrat clarifies everything. tauji is shocked. samrat says that urmi doesnt have the guts and isnt capable of doing something like this, and would he have been quiet if she had done this. tauji asks him to say it all. Samrat bares it all saying that shashi told him about urmi’s dance classes. samrat says that she just wanted urmi to learn a lesson of the same intensity. tauji refuses to believe this, but samrat vehemently says that he hired manish and paid for his entry. Tauji is disgusted from inside. But shows to be very pleased.

samrat’s residence
When samrat comes home, he is sadistically pleased to find urmi sitting distraught, shedding tears. Samrat starts to pretend and asks her to stay away from his son, and not make him adapted to her, so that he doesnt know how to live without her. urmi asks why would that happen. He says that he doesnt want to live in a false world, as she would run awya with that boy. He starts to tell this to shaurya also that they have to live alone only without urmi, and that they are their for each other. urmi starts crying incoherently , while samrat says that she is free to go wherever she wants to, and he cant keep her here. urmi asks him to believe in her. samrat says that he didnt believe til the end, and doesnt want to believ still but canmt refuse what he saw. urmi pleads him to reconsider, but samrat pleads and acts that he is under huge emotional trauma and that he cant bear this. He leaves to freshen up. urmi sits distraught and apalled, inconsolable and in tears.

tauji tries urmi’s phone but finds it switched off. He turns around to find urmi standing, distraught and trying to convince him. tauji tells her that samrat knows that she isnt wrong. urmi tells what samrat has been saying. tauji tells her that he is just dramatising. He says that samrat knows that she is innocent. tauji tells about samrat’s plan to urmi and she is shocked.

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