Monday Update on Lies of the heart 29 June 2020


Monday Update on Lies of the heart 29 June 2020

Samrat says to urmi that today he is going to present a very trustworthy and cherished member of her family, in the court against her, from his side. He says that someone of her own family, would come and stand in the court, and prove her characterless, and testify against her, and her loss is assured, as she is going to be betrayed by her own family member, and then shaurya’s custody shall be his, neither her, nor her lover, ishaan. he sarcastically wishes her all the best, and then leaves. ishaan comes just then. urmi is stunned. Ishaan asks whats the matter. urmi tells what samrat told. ishaan is surprised. urmi wonders who is this person, as devi who always supported Samrat, is bedridden.

Jhansi Court
The second hearing of the case begins. ishaan tries to say that the question isnt of the parents’ happiness, but for the child’s happiness and proper upbringing, for which samrat is a bad choice. niranjan asks for solid evidence, for ishaan to prove his case. ishaan asks him to be patient, and asks the permission from the judge to present his witness. The judge gives the permission. ishaan presents Sangeeta jaiswal, the principal of Beautiful flowers primary school. Ishaan asks who got shaurya’s admission, and she replies that urmi did all the admission, and that samrat never came in the picture, as a normal and responsible father.

 ishaan asks him to elaborate. She tells about what samrat did, in urmi’s absence, by taking shaurya and keeping him absent frim academic hours. ishaan taunts samrat that was indeed responsible. niranjan is tensed. she tells how she told urmi about this, and the fake birthday, and how urmi was oblivious of all this. ishaan asks what action did she take. She says that she gave urmi a warning, to get samrat to stop this, or she shall cancel the admission. niranjan says that the principal is lying. Ishaan asks him not to make baseless allegations, and then asks how can the court take samrat to be responsible. He asks niranjan to question her. Niranjan says that he doesnt have any questions from her. Ishaan presents the second witness, as Mr. Tiwari, Urmi’s landlord. Tiwari ji complies, and takes the oath of truth. tiwari says that he is urmi’s landlord, and then asks why urmi couldnt go to her own house, after leaving samrat’s house, due to samrat’s fear. ishaan asks if he faced anything. Tiwari ji says that samrat scared him too many times. Ishaan asks ythe court to notice this, ishaan then asks about samrat’s nature with shaurya. He presents the entire case, while samrat gets frustrated and tries to point out why samrat wants this child. samrat gets irritated and asks him whats he saying. Niranjan asks him to calm down, and then says that ishaan is getting hired evidences, that he also could have easily managed. ishaan says that evidences are bought and sold by people, who dont have the truth. niranjan continues to taunt, while ishaan asks him to stop being so baseless. ishaan again presents him for questions, and niranjan says that he is his witness, and it would be a waste of time. Niranja points out that these evidences are very weak, and hence they should have witnesses, who are close to either samrat or urmi as immediate family. Urmi is tensed as niranjan presents a dramatic portrayal of one of urmi’s relatives, who shall testify about her character, and shall settle this case once and for all, a case that is beyond materialistic ventures, and is unaffected by lies and betrayal. He asks he judge’s permission to call her in the witness box. the judge allows. samrat gives a thumbs up to urmi, as a taunt. All eyes turn to find who walks in. urmi is shocked to find that its saroj, in tearful eyes, her own mother. Niarnajna identifies her, and then she, with trembling hands takes the oath of truth. Niranjan tells her that he knows what she is going through, but today she would have to relieve of this stress, but he is helpless and apologetic, and hence she would have to do this, for samrat’s respect and shaurya’s custody. Saroj looks helplessly at urmi, who is baffled and stunned. Niranjan asks her as a mother who is responsible for all this. She, with much hesitation, answers her own daughter, shocking urmi beyond belief, while samrat smiles sadistically, as she couldnt be a good wife nor a good mother, in all these years. Urmi is shocked. ishaan says that she is lying under pressure. urmi asks why is she lying like this. the judge asks her to sit down. urmi says that saroj is lying, and niranjan asks urmi and ishaan not to interrupt, as he gets the first chance to questiosn his witness. ishaan signals urmi to sit down. They comply. niranjan asks saroj about samrat too, and if she didnt stops him from divorce. Saroj tells that samrat is a nice man, and tried a lot and put in loads to effort to make this relation work, but urmi didnt reltn, and that along with urmi, samrat gave them name, fame and money too. She says that for all this, she is ever thankful to her son-in-law, who’s more than a son to her. urmi eyes samrat shocked and dazed. niranjan points this to the court, that samrat’s own mother-in-law is praising him, and not urmi. Niranjan again asks saroj to elaborate as to why her husband had a paralysis attack. Saroj says that he couldnt bear the news that his daughter is leaving her husband. Niranjan apologises, and says that this means, that devi is very close to samrat. saroj complies. Niranjan then asks if all are so happy, with samrat, why isnt urmi. Saroj says thatshe never respected samrat nor understood his worht. niranjan asks whats the reason behind this. Saroj says that urmi was distracted by other things, other than her family, and son. Niranjan asks her to elaborate completely. saroj says that urmi was more focussed on other relationships. Urmi is shocked. Niranjan pretends to be confused, and asks what sort of relation, with strange men, and if she is trying to insinuate that urmi is like this only, a characterless woman. saroj silently complies. niranjan pretends to be disgusted. urmi asks why and what is she doing, and accusing her of something so disgusting, and asks if she doesnt know how important shaurya’s custody is for her. the judge warns her of contempt, while she is distraught, but silently complies, when ishaan asks her to. tiwari is tensed. Niranjan and samrat are satisfied. Niranjan asks her to tell the court finally who her daughter had an illicit and illegitimate relationship with, if she doesnt have a problem. ishaan objects saying that this is against the professionsal ethics and dignity of women. Niranjan says that the question is relevant to the case, and needed. the judge overrules the objection. Niranjan again asks the same question, insistently. urmi and ishaan are shocked, as she names that person to be ishaan, with her head hung low. Saroj is mortified with guilt, as her eyes are lowered, and are teary. urmi is distraught and apalled, humiliated as she breaks inconsolably into tears. Ishaan is stunned and unresponsive. But he says that this is a false witness, by threatening her. Niranjan says that urmi was trying to prove this only, and her own mother testified for his accusation today. samrat pretends tp be upset. ishaan says that this is a lie, and that saroj is under pressure. niranjan says that he can say the same thing about his witnesses, and that no mother can do this as a lie, and today she relieved herself of the stress of carrying this dirty secret. Niranjan presents saroj, for ishaan’s further interrogations. Samrat is content. ishaan goes to saroj, and says that not as a lawyer, but as a son, she should speak responsibly, keeping in mind, that her evidence shall turn the case. Niranjan says that this is emotional blackmail. ishaan says that this is a fact that saroj considers him as a son, and hence she would have to look at him in the eye and say that whatever she said is the truth. saroj looks away and says that she has said what she wanted to, and hence they should end it here. niranjan asks ishaan not to upset his witness, and relieves her to go. Saroj steps down, and looks helplessly at urmi, while niranjan continues with his case, as saroj sits by samrat’s side, and hears to niranjan pleading for samrat getting shaurya’s custody. Ishaan says that his witness is the truth, and that saroj’s mother’s witness is seemingly suspicious, and hence he needs sometime to get to the bottom of this and asks for time. niranjan asks why is this needed, when her own mother has testified. Ishaan says that this is an important descision and hence they shouldnt rush. the judge allows him two more days. niranjan and sarat are disturbed, as the the court is adjourned. urmi sits stunned.

Outside, samrat asks saroj to clear and compose her face, and she begs that now she did what he wanted to. niranjan asks her to stop, and compliments on what she did, and that her performance is geuine, and this shall not stop, till the descision has been done. samrat asks her to clear her eyes, till shaurya comes to him. She takes his leave, and he says that he understands her plight, and asks that she definitely must have enjoyed what she did. She leaves. Niranjan points this as their masterstroke, and that its samrat’s responsibility that they wont get to the bottom of this. samrat assures him that saroj wont open her mouth in front of urmi and ishaan, come what may, as they are under his control. they smile evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Saroj comes home, and is disturbed at urmi’s tearful pleadings. Urmi comes behind, and rushedlyasks here whats the matter. saroj asks her not to irritate her anymore, as she has tortured them enough. Urmi refuses to believe that saroj is saying this. saroj asks whats she doing here, and if she would be happy, only when she takes devi;s life. she goes inside, while urmi is bewildered. She is adamant that something really big is behind this, and there’s enormous pressure that she is under, or else she cant say something like this about her daughter. she is determined to find out what pressure samrat has placed them under, and being the daughter, she would get her family out of this trouble.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
While radha is asleep, samrat comes in and caresses her hands sensually. the sensation wakes up radha with a startle. radha is shocked to find samrat at this time, and composes her clothes, and asks whats he doing here. samrat holds her hand, and asks why cant he meet her, and asks if she likes him or no. He tries to get close to her, but she jerks him away and moves aside. she says that he is married. He gets sad and says that she shouldnt say this, and that he needs her, and has come here, with much hope. She asks if he likes her. He says that if he didnt, then why would he have come here. he again leans in, but she says that this isnt right and a sin. He says that he isnt married, and shall soon be a divorcee. she says that till she doesnt marry, she would be a virgin. He asks what does he want now, that he marries her. She nods in a yes. he shockedly listens and thinks that he needs her, even if the cost is marriage. he says that he would marry her, and asks her to get close to him. She says that till she doesnt get married, she wont give herself to him. He gets frustrated, and then eyes the candle, and lights it, saying that they shall take the seven circles around fire right now, and then be wed, but asks her not to disclose it to the family, till he gets divorced. He takes the seven circles. Then he rushes to get intimate with her, while she overwhelmingly takes his blessings, and he hugs her, relieved to have finally gotten close to her. he carries her in his arms, and consummates their sham of a marriage.

Scene 4:
Location: Annu’s residence
urmi and ishaan come by their house, at the night, with a plan. urmi asks if their plan would work. urmi is extremely tensed at saroj’s statements and says that they have to get to the bottom of this. ishaan asks her not to be tensed, as their plan would work, and asks her to trust him. She asks if this application would work. he says that he would find out through this application, who saroj has been talking to, and is getting blackmailed by. they are walking ahead, when ishaan pulls her aside, while urmi is baffled. He says that guards are surveying the area, outside her house. urmi is shocked. Ishaan is sure that samrat planted them. She is shocked, and asks what to do now. ishaan says that they shall have to get in somehow. She presents him the backdoor entry inside the house. They both get inside through it. He says that he shall stay here, while she goes inside to get saroj’s phone and it would take a minute to download it, and then they shall leave stealthily, the way they came. urmi complies, and gets in, finding saroj asleep on the floor, and devi, on the bed. she gets emotional, and eyes him, asleep in his paralytic state. She is about to touch him, when urmi refarins his hand, as she hears saroj cough, and turn in her sleep, she hides behind the curtains, and then comes out, when saroj has turned around. She finds saroj’s phone, and then eyes devi again. she takes the phone, and goes out, casting an emotional glance at her parents once again, before closing the door once again. she gives it to ishaan, to download the application, and tries to run him through it, while she keeps a strict vigil, as he gets to work. urmi panics when she hears greanny’s coughings, and asks him to hurry up. She takes him aside, behind the sofa, so as not to be seen by granny. The mobile beeps as the application has been installed. granny is tensed, but she doesnt pay much attention. urmi is relieved to find her gone. they both get up, and ishaan asks urmi to keep it next to saroj again, as this is very important. urmi agrees, even though she is scared. urmi places it by saroj’s bedside, and they leave. As urmi and ishaan come down the stairs, they are shocked to find themselves being confronted by the guards.

Annu’s and samrat’s residence
As the guards progress, ishaan covers urmi. He throws the stairs on them, and then sends urmi off, and fights them both off. finally, he is able to overpower them, and hurriedly leaves.

In the middle of the night, samrat’s phone rings, and he gets frustrated. As he picks up, the guards tell him hassledly tell him what just happened. He is tensed, and says that he would just come. the gurads tell him that they escaped, and how badly they got beaten. Samrat gets angry that they couldnt stop him, and says that he wouldnt pay them at all.

They start saying that they are in much pain, but samrat doesnt pay heed to their pleads. He cancels the phone, and then decides to call saroj to find out if they had a talk with her. he dials saroj’s number, and she is shocked to see samrat’s call. she wakes up with a startle, and then finds devi asleep, and takes the call outside, wondering why is he calling so late. She protests that noone came here. Samrat tells her that she is lying to him, and he isnt a mad or a fool, and how guards told him what happened. saroj says that she isnt lying and desperately protests why would she talk, when she has been insisted by him not to, and that no member of the family had a talk with them or met them. Anu comes down with a dazed state, as saroj says that nothing is more precious than her daughter’s selfrespect. urmi might still get to see to see her son, but her daughter wont even get her respect back ever again. Anu is distraught as she stands listening to saroj. He says that she shouldnt even try to as she should be prepared for the consequences then. samrat tells saroj that he has made an MMS of annu, which he shall leak, on the internet, if she says even a word to urmi. saroj is shocked. Samrat reminds what this could mean for her younger daughter and adds that her daughter shall be in ruins. saroj is distraught. Saroj swears on anu that she wont tell anu anything, nor has she told anyone. samrat asks her to remember that anu’s MMS is saved on his phone, and again reminds what he can do with that video clip, and that their family shall be mortified and dead alive. He cancels the call. She is apalled, and annu asks what samrat said. saroj calms her saying that nothing happened. anu asks if he wont release the MMS. Saroj asks her not to worry as everything would be alright.

Meanwhile, samrat starts viewing the video clip, of annu bathing in the bathroom, and smiles evilly as he thinks that this is the trump card, and this shall get him shaurya’s custody and that now urmi would get a lesson for trying to beat him. He guffaws evilly.

The next morning, samrat comes down and radha eyes him lovingly. radha bends down and touches samrat’s feet while he is scared that someone might see them. samrat is shocked to hear the word Husband, and remembers what happened yesterday. He thinks that he would have to continue with the drama, that he would have to bear. He reminds her what he told her last night, and asks to keep this a secret till after the divorce. he asks her to take off the dupatta off too. kanchan finds radha tensed, and gets suspicious. Shashi asks whats he trying to say.

Samrat makes up and says that the ghunghat isnt needed. shashi asks her to do the same too. radha complies by saying Ji Maa Ji, and then takes her blessings too. Samrat is shocked, seeing kanchan’s reaction and radha’s shy and demure nature. Shashi starts reprimanding her for behaving so strange. samrat gets up and begins to leave. She says that she is serving breakfast. but he rushes out hurriedly. kanchan reprimands radha for again trying to come too close to Samrat. she leaves in anger. radha thinks that now even if she wants, she cant stay away from him, as she is bound to be with for eternity.

Sushma’s residence
The next mroning, urmi is highly tensed, and beyond any consolation offered, by ishaan, that samrat would definitely call. urmi is tensed that they have just two days for the hearing and what if samrat doesnt call saroj, by that time, and narrate the blackmail that he is using.

Ishaan says that this ia chance that they would have to take. he asks her to have faith in him, as soon they shall get a complete recording of all conversations that saroj had with whoever. He tells that the guards must have informed samrat of their intrusion last night, and he would definitely have called up. urmi is still tensed. ishaan asks her to have faith in him, and then leaves. Urmi sits terribly tensed and upset, for her family and her helplessness in sorting this out for them.

Samrat’s office
As samrat enters his cabin, he finds someone sitting there, and sis surprised. He asks who is the person and the person turns around. samrat gets tensed to find the its ishaan, in a cheerful mood. he hastily asks him whats the matter. ishaan says that his game is over as his reality is exposed now, and how he tried to blackmail saroj. samrat is shocked. Ishaan tells him that he knows everything about his evil plan. Samrat hastily asks him whats the matter, and says that he is lying. Ishaan says that now he has understood everything, as samrat plays a game, and got saroj to be on his side.

Samrat asks him to speak if he knows it. ishaan asks him to chill and relax as he would narrate everything, but in the court, where he can be convicted, and he shall make full use of it. samrat thinks that saroj was lying to him after all. ishaan wonders how could saroj tell him, even after all the blackmail he did. He tells about how he and urmi met saroj, and she told him everything.

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