Monday Update on Lies of the heart 16 March 2020


Monday Update on Lies of the heart 16 March 2020

Samrat’s residence
Meanwhile, samrat and urmi board on their luggage in the car. They wait for ishaan. kanchan again goes onto her stupid talks, and shashi too joins in. Samrat breaks their bubble, as to what they are thinking as juice, to be brought from Goa, is actually alcohol. ishaan joins them, while he is asked what took him so long. He dodges the question. He greets everyone goodbye. diwakar comes in with sweets, and samrat gets tensed to see him. while he and ishaan chat on, samrat asks him that he could have sent it through the servant too. Diwaker says that he thought that he would see him off too.

Samrat lashes out at him, as it wasnt really urgent, and he stopped work for that, just to greet everyone goodbye, as they are still on the same planet. He questions diwakar’s efficiency, while they all try to cool him down. His father says that its only a matter of half an hour. samrat fumes up more, saying that he is leaving the work in the reins of irresponsible people. Shashi asks him to calm down, and leave happily. samrat says that they dont let him be so. urmi and all are tensed. ishaan lightens the mood and asks him to freshen up too, and prepare himself for Goa’s fun. He asks diwaker not to mind samrat’s talks, and makes a joke at samrat, that he would gift him a silencer. They take everyone’s blessings and after having waved goodbye, they finally sit in the car and drive off. After they are gone, shashi leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Urmi’s residence
As the entire family is bantering around, while the talks brews around romance, anu is lost in ishaan’s thoughts. devishankar tells them that they all left. Anu is barely able to control her tears knowing that ishaan also went off. Co incidently, a sad romantic number plays on the Tv, and she gets all the more emotional, tears streaming down her cheeks. All are tensed to see her like this and ask what happened. they think that its for urmi, and say that urmi has gone for just a few days. They all comfort her for the same.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
While samrat and urmi sit on different ends of the car, ishaan teases them to sit tight, as their honeymoon has officially started. samrat lends his hand to ask her to come nearer. she shyly accepts his hand and on his coaxing, she slides near to him and places her head on his shoulders, and her arms around his chest. She is highly romantic. She eyes Samrat, as they stop for snacks. She begins to eat, but then by an idea, she stops him from eating himself, and instead feeds it to him. ishaan nudges him to reciprocate the same to urmi. she eats shyly too. samrat too complies and eats, while ishaan is happy to see them romancing. They continue with their journey.

Scene 5:
Location: Bhopal Airport
At the Bhopal Airport, Ishaan leaves for the trolley for the luggae and when samrat asks for the tickets and ID, and urmi tells him that she hasnt got any, samrat thinks that she is joking. he says that he had just given it to her in the white envelope to keep in her purse, when she was dressing up. urmi says that she forgot and it must have slipped her mind. samrat loses his mind and lashes out at her in front of the entire public, saying that she is illiterate and of no use whatsoever, and is just a mindless and dumb girl. Urmi is hurt to find him like this. the passesby stop at this drama scene. he asks her to be a little bit smart, if she has to stay with him. ishaan is boggled when he returns with the trolley. Samrat tells him the same. ishaan says that he has a message, of their flight details and thats enough to get them onboard. urmi wipes off her tears.

bhopal airport
Ishaan tries to cheer urmi up, saying that they have the tickets now, and it isnt a big problem with them. But samrat is angry at urmi for being so careless. But ishaan asks him to stop it now. Urmi apologises saying that she should have taken care of the tickets, and she’s very sorry. samrat in his ego, says that she did accept her mistake. Samrat leaves in a haste saying that they would miss the flight now.

Samrat’s residence
Shashi is irritated, while her husband is amused at her plight. Shashi tells that he didnt do right. He says that she wasnt doing right and he saved her from doing wrong. Shashi says that urmi changes samrat, she wont bear this at all. He tells her, how samrat has grown upto be, without any manners. Shashi says that samrat has learnt to mint money well, instead of his and diwaker’s carelessness. He says that he doesnt have any respect for his parenmts, despite having such fame in Bhopal. He tells her that he would throw them out oneday and wont even recognise her. Shashi asks why would he do that. He reminds her about the Diwaker incident, wehn they were about to leave, and hence samrat doesnt consider anyone anything, in front of him. Shashi refuses to believe this. But she is tensed still.

Scene 3:
Location: Goa
as they are on their way to the hotel, urmi still remembers the anger that samrat has forgotten long back. seeing him smile, urmi too smiles at him, and comes closer to him as he asks her to. Ishaan watches them tensed. urmi says sorry, and he finally gives up his foul mood. urmi gets very happy. As they reach in the fanciest hotel of goa, and skimpily clad girls, garland samrat to welcome him, and he enjoys it, urmi is boggled as she finds herself uncomfortable in it, and is hurt with samrat’s ease with it. She clutches to him and they go inside. Samrat takes special interest in the foreign ladies, and urmi is upset with that. they both seat urmi in the waiting lounge, and go to check on their reservations at the reception. They discuss plans, while samrat teases ishaan if he wants a masseuse for him to get rid of his tiredness. ishaan asks him to shut up. urmi is shocked to find the physical intimacy that the other couples so unabashedly share in the public.

They all check into their room. The butler shows them around and extends his help for anything. Urmi and samrat begin to look around. samrat asks what was the problem with the waiting lounge. she tells what she saw, and how skimpily clad guys and gals were with each other, and doing embarassing things in Public. Samrat says that this is what they would find in Goa. As he goes to get mineral water, urmi asks him not to go out alone. Urmi asks him to oredr room service. He asks whats the problem now. she says that she wont let him be out in public, with such kind of girls. He teases her and says that she doesnt have anything to be afraid of.

Anu’s residence
Seeing anu going to a friend’s, saroj is tensed for her leg injury. But she leaves nevertheless. seeing the entire room strewn around, saroj gets to fixing the room, and lays her hand accidentally on Anu’s diary where she has confessed that she has fallen in love and is shocked to read this. She wonders whats anu upto now. She gathers everyone together, and buaji is tensed to see them all worried. saroj shows her the diary. They all discuss how this is happening. Devishankar is angry at this, and asks how could this have happened. granny says that company led to this, and asks them to curtail her going out always. Saroj says that she’s just a child yet, and expresses her tension for anu. Devi says that he found her behaviour strange recently. granny too complies. saroj gets super tensed. Buaji asks her not to worry, and says that they would get it out of anu. Saroj is tensed still.

From his room, samrat eyes the foreigners, and lustily feats his eyes on them, saying that they are the reason that attracted him to Goa. urmi hugs him from behind. He too complies and asks if she’s happy. she says that she’s very happy. He eyes the girls and says that they should relax then. urmi is surprised. samrat says that ishaan too is sleeping. urmi says that she doesnt want to sleep, as she doesnt like sleeping in the afternoon. samrat teases her saying that he isnt asking her to soleep, as they didnt come for that, and instead came to spend their honeymoon, and takes her in his arms, saying that they should start it now. They romantically embrace. Urmi gets shy.

Goa hotel
Samrat comes out dressed in jeans and urmi smiles, seeing his in such clothes. Samrat says that he is properly dressed for the beach that they are going to visit. Urmi is still smiling, when ishaan calls up samrat to come down, and he leaves asking urmi to come down too. Downstairs, samrat and ishaan negotiate on the bike rates and finally come to a deal. samrat is shocked to find urmi coming down dressed in indian attire, and says that he didnt expect this from her. He comments on what an item he has got, who doesnt have any sense. He starts taunting in her name, while ishaan is hurt at such comments. As urmi comes down dressed in a traditional ethnic suit, samrat gets furious, after having taunted her for dressing as if she’s going to a marriage, referring her as av cartoon and her clothes being so out of place, as he and ishaan have booke bikes to start their surf tour for goa. Urmi says that mother had sent her with these clothes tp wear.

samrat says that she has a logic for everything and shows her the surrounds, wheer noone would be seen dressed up like this. ishaan intervenes and asks urmi if she has any simple clothes. urmi asks what does he mean. He says that he means something less glamourous. urmi angrily says that she doesnt have anything else other than suits. ishaan offers to go for shopping for urmi, and asks samrat to find a solution, instead of being angry at the problem. samrat says that she doesnt even deserve to be outside Jhansi. He reprimands her for dressing up like this in goa, saying that she doesnt have any sense at all. urmi is distraught and hurt. ishaan too is shocked and tries to stop him, when samrat stops her from sitting behind him, saying that he doesnt want to create a drama of himself, in goa, by making her the pillion driver and rides off without her, leaving urmi stranded.

Ishaan is shocked at his behaviour, while samrat says that he wont argue any further about this. urmi stands tears splotched. urmi tells samrat that he should have told her earlier, then this wouldnt have happened, as in jhansi, these clothes were alright. but samrat again goes onto taunt her. He rides off without her. She asks for a ride from ishaan and he readily agrees. they both drive off. As samrat is riding ahead, urmi is sad and disappointed sitting behind ishaan, driving through goa, while samrat seems unfazed.

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