Monday Update on Lies of the heart 15 June 2020


Monday Update on Lies of the heart 15 June 2020

Mandira and shaurya are bantering a lot, while samrat comes in and is happy to see him smiling. Mandira asks shaurya if urmi would come too, and if he would be able to live without his mother for even a day. Samrat lashes out his anger at mandira and asks her not to talk useless, and that urmi doesnt deserve mention, and that he has stayed with urmi for long, and now father and son shall have fun. shaurya complies. Samrat warns mandira not to speak like this again.

Annu’s and sushma’s residence
Granny is shocked and frustrated as asha’s rant with her doll continues. saroj is tensed and finds granny crying, and asks what happened. granny says that she remmebered shaurya, and asks her to dial urmi. saroj agrees.

In her room, urmi relieves shaurya’s memories with his toys, hurt and disturbed. She gets saroj’s call, and is apalled when saroj asks her to call shaurya as they feel like talking to him. urmi breaks down and tells everything. saroj and granny are tensed. they are all the more shocked, when urmi tells her that shaurya went by his free will, and that saroj was right, when she expressed her doubts of samrat being in the cinema hall. She narrates everything to her, and saroj is distraught too. Saroj asks her to calm herself, and says that he would come to her very soon. urmi urgently wishes to believe too. saroj explains her that nothing supercedes motherly love. Saroj tries to compsoe herself and urmi too asking her not to break down.

urmi says that she is and feels all lonely, without shaurya. saroj offers to come, while urmi asks her not to bother, as her call was enough and then cancels the call. saroj is distraught.

Samrat’s and Sushma’s residence
Later, while samrat continues to tend to all of shaurya’s wishes, and asks shashi to play along, and make shaurya feel at home all the time. She is tensed but still out of samrat’s scare, she agrees to do whatever he wishes her to do, while he reminds her that shaurya shouldnt remember his mother at all, as if that happens, shasi would face severe consequences. She is tensed, while samrat continues to cater to shaurya’s wishes, getting him to laugh, while placing Urmi’s phone on dial. She picks the phone, and then overhears Shaurya’s chuckling, and is shocked when she finds that he is busy and happy, and isnt talking to her. She gets tensed. Samrat then comes outside, and taunts her how she feels hearing shaurya’s voice, and says that he is very happy here. urmi asks to talk to him, and samrat asks what good would that do. He says that he isnt like her that he wont make her talk. He pretend to talk to shaurya and then tells her that he doesnt wish to. He asks her toget in the habit of crying as thats whats left in her destiny, after having rejected her, and every moment shall make her realise that. He says that he understands her pain and hence gives a way out. Samrat tells urmi, on the phone, that he can give her a place in the house yet again, having forgotten and forgiven everything in the past, but for the sake of his son, and asks her to think over it nicely. Urmi is shocked and tensed.

Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her husband are tensed when urmi doesnt join them the next day. Sushma is tensed, but her husband asks her to relax, and asks her to let urmi rest. They are about to call her, when urmi comes out opening the door. They ask if everything is okay and where is she going. she tells about her phone call to saroj and how she is going there only. they comply. she leaves, they think that its good if she meets her mother.

Outside the temple
Urmi expresses her torment to saroj. saroj says that she would be okay very soon and shaurya would come to her. urmi says that she can never give the luxuries that shaurya can have with his father and hence shaurya isnt right in choosing him over his mother. saroj says that samrat may torture her, but that child would leave him one day, and come to her. She also adds that she would be so big one day, that she would give all luxuries to shaurya and wont need samrat for anything. urmi is tensed.

Samrat’s residence
At the dining table, samrat and his family continue to pamper shaurya. kanchan and rudra are shocked to know when shaurya during the conversation, says how disinterested he is in going to school, and how samrat and he bunked together. kanchan and rudra are tensed, while shashi takes samrat’s side, by his fear. Samrat also ridicules mandira when she expresses her desire to be a pilot. kanchan asks samrat not to spoil her daughter, aftre he has already done the same to shaurya, who till now had such a good upbringing by urmi. Samrat is angry at rudra, when he gives a good lecture. Shashi distracts shaurya, so that he isnt influenced by rudra’s intentions.

Beautiful Flower Primary School
Urmi is pleased to have received a huge order from the school, and promises to deliver quality products. She finds children playing and then hallcunaites shaurya playing with them, but is then drawn back to reality. She enquires from one of the students, if shaurya has come, and is sad and tensed to know that he hasnt come to school today.

Samrat’s Office and residence
While samrat is busy with diwaker and his employees, discussing important business dealings, he starts getting impatient, as he is now done with tactics to impress shaurya, and his behaviour now begins to nag him, and he has a hard time maintaining his composure. Diwaker observes this, and asks whats his ulterior motive as he clearly doesnt love shaurya. samrat ridicules him for taking that long, and then says that all this was just to get urmi back. Diwaker says that he wont ever get urmi back, as she is beyond all this. samrat mocks him, and then says that she would have to come back.

Sushma’s and samrat’s residence.
Sushma and her husband banter, while she again cribs about her forgetful habit, when urmi comes in excited to prepare food for them, as if nothing wrong has happened. Sushma is apalled to see her like this and tells her not to hide her true feelings, in the garb of pretense happiness and instead express them, as it wopuld lessen her torment somehow. She breaks down saying that she isnt able to forget shaurya for even a minute. Sushma consoles her saying that soon everything would be right. urmi is tensed.

In their room, samrat finds shaurya lost, and asks him if he is missing urmi. When he says yes, samrat again plays the game that he too misses her, and reminds him of their past memories. He tries to blackmail shaurya, that he would be shunned if mother and father dont stay together, and how he would be an outcaste if his parents dont live together. Samrat emotionally blackmails shaurya to call urmi and tell her how much he needs her, and that he wants her here. Shaurya excitedly agrees. Samrat hastily calls urmi. meanwhile, urmi is lost in shaurya’s memories. urmi finds samrat’s call and picks up hastily, and is overwhelmed to hear shaurya’s phone, when Shaurya asks urmi, if she misses him, as he misses her too much, and asks her to come over, asking if she would comply to his wishes. She says that she misses him too much and his routine. Samrat instigates him to say that he too is sad without her. she asks him not to think like that. Samrat evilly thinks that things are going just like he wanted, and asks him to call her there. shaurya asks why isnt she coming to meet him, if she misses him. she says that she misses him badly. Samrat continues to ask shaurya to insist. she is speechless. Shaurya again insistently asks if she would come to him. She breaks down saying that she would come to him. Shaurya screams in joy, and says that he shall wait for her, while urmi promises that she shall come tomorrow. Shaurya glaots to samrat that finally urmi is coming, who loves him so much. He excitedly leaves to tell Mandira. samrat gloats and smirks evilly, having gotten what he wanted. Samrat thinks that he used her love for shaurya, to get her back.

Sushma’s residence
sushma comes in and is surprised to find urmi, happily packing shaurya’s clothes. urmi tells about shaurya’s call. Susham is happy and says that she knew this. urmi receives a call, and is shocked to find that its ravi, who accuses her of having an ulterior motive of staying there, and asks her to get out of his way. Urmi is stunned as he asks what does she want from them and what motive does she have. She asks what nonsense is he talking about, and then thrashes him for being the worst son possible. She asks him to talk with respect and vents out her frustration at him, for being so callous and indifferent to his parents. Sushma takes the phone and begins to reprimand ravi, for doing evils, and then even trying to torture urmi for the same. she screams at her to cancel the phone. Ravi cancels. She is apalled. urmi is tensed.

The next morning, sushma and her husband are tensed to find urmi gone, as she never goes without telling them, and are tensed for her.

Samrat’s and amrit’s residence
Samrat is in a mood to philander around again, and calls up the pimp, to find a new and best item that he has, for thr night. The pimp agrees. Just then, shaurya springs in from behind, and samrat is shocked out of his wits. He is asked if he is going anywhere, and he says that he has some work. seeing shaurya’s probing nature, Samrat thinks that urmi’s soul has trapped shaurya. He says that he has an urgent meeting and has to go. shaurya also decides to tag along, saying that he promised that he would take him anytime to the office. samrat asks him to sleep like a good son, and he says that he needs him to sleep with himself, as he cant sleep otherwise. He asks shaurya to go to the washroom. When he complies, Samrat then calls the pimp, asking him to send the girl inside, as he would be delayed in coming. He complies. Shaurya comes out and samrat irritatedly puts him to sleep, after refusing him to sing a lullaby and put him to sleep.

The whole house is excited when samrat announces to them that urmi would come back any minute. Shaurya and mandira are happy too. Samrat comes in asking if all preparations are done. Kanchan taunts him that they havent even worshipped God and Goddesses like this. shaurya gets excited to see urmi come back with a suitcase. She too is overwhelmed as he rushes to hug her. All are overwhelmed to see her, except for shashi. Shaurya asks her if she wont ever leave him, and she says that she wont. samrat smirks and extends his hand to her, while she looks at him in shock. She then takes his hand and gets up. All are shocked, as he takes urmi in his lap. That is too much for shashi to bear as she wakes up from her sleep, and realises that its all a dream and that she wont let samrat be trapped in urmi’s affection yet again. Rudra asks whats she rambling and she shushes him, and leaves the room.

The next morning, shashi finds that everything is normal, and happy that not everyone is excited that urmi is coming back. Shaurya instructs mukti, to make all that urmi likes, as she is coming today. Samrat is proud that shaurya is exactly following his suit. Shaurya tells what urmi likes, and then gives half the work to Mukti, and then assigns the rest to shashi, and rudra too pitches in. shashi is irritated, but samrat supports him, saying that now diwali would be doubly happy. Mandira takes shaurya aside that they have to make and finish the welcome card for urmi. Just then, servants come in with flower trays to decorate the room, and the entire house. shashi starts getting irritated, but samrat shuts her up, saying that this would happen, as urmi is coming back to stay here forever. He adds insult to fury, that she has to welcome urmi too. Samrat tells the servants to decorate the entire house with flowers. she warns samrat that urmi would rule his head, if he pampers her like this. Samrat says that urmi is just like the sacrificial animal, who is pampered and treated well, right before the journey of torment begins. Shashi happily asks if he is saying the truth. samrat asks her to just wait and watch what happens tomorrow onwards with urmi. Rudra, kanchan and aditi are tensed. Shashi waits impatiently, as urmi doesnt arrive. samrat maintains his calm and is relaxed, as he is sure that urmi would come. kanchan thinks that samrat is in fact trapped by urmi, and he doesnt even know it.

Meanwhile, Amrit is super happy with the perfect quality of the fake jewellery, that can easily befool shashi. He gets romantic with her, and then tells her to get shashi’s jewellery. aditi says that she too has been trying to get in touch with him, but didnt want to arouse suspicion. He also pretends to be too concerned, and that on Diwali, the jewellery shall be out and worshipped too, he asks her to get here and take them, before trouble begins. aditi promises to come asap. Amrit thinks that he would replace the real, expensive jewellery with the fake ones. He smiles and guffaws evilly.

Finally, after much wait, urmi arrives. shaurya rushes out to meet urmi, who hugs him in glee. Shashi finds her dream coming to reality. samrat thinks that finally urmi had to come back to him, and that he had his win over her finally, and that he would convert her life to hell now, as he eyes urmi caressing shaurya.

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