Monday Update on Lies of the heart 13 July 2020


Monday Update on Lies of the heart 13 July 2020

Urmi’s residence
All start teasing ishaan for his engaged status now, after the ritual is over. They all bless urmi, while damini sits resignedly. Asha takes everything from urmi, and then urmi takes everyone’s blessings. Anirudh welcomes her with open arms into their family. Gaurav and asha then give everyone sweets, and urmi is boiggled, tensed and confused, with mixed emotions. All are happy, while urmi still stands tensed. He comes within urmi’s earshot, thanking her addressing her as Mrs. Sinha. She is boggled, and surprised too. Shaurya comes to her, and they feed each other, eyeing them overwhelmingly with love and affection. damini is least interested. shaurya thanks urmi profusely. Sandhya keeps taunting the nature of this marriage. All smile neverthless. damini too says that this indeed is unique. But shaurya takes it lightly. Damini thinks that shaurya is the weakest link to this marriage, who she shall use, to save her own son.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s Hotel
Ishaan cant keep his eyes off urmi, while she is aware of his glance, but continues her work nervously nevertheless. The waiters and staff too come and congratulate them, while urmi is at discomfort, and ishaan is amused. she hurriedly finishes her work, and asks if they can go now. he agrees. He switches off the lights. she begins to go, but he holds her hand, and asks her to talk for two minutes, asking if she doesnt think its necessary. she shyly faces him and asks what. He asks if she is happy. she smiles and says yes, and then begins to leave. He hold her yet again, saying that he knows she doesnt love him. she looks at him surprised, and he says that he knows she likes him immensely. He says that they are best friends.

Ishaan holds her hand and tells urmi that maybe his marriage is between best friends, but in no time, would they turn from best friends into best couple, and thats his promise. urmi smiles, and he says that till now she has seen his friendship, now he shall witness his love, cupping her face. He says that he shall love her so much, that she would fall in love with him, even if she tries hard not to. She takes his hand, saying that he is very good. he teases her saying that he knows, and she is lucky, to have him. He gets her to smile, and they have a good laugh. Samrat’s informant eyes them from a distance.

Urmi’s residence and bhopal
Urmi’s family is very happy to know from gaurav, about urmi’s marriage with ishaan. they are super happy at the relation as to how this is a perfect match. they ask about shaurya’s opinion, and gaurav tells her shaurya’s stance, and she is relieved. Suddenly, the doorbell rings, and then gaurav tells that maybe urmi has come. The kids rush to go. Devi asks gaurav not to worry, as they are coming rightaway tomorrow. gaurav is happy. Shaurya tells urmi, that devi, saroj and granny too know about her marriage with ishaan. urmi asks if he is happy, and he says that he is very happy, and indeed in seventh heaven. gaurav asks urmi to join them. He puts the phone on speaker. urmi greets them, and enquires about them all. Devi says that all are fine, and super happy having heard this now. They all takes turns in blessing urmi in this wonderful descision of hers. urmi asks them to come soon. they comply. saroj then asks urmi if she is happy. Urmi sees shaurya smiling and says that she is very happy. shaurya too excitedly says that he is very happy. urmi asks about annu, and decides to call her herself, at her inlaws’ place, to ive her the news. Asha too talks on a rant with all of them. urmi then says that she shall cancel the call now, as she would talk to annu instead. She cancels the call. saroj wishes them congratulations.

Scene 4:
Location: Goa and on the streets of Mumbai
The waiter tells samrat, on the phone, that urmi is the owner of a big hotel is a very rich and influential woman, giving him all the info on her and her hotel, THE ONLY PLACE. samrat is frustrated to hear this. samrat wonders how urmi has become so successful after having ruined him, and that too in a competitive world like Mumbai. The waiter asks samrat to send the money now. samrat snubs him saying that he would get the money, and then adds that there’s one more work he has to. Samrat then thinks that this urmi shall also face samrat’s brunt. Samrat thinks that urmi can celebrate and be happy for all he cares and life her life to the fullest, but soon he shall return back in her life, with a bang. He smiles evilly.

Scene 5:
Location: Ishan’s residence
The next morning, rati and everyone starts selecting the necklaces. sandhya continues to taunt damini again, while rati asks her to be quiet. Damini asks why is she talking foolish and nonsense. the jeweller professes for his jewellery. sandhya stealthily asks damini whats she upto, and damini says that things happen like that only. Sandhya’s daughter asks whats the matter and what secret are they talking about. Sandhya distracts her. Rati starts selecting necklaces for urmi. sandhya taunts her, while damini asks her to calm down, and asks rati to select whatever they have to for urmi. damini finalises a ring, and says that ishaan would like her wish. sandhya says that they should discuss the ring first with urmi. Damini asks why would ishaan object to this one. She says that she is sure of this. He comes saying that he has already finalised everything with urmi. Ishaan asks damini to let urmi decide, as she has to wear it. damini feels defeated, and angry too. sandhya smiles evilly. Damini is barely able to control her anger, but agrees to Ishaan’s idea, and says that they can all go together, along with shaurya, so that his shopping too can be done. damini is however already thinking of evil ideas.

Scene 6:
Location: Urmi’s residence
gaurav introduces the new waiter to urmi, as hers has already left for some work. urmi thanks him, nd he calls Viru, the new driver in. It turns out to be samrat’s informant, the waiter, who had come for a job at urmi’s hotel, but got chosen as the driver instead.

On the road
While driving, ishaan shows damini the wedding card and she sees it disinterestedly. he starts talking about the guest list and invitees. She then starts talking about a particular guest from Jhasni, who’s divorced, and is a bitter person, highly unpredictable, and extremely unsocial, and expressing tension as to how she doesnt think she would be able to manage to extend hospitality of their house to such a person. Ishaan asks her not to bother, as that person wont extend his gloominess to them, as maybe his marriage just didnt work out between him and his wife. damini tells him that he is right, as urmi too has left her first husband. ishaan gets tensed at the mention of urmi’s past, while she snidely comments. She notices his mood having changed.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s Residence
urmi tells shaurya to stay inside the house, while she goes to the hotel. He says that he has already prepared a list of friends, who have to be called. urmi is tensed, while ishaan comes in applauding her for it. Urmi welcomes them both. Ishaan says that they have come to take her to shopping. damini talks about the jewellery shopping while urmi is baffled. Urmi says that this isnt needed. But ishaan teases her that he needs to gift her. Shaurya too teases her. urmi says that she hasnt informed gaurav and asha too. Ishaan says that he shall message them too. Damini asks shaurya too to come along, to help in the selection. She asks him to go and change, while he gets excited. Urmi goes after him. damini asks her to go down with ishaan, while she would help shaurya change. urmi says that this isnt necessary. She asks urmi not to be formal, and go down, and see the cards. ishaan too asks her to come. damini says that she shall dress him up, while she should go and see the wedding cards with ishaan. Urmi asks why the extravagance and if they cant have a simple wedding. damini taunts that its ishaan’s first marriage unlike hers, and they have some dreams and aspirations with it, and since they didnt finalise on the wife, they should atleast be happy to finalise the arrangements. he asks why is she saying so, as all her dreams would be fulfilled. She indirectly continues to gives barbed insults, while urmi keeps smiling. Ishaan agrees with hr, and asks urmi to participate enthusiastically. They both leave, while damini is alone with shaurya. She asks if he would actually need hishelp, while he says that he would just come. he goes to his room. damini starts surfing around. She stealthily bolts shaurya’s door from the outside, and smiles evilly. She wonders what to do now, as now urmi and ishaan wont wait for him, and would have to leave him and go.

Downstairs, urmi sees the wedding card, while the new waiter watches. she eyes the card, and likes it. ishaan smiles. He apologises for damini’s barbed comments, and urmi says that he doesnt need to, as she understands. she says that it just felt bad in the heat of the moment, but now she is okay. He is assured that she is completely fine. ishaan has doubts about the waiter’s extreme interest in their talks. he asks about the person, and she introduces him as the new driver. ishaan talks a little.

He asks urmi why would she need a driver, as he is going to be his full time partner. Viru chit-chats with them. urmi asks him to stay aside. damini comes down to say that shaurya got a friend’s call, and doesnt want to come now. urmi goes to find, while Damini says that if shaurya isnt coming, then why would she, as she would be with shaurya. Ishaan asks why. damini says that she wants to give the two lovebirds some time alone. urmi and ishaan insist her to go. but damini insistently sends them off.

They both leave. damini then rushes inside, and pretends to be concerned, when she hears shaurya asking for someone to open the door. She pretends to say that the door is jammed. He says that its open, and then asks her to call the She asks him to try whiole she too does. She feels happy at his torment. Finally, she opens the door, and he is eager to go down to urmi and ishaan. damini says that they went long back, wihout waiting for him. Shaurya asks how could they leave without her. Damini instigates shaurya, that now that urmi and ishaan would get married, they would need some time alone, and he wouldnt always be a part of their life. Shaurya asks why.

Damini says that they are marrying, and hence they wouldnt want to divide their life. Shaurya gets upset and tensed to hear this. she says that if they keep him, they would have to divide their love. Shaurya is tensed but says that this wont happen ever. she says that he is too naive, as in love, ishaan left his mother, and his mother left him, and they both went away together. he collapses on the sofa, hurt and surprised. she says that she knows how bad he feels, and should adapt to feeling bad like this, as this would continue even after marriage. shaurya is hurt. damini feels victorious.

Meanwhile, later, at home, shaurya is still tormented by damini’s words, and he wonders how could urmi do this. Finally urmi and ishaan return, excitedly, but shaurya gives them a cold glance. Shaurya asks that they did complete their shopping. His mother denies, surprising him. ishaan says that without him, they couldnt finalise on anything, and hence decided that they shall do it with him, since this is the most important phase of their lives, and they cant get through it, without his help. Shaurya is super excited, happy and his faith is restored.

Scene 3:
Location: Goa and On the road
Meanwhile, while samrat is enjoying in Goa, the waiter calls and tells samrat that there’s news that might make him happy. samrat asks him to spill it. He tells samrat that urmi is marrying, and soon as the preparations are indicating. samrat asks how is this happening. The waiter says that it probably is in the next week. He starts venting out his frustration. samrat asks who is it. The waiter says that its a guy named ishaan, and starts praising him. Samrat is stunned to hear this, and cancels the call in frustration. he thinks that this isnt right that urmi did, having ruined him. He says that he wont let it happen. He thinks that he would not let her live in peace anymore.

Urmi’s Residence
Shaurya is happy that urmi and ishaan didnt betray him, despite damini instigating him otherwise. Then asha comes in on her nonsensical rant in english, and tells how they arent getting through annu’s call. urmi asks her to call later and invite. asha happily says that their family shall arrive by the night. shaurys hugs urmi happily.

Later, sanaya applauds urmi for her descision, while she says that this is the best thing for shaurya, who already has a father-son relationship with ishaan, who loves him very much. She says that shaurya missed his father too much, but not for much more. sanaya teases her that she and ishaan are getting married, not ishaan and shaurya. she teases her, while urmi is embarassed. Shaurya comes and tells urmi that she has got a landline call. urmi goes to receive it. Sanaya asks if he is happy. He says that he is, and is assured that he wont be sidelined after her marriage with ishaan. Sanaya asks why is he talking like that. shaurya tells her what damini told him. Sanaya is tensed, and wonders why did she talk so negative about urmi to shaurya.

Goa Hotel

While Samrat is packing, the waiter gets coffee, and is surprised to find him packing. Samrat happily gloats that he is leaving Goa for attending a marriage in Mumbai. When the waiter leaves, he happily glaots that situations are chnging and they are getting worse for urmi, by the minute. He smiles evilly.

Ishaan’s residence
Damini and the family is busy with wedding preparations, as the haldi ceremony begins tomorrow. Ishaan comes inside, and Damini thinks that by now, her work would have been done. He says that they didnt buy anything, as shaurya didnt come, and urmi got confused, and he is naive. Damini feels defeated. He says tht they shall go to the shop with shaurya only. sandhya taunts him, while he says that he finalised his marriage.

Damini asks why is shaurya needed, and ishaan says that shaurya’s choice is nice, and urmi wants to do this shopping with her son. His mamaji also sides with him. Ishaan goes to rest and change, and asks for a coffee. damini is tensed. Mamaji goes to attend a call. Sandhya sends rati away too, with ujala. then she continues to taunt damini, that she wanted to break this marriage using shaurya but she failed, and they would have to think harder. She asks damini to work on ishaan, and stoop urmi down in his eyes, as thats the only way out.

Urmi’s residence
All get emotional at the haldi ceremony, while saroj and devi do the honours hapily, as urmi sits demurely. All enjoy. Sanaya gets saroj to dance too. saroj blesses urmi to be happy always. While merriment and festivities ensue, and the haldi ceremony begins, a person is shown to come, his body reeking of anger, with clenched fists, who comes and touches urmi’s feet, smeared with turmeric, and urmi flinches and is alarmed at the touch, she looks up and is tensed to see him.

She puzzled asks who is this, and he smiles lustily. damini comes saying that this is her brother in law, who has come from ranchi. Urmi is tensed, while he taunts her, that they have heard a lot about her, and hence he felt like meeting her, and he got so lucky that he actually go the chance to meet her, Jhansi’s heroine in Mumbai. Urmi is disgusted but doesnt respond. he behaves leeringly with her.

Sandhya gets to beginning the haldi ceremony, and pretends to be shocked that its already begun. Urmi’s family is tensed. urmi is shocked. Sandhya continues to taunt them. Damini asks how could they not wait for them, and start off the haldi ceremony, as this brings bad luck. saroj asks why is she saying so, as she doesnt fully understand. sandhya says that haldi should have been with their haldi. Granny says that this isnt their traditions. Damini tells her rituals, and that they changed everything. sandhya asks her to let be, as this isnt the first time, urmi is going through all the rituals.

Urmi and her family are shocked and upset. sanaya asks how they havent heard of this ritual. sandhya retorts back saying that they too havent seen a son participating in the mother’s marriage. devi apologises saying that they never knew about this ritual, and explains about their ritual. Damini finds it unhygienic saying that they wont do this, and not don Urmi’s peeled haldi on Ishaan. They are tensed to hear this. Gaurav folds his hand saying that whats done is done, and asks them to sit down. Sunder excitedly says that he shall put the haldi on her, as he can do this. Urmi’s family is shocked. Urmi is tensed, while he asks her to pull her leg ahead. granny tries to say that the brother in law doesnt put haldi. But devi asks her to let it be, not to create drama.

Sunder again tries to touch urmi’s hands, saying that his haldi shall get her luck turn her way again. While she tries to flinch away, extremely uncomfortable with his teases and touchy gestures, he continues to force her not to shy away, and do the needful. urmi is disgusted. Sandhya and damini sit back on the sofa and watch the fun, while she applauds damini for having played a masterstrok with sunder. urmi glares at him angrily. sandhya says that urmi shall definitely fall prey to ishaan’s ire due to him.

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