Monday Update on Lies of the heart 1 June 2020


Monday Update on Lies of the heart 1 June 2020

She tells that samrat got her out of her job, and that wherever she lays her step, he starts taking the ground from unde him, trying to prove that she isnt able to live without him. meena asks why is he doing this. urmi says that she doesnt care, and that she wont let him be successful in his attempts and wont step back fearing him. meena applauds her, and asks her not to worry, as she would soon get a job. meena says that noone shall know in the hostel, that her job is nomore, as if the warden gets to knwo, she wont be able to stay here. urmi is shocked. meena tells her to stay out, from 9 to 6, so that noone doubts her, till she gets another job. urmi wonders how would she land another job, as she doesnt have any money too, as she got this job too with much difficulty, without any experience.

At Samrat’s place, his niece is making poster of her family tree. She told her Dadi that Urmi will always look beautiful than her. Dadi say few awful words against Urmi.

Mandari stare at her Dadi.

Same moment Samrat walks in drunk with two girls supporting him.

Family shock!

Samrat say few misbehave words to his family.

Urmi come to her place tensed.

She doesn’t know how to survive without job after loosing her old job. She share her problem with Meena.

Meena gave her paper and ask her to search up jobs. Urmi calls one person uncle seeking for job.

Uncle ask Urmi to come and meet him.

Urmi share news with Meena.

Next morning,

Amirt calls his wife and express his emotions.

Samrat wake up and ask for lemon water.

He check the phone and lift up newspaper to read.

Father and son have argument on right and wrong.

Urmi goes to meet her uncle..

She get the job at first, but after some moment uncle ask Shaurya to leave and tries to get physical with Urmi.

Urmi give him lecture on humanity.

Samrat get happy finding letter that contain Urmi’s adderss. He call her hostel and come to know about the rules. He feel happy.

Shaurya asks Urmi whether she got the job as she recalls the man’s bad intentions and telling her it’s give-and-take time now. He asks whether she will get a job now. Urmi wipes her tears and says she will get another job because “jaha chah hai waha rah hai” (there’s always a path for every desire). Yeh Honsla song plays. Urmi holds his hand and takes him to a park. She smiles seeing him play there. They then go to a restaurant and she feeds him there.

Urmi’s mum is anxious to know whereabouts of Urmi, but Gaurav says he can’t tell her, he promised Urmi. Urmi’s mum promises she won’t tell anyone. Gaurav then tells her she’s at the Working Women Hostel. His mum asks if Urmi is okay and wants to go meet her. He says he will have to talk to Urmi. Dadi is running behind Asha with a stick and they come there. Gaurav and his mum try to stop them, but they don’t listen. Gaurav fumes at Asha that he doesn’t have any job, there are so many problems, and she’s creating drama. She says she’s trying to save his money only. He asks how so. She says instead paying someone from outside, she’s getting rid off a ghost from Dadi herself. Gaurav doesn’t seem to be interested in arguing with her.

Shashi is talking about Samrat’s 2nd marriage with a pandit. Seeing big house and all, the pandit says he has a niece who is just like a girl Shashi is looking for. Samrat comes there and asks Shashi what pandit is doing there. The pandit tells him they are talking about his 2nd marriage with his niece. Samrat sits down and tells him about all his “good” habits that girls is his weakness, he can’t control his anger, etc etc. He also cannot control himself after drinking alcohol. He asks pandit if he had alcohol ever. Pandit nods no. Samrat asks him how he would know the difference when you’re drunk and not. Pandit is shocked, but can’t say much. Samrat continues telling pandit that his niece will get money and all, but he can’t give any guarantee about relationship. He plays with the string of relationship every night and in that if relationship breaks, then it won’t be his fault. He smiles and greets pandit and then leaves.

Shaurya wants to eat pastry. Urmi takes her inside a shop and buys him one. While they are there, a lady comes in angrily asking why her special cake that she ordered is not ready. The shop manager says they don’t make such type of cakes and the person who took the order didn’t know about it. The lady yells in the store. Urmi interrupts and says she can help them. She knows how to make that type of cake, and she can explain to their chef. The lady says she will get it from other store and leaves. The shop manager tells Urmi that they face such humiliation very often because they don’t know how to make that special cake. He gives his boss’ card to her and asks her to call him. If she can supply that kind of cake to them, then that will be a great help.

Urmi’s friend from hostel is waiting for her. She sends the guard away. Just then Urmi arrives. Her friend tells her about their madam waiting for her. She tells Urmi to go fast and she will take care of Shaurya.

Urmi asks her madam if everything okay. Someone is sitting there. Her madam questions her about job. Urmi accepts that she lost it, but she will find new one soon. Her madam then asks if there is no relative of hers in the town. Urmi says no. It was Samrat sitting there. He turns to Urmi and she’s shocked. He tells her there are some animals who eat their own children to stay alive, and here Urmi ate all her relationships. He smiles and asks her to answer her madam. Urmi says she doesn’t have anyone. Her madam asks if he’s not her husband. She says he was her husband, she doesn’t have any relationship with him anymore. Samrat laughs and says there’s fight between every couple. Relationships don’t break that easily. He asks her madam to look at her behavior and further says her father’s house is even in this town. Her madam is shocked. Urmi looks at Samrat.

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