Monday update on Kindred hearts 5th August

Police arrives there, goons runaway. Jhanvi turns to Adi, they both look in each others eyes before Jhanvi throws stick and runs to Adi, she hugs him tightly. Adi have sigh of relief, he says are you mad? what if anything happened to you? Jhanvi says what if anything happened to you? Adi says
you wont allow anything to happen to me as you come everywhere to save me, Jhanvi says why did you come out of house? Adi says I was scared that you are out in curfew. Jhanvi sees Adi’s hand bleeding, she tears her dupatta and ties it on his hand, Adi lovingly looks at her.

Family is waiting for Adi and Jhanvi. Kaki is worried. Baba says Adi is not picking up call. Adi and Jhanvi comes home. Kaki says thank God you are fine. Nisha comes and hugs Adi,she says I was worried about you but I knew my love wouldnt let anything happen to you. Adi looks Jhanvi and says it was your love that brought me back. Nisha sees Jhanvi’s dupatta piece tied on Adi’s hand and says what is this? Adi says actually.. Jhanvi says I found Adi outside house, his hand was bleeding so I tied my dupatta. Nisha says thank you, she says to Adi that I was so worried about you,what if anything happened to you? but you are fine. Nisha says to Adi that today is very special, I have one news to tell, Jhanvi you tell them, I will bring sweets, Jhanvi you inform them, she leaves. Kaki asks Jhanvi to tell what Nisha wanted to share. Nisha brings sweets and asks Jhanvi if she told them? tell them soon, I am excited to take their blessings, please tell them Jhanvi. Jhanvi nervously gulps. Jhanvi says to family that Nisha is going to be mother, Nisha says and Adi is going to be father, Jhanvi sadly looks at them. Nisha says I know Adi you didnt want to tell this news in first three months of pregnancy but now fourth month have started, she makes whole family eat sweets. She asks family that why you are all not happy? Adi gives her fake smile. Kaki says no we are happy, always remain happy. Nisha thanks her and goes to freshen up. Kaki says to Jhanvi that when did Nisha tell you all this? Adi asks what is all this? Jhanvi says I will tell you everything but later, right now wait for sometime. Adi looks on.

All family members are in room. Adi says I am tired of this fake life, what is this rubbish? we all know that Nisha is not pregnant, we are all lying, she will get to know it too so we should tell her truth. Baba says we have to tell her truth before things go out of hands. Kaki says we cant give her stress. We can tell her that she lost her baby because of accident. Jhanvi says this will give her more stress, she fainted in mall too, she is happy thinking that she is going to be mother, she wont be able to bear news about miscarriage, Adi says what about you? you are getting hurt too. Kaki says we want good for her but you have to think about yourself too, adi couldnt spend more than two minutes with you, kids are scared of Nisha too. Adi says I want to tell whole truth to Nisha, from the time she came in this house till she got shot. Jhanvi says she will get stressed. Adi says I dont care, that woman just hurt us so why should we sacrifice for her? I am going to tell her now. Jhanvi says atleast stop till tomorrow, tomorrow her reports are coming then we will know what her condition is and can tell her truth, Kaki says Jhanvi is right, we should wait for her reports, Adi says whatever you people want to do, he leaves.

Adi comes to Nisha’s room, she smiles and says I am very happy, are you? he nods and hugs her from behind. Nisha sees Jhanvi’s dupatta tied on his hand, she takes it off and throws it away. Adi looks at it and thinks.

Kaki applied ointment on Jhanvi’s wounds, Jhanvi says I am habituated to feel pain now. Kaki says its not good to give Adi to Nisha like she is his wife and not, Jhanvi says if anything happened to Nisha then I wouldnt be able to forgive myself, Kaki says wont you feel like you should spend sometime with your husband? Jhanvi says I want to, I really want to but when I see Nisha and want her to become fine, I feel pain when I see Nisha and Adi together but looking at Adi gives me strength, I am doing all this for my love. Kaki says you always think about others, God will always think about your happiness.

Nisha hugs Adi and says you were shy to talk about baby infront of others, dont forget me after baby comes in world, I have thought we will give a very good life to baby, we will take baby to Switzerland and get admission in international school, Adi thinks Nisha is still materialistic, she didnt change at all. Kids come to Adi and Nisha’s room. Kids say we are scared of ghost, Kids ask Adi to come with them and play. Nisha says stop it, where is your mom? your mom should know that you both are scared, go and irritate her not Adi. Adi asks Nisha to stop it, you dont know how to deal with kids, kids need patience and love, first learn how to handle it and then talk to me about kids, Nisha is stunned to get scolded, Adi leaves with kids. Nisha throws things away in anger.

Kaki and Jhanvi are sitting in room. Adi comes there with kids. Kaki says I wish I could send you both on some off but right now you both spend time here, Kaki asks kids to come with her but kids say we want to stay here, she says okay and leaves. Chinni says to Adi and Jhanvi that our family is best, both kids say we love you mummy and papa. Adi and Jhanvi tucks kids in bed. Adi says thanks to Jhanvi for coming in his life, for saving his life today and making his kids lives better, I love you, Jhanvi says I love you too. Adi says as soon as reports come, we will tell truth to Nisha then we will live as a family where there will be happiness only and there will be no fear in life, I promise you that.

Jhanvi and Nisha comes to doctor for reports, Jhanvi asks Nisha can she wait outside? I have to talk to doctor about my migraine. Nisha says sure and leaves. Jhanvi asks doctor about Nisha’s health, doctor says she is doing better but she is still very weak and she wont be able to handle any shock, her mental condition is not such where she can bear any shock or pain, she is physically weak too so you have to be careful with her, Jhanvi nods and leaves. Jhanvi comes out of clinic, Nisha says to Jhanvi that I have booked appointment with gynecologist, I can take another opinion about my pregnancy and will get sonography. Jhanvi says but you didnt even bring your reports, Nisha says I will just ask her to show me sonography. Jhanvi thinks that Nisha cant meet her, she will get to
know truth that she is not pregnant through sonography.

In house, Adi plays with kids and give them pizza, he says Jhanvi will scold me, kids says Jhanvi never scold badly. Adi smiles and thinks once Nisha’s reports come out then we will tell her truth and can get free from this lie.

Nisha meets gynecologist, doctor says you are in your first trimester so you can see your baby in sonography image, Nishe says I am so existed. Doctor gets call from someone, she says okay and ends call. She asks Nisha to drink water for better results. Nisha drinks it. Doctor shows her sonography screen, Nisha finds baby on screen and gets excited. Its actually baby of someone else and that pregnant woman is with Jhanvi on other side of room, Nisha thanks doctor and leaves. Gynecologist comes to Jhanvi and says thank God doctor called me and told me about Nisha’s mental condition thats why we should her some other baby’s sonography. Jhanvi thanks her.

Jhanvi’s father says to Maa that nobody told me about Jhanvi getting married and also the problems she is facing, I am going to her and stop her, Maa says she is stubborn like you, she doesnt want to hurt Nisha, Father says I have worked in that house, I know Nisha, she is so stubborn that she can hurt her own family for her gain so she can hurt Jhanvi too, Maa gets worried hearing it.

Adi says to family that once Nisha’s reports come out, we will tell her truth and all this will end. Nisha and Jhanvi comes, Adi asks about reports, Nisha shows him sonography reports that are fake, Nisha says I am so excited, can we throw party and let everyone know about our baby? Kaki says this is not right time, you are still in early stage and I dont anyone casting evil eye on baby, we will arrange party later, Nisha says I am so excited, I am going to mandir to pray, she leaves. Neha says how did she get sonography report? Jhanvi says doctor helped me to create fake report and stopped everything from going mess, Adi says everything is already mess, Jhanvi looks down and sadly leaves.

Jhanvi is going to her room when Adi pulls her in his room. Jhanvi says its all my fault, I have given Nisha more hope about her being pregnant, you kept asking me to tell her truth but I kept giving her false hope, I am ashamed of what I did today, Nisha is herself mother and I did this with her, I created everything fake. Adi says stop it, I am proud of you, you are doing all this for person who tried to hurt you most, I am angry but not on you, on our situation where we cant be together, I wanted to tell her truth but not like this, you have handled everything nicely. Jhanvi says you wanted to tell he truth after reports come out but doctor have said to not give her stress, she is still weak. Adi says I love you, I cant go away from you, I know my Jhanvi can never do something wrong, Adi kisses her forehead, Jhanvi smiles and says Nisha can see us together, I am leaving, she leaves.

Scene 2
Jhanvi and Nisha are in car going to mandir. Nisha asks driver to stop car on road, he does, Nisha says I have some work, I am coming, Jhanvi asks should I come with you? she says no and leaves car, Jhanvi says what work does she have here? she goes out of car and looks around.

Kaka says to Neha and Raj that Jhanvi is giving fake hopes to Nisha, Neha you are pregnant and tell me is it good that Jhanvi is making Nisha dream of being mother? she is doing wrong with Nisha. Kaki comes there and says what are you saying? Jhanvi is saving her life, she cant give her shock that she is not pregnant, she is bearing so much pain and staying away from everyone so that she can protect Nisha’s life. Kaka says I just know that Jhanvi is wrong in giving hopes to Nisha, he glares at her and leaves.

Jhanvi searches Nisha on road. She comes to isolated street and is shocked to see Nisha drinking wine. anvi comes there and takes wine from her, she says what are you doing? this is not good for your health, Nisha snatches it from her and says there is no happiness in your life, your husband have left you but alteat let me have fun, Jhanvi says but this is not good for you, Nisha says why because I am pregnant? dont talk like old school Kaki, Jhanvi says how can you talk about Kaki like this? Nisha says that Kaki didnt even let me give a party, she is so old fashioned, I am tired of her, she is so controlling always telling me about this or that pooja, when I married Adi, I thought he is rich and charming so we will have very good highend lifestyle, we will meet people, have fun gatherings and parties but his family is old fashioned, I have decided that I cant live with them, they have to leave the house and me, Adi and Baby will live a very luxurious life. Nisha says one more thing if you tell about this to anyone in family then I will throw you and your sweet daughters out of house, Jhanvi is shocked to hear her talk like her evil self.

Jhanvi and Nisha comes home. Nisha says to Kaki that I brought parsad and I want elders of home to eat it first, dont say no to it, Kaki smiles and takes parsad. Jhanvi looks on tensed, Adi notices it. Jhanvi thinks that Nisha didnt change at all, she lost her memory but not her nature, she can truly only lie.

Jhanvi meets her Maa, she tells everything to Maa. Maa says you should have told everything to family, she is drinking wine and talking about throwing family out? Jhanvi says I wanted to tell Adi but Adi is always ready to tell her truth, she is very weak still and I dont last to take away last bit of pity family have on her. Maa says I am worried about you, that woman can use you again, I am scared of her, Jhanvi looks on.