Monday Update on Kindred hearts 12th August


Monday Update on Kindred hearts 12th August

Samar brings flowers for Jhanvi, she says whats the need for these? he says they will make you feel better and they are desperate to meet you, Jhanvi smiles and takes it, he leaves.
Jhanvi comes to her room. Adi comes to her and hugs her tightly, he kisses her forehead and asks if she is fine? she says dont worry. Adi says Nisha tried to kill you, Jhanvi says she saved my life, whats her mission? Adi says she wants to act like some great woman, do you think she is nice and really wanted to save you? Jhanvi says if its her plan then she must have planned something else too. Adi says I am sure she is behind Dr. Bhatia’s death too, he could have brought her truth. Jhanvi says I dont understand why she saved my life? if I am doubting her then she would have liked to kill me,
she does everything with a reason. Adi says she wants to fool, we will observe her and catch her red handed. Jhanvi says yes, we will make her feel that we are with her in everything but we have to be careful, we cant be her target in all this.

Samar is in lounge, Nisha comes there. Samar says I had meeting, I couldnt go, I hope my team handled it, Nisha says it will be fine. Samar gets call and says thats great news, he ends call and says to Nisha that you are a lucky charm, my meeting went well. Nisha says congrats, you are smiling so much, I want Jhanvi to smile like that. Samar says I want that too, what you did today for her need guts. Nisha says she is a family and I just did what I could to protect her, she has kids and she had to bear so much but I am sure she will have happiness soon. Samar says I know Jhanvi and her kids deserve all the happiness in world. Nisha thinks that Samar is my lucky charm, just keep thinking about her happiness and this way I will get my happiness back.

Adi calls inspector, inspector says we found about driver to killed Dr. Bhatia, we will catch him soon, Adi thanks him and ends call. Adi thinks now it will be proven that my doubt on Nisha is not for nothing.

All are in lounge, Nisha tells family that Samar’s deal got approved, he is about to start his project, all congratulate him. Samar says we should arrange a party, I want you all to be part of it, you all get ready tonight for celebrations. Kaka says congrats, your father must be proud, Samar thanks him. Adi whispers to Jhanvi that I have good news too, I talked to inspector, Nisha hears it and gets tensed. Jhanvi thinks what she is planning now to hide her mistakes?

Jhanvi is getting ready for party. Nisha comes there and says you are looking good. Jhanvi says you too. Nisha says I wanted to ask something, I should have asked for it before. Jhanvi says we get paid for good and bad deeds. Nisha says I want to say sorry for everything, for hurting you. Jhanvi says its okay. Nisha says I know I have hurt you and kids, Jhanvi says I have learned that we should accept our mistakes and it makes things easy, I have forgot my past and you should too. Nisha says no, not till I make you smile, I wanted to make you ready, can I make you wear jewelry? Jhanvi hesitantly says okay. Nisha gets Jhanvi ready and thinks that I am getting you prepped up today because soon I will doom, you can party tonight but soon your relation with Adi is going to break forever.

Party starts, Adi praises Samar and says I am happy for you. Jhanvi comes there all dressed up saree. Samar and Adi are mesmerized by her. Samar thinks she is looking beautiful. Adi think Jhanvi doesnt know how beautiful my life has become from the time she entered it. Nisha comes there and asks Samar to come and cut cake. Cake is brought there. Samar blows candle and cuts cake, he makes kids eat it, family eats it too. Nisha sees Adi and Jhanvi smiling at each other. Nisha comes to table and mixes powder in three juice glasses. She calls waiter and shows him Adi, Samar and Jhanvi, she asks him to give these glasses to them, he nods and takes juices to them. Waiter comes in party with spiked juices. Chinni stops him, she takes one glass says its mango so I dont want it, she puts it in tray and leaves. Adi takes one of the spiked glasses, Samar, and Jhanvi takes glasses from tray too, they all drink it and gets inebriated.

Jhanvi is in party, she strikes with Samar, they both have headache and are inebriated, he asks if she would like something? she says no thanks, I have headache.

Nisha decorates Samar’s room, she sprinkles rose petals on bed and lights candles all over the room, she says I burnt my hand to win your trust Jhanvi and now I am lighting candles for you. She says after tonight, Adi wont even like to see Jhanvi’s face and Jhanvi wont be able to look in Adi’s eyes because of shame, after tonight Adi will become mine forever.

In party, Kaka makes Adi meet an important client, Adi laughs at client’s name and offends him saying his name is like a cow, does he eat grass? Nisha comes there and says he is just joking, she takes him away. Kaka says sorry to client. Adi is laughing uncontrollably, Nisha takes him with her.

In party, Samar and Jhanvi are inebriated too, they make fun of some guest. Nisha comes there and asks Samar to play with kids, Samar says I am not feeling well, I should rest, he leaves. Jhanvi is inebriated too. Nisha sees Kaki looking at her, she thinks if Kaki sees her like this then she will get to know of my plan. Kaki asks Nisha where is Adi? Nisha says he was tired and went to his room. Kaki says okay, she asks Jhanvi if she needs anything? Jhanvi says no, Kaki doesnt sense anything wrong and leaves. Nisha asks Jhanvi if she is fine? Jhanvi says I am dizzy. Nisha says I will take you to room. Nisha starts taking jhanvi to room, Jhanvi says my room is on otherside, Nisha says no tonight its on otherside tonight. Nisha brings Jhanvi to Samar’s room. She thinks that I spiked Jhanvi’s juice and she wont remember anything from tonight but when she will wake up in the morning, the only thing she will see is Samar’s face and herself in bed with Samar, what will Jhanvi do then?

Jhanvi is inebriated. Nisha starts taking jhanvi to room, Jhanvi says my room is on otherside, Nisha says no tonight its on otherside tonight. Nisha brings Jhanvi to Samar’s room. She thinks that I spiked Jhanvi’s juice and she wont remember anything from tonight but when she will wake up in the morning, the only thing she will see is Samar’s face and herself in bed with Samar, what will Jhanvi do then? Adi is inebriated, he lies in his bed and says Jhanvi?

Nisha starts taking Jhanvi in Samar’s room. Jhanvi says this is not my room, Nisha says you want to be with Adi right? Jhanvi says always, I want to go to kids, Nisha says Kaki is with them, she tries to drag Jhanvi inside Samar’s room but Adi comes there and pulls her to him, he cups her
face and says I love you, I love you Jhanvi. Nisha tries to pull them apart but Adi and Jhanvi hugs each other, Jhanvi says I am sleepy. Adi says come with me, he takes Jhanvi wit him while Nisha looks on shocked. Jhanvi leaves her slipper in hallway.

Nisha sees Adi taking Jhanvi to his room. She fumes in anger. Kaka comes there and says tonight Adi and Jhanvi will consummate the marriage, it seems like that, I should praise your plan but your plan backfired, you thought Samar and Jhanvi will get intimate or when Jhanvi will wake up with him then she will feel shameful and leave Adi but Adi and Jhanvi have special relation, when one is in trouble, other reaches to save them, true loves passes all test, I feel like you wont succeed, you would have to lose.

Nisha says enough, I didnt lose, I will separate Adi and Jhanvi, Adi is my husband, he will be mine for births, I have right on him. Kaka says you think that but question is if Adi takes you as his wife even in this birth? Nisha looks on. She sees Jhanvi’s slipper and takes it, she shows it to Kaka and says I didnt lose, Jhanvi helped me, her sandal will do my work. Kaka looks on and leaves, Nisha smirks.

Adi brings Jhanvi to his room but kids come there and says mama will sleep with us. Kids bring Jhanvi to her room. Adi lies her on bed but he falls on top of her, they share eyelock, Adi gets up and tucks her in bed. Jhanvi holds his hand and makes him sit beside her, Chinni asks Adi to go to his room, he says okay and leaves with kids. Jhanvi sleeps alone.

In morning, kids are playing in lounge. Nisha asks them to play upstairs, they leave. Nisha waits and says now kids will make my plan successful. Kids go to play upstairs, their ball goes in Samar’s room, Binni says Sam will scold me if I go inside, you go and bring the ball. Chinni says okay and goes to Samar’s room, Samar wakes up and says you here? she says sorry I just came to take the ball, she leaves. Samar have hangover, he looks around room and sees candles and rose petals, he says decorations in my room? Nisha must know. He gets up but Jhanvi’s earring falls from his shirt, he looks at it. He finds Jhanvi’s sandal with his shoes there. He says how earring and sandal is in my room? He looks on.

Jhanvi is sleeping in her room alone. She wakes up and says I slept till late today, I have headache too. Jhanvi gets up. She says where is my other earring? my one sandal is missing too. She says maybe kids took it, they like my sandal and earring. I should take a bath, she goes to bathroom.

Nisha is in lounge. Samar comes there with Jhanvi’s sandal. He is tensed. Nisha says good morning, why didnt you change clothes? why you seem worried? Samar says can you tell whose sandal is this? Nisha says I dont know but why you wanna know? Samar says it was in my room and I want to know. Nisha says there was girl’s sandal in your room? tell me who is the girl? Samar blushes. Chinni comes there and sees sandal, she says this is my mama’s sandal. Samar is stunned and says Jhanvi’s sandal. Jhanvi comes there, Nisha thinks perfect timing. Samar looks at Jhanvi and tries to see her sandal but she is wearing other pair, he sees her earrings and its similar to one he found in his room. Nisha leaves. Samar asks Jhanvi if they can talk alone? she says if you want to ask personal things then I wont talk, he grabs her hand, she says leave my hand but Samar drags Jhanvi to his room. Nisha sees this and says what is happening now? I have handled my plan so well, dont let it spoil anymore.

Samar brings Jhanvi to his room, she says what is this insult? Samar says you have crossed limits of shame, what is all this? these candles and rose petals? why did you come in my room? or this personal question too? Jhanvi says why would I come in your room? he shows her earring and says this and your sandal was in my room, Samar yells on Jhanvi that your innocent face is just a mask, I used to respect your morals but you have very broad thinking, I had such good thoughts for you and you did all this? you maybe guest here but this is house of my childhood, you talk about morals and character but you dont have any character and just give moral talks only, you saw me alone and came to my room late at night? if you had some shame then you wouldnt have come in my room late night. Jhanvi gets angry and slaps him across face. Nisha is shocked to see it. Jhanvi says how dare you point fingers at my character? you are talking about my character but its your thinking that is cheap, you thought I came in your room without thinking? I didnt come to your room, I dont know sandal and earring came here, how dare you drag me here to talk this cheap thing? you are scared that what family will say but you have so much cheapness and filth in mind to think this, I maybe guest for you in this house but dont think I am weak and alone woman, my husband.. he is not with me but I have self respect, I live with respect here, woman can solve any problem, you didnt try to investigate it and just saw few things and thought such cheap thing? if you cant evaluate people then you will fall down in life and your thinking is already cheap, she glares at him and leaves. Samar is in shock. Nisha looks on.

Nisha comes to Samar, he tells her about accusing Jhanvi for taking advantage him, she says you shouldnt have accused her, Samar says I know I did big mistake, I shouldnt have said all that, I cant even ask for forgiveness.


Jhanvi comes to kitchen, she cries recalling Samar’s accusation. Adi comes there and asks why she is crying? did Nisha say something, Jhanvi hugs him and says I am missing you, we are together but cant be with each other, we have to hide and cant meet openly, Adi says I know you are doing a lot this family, I know Nisha is hurting you but you are my strength, you are my power, dont lose hope. Jhanvi hugs him and thinks that I am sorry, I cant tell you about Samar otherwise you would break your friendship with Samar, I cant let you do that.

Samar comes to Jhanvi’s room but she is not there, Samar sees Jhanvi and kids’ pictures, he says I did a big mistake by accusing your character but I am repenting my mistake and I will do everything for forgiveness. He leaves a letter at her bedside table.

Samar comes in lounge, kids greet him and leaves. Samar sadly looks at Jhanvi. All are having breakfast, Kaki asks Samar to come too, Samar looks at Jhanvi and goes to dining table. Nisha wishes him for meeting, Kaki asks him to have good breakfast. Samar says to Kaka that I have to say you have first right on my success, Baba says what are you saying? Samar says I have been staying here but cant live here forever so I am thinking of buying other house and shift there. Kaki says you are like Adi to me, this is your house so you dont have to shift. Samar says I will come all the time to have your food. Baba says dont talk big, you will live here only. Adi says he is right, you are family and will stay here. Nihsa thinks no Samar cant live, my plan will fail if he leaves, only Jhanvi is going to leave. Nisha says all are insisting so stay. Samar says you are all family but I have to start living alone at some point so why not now? Kaka says we are a family so you should stay here. Samar says I came her to setup business and I have started it so I should take other responsibilities too, Kaka says just have breakfast and dont think too much. Nisha eyes Kaka and is tensed.

Nisha comes to Kaka in his room with tea, Kaka says wow we are getting tea from you? what you want? Nisha says good you know me, Kaka says I know Samar dropped a bomb to leave house and you paled hearing it, you made a plan with Jhanvi and Samar and it failed. Nisha says dont repeat, my plan failed but if Samar leaves then my plan will be destroyed. Kaka says why Samar wants to leave house suddenly? Nisha says Samar found Jhanvi’s sandal and earring, I thought he would get interested in Jhanvi seeing her things but he started accusing Jhanvi that she is trying to seduce and Jhanvi being egoist yelled at him. Kaka says neither plan nor Adi is in your hands, I pity you, you are like an injured lioness. Nisha says just tell me how to stop Samar from leaving. Kaka says I tried to stop him but only Jhanvi can help you, she can turn tables in your favor, Nisha looks on. Nisha gets Samar’s call, Samar is in restaurant, he says I forgot file in my room, can you send someone with it, Nisha smirks and says of course.

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