Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

Oct 22 Episode

Rishi is taking Indira to her room and Zara is watching them. Zara eyelock, and Indira calling Rishi’s name and pulling him. Rishi pulls away from her, and tells her angrily “Learn to do everything by yourself! Become cold hearted like you were before. Nobody cares for people like this. Nobody cares, neither do I! Go take a bath by yourself.” Indira is really sad. She goes inside, turns on the water. Its too cold, she screams. Rishi says he will bring hot water.

Zara is going somewhere, she takes out a check from her purse. Munna says “I smell money…Zara where are you going?” She says “bank to deposit check”. He says “I’ll do it, since I’m not doing anything.” Meanwhile Indira is flooding bathroom, which comes out of a pipe and falls into the (Wheat?) grains put downstairs. Everyone starts screaming. Kutumb falls, and so does the check. Everyone is worried about the wet check, and Rishi is disgusted. Everyone gets mad at Indira for that, and Kutumb tells Rishi to leave her at the asylum. Inder says “This is my Babli.” Kutumb says “No, this is Babli (Zara), and that is just some mad person, who screams all day and doesnt do any work.” Inder says “Then you also are a mad person. You said she screams all day and doesnt do any work, well thats also what you do”. Inder says “Rishi beta, the person who held your hand when your own mom left you, will you leave that person? Who handled this house for so many years, that person has nobody to handle her today. Im telling you, dont do this beta.”

Rishi goes to drop her in asylum. He hugs her and she is very happy. Then they take her away and she starts screaming his name. He goes to hold her hand and she calms down, and then he runs inside the room and hugs her.

Kutumb and Inder promotion of Housewife show. Rishi is called by Zara, and she asks “Did you leave Indira.” Rishi says ” Come out I want to talk to you.” He comes and Indira is with him. Zara is shocked. Indira goes to do jumprope. Rishi says “I tried, but they were treating her like an animal there. I couldnt do it.” Zara says “Injections also hurt, but are for our benefit. But you just dont want to take the injection.” She starts to leave, he holds her hand. He says “Look at my eyes. She is my responsibility, and you are my love. Give me a chance, look in my eyes.” She looks away. He says “OK why dont you go take her to the asylum. Let me see if you are as strong as you think you are. ” She goes and takes Indira’s hand, who holds Rishi, who lets her go. Zara takes Indira away. Rishi crying.
Indu running upstairs and Rishi following her.Rishi tries to stop her as she threatens him she’ll jump if Indira is not back home.She tells him to promise not to marry Zara and he says yes he’ll bring Indira back home and will stay far away from Zara.She comes back and Rishi all afraid picks her up.Rishi tells her not to so and Indu gets down tells him that he’ll always remain the same Rishi till Zara is in SN.He must throw her out as Zara never wants the best for Indira.

In the mental asylum Zara handles the check of 15 thousands rupees to the doc so that he can give the proper treatment to Indira she says she’s helping herself.The doc says she’s a very large hearted person as who will do so nowadays.

The doc tells the wardboys to take away indira but he feels that Indira wants to say something to Zara he tells Zara to meet her.She refuses,as she does not want to get emotional.

Indira is being dragged away by the wardboys but she still wants to say something to Zara.Zara is quiet and the doc again says that Indira wants to talk.Zara gives the doc all Indira belongings and the chocolates for Indira telling him to give it to her when she’s angry.Indira pushes away the warboys and runs to Zara.The doc advices Zara to hear what Indira wants to say.Indira holds Zara face and is saying something when Zara falls to her feet and begs her to forgive her as Rishi was her hubby and now he’s her hubby and she can’t share her love with her.the first time she gets someone whom she may call her’s and she wants to come out from her past.Indira makes her stand up and makes her sits she also wipes her tears,this makes Zara puzzles and gives her the mangalsutra.

Indira tries to say something about Rishi…

Zara asks she put herself in danger only to save the mangalsutra for her.Zara takes it ans says thanks while Indira says bye and signals her not to cry.The wardboys hold her ,and she says bye to Zara.Zara keeps looking at the mangalsutra.

Rishi at home is telling to Indu how much he has faith in Zara and that she’ll not leave Indira in the asylum.

Seher tells Indu Zara is back and Rishi with Indu go downstairs to meet her.Rishi tells Indu that Zara is not that bad look she has taken back Indira.Indu goes to check in the van and says Indira is not in the jeep,rishi is shock.Indu asks Zara about Indira whereabouts and she says she left her in the mental hospital as she will be better treated there.

Indira is shown playing with an another patient who pushes her against the wall.She hits her head and falls down.

Here in SN Indira falls unconscious and Rishi very anxious takes her upstairs he calls for the doc.

In the mental asylum Indira is being dragged by two wardboys and they put her on the bed.

In Sn everyone is showing concern for Indu,Indur is searching for Indira everywhere.

When Savita tries to come near Indu,Rishi yells at her saying no need for someone to show fake concern for his daughter as he’s still here leaving both Savita and Zara in a shock state.