Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv August 20

Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

August 20 Episode

The kidnappers assault Inder in the under construction building. Indira who is standing in an elevator notices Rishi and calls out to him. Rishi assaults the kidnappers when he sees Indira. Meanwhile, Indira gets out of the elevator to save Rishi. Before Rishi could approach Indira, one of the kidnappers, pushes him down. A frightened Indira rushes to save Rishi but fails. Rishi falls into a truck carrying sand. Indira rushes downstairs and tries to find Rishi. Indira sees Rishi in the truck. However, before she could approach him, the truck leaves. She tries to stop the truck but fails. Meanwhile, Inder returns home and enquires about Indira. Kutumb gets shocked on learning that Inder has decided to sell Sharma Niwas. Indira goes to the police station to lodge a complaint, at that time she accidentally picks up the inspector’s cell phone and leaves her cell phone on his desk. The inspector is not willing to help Indira as she was not willing to bribe him. The constable asks Indira to bribe the inspector in order to locate Rishi soon. While leaving from the police station, the inspector takes Indira’s cell phone. After Indira leaves from the police station, she receives a call and realizes that her cell phone had been exchanged with the inspector’s cell phone. She sees the inspector leaving in the police van and tries to call him out but in vain. She follows the inspector and sees him taking bribe. Indira clicks the inspector’s photograph while receiving money from a person. When the inspector returns to the police station, he receives a call. The inspector is unaware that the cell phone belongs to Indira. The kidnapper believes that Indira had received the call and threatens to kill Rishi. They also increase the ransom money to Rs 6 crore. The kidnapper does not disconnect the call and tells his companion that Indira’s family wanted to extort money from Indira but she was not ready to sell her house. The inspector hears their conversation.

Kutumb calls up Indira but Sumer receives the call as he had Indira’s cell phone. Kutumb curses Indira for being concerned only about Rishi and irresponsible towards her family. Sumer gets irritated and disconnects the call. Sumer realizes that his cell phone had been exchanged with Indira’s cell phone. He also realizes that Indira was not lying about Rishi’s abduction. Kutumb plans to give a room in her house on rent. She meets Radhey and asks him to find a tenant who would pay the rent in advance. Indira gets Sumer’s photograph of him receiving bribe from a person printed. The printed copies also have a message questioning Sumer how much would he charge to register Indira’s complaint. Indira distributes the copies to the people outside the police station. At that time, the commissioner arrives and gets shocked when he reads the message on the printed copy. To prove that Sumer had received bribe, Indira also shows the commissioner the photograph, which she had clicked in the cell phone. Meanwhile, Radhey visits Sharma Niwas along with a teacher who is searching for a house to run her school. Radhey suggests Kutumb to rent the house to the woman. Kutumb is about to refuse but Radhey lures her by showing her a stack of money. The commissioner tells Indira that he has asked Sumer to help her search for Rishi. He assures Indira that Sumer would solve the case in the next 15 days. The goons are unable to find Rishi, who was carried by a sand truck after he fell down from the under construction building. They reach the spot, where the truck had emptied the sand, and try to search for Rishi but in vain. While standing on the heap of sand, the goons fail to notice a hand beneath. The goons worry that Indira’s relative may kill them, if they fail to find Rishi. After the goons leave, it is revealed that Rishi was trapped beneath the heap of sand and that he had pulled his hand inside the sand after hearing the goons’ conversation. A furious Rishi plans to teach Indira’s relative a lesson for trying to separate him from Indira.

Indira is determined to search for Rishi. She believes that Inspector Sumer may help her search for Rishi. Mr Chadda calls up Indira and tells her to resume her job. Indira refuses to do so and requests Mr Chadda to give her sometime. Mr Chadda refuses to accept Indira’s requests and threatens to fire her from the job. He asks Indira to take his client’s wife, Mrs Ahmed, for shopping. Indira reaches the spot where Mrs Ahmed and the driver were waiting for her. The driver excuses himself for some time. At that time, Indira receives Rishi’s call. Rishi informs Indira about his whereabouts and asks her to reach the spot soon. Indira does not wait for the driver, instead drives to the place where Rishi had called her. When she reaches the place, she sees Rishi on the other side of the road and gets relieved. While Indira is crossing the road to go towards Rishi, some goons arrive in a car and kidnap Rishi again. Indira is left puzzled when she fails to find Rishi. Mrs Ahmed gets furious at Indira and threatens to complain to Mr Chadda. A furious Indira does not pay heed to Mrs Ahmed and asks her to leave. After Mrs Ahmed complains to Mr Chadda, he calls up Indira. Indira gets shocked when Mr Chadda rages at her and terminates her from the job. Radhey arrives at Sharma Niwas and introduces Kutumb to Inspector Sumer who is posing as school teacher Parimal Tripathi. Sumer has come to Sharma Niwas to investigate about Rishi’s case in the guise of a teacher who would take care of the school children to whom Sharma Niwas has been rented out. When Indira returns home, she gets puzzled on seeing the children. Kutumb informs her that she has rented her house to a woman who runs a school. She also informs Indira about Parimal. Indira, however, does not see his face. Parimal fears that Indira may foil his plan.