Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World July 30

Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

July 30 Episode

Rishi and the drama artistes come to Sharma Niwas. Rishi introduces them as his parents to the family. The artistes start acting as suggested by Rishi. They oppose Indira and Rishi’s marriage and state that they want their son to marry a rich girl, who would agree to give them a huge sum as dowry. Indira gets furious and asks Rishi’s parents to leave. Incidentally, the duo is about to leave when Munna returns home and dashes against them. He recognizes the artistes and enquires as he is left surprised to see them. Sunaina intervenes and tells Munna that they were not drama artistes but Rishi’s parents. Indira is puzzled while Rishi is left worried. Upset, disappointed and angry, Indira questions Rishi why he was not willing to introduce her to his parents. The episode takes an interesting turn when Rishi’s mother walks in to Sharma Niwas. She is surprised on seeing Indira in the house. Indira too is surprised to see her as she is none other than the woman who had knocked down pedestrians and behaved arrogantly with them. Rishi’s mother accuses Indira of spoiling her son. Indira is puzzled when Rishi’s mother addresses him as Ricky. Indira believes that the woman is another drama artiste and asks her to leave. When Rishi’s mother refuses, Indira drags her to the door. Rishi gets furious and stops Indira. He tells Indira to question him as he had betrayed her and not humiliate his mother. When Indira refuses to listen to Rishi, his mother gets furious at Indira and slaps her. She once again raises her hand to slap Indira but Rishi stops her. He requests his mother not to raise her hand at Indira. Rishi’s mother asks him why he was so enamored with Indira and why he left the house. She is about to reveal Rishi’s identity but Rishi stops her. Indira is left puzzled and questions Rishi about his identity. Rishi refuses to answer. However, Sameer makes an entry in to Sharma Niwas at that point and declares that he would reveal Rishi’s true identity. The family is left shocked.

Indira is left puzzled and questions Rishi about his identity. Rishi refuses to reveal the truth but at that time Sameer arrives at Sharma Niwas. Sameer declares that he would reveal Rishi’s identity to the family. The family is shocked on learning that Rishi is Sameer’s younger brother, Ricky Diwan. Sameer reminds Indira about the deal wherein Rishi had helped her to save Sharma Niwas. Sameer adds that Rishi has sold the house to Diwan Builders and that he had lied to Indira that such Diwan builders do not exist. He asserts that in reality it was Rishi’s plan to usurp Sharma Niwas. Indira is left appalled. Rishi gets furious when Sameer accuses him of betraying Indira’s trust. A furious Indira tells Sameer and Simi to leave her house. Simi feels insulted and asks Rishi to return home. Rishi refuses to accompany Simi home and states that he cannot leave Indira alone. Simi gets angry and leaves with Sameer. After they leave, Rishi tries to convince Indira to forgive him. Rishi tells Indira that he had no interest in his family business. He adds that he wanted to be a painter but his father never allowed him. Rishi states that he had broken ties with his family when his father burnt his drawing books and colors. He recollects the incident wherein he was requesting his father not to set ablaze his drawings. Indira, however, does not trust Rishi and decides to throw him out of the house. She packs his bags. Rishi requests Indira to change her decision but fails. Rishi decides to soon inform Indira about Vidit. He, however, fears that Indira may never forgive him after she learns about Vidit.

Indira packs Rishi’s belongings and throws him out of the Sharma Niwas. She also warns him not to show his face to her in future. Rishi decides to teach Sameer a lesson for revealing his identity to Indira. He returns home and attempts to strangle Sameer. Rishi tells Sameer that he had warned him not to create problems between him and Indira. Sameer tells Rishi that he had no interest in Sharma Niwas anymore and instead wanted to win Indira’s heart. Simi gets worried when she sees Rishi and Sameer fighting with each other. Both the brothers injure each other and start bleeding. Simi gets furious on learning that her sons were in love with Indira and were fighting for her. Rishi gets furious when Simi abuses Indira. Rishi feels sad when Simi expresses concern for Sameer and does not even acknowledge his wound. Rishi further feels sad when Simi questions him on his return to India from the U.S. When Rishi leaves from Sameer’s house, Simi curses Indira. Rishi comes to meet Vidit in the hospital. Over there, Sanjay asks Rishi to confess to Indira that he was taking care of Vidit. Meanwhile, Rishi draws Indira’s sketch. Rishi refuses to inform Indira about Vidit as he fears that Indira may never forgive him. He decides to inform her only after Vidit recovers. Rishi gets happy on learning that the doctor had confirmed that Vidit would recover in the following two weeks. Rishi vows to win Indira’s heart once again.