Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World August 6

Monday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

August 6 Episode

Rishi fumes with anger and challenges Sameer that he would prove his innocence to Indira and win her heart again. Sameer, however, is confident that Indira would never believe Rishi. Sameer threatens that Rishi would be unable to prove that Vidit had recovered after he hospitalized him. Indira is worried as she does not have enough money to mange the household chores. She is also worried about Vidit’s medical treatment. Late in the night, Rishi sneaks into Sharma Niwas. He enters Vidit’s room and requests him to help him prove innocent. Vidit, who is paralytic, does not respond to Rishi’s request. Rishi decides to meet Indira to clear the matter. Before he could enter Indira’s room, Munna sees him. Munna stops Rishi and threatens to kill him. Munna also throws Rishi out of the house. At that time, Indira hears the commotion and enquires with Munna. Munna, however, lies to her. Next morning, Munna announces about Vidit’s health in Chandni Chowk. He requests the residents to donate money for Vidit’s treatment. When the residents donate money, Munna thanks them and also assures to help them in their hour of need. Indira takes Vidit to a neurologist. On learning that Vidit was paralytic since two years, the doctor asks Indira for Vidit’s previous medical reports. Indira is left worried as she does not have any reports. While leaving from the hospital, Indira recollect the incident wherein Sameer had revealed that Rishi was responsible for Vidit’s health. She decides to call up Sameer and ask him for Vidit’s medical reports.

Indira believes that Sameer can help her get the medical reports as he had brought Vidit home from the hospital. Sameer is surprised when Indira calls him up. Indira enquires with Sameer about the hospital where Vidit was hospitalized so that she can get the medical reports. Sameer assures to help Indira to collect all the reports from the hospital and so asks her to meet him for lunch. Sameer rejoices when Indira agrees to meet him. Indira’s family collects donation for Vidit’s medical treatment however Indira is unaware about it. When one of the neighbors visits Sharma Niwas to donate money, she expresses desire to meet Vidit but Kutumb snatches the money from her hand and asks her to leave. Kutumb lies to her that Vidit was fast asleep and cannot meet her. The neighbor gets furious at Kutumb. At the restaurant, Sameer calls Vidit’s doctor Dr Mukul to meet Indira. Dr Mukul, advises Indira to continue with the medicine, which he had prescribed to Vidit. Dr Mukul also asks Indira to get Vidit to the hospital after a week for follow-up. Indira is surprised when Dr Mukul praises Sameer. After Indira leaves, it is revealed that Sameer had bribed Dr Mukul to make Vidit paralytic. The medicines, which the doctor has prescribed to Vidit, were inappropriate and that they would never help him recover. Sameer asks the doctor to continue prescribing wrong medicines to Vidit. Sameer gives money to Dr Mukul and asks him to leave. When Sameer comes to drop Indira to Sharma Niwas, he finds her tensed and tries to pacify her. He assures to help and support Indira in the future. Indira gets furious and slaps Sameer hard, when he touches her. While leaving from Chandni Chowk, Sameer receives Mandira’s call but he disconnects it. Sameer is surprised to see Mandira sitting on the back seat of his car. Mandira threatens Sameer that she would reveal to Indira that he had forced her to get intimate with him, if he failed to stop convincing Indira to marry him. Sameer tricks Mandira and pushes her, due to which he gets hurt and falls down unconscious. Indira is about to give the medicine which was prescribed by Dr Mukul to Vidit but at that time Rishi arrives and stops her. Indira is left surprised to see Rishi.

Indira gets furious when she sees Rishi. Rishi does not allow Indira to speak and confesses his love for her. He apologizes to Indira for knocking down Vidit in U.S. Rishi also requests Indira to give him a chance to rectify his mistake. Indira refuses to forgive Rishi as she does not trust him any more. Rishi vows to Indira that he would soon prove his innocence. A furious Indira calls out to Munna and complains about Rishi. Before leaving, Rishi informs Indira that Vidit had recovered after he hospitalized him but someone purposely made him a paralytic again. Rishi also assures to reveal to Indira about the person, who was responsible for Vidit’s health. After Rishi leaves, Indira receives Mandira’s call crying for help. Indira panics on learning that Mandira was kidnapped. It is revealed that Sameer has recorded Mandira’s voice in his cell phone and had purposely called up Indira so that he can help her and win her heart. Kutumb panics when Indira informs them about it. Kutumb prays to God for Mandira’s safety. Indira rushes out to get Mandira freed. On her to way to save Mandira, an unknown person stops the auto in which Indira was traveling and makes her unconscious with chloroform. Meanwhile, Mandira returns home and decides to inform Indira that Sameer forced her to get intimate with him. Sunaina and Kutumb are relieved when they see Mandira. Mandira is confused on learning that Indira had gone out to get her freed. Mandira is further confused on learning that Indira had received her call saying that she was kidnapped. Kutumb is left puzzled when Mandira refuses to call up Indira. Next morning, Kutumb gets worried on learning that Indira has not returned home yet. Ishaan wonders who would drop him to school as Indira had not returned home. At that time Rishi arrives and offers to drop off Ishaan. Rishi gets shocked when Kutumb enquires with him about Indira’s whereabouts. Rishi gets worried on learning that Indira had not returned home since the previous night. When Indira regains consciousness, she is worried to see herself tied to a chair. She gets scared when she sees the silhouette of a man.