Monday Update on Iron Lady November 05 Zee World

Monday Update on Iron Lady  Zee World

November 05 Episode

Indira recalling her saheb and fell unconscious,she’s brought at home and the doctor is being called.
Munna and the other family members are trying their level best asking the young boy who’s he and how is he related to Indira.The young guy continues to negate that he does not know anything about Indira.
Munna threatens him and he says he’s Imran from Pakistan and by the way Indira pronounces Saheb while hugging him.
Munna and others think who’s Saheb Indur says anil Kapoor but when munna tells Pak guy to sing Rishi notices that Indira problems must be connected to the song.
Munna tells the guy to sing and Indira has some light flashback and gets up calling for her Saheb.
The doc advice to see a new doc (I forgot her name).

Rishi goes to see the doc who advices as treatment Indira must undergo into hypnotherapy as her case is a bit serious.
The doc tells Rishi it is also risky,Rishi says what more risky it can be that Indira will forget him for a while and live in an another world.
At least she’ll be able to call him Rishi instead of Ishi.
The doc says some care should be taken… Munna and Indur ask Pak guy to teach them the song so that they themselves can sing it for her.
Munna and Indur begin to sing an another song and Pak guy leaves the spot slowly.
Rishi and Indira meet Pak guy on his way and Rishi pleads to him to stay back as they need to save Indira but, since his visa expiring date was near and his flight was on the same day he leaves.Ishan overhears Rishi pleading to Imran.

Indira therapy begins and the doc begins with the hypnotherapy session,Indira is semi unconscious and the doc tells her to go back in her life..she’s given a page and doc tells her to write at least if she can’t speak.
Indira writes she’s in 2004 and the doc continues to ask her some few other questions related to her past and she continues to drwaw her initials phase when she landed in Pakistan the sort of procession going on she was walking along with the men…

The doc asks Indira who’s saheb and how is she related to him? The doc notices Indira is unconscious and she tells Rishi that Indira may go in coma to call Imran to sing…Rishi says he already left.
The Doc tells Rishi to sing the song he tries to recall but to no avail. Meanwhile everyone come to see Indira and Ishaan brings the recorded song of Imran while playing it Indira has flashback she’s walking in Pakistan near a military field where they has installed the mine with the danger board.
She continues to walk though the soldiers kept on shouting to stop.Kabir who was the their superior officer ran to save her and the mine exploded Indira gets up calling Saheb…Rishi and others try to hold her but she pushes Rishi away and he falls down.

In Pakistan Kabir is playing a music instrument sitting in his big house.A soldier comes and handle him a file saying Husna was in the mental asylum and she was sent to Bhatinda and from the to delhi…Now he does not know where she must be in Delhi.
Kabir opens the file and sees Indira picture he says wherever she’s he’ll find her.

Well Rishi took Indira to a doctor of some sorts, and she is trying some kind of hypnotism
Ishaan is playing the song on his phone, Indira is showing movements, doc says it working,
Indira is seeing in her mind , a blast, she is holding a baby, seems like two yr old more or less.
Some men in army uniform come and takes the child from her arms, she screaming for sahib and trying o hold onto the child shouting for her chile, looks lik it is Indira s child.
Rohit Roy is shown, he is sahib, the men hold him and beats him he falls,
He’s calling Indira Husna,
The men takes Indira and ties her, questioning, her where she came from, what is her plan, oh my so many questions, she is all the while calling out for sahib.
They took her child and she’s not getting her back.
Indira wakes up from hypno and shouts for sahib, Rishi tries to calm her, she pushes Rishi and he falls cutting his elbow, but he looks at her in shock while she shouts frantically looking for sahib.
Poor Indu, calling her mommy mommy trying to get her to stop. So touching.
Rishi looks on I shock and disbelief, the doc tells him not to get close to her.
Doc gives her a shot she calms down
Rishi is crying
Sahib is shown playing a clarinet and a small girl around five or six the child actress looks older,
The child’s foot is damaged and she walks with a foot brace on her right leg.
She calls sahib Abu and he hugs her
They have a convo and another guy is present the in uniform, army or something, he told the child about Husna and she is vey happy. Looks like sahib wife, she looks on from upstairs.
Rishi and Ishaan look at Internet and finds a video of the song where Indira pictures are shown. Wow she looks so beautiful.

Sunaina comes and makes comment of her lover must have done it, Ishaan tells her off.
Rishi send some email or some kind of electronic message or something for information on Indira.
Kutumb is shouting at Indira, she spilled tea. Rishimgoes there, little comical scene
Rishi is trying to. Get her to go change and she pushes Rishi violently. He looks in shock.
He went back to Ishaan on the Internet and asked Ishaan to send the message to the person who made the video
Sahib is how’s at the Indian high commission requesting a visa for India and he was turned down. He said all the docs in order what is the problem
It is shown after he leaves the officer calls the wife and informs her of this. He asks for a reward for the favour
The same guy from earlier with sahib come with a laptop to the wife and shows her Rishi message that Indira or Husna is in CC sharma nivas the guy looks like her brother, she has a pic of Indira and looks ant one on the lap top and he says it’s Indira sharma but looks like Husna she slaps him and reprimands him about calling her sister but is is with Husna,can’t get it properly what she says in English,
She is burning the pic with Indira and the child comes and says it the only pic and why burn it she pushes the child who is about to fall and sahib comes and holds her and hugs her.

He takes the pic and puts out the fire. All the while the kid is hanging onto his legs
The wife tells him that Husna story is finished as she is dead, he shouts no and attempted to slap her stopping with upraised hand.
He tells the child that no matter where in this would he has to look. But will find Husna.
He gives killer looks to the wife.
Indira is show drawing a mother and child pic with chalk on th wall and is writing something in Arabic
Rishin is thinking and looks on