Monday Update on Iron Lady July Episode

Monday Update on Iron Lady Episode

July 24 

Munna plans to sell Sharma Niwas to Mr. Singh. He invites Mr. Singh over to his house to sign the deal. In the meantime, the postman hands over a speed post to Munna.  Munna is shocked when he reads the letter and learns that Indira got the Power of Attorney transferred on her name. Mr. Singh gets furious and insults Munna.    As per her plan, Mandira shops to her heart’s content in Macau and asks Manoj to make the payments. Manoj realizes that Mandira had made him consume the drink he had spiked for her and plans to teach her a lesson. He, therefore, hands over a stolen credit card to her and hides.

At the time of making payment, Mandira is shocked when she learns that the credit card does not belong to Manoj. She panics when she fails to find Manoj around her. Mandira further panics when the shop attendant calls the police.    Meanwhile, Indira too reaches the police station to lodge Mandira’s missing complaint. Incidentally, a detained Mandira is brought to the same police station. Indira is surprised to see Mandira in cuffs. Mandira pleads to Indira to get her freed.    Indira and Rishi are shocked when they learn that Mandira was caught shopping with a stolen credit card. To save Mandira, Rishi poses as Indira’s fianc  and tells the police officer that Mandira was with them the previous day helping them in their wedding shopping.    The police officer agrees to release Mandira if Rishi shows him some proof of his engagement with Indira.
Rishi along with Indira and the police officer come to a church. Rishi requests the priest to help him in order to get Mandira freed. He lies to the police officer that he is getting married to Indira in the evening. However, Rishi’s plan fails as the officer asserts that he will release Mandira only after attending the wedding.    Jhumpa throws Inder out of the house as he was unable to takeover Sharma Niwas from Kutumb. Inder pleads to Jhumpa to let him stay in the house but fails.

On her way to the temple, Kutumb finds Inder sitting outside Jhumpa’s house and weeping. On enquiring she learns that Jhumpa has thrown Inder out of the house as Indira got the Power of Attorney of Sharma Niwas transferred on her name. Kutumb is shocked when she learns about it.    Inder regrets abandoning Kutumb and her family. Kutumb pacifies him and expresses concern for him but he asks her to leave.    To get Mandira freed, Rishi and Indira exchange rings. During the wedding ceremony, Rishi takes vows and accepts Indira as his wife. He somehow manages to make the priest and the police officer believe that Indira too has accepted him. The priest pronounces Rishi and Indira as husband and wife. He asks Rishi to seal his vows with a kiss.