Monday Update on Iron Lady 17th December 2018

The two argues as to who will win the face off. Zara smirks and Indira swears to stop Zara and the wedding. She goes to Ammu and tries to convince her but Ammu asks her to go and rest. Ammu commands some house helps to help the bride dress.

Indira sees Beera dressed as a groom brought by Veera and Nanda. Indira tries to talk to Jamuna but Ammu tells her to shut up and go and rest. Indira goes and tries to ask nanda to stop the wedding but nanda tells her she was the one who suggested this then why should she bother now. Indira is worried. Zara who is upstairs smirks as no one is ready to listen to Indira!

Indira goes to Munna and sees how that barbarian hurt his Bhai she heads to help him apply medicine but Munna shooes her and scolds her for whipping him. Indira tries to convince Munna that she wants to stop the wedding .Munna says he can help by eloping with her. Indira leaves from there and asks for RK from an aged househelp man, he tells hw has not seen him. She asks if he has any number to contact him, he gives her. Zara takes a vase and hits Indira on the neck after the man left. Indira goes into an unconscious state.

Zara drags her in Sugandha ‘s room and puts her under the bed. Ammu and all are waiting for the bride. She goes to get the bride. She scolds the helps fir not completing their task of adorning the bride! Zara gets worried as Ammu is outside the room. Ammu tells a help to finish her work and bring down the bride. Zara asks the help to go as she will help Sugandha get ready. Sugandha tries to convince Zara to stop the wedding but Zara makes her sit and tries to convince her to agree willingly.

A help comes and informs Zara that Ammu is calling for her. She goes there as soon as she leaves. Rk enters through the window and tells Sugandha to come with him. She doesnt agree. Rk phone falls near indira’s unconscious body. Rk tries to reach it as he tries to convince a stubborn Sugandha to come with him to her Munna! Rk is about to look under the bed where Indira is but Sugandha jerks his hand away and this diverts Rk and holds her again. Indira is regaining conscious and RK is still trying to get his phone he misses indira’s hand by an inch. he tries to convince Sugandha but she is reluctant. And she sends him away. Zara joins the ritual, Pandit asks for bride, Ammu asks Jamuna to get the bride. Zara is troubled and asks Ammu if she can go to, she leaves from there in a rush. Jamuna reaches the room and is very excited about her daughter going to be a bahu of the Chandilla family! (The bride looks bigger than Sugandha ‘s size) She takes her away, Zara enters the room and checks under the bed and Indira is not there . Jamuna asks what she wants, she makes an excuse that she is looking for her makeup kit. Jamuna and Sugandha leaves for the ritual, Zara looks for Indira in every inch of the house but she could not trace her. The wedding start and Beera and tall Sugandha exchange garland meanwhile Rk is shown looking through the window where two other couple are marrying and surprisingly the girl is of Sugandha ‘s height. Zara is still looking for Indira, she receives Indira ‘s call who asks if she is looking for her. Jamuna binds the cloth and the couples on both sides goes round the holy veil. Indira informs Zara she has lost and Screen freezes on Zara ‘s confused face and Indira smiling

Indira calls Zara and tells her to stop searching for her and stop wasting her time, and instead come to the mandap and sees her defeat. Zara goes there.

One side one couple gets married in the presence of Rishi, and on the other side, Beera and another bride get married in front of all.

Before marriage’s last and most important ritual, Rishi asks the groom to promise him that he will always keep his wife happy. The groom promises. After the wedding, Rishi congratulates the couple and it turns out to be Munna and Sugandha. He tells Munna to work hard from now and keep Sugandha happy. Munna and Sugandha take blessings from Rishi even though he’s younger than Munna. Rishi feels proud as he went against hitler Indira and did this marriage. He hopes one day Indira will understand that this was the right decision.

Other hand, after Beera’s marriage, Indira shows the bride’s face to everyone, and it turns out to be Nanda. Everyone is shocked and surprised. Zara is hiding and watching. Indira shows thumbs down to her. Ammu gets angry at Nanda and asks her to tell where Sugandha is before she loses her control. Rishi brings married Munna and Sugandha and everyone is shocked, including Indira.

Jamna blames Indira for all this. Indira accepts that it was her who asked Nanda to come in the marriage as bride, but didn’t help Sugandha in running away with Munna. Rishi says it was him and asks everyone to question him. He says he did this to save three people’s lives. Jamna says, wrong, you only saved Beera and Nanda’s lives. How did you save Sugandha’s life? You made her marry someone who has married twice already and has children as well. Indira gets angry at Munna and goes to beat him with her sandal, but Sugandha interferes and stops Indira. She says that before she didn’t say anything, but now she won’t stay quiet because Munna is her husband now. Indira asks them to leave the house. Munna is surprised and says all sisters give surprise such as honeymoon tickets to her brother on his wedding, but you’re asking us to leave?

Sugandha tells Ammu, I know you’re very angry at me but won’t you give me blessings? Munna says, she won’t. Sugandha asks Munna to take her to her sasural. Munna smiles and says, I have feeling someone will stop us. Ammu shouts and says, no one will stop them. I can’t keep such people in this house. Munna and Sugandha leave. Jamna is hurt.

Rishi tells Ammu, according to that, I also shouldn’t be living here. Indu runs to him and says to take her with him as well because Indira is no longer with them. Jamna takes out her anger on Indira saying she provoked Sugandha to take this step. Indira has had enough and tells everyone the truth that it was Zara who did all this, not her. Rishi cannot believe it. Indira explains that she left on pooja’s day because her mother got sick and she also left a note. But before Rishi reads it, Zara found it and took Indira’s place. Rishi still cannot believe. Indira then tells him to ask Ammu. Ammu says, Zara was here but she was sent back to mental hospital. Rishi asks why did you hide the truth? Ammu says, for your happiness. Indira points to show everyone where Zara is, but she has already ran away from there. Indira asks Ammu’s men to start searching for her in every single corner.

Veeru receives a call from Zara/Indira’s number. He gives it to Rishi. Zara tells Rishi that she has been trying to call him since so long. Rishi now doubts that it’s Zara in front of him and Indira on the call.