Monday update on Happy Hearts 7th March 2022


Monday update on Happy Hearts 7th March 2022

Rocky saying I m Ro…. Sania comes and stops Happy. They both have an argument. Rocky takes Happy’s name in sleep. Anaya surprises RV. He thinks how should I tell her, what all happened here. She asks what happened to you. Sania asks Happy to leave, so much happened during the day. She insults Happy to trap Chintu and get this hotel. She says you took Rocky away from me, you then made RV dance on your tunes, you need Shaan as well, you are an opportunist, a gold digger, if you don’t see Shaan, I will not leave you.

Rocky says the truth is…..I m…. Sania asks Happy to get out. Anaya asks RV what did he want to tell her. RV says I have to tell you something. She says I have to tell you first, thanks for trusting me, its nearly 3 years and you didn’t give up on me. He says actually I… She says I always see our pic and talk to it, I m sure you have same feelings, I m committed to you, tell me, am I an idiot? Did you ever want to break up with me, who knows, you might want to, so I have come back so that I can assure you that I m yours and you are mine, I love you and you love me, hug me RV. He hugs her. She says time will pass soon.

Anaya comes to hotel and meets Happy. Happy hugs her and asks when did you come, its a pleasant surprise. Anaya says I thought to give a surprise to RV, I guess he doesn’t like surprises. Happy says no, he would be very happy, he stays busy in the hotel management. Anaya says I need a small favor from you, will you help me. Happy agrees. RV comes to meet Happy. She checks her work. Rocky thanks her for taking care of him. Sh says you were telling me something and Sania came in between. He says you are jealous. He says I had high fever, maybe I said something random. She says you wanted to tell me something, you were asking me to stay back, it felt like we have known each other in the past. She asks him to tell the matter. He does shayari. He says you could have spent time with RV instead coming to take care of me. He goes.

Anaya surprises RV with their pics. She reminds him their past. She says we were friends and then we confessed our love, I like every detail of you, you used to watch cartoons and behave like kids, you used to cry secretly watching romantic movies. He smiles. She says I can’t live without you. She gets down on her knees and proposes him for marriage. He gets shocked. Jailer calls Rocky and says I got my transfer orders, it means someone has done this. Rocky says RV would have done this. Jailer says things won’t be in my control, you collect evidence fast, just one week is left. Rocky says I need time. Jailer says no, its not possible, I wish you good luck. Rocky says I have saved the ace card for the big day. Everyone comes and claps for RV and Anaya. They ask RV to accept Anaya’s proposal. Happy asks RV to say yes, Anaya shouldn’t wait. Everyone claps and says, come on say yes. RV sees Happy and says no, I can’t…. Everyone gets shocked.

RV saying I can’t. Grover asks what happened to you. Anaya says I did all this to remind RV from where we are and what was our journey. RV says I know I m late to tell this to you, can I talk to you in private. She says they are friends and family, you can tell everything here, you told me that you love me, now tell me why are you refusing, there is nothing to explain, I will ask two questions, answer in yes or no. Rocky sees Sania and thinks to show his real side to her. He pulls her close and flirts. He says I didn’t know my Sania will turn into a hot woman in three years. She gets shocked and says Rocky…. Anaya asks do you want to marry me, answer me and then we can wrap up the party, I will leave. Happy tries to say. Anaya stops her. She asks RV is he refusing because of Happy. People talk of RV and Anaya’s ten year relation, which Happy broke. RV says yes, you deserve the truth Anaya, I have never lied to you, I was committed, in the last three years, my feelings for you have changed, I m not feeling the same now. Everyone gets shocked.

RV says I don’t know how this happened, it was bothering me always. Anaya asks him to say yes or no. RV says yes, I m in love with Happy. Happy gets shocked. Anaya gets away. He says I didn’t wish to hurt you. She says you broke me down, don’t touch me. Happy also leaves. Grover stumbles in shock.

Sania says well played, my love but I knew you are Rocky, the day I saw those lenses in your bag, I knew it. She recalls. He says I have enough reasons to hate you, you falsely testified in court against me, you were going to get proof of my innocent, I was announced guilty. She says you didn’t leave any choice for me, this is love and war, everything is fair. He hugs her.

He says you know what my heart says, love was always there between us, when did the war start, its my fault, I got time to think when I was in jail, then I realized that I never understood your love, all this happened because of Happy, she is like a clamp, you tried to get me out, I should have held your hand, I was scared, when I was released, I wasn’t confident to face you, I thought you have moved on, who is Rocky now, I can’t imagine you with anyone else, I can’t tolerate it. She hugs him. She says you are not only my love, but my obsession, you will always be my love, I love you Rocky. He says we should celebrate on this note, cheers to us. Happy cries. RV comes to her and asks am I so bad, sorry for this. She says enough RV, you have already said a lot, I don’t want to hear anything, leave me alone for sometime, just leave. He says okay. Rocky makes drinks. He says I also love you and want to be with you, but I have to serve the punishment, right, I wish you would have not destroyed the evidence, I could have been released and we could have stayed together, we would have seen Happy losing, there is no way, I have to go jail for seven years. Sania drinks. She says I have the entire evidence, I m not stupid to destroy imp evidence. She hugs him.

She says get ready to see the real criminal, you are serving punishment for his crime. She plays the video. Rocky looks on. He gets shocked seeing Ranveer. She says Ranveer, RV’s brother. Rocky thinks it means RV knew the truth. She says Ranveer assaulted Smiley, RV is worse than him. Rocky says it was clear to me, Ranveer had misbehaved with Smiley, how could I not realize it, Ranveer did the crime, RV framed me to save Ranveer, he accused me for this crime. Sania says I know, there are many mean people in the world. He thinks Sania and Bhatia were blackmailing RV and Grover for this. Happy comes home. Kulwant says we know you would be shocked, we just want to tell you what we think of this, truth is truth, RV loves you, its true love. Happy gets shocked. Kulwant says just forget everything and think about it. Happy says it wasn’t right, RV broke up with Anaya, she loves him, she proposed him and RV said no, he said that he loves me. He says if he lies to Anaya, it would be wrong, it needs courage and honesty to speak the truth. She says I don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, RV is wrong now, I care for him, I m his friend, maybe he misunderstood me. He says RV is a nice guy, you can’t get a better man than him, you marry him. She gets shocked.

Rocky thinks to meet Babbi right now, its imp to tell truth to Babbi and Simmi, this video can make me free. He calls Babbi and throws the phone when call doesn’t connect. Sania says chill, lets watch this again, Smiley….. nothing had happened, she messed up things, she looks like a behenji, she should have thanked him for giving her attention, Ranveer is a bit creepy, I agree, but I know such girls, attention seeker. Rocky shouts enough Sania, do you even realize it, stop it, that girl is shattered, she couldn’t forget that day, no girl deserves such cheap attention, you are also a girl, how can you say such a thing, don’t you have shame, you shot this, right, if you had any shame, you would have helped me in saving Smiley, a man is molesting a girl, you were recording this. She asks how dare you talk to me like that. He pushes her. She sees the phone. She pushes him away and runs with the phone. She puts the phone in microwave and switches it on. The phone blasts. He thinks that was the only evidence, now I m left with nothing.