Monday Update on Gangaa 7th January 2019

Prabha is at home and thinks what if Ram ji caught her, she could not live without her necklace. She wears the necklace and says she looks a real queen. Ratan comes and gives her medicines for her leg pain. She says she has fever and covers herself with blanket to hide necklace. She asks him to get cold medicines. He says fine and goes. She shuts the door and says she got saved, if Ratan saw her with jewelry, he would have not left her. She hugs her necklace and keeps it in cupboard.

Shanta smiles as Amma ji complains about Madhvi. Shanta says I have already warned you. Sagar comes and tells Amma ji that Madhvi can permit Ganga, Madhvi is elder. Amma ji says I will decide everything. Sagar says but Ganga. Amma ji says I have punished Ganga. Sagar says Ganga will have leg pain, pot is heavy. She says you are feeling bad for her, go and tell this to Madhvi. He thinks what to do now. Shanta asks Sagar to go and talk to Madhvi. He leaves.

Shanta says she will walk for some time and goes. Prabha talks to Ratan about buying silver coins. He says puja should have devotion, not gold and silver, now you don’t need medicines, I still kept. She thinks she has already for diamonds. He goes to get coin from locker and gets the packet. She goes and says its artificial jewelry. He says I can’t argue with you and goes. She kisses necklace and smiles.

Madhvi cries and asks Maharaj to ask Amma ji about puja bhog, Amma ji insulted her infront of everyone. Maharaj says you know Amma ji values Shastra and rules, it will be good if fights don’t happen infront of Shanta. Madhvi agrees. Sagar tells Madhvi about Ganga’s punishment and asks for her help. She asks him to request Dadi, else Amma ji will be more annoyed, sorry I can’t help. She goes to make bhog. Sagar says no one is there who worry for my Ganga. Shanta thinks her ignited fire will blow off, if Kanta forgives Ganga, no I have to do something. She acts like supporting Ganga and asks her to go and rest. Ganga asks really. Shanta asks her to trust her. Puppy makes noise and Ganga says she is making noise, she is hungry, she will go to Sagar. Shanta sends her. She goes to Madhvi and says I don’t know about Ganga, maybe Amma ji has forgiven her. Madhvi says its good, if I had forgiven Ganga, Amma ji would have been angry. Shanta passes gas and smiles. Madhvi and Maharaj leave. Shanta says now it will be big issue.

Ganga comes to Sagar’s room with Jalebi Prasad. He is surprised to see her there. Your punishment is over? She nods. Bahu ji helped me. Sagar says I knew mom will help you. I had asked her for help. Ganga too had faith in him. I owe you a big thank you. Jalebi Prasad got saved today because of you. He worries for the problems that can come one day because of Jalebi Prasad. We should hide him somewhere from where no one can find him.

Yash speaks about his papa not getting him any crackers this year. Prabha is lost in thoughts. How will I arrange that money? I don’t want to return the jewellery. She scolds Yash for thinking about crackers. I am already worried. Doorbell rings. She steps back in shock to see Ram ji at the door. She blackmails Yash to lie to Ram ji. He lies to Ram ji next as he doesn’t want his papa to know about his marks. Prabha does not share anything with him. Later, she peeks out of the window to check if Ram ji has actually left from there or not. Yash is sure she has played some big game this time. This is why she is hiding from that man. What could it be?

Sagar suggests hiding Jalebi Prasad in the cupboard. Ganga says you hid me there too. He apologizes to her once again for his past action. This is the safest place to hide Jalebi Prasad. Ganga agrees. They both keep Jalebi Prasad inside the cupboard. He covers him using his towel. Ganga tells Jalebi Prasad to stay here only. You are making your mother (Ganga) so much. No problem, get all the help you want for now. But when you grow up you will have to look after yourself. They close the cupboard. She remarks that it is a tough task to do things stealthily. There is a fear of getting caught always.

Ram ji is still outside Prabha’s house. I wont leave her till I find her. She took jewellery worth 1.5 lacs. Ratan parks his scooter. He collides with Ram ji. Eventually, they get talking. Ratan asks him why he is so worried. Ram ji shares that a woman took jewellery worth lacs on loan. I went to her place but her son told me she isn’t home. I think she is hiding inside. She is making her son lie. Ratan says it is wrong. Ram ji adds that she is a wife of a big officer but is acting like a miser. Prabha is scared to see them talking. Ratan tells Ram ji that this is Railway colony. The middle level officers stay here in A-block. The big officers live in B Block. It is better to call that lady to confirm the address. Ram ji thanks him. Prabha gets Ram ji’s call but she disconnects it. Yash thinks that has done something really wrong. He asks his mother about it. I will tell papa. She makes him swear in her name. He acts all sweet to her. Give me something in return. He asks for Rs. 100 for now. I will ask for the rest later. She asks him what has gone wrong with him that he is blackmailing his own mother. Doorbell rings. Yash opens the door. Ratan brings home vegetables. She talks nicely to him and also about saving money. Yash tries to say something to him but Prabha intervenes. She sends him inside to finish his homework. Yash signals her for money. She gets money from Ratan making an excuse about some school project. Yash says I love you to both of them. Prabha goes to make tea for Ratan.

Shanta Dadi is lighting diyas in Amma ji’s house. She asks Amma ji to join her. Amma ji tells her to take Madhvi’s help. She rules the house. Shanta Dadi sends Mehri outside. She fills Amma ji’s ears against Madhvi. You are the MIL. How will it work if you leave everything in your DIL’s hands? You wont be able to do anything in your own house if you will leave everything on her? If she was so concerned about the occasion of Diwali then she would have lit diyas by now. Amma ji agrees. Now I am thinking to light diyas in entire house. I will free Ganga from her punishment too. I took out all my anger on her because of Madhvi. Shanta Dadi follows Amma ji outside.

Amma ji is shocked to see the pot lying on the floor. She asks Mehri about Ganga. Mehri hasn’t seen Ganga since long. Shanta Dadi adds fuel to the fire. That girl does not care about what you said. She left as soon as you went inside your room. Amma ji gets angry. She calls out for Ganga. Ganga and Sagar come there. Amma ji questions Ganga. You don’t have any regards for my words? Sagar replies from her side. Mom ended her punishment. She dint do it on her will. Shanta Dadi says Madhvi forgave Ganga. Ganga has a lot of well wishers in the house. Drop it. My DIL can never cut my words. What can you do when the other person is bent upon going against you! Amma ji tells Mehri to ask the owner (Madhvi) of the house about diyas. Shanta Dadi advises her to confront Madhvi directly. I would have done it if I was in your place. But you are a widow. How would you speak before your DIL? Amma ji calls out for Madhvi.

Niru asks her what happened. Amma ji retorts back saying ask your wife. Niru politely asks his mother why she is so angry. Madhvi comes there as well. Amma ji asks her why she ended Ganga’s punishment. I had punished her. Do you want to show that my words hold no ground? Madhvi tries to say something but SHanta Dadi smartly speaks in between. Ganga and Sagar look on in confusion. Amma ji feels bad. I am getting so much insulted before my own sister. Niru asks his mother again. Amma ji tells him about Madhvi cleaning the house with phenyl. Next, I punished Ganga for some right reason but your wife pardoned her. She wants to show me down before everyone. Niru asks Madhvi if his mother is right. Madhvi denies. I dint tell Ganga to go. Ganga asks her why she is saying so. You only forgave me. Madhvi says I am seeing you now after afternoon. Sagar had come to ask for help from me but I clearly told him I cannot help him. Amma ji punished Ganga so she only will take a decision. Sagar confirms it. Niru turns to Ganga. If Madhvi dint do it then someone would have said it to you using Madhvi’s name. Tell me who that person is. Shanta Dadi cuts her mid sentence. Why stretch the matter? Ganga might lie to save herself. She can take anyone’s name.

Ganga calls her liar. I never lie. Shanta Dadi starts acting. Now a girl will call me liar in my sister’s house? Amma ji scolds Ganga. Niru says Ganga never lies. He asks Ganga again. Shanta Dadi looks worried. She steps forward. End the matter now. How does it matter who forgave her? Kanta (Amma ji) was anyways coming to do so. Let it be. AMma ji agrees to drop this matter. But she questions Madhvi about cleaning the house using phenyl. Madhvi says I apologize to you if you think I am at fault. But atleast don’t make a scene in front of everyone. She walks away. Amma ji shouts after her. Keep these fake tears away. It is you are creating a scene, not me. Niru counters her. You are wrong. You have made a scene actually. Amma ji looks at him in shock. Niru tells her that it was he who had asked Madhvi to clean the house using phenyl. Amma ji is in tears. Why do you always try to prove your mother wrong? He denies. I am only supporting the truth. Madhvi always listens to you. She never goes against you. I don’t know why you cannot see it. I agree she takes decisions at times for the benefit of this house. You should actually respect it. She has equal rights on this house like you. Try to understand your DIL a little. He leaves.

Amma ji says my own son supports his wife and not his mother. She indirectly asks Raghav ji to leave. Shanta Dadi enjoys the show. She farts again. Now I feel so light. I had so much fun. Ganga observes her keenly.

Sagar asks Ganga who told her that her punishment is over. Who took mom’s name? Ganga takes Shanta Dadi’s name. I have understood how big a liar she is! She is responsible for the rift between Bahu ji and Amma ji. He suggests telling the truth to his parents but she stops him. It is no point talking to bahu ji at the moment. She is really angry. She wont talk to us. We will talk tomorrow morning. Things can get well only if we speak to bahu ji first. READ TUESDAY 8TH ON GANGAA