Monday Update on Gangaa 31st December 2018

Ginny’s friends make Prabha press their hands and dance because she is hypnotised. Ginny stops them. Mocking someone is really unfair. The lady brings Prabha out of the spell. Prabha cannot recall anything. I know nothing happened. One lady shows her the video she has recorded. Prabha gets all tight lipped. Ginny says sorry to Prabha from her friends’ behalf.

Shreya sits down to talk with Ganga and Sagar. She asks Ganga if there was something wrong between her Babu and Barkha Massi. What happened exactly on Karwachauth Day? Ganga and Sagar are holding hands. Shreya observes their bonding. I trust you a lot Ganga so I took you to your house directly. I understood that you never lie, you always stand by truth. Now I think you lie at times. Ganga denies. I never lie. Madhvi and Amma ji impatiently wait outside. Shreya wants Ganga to tell the truth. Ganga asks her if she will send Babu to jail if she tells her everything. Shreya replies that she wont do anything to Niru if he is innocent. But you must not hide anything from me. Ganga says Babu is innocent. Babu and Bahu ji fought because of Barkha Massi. Bahu ji cried. I felt bad. I got worried, thinking if Babu will leave Bahu ji because of Barkha Massi. I got angry but I never thought that Barkha Massi will die. She also shares the dinner incident and fight afterwards; and how Madhvi left the house on Karwachauth night. I went to hotel but Barkha Massi was already dead by then. Shreya thanks her. Ganga asks Sagar if she said something wrong. Sagar says you spoke truth. You dint say anything wrong.

Shreya finds Amma ji and Madhvi standing outside. Amma ji says we were worried about the kids. They are small so they might get scared. Are they alright? Shreya says they are pretty brave. I think I have solved the case. She walks away.

Everyone is gathered downstairs. Shreya tells them all that this case is complicated. Raj and Mr. Chaturvedi’s story dint match, so I spoke to Ganga. She is an honest and brave girl. All thanks to her, it will become easy for me to reach any conclusion. Ganga is relieved to think that now Shreya knows Babu is innocent. Shreay continues, all the evidences were pointing at Niru. What Ganga told me has actually strengthened it. If Barkha had risk from anyone then it was you (Niru)! Shock registers on everyone’s faces. Shreya says I joined all the links and made the story. You fell for Barkha. She came here to stay with you. You felt your married life has become boring.

Niru calls it wrong but Shreya points out that she isn’t done yet. Barkha was smart and you got attracted to her because of her open attitude. You both fell in love with each other. You hid it from your family members. Madhvi got doubt on you both. Barkha was fed up of this hide and seek game. She was dreaming of her own family. She wanted to tell everyone about your relation on Karwachauth Day. She put a lot of pressure on him as well. But you refused! You dint want to disturb your married life. She tried to commit suicide because of the same. She had threatened to tell everyone to her sister. You got scared, you thought of getting her out of your way! After the suicide attempt, you took her to hospital. You made sure no one came along, so you get successful in what you want. You took her directly to hotel from hospital. You lied to everyone that she is still in hospital. You murdered her in the hotel room!

Shreya blaming Niru for Barkha’s death. After the suicide attempt, you took her to hospital. You made sure no one came along, so you get successful in what you want. You took her directly to hotel from hospital. You lied to everyone that she is still in hospital. You murdered her in the hotel room!

Ganga says she is still trapping Babu. We told her everything. Sagar says we made a mistake. We shouldn’t have trusted her. Ganga tells Shreya that this isn’t what she said. Why are you lying? Shreya denies. this is my maths talking. Incidents joined and correlated. Truth joined and lies got minus. I am showing the final picture only. Ganga calls her wrong. My Babu cannot do it. Pulkit watches from a distance. You asked me to tell truth. I did that only. You are trapping Babu using my name. You are very bad and a liar! My Babu cannot kill anyone. Shreya says you said the truth. But according to that, it gets proved that your Babu only has killed Barkha. He should be punished for this crime. Ganga points out that she took out the wrong meaning from her words. You are cooking up a story. She asks Bahu ji to speak up. Babu cannot do it. Sagar too asks his mother to say it. Niru tells him to leave it. It is pointless to try. Maybe your mother too thinks that I killed Barkha.

Madhvi speaks in Niru’s favour surprising him. You (Shreya) lied. Barkha’s mother questions her. You too are trying to hide the truth now? Her husband seconds her. Niru killed Barkha. Still you are supporting him? Madhvi replies that she doesn’t know what was between Niru and Barkha. According to the theory, the murder happened at 12 at night. He had come to Ratan Bhaiya’s house to pick me up. You can ask Amma ji and Ratan. They both confirm it. Shreya points out that there is a 3rd person as well, who went to that hotel room after Niru left! Pulkit looks tensed. Shreya says maybe that person is the killer. Ganga wonders how to find out who that person could be! If we find any other camera then it can help. Shreya too thinks of the same. They all check the CCTV footage. The footage shows Niru taking Barkha to a room. He is also shown leaving the room. Shreya says maybe it is of the time when Niru went to pay the bill. He leaves after a while. Niru says Barkha was alive at 11:30 pm when I left from there. Raj was inside only. Shreya says it is true that Barkha was alive when you left. But we haven’t seen Raj anywhere till now. They continue watching the footage, to find out who came next. They all are shocked to see Pulkit. They all look at Pulkit.

Shreya talks to Pulkit. Why did you hide it from me? You went to hotel room to meet Barkha? You both fought as well. It is quite possible that you have killed her. You also have a reason – your father having an affair with another lady. You dint like it. You went to confront Barkha. You both had an argument. You followed her inside the room, and killed her there because of your anger. After that you ran away. Your hesitation tells everything clearly while you are coming out of the room. You killed your own Massi? Amma ji thinks of how angry Pulkit was while leaving the house. Ganga too recalls seeing him outside the hotel when she was going to hotel to meet Barkha. How can he do so?

Prabha watches the video in her phone. She sobs. Everyone mocked me. She fears Ratan’s reaction but then gets an idea. She tries hypnotism. Yash is going out to play when she tells him about hypnotism. She thinks of practising on him first. He is against it but she tempts him for chocolate. He agrees. He indeed gets hypnotised. This makes her super happy. Now I will do the same with your papa. Yash laughs as she goes away. I have got a joker mummy and I act so well. She thought that she really hypnotised me!

Raj holds Pulkit’s collar. You killed Barkha? Niru warns him to back off. How dare you touch my son? Amma ji too says the same. Niru calls him a liar. You have no right to misbehave with anyone! Shreya steps in between. Tell me where were you (Raj)? While we were checking the footage, you were not here. Raj says I went to eat Paan. Shreya finds it interesting. How did you think of Paan in this tense situation? She asks him more about his choice of Paan. Raj talks about the footage. Why don’t you arrest Pulkit when the footage clearly shows he went last in that room? Sagar talks in his brother’s favour. Ganga asks Shreya if she cannot see and understand by looking at Pulkit. He cannot do it. Shreya compliments her yet again. You are too smart. Law will get you nowhere.

Raj asks Pulkit why he killed his friend Barkha. Pulkit denies. I did get angry on her. I questioned her. She instead shouted on me that I am saying wrong. We fought but I cannot kill anyone. She was alive when I left from the hotel. I dint kill anyone. I cannot kill anyone. Barkha’s mother talks against him. You had a lot of reasons to kill Barkha. You couldn’t see your mother upset, so you killed my daughter. Madhvi tries to make her understand that her son cannot do it, but Barkha’s mother calls Pulkit a killer. Barkha was your sister too. Does is not pain you? Madhvi is sad, but she trusts Pulkit. He cannot do it. Shreya asks them to stop this family drama. CCTV footage indicates that your son has killed Barkha. Niru must have understood it. He is a lawyer after all. Madhvi refuses to believe it. How can such a small kid kill someone? Shreya talks about many such incidents happening in real life. Pulkit repeats that he dint do it. Shreya gives the night to Pulkit to make up his mind. You can keep lying but it wont become truth even if you say it 100 times. Gather your courage. Confess your crime by tomorrow morning or I will drag you to police station. Niru tries to talk to her but she stays put. Instead of making me understand, try making your son understand. She observes a small smile appearing on Raj’s face. She does not point out on the same. Ganga too observes it. Raj vows not to spare Barkha’s killer. He offers condolences to Barkha’s parents before leaving. Niru can clearly see it that Raj is lying.

Prabha lights candles in the room. Ratan will go mad in my love tonight. Ratan comes just then. He is disturbed thinking about Pulkit. Prabha tries to hypnotise him. Yash peeks in from the door. He scolds her. There is such a big problem at hand and you are doing all this? Barkha is no more. She has been killed. You dint even ask once about any of it. She is shocked. Ratan says you are acting as if you don’t know about it. You go there so often but you dint even come there once. Barkha is dead. Pulkit is getting blamed for it. You care only about money. Yash overhears it as well.

Niru tells Pulkit to tell him everything in detail. Don’t hide anything from me. Pulkit says I already told you everything. Niru says if you hide the truth, then it wont be good for you. All the evidences are against you. I am asking you as your father, not a lawyer. Amma ji tells him not to doubt on his son. Niru cannot distinguish between wrong or right at the moment. Pulkit asks him if he thinks he can kill someone. If you think so, then hand me over to police! He walks out. Niru tries talking to him as he leaves but in vain. Amma ji scolds Niru for doubting his own son. She leaves from there.

Ganga and Sagar are talking. That officer knows nothing. How can she call Pulkit Bhaiya a murderer? Is this some joke? Sagar says Shreya sounded so serious. It is for sure Pulkit BHaiya hasn’t killed anyone but only if she understands! Ganga talks of her Bappa. He used to say that the one who always say truth, never loses. Pulkit Bhaiya is honest. I trust him completely. Why to worry then?

Pulkit walks inside the room angrily. Dad doesn’t trust me. He thinks I am criminal. How can he even think that I can murder someone? I am not his favourite son like Sagar. Whatever I will do, will be wrong. Sagar asks him why he is so angry but Pulkit scolds him. I am the bad one. I don’t agree with anyone and anything. I say truth always. Papa hates me. I know this is the truth. He doesn’t like me at all. Ganga denies. He loves you a lot. Pulkit does not believe her. You don’t know papa. He doesn’t even like to see my face. The phone rings. Pulkit is not in a mood to talk to anyone. Sagar picks it up. Yash asks Sagar if Pulkit Bhaiya has killed Barkha Massi. Sagar scolds him. Don’t talk rubbish. He ends the call. Pulkit says now everyone thinks I am a murderer. Police will take me away. Sagar trusts his brother completely. Let anyone think whatever they want to. I am with you!

Madhvi asks Niru if he does not trust his own son. Niru is in a fix. Madhvi cannot believe it that he thinks so. Niru too feels bad, but it is about justice here. She stops him from talking any further. You talk about justice but you have been always unjust with your son. You have always opposed him and have never liked or appreciated anything that he has done till date. He is your son, not your enemy. He is being called a murderer and you talk about justice? You say you feel hurt? You are lying! Niru is sad to think this is what she thinks of him. Why don’t you think that a father will be dying that ways? Madhvi says I am a mother. I have given him birth by bearing pain. I dint raise him up to die for some crime he hasn’t done. You are a father. You wont understand. Niru replies that a mother gives birth to a kid but it doesn’t mean that a father cannot feel the hurt. You are not to be blamed for it. I haven’t been through that pain but I can feel his pain. Why don’t you think that ways? She asks him to do the duty of a father. Save your son. He needs you. Use proofs. Prove it that you are a father along with a lawyer. If you fail in doing so, then I will think that you are a father, but could never become the father of our kids! Niru leaves without saying anything.

Ratan shares that all the evidences are against Pulkit. Everyone is so worried. Prabha wants to know everything in detail. Who is this Raj? How does Niru fits in all this? Barkha was not the right kind of girl. Ratan tells her to think before speaking. Barkha is no more. Let us not malign her name. Niru is one of my own. He walks out. Prabha decides to go to Madhvi’s house. I missed so much drama.

Ganga finds Niru sitting all lost. He looks so tensed. Niru thinks of Shreya and Madhvi’s words. Amma ji sits down next to him. Ganga looks on from a distance. Niru says, Madhvi thinks I don’t love my son at all. Amma ji says a sad person says a lot at times. Their words sometimes hurt a lot. Don’t think too much about it. Niru loves Pulkit a lot. He is my son after all. Amma ji knows it already. He wonders why Madhvi said so. She asked me to prove my love for my son. I think I will have to prove my love towards my son! It is time to do the duty of a father. I will have to prove it that a kid is above everything for a father. I will have to save him. I can think of only one way to save him. I will take the blame on myself! READ TUESDAY: 1ST JAN ON GANGAA