Monday Update on Gangaa 17th December 2018

Ganga descends the stairs of the ghaat. Sagar follows her at a distance. Ganga thinks of the pat moments that she has spent with her Bappa. Tears stream down her eyes. She caresses the pot in her hands. She calls out loudly for her Bappa as she thinks of the stampede. She breaks down.

Prabha finds Amma ji studying something. She starts talking loudly about Ganga. She is so young yet she risked her life. Niru won the case because of her. Amma ji asks her how she is talking so sweetly today. I know you are only adding salt to my wounds. Prabha denies. I am only alerting you. I meant that Niru won the case because of Ganga. He wont be angry with her anymore. Sagar is always after her. Niru will bring her back tomorrow morning itself. Ganga will roam in your house then. Mehri teases / taunts Prabha. Prabha sends her to bring something for her and Amma ji. She yet again instigates Amma ji against Ganga. Sagar has lost his mind after Ganga. He is always with her or after her. He cannot think of anyone else but her all the time. They already share such a strong bond in childhood. What will happen in the future? What will people say? Amma ji gets thinking. She looks tensed. Prabha asks about Sagar. Has he gone to ghaat with Ganga? Amma ji immediately asks Madhvi to call Pulkit. Ask him if Sagar is with him or not? Prabha calmly sips juice.

A priest notices the pot of ashes in Ganga’s hands. Whose memories are you holding? Free them. They are not with us anymore. You should pour these ashes in the water. One cannot do it after sunset. The priest leaves. Sagar notices Ganga’s FIL at the ghaat. He is here also? He will take Ganga with him if he notices her. Ganga was about to pour the ashes when Sagar pulls her aside. She asks him what he is doing. Why did you pull me here? It is time for sunset. Sudha Bua has also told me to do it before sunset.

Sagar has no answer to any of her questions. He goes up to check on Ganga’s FIL. Ganga is about to pour the ashes in the holy water when her Bappa holds her hand. Pour them in the water. Only the body is gone. What will you do with the ashes? Ganga thinks that his love for her will vanish once the ashes are gone too. He will leave her for forever. He shakes his head. What if you don’t come before me if I think of you? He reasons that he will always come for her. Body can end but the relations joined by soul can never end. It cannot end even after death. Pour these ashes. Give the ashes of your Bappa to Ganga Maiyya. She denies but he helps her do it. Bappa disappears. Ganga looks at the ashes in water. Sagar rushes to her side asking her to hurry when her FIL calls out for her.

Madhvi tries calling Pulkit but his phone is not reachable. This irks Amma ji all the more. Madhvi is worried for the kids. The weather is changing. He might fall ill. Amma ji says Ganga’s company is not good for him but in vain. He has gone to ghaat with that problem. Prabha sits down close to Amma ji. You are right. Sagar is not so well. Plus he is out on the ghaat with that girl. She is making him dance on her tunes in childhood. What will happen in future? Madhvi interrupts her. They both are kids. You say just about anything! Madhvi walks away. Prabha asks Amma ji if she was wrong. You dint have to see this day if Didi would have stopped the kids on time. I don’t understand why she cannot see it. I can see it clearly what this girl will do with Sagar in future. I feel bad for you. You had golden chance to get rid of that problem but in vain. I wonder if we will ever be able to do it in life. Amma ji tells her to stop. This is my family matter. I will handle it on my own. Go to your home. Prabha leaves. Mehri goes to ask Amma ji about what she had said. That girl is coming back. Amma ji scolds her.

Ganga looks at her FIL. She thinks of that unfortunate day and of his reaction after the stampede. Ganga’s FIL has come to take her with him. Come with me. She starts retreating. Sagar asks her not to do it or she will fall. She was about to fall when he holds her in time. Their hands are joined in the process. Ganga tells Sagar to tell her FIL to go away. Why has he come here? Ganga’s FIL reasons that he is her FIL. I have come to take you. Sagar points out that Ganga doesn’t want to go with him. Ganga’s FIL tells him not to speak in between them. You had lied to me. You refused to accept it that you know her when I had shown you her photo? Ganga looks at Sagar. Ganga’s FIL makes Sagar leave Ganga’s hand. She is my DIL. She will come with me to her house.

Ganga asks her FIL why he came to take her today. You left me alone that day. You told that government officer that I died in the stampede. Bappa was sending me with you. He made me understand that you are my Bappa and I will live with you. you ran away as soon as Bappa died. Why should I trust you now? Why should I come with you? He accepts his mistake. I even forgot how a girl will live in this big world without her father and husband. I regretted it. I couldn’t sleep peacefully even one day. I finally found you here today. Please forgive me. I am a weak man or I wouldn’t have left you alone that day. He cries. I am like your Bappa. Please forgive me. Are you still upset with me? You are not angry with me anymore, right? Ganga says Bappa used to say that one pities weak people. She looks at Sagar who is feeling bad. Ganga forgives him. Sagar questions her. Why are you forgiving him? Will you go with him now? Ganga’s FIL is relieved. Come with me. Ganga walks away without saying anything. Sagar and her FIL follow her. Ganga’s FIL insists that she will come with him. Ganga declines outright. I died for you and you died for me. He holds her hand angrily. You are the widow of my wife. You have to do his pind-daan. He pushes Sagar aside. Who are you to stop her? She is my DIL. Sagar refuses to let her go. She is my best girlfriend. Ganga’s FIL forcefully takes her with him. Ganga and Sagar call out for each other.

Sagar runs to the place where a few people are doing kirtan. He addresses them. A man is forcefully taking my best friend with him. They all rush to help him. They stop Ganga’s FIL. You were abducting the girl. Should we call police? Ganga’s FIL says she is my DIL. He asks Ganga to say it. I am your own. You disown me for strangers? You will not get anything but insults if you stay with them. Come with me so you live with your loved ones. One day these people will throw you out of the house. Ganga tells him to be quiet. Babu loves me a lot and respects me too. He will never do it. Ganga’s FIL was about to raise his hand but stops. How can you talk to your FIL like that? You are mistaken to trust these city people. Never come to my door if you need anything in life. You will not get naything from me. She refuses to take anything from him. I will never need it. Bappa left me and you turned your face away from me. Babu took me with him to his house and loves me. I will ask my Babu if I need anything but I wont come to you. His house is my house and his family is my family. Ganga’s FIL leaves her. Sagar and Ganga smile at each other.

Sagar and Ganga are sitting at the ghaat. He thinks of cheering her up and starts talking about random stuff. Don’t take tension about your FIL. I will not tell anyone about it. You will come home with papa tomorrow. I wont let you go anywhere. You will stay with me always as you are my friend. You are my best girlfriend. I will never fight with you again and wont let you go anywhere. She remembers the old time when Sagar had refused to acknowledge her as his friend in front of his classmates. Maharaj ji notices them. Bahu ji is worried for you (Sagar). You took a very big risk. Ganga realises that Sagar went with Babu to the court. Babu was taking a girl with him. MAharaj ji tells her everything that happened. They had to face a lot many problems on the way. Thankfully, it ended nicely. Let us go home now. You proved everyone that you are not a coward. Ganga looks at Sagar. Maharaj ji offers to drop Ganga at the ashram first. Ganga realises that Sagar did it all for her. She smiles. You are very good and are not a coward at all. The one who considers you that is supid. Sagar smiles.

Sudha brings fruits for Ganga but finds her packing her clothes. Ganga is not hungry but Sudha knows that she doesn’t want to eat the food that they get in alms. Ganga caresses her chin. You understand me so nicely. Sudha suggests her to pack her stuff in the morning. Ganga does not want to make Babu wait in the morning. Pishi Ma asks them why are they still up. Sudha shares that Ganga is making preps to leave with Babu in the morning. Ganga remembers that one saree is still outside. I had left it to dry. She goes to bring it. Sudha can see how happy and anxious Ganga is to go to Chaturvedi House. She might spend the night without sleeping at all. She packs Ganga’s stuff. Pishi Ma observes her keenly.

Sagar is on call with Niru. Come home soon. we have to bring Ganga back firs thing in the morning. No one else will do it. You were upset with her earlier. Later, you told her that you only will bring her. She will be waiting for you. Prabha and Amma ji overhear the convo. Prabha says this girl is so arrogant. She will not come with anyone else but Babu? Does he have no other work? Only God can save your house. You did so much for that orphan widow girl but she is so arrogant. She calls it her self-respect. No one else has any self-respect? She goes aside to attend Ratan’s call. Amma ji vows to make sure Ganga never comes back in her house. Ganga loves her self-respect but what if we kill it? I wont let her come back here ever!

In the ashram, Ganga lies down to sleep. In the morning, Babu will come to take me. I will go home.

In the morning, Amma ji wakes up. Am I doing the right thing with Ganga? I don’t have any enmity with that little girl but why am I acting so hard with her? Why am I hurting her? I am doing it all for my family. How can I be wrong? The problems haven’t stopped since she has come over. Thieves came’ attacks happened on Niru; Sagar risked his life for her! She was sent to school upon her wish. Niru and Madhvi are under her spell. They don’t even listen to me. This is such a dilemma. I am a widow. It is my duty to help the needy. I have a family. I have to take care of them too. I have to stop her before she returns. She cannot come here. She will come not to my house!