Monday Update on Gangaa 14th Jan 2019

Ganga finishes her puja and leaves with Pooja. Pooja can see Ganga loves Sagar with all her heart. But I worry for you. Sagar is in abroad. He might have changed. Ganga smiles at her. You worry too much for me. She tells Pooja about her relation with Sagar. Pooja tells her to ask Sagar directly if he loves you or not. Ganga says we both know it already. Jalebi Prasad barks. Ganga corrects Pooja. Sagar suggested me to call him JP. She plays with JP. A few men look wrongly at her. Ganga notices their stare. She directly asks them if they come here to tease girls. Should I call inspector and get you arrested? They leave from there fearfully. Pooja says you haven’t changed at all. Ganga says I have learnt it from my Bappa and Babu. Never be scared of injustice. She hears the sound of conch. It is 9:30.

Maharaj ji and Mehri hope Ganga comes soon. She only advises them what is to be done in kitchen and other work. Niru calls out for Ganga. She still isn’t home. Raghav ji tells Niru about his schedule for the day. Maharaj ji gives tea to Niru. Ganga and JP come just then. Ganga guides Mehri what clothes are to be washed how. Ganga next reprimands Niru for eating parathas. Niru remembers the young Ganga telling him the same. Ganga takes the plate away. She next questions Maharaj ji. Maharaj ji says Niru was asking for tea. Niru gulps down tea quickly. Ganga scolds Maharaj ji for giving tea to Niru. Babu has diabetes. He shouldn’t drink all that. Now he will have to drink bitter gourd juice. Raghav ji laughs. Niru murmurs that Ganga will not let him eat anything good. Ganga checks the key points of today’s case.

There are 4 spelling mistakes. Niru asks Ganga why she does not speak in English when she knows it too well. She says she isn’t proficient in speaking. I will speak when Sagar is back. Raghav ji is irked with Ganga but she brings a smile on his face. I have to study LLB after BA. Madhvi calls out for Ganga. She tells Niru she has informed in his office that he shouldn’t be given tea with sugar. Niru smiles. The storm in house continues both the times when Ganga is in the house and not!

Ganga recalls what all Madhvi had instructed her. Madhvi gives her storeroom keys. You only handle them now. I don’t want to get in all this. Ganga is surprised. Madhvi says I want to rest. You only should look after this. Ganga looks at the key in her hand. She realises she is late. Amma ji will do puja now.

Amma ji mutters about Ganga. On the other hand, Ganga too is saying the same dialogues to herself. She remembers them all too well. Amma ji talks about widow life. A widow’s one day equals to a year. Ganga corrects her. I am not a widow. Amma ji recalls what happened 10 years ago. Ganga goes away on the pretext of doing some work. Amma ji is confused at her words. Sagar put vermilion in her maang in childhood. Is she still thinking about it? No, she has been denying her truth (of being a widow) since beginning. It was a game of childhood. Ganga isn’t foolish to accept it as truth. I am wrong to think so!

Ganga talks to JP. It wasn’t a game. I was right in saying I am no widow. She isn’t mistaken. She doesn’t know I still put vermilion of Sagar’s name in my maang. Sagar will tell her himself when he will come back. She shows the keys to JP. I got all responsibility. Now I will put it my saree and walk with pride, just like Bahu ji.

Pulkit is repairing something. He is calling someone side by side. Ganga teases him. You get so restless when Saloni Didi does not pick your phone. Call her later. Pulkit replies that he has called 25 times already. No reply. Ganga talks to him about his work. Pulkit replies he is only trying. I hope I succeed this time or papa will taunt me again. She shows off her keys to him. I only need a key ring for it. I will walk proudly then. She walks before him in a similar manner. He laughs seeing her thus. Ganga requests Pulkit to make her talk to Sagar. I have to tell him I got all the responsibilities of the house. It is Pulkit’s turn to tease her now. Is this the only reason to talk to Sagar? She looks for excuses. I have to ask about his exams. Pulkit shows him watch. She knows about the time difference already. He promises to make her talk to Sagar soon. I have got something for you. She drops the keys in shock.

Ganga picks up the keys. He shows her a photoshopped pic of her, Sagar and Pulkit. He agrees to give her a printout of the same.

A pool party is going on. A girl (Janvi) talks about Sagar (her boyfriend). He is carefree and loves to give surprised. Sagar takes the mike. You forgot to tell I am unpredictable. No one knows when I will do something. He calls attention for everyone. He speaks about dreams. The party starts.

Ganga looks at the photo in her room. She cuts Pulkit from the pic. She takes only her and Sagar’s pic. She speaks to Sagar’s photo. It’s been so many years we haven’t seen each other. Now these photos aren’t enough. Come soon to your Ganga!

Sagar meets his friends. People compliment his idea of pool party. Lucky (at whose house the pool party is going on) joins his friends. Janvi clicks a selfie with Sagar. She stops her friend from standing with them. Only Janvi looks good with Sagar.

At home, Ganga too says a similar thing. Only Ganga looks good with Sagar!

Sagar checks the date. His joining date is 7th Jan. He will be going to Banaras for a month after which he will go to London. Sagar asks Janvi to come to London as well. She likes the idea. Janvi’s friend asks them about marriage. Sagar laughs hearing it. Janvi and I are trying to understand each other. There is time to plan future. It is a big decision. We cannot decide in haste. I anyways live in present. Janvi forces a smile. Sagar is not so sure about marriage and love stuff. Janvi asks him what if she has to decide now itself. Sagar talks about his dream job. It is waiting for me in London. I don’t want to think of anything else. I want to spend some time with family and then go to London. She says I was kidding. He is relieved.

Ganga is in the balcony. The photo falls off from her hands. She runs bare feet downstairs to get it.

Two guys notice Janvi. They go to talk to her. Janvi extends her hand as they greet her. They talk to her on useless things. They ask her for a dance. You would be having 10 boyfriends in London. It is all so common there. Why do you act all simple here? She tells them to get lost. Janvi tells everything to Sagar. He says you should have given it back to them. If Ganga was here then she would have thrown them in pool by now. She reminds him that she is Janvi. You are the cool Sagar, who isn’t scare of anyone. She takes him to the guys. Sagar says I will handle it.

The guys talk badly to Janvi as she stands far. One of them pushes Sagar. What will you do? Sagar stands on a chair as he asks everyone to come closer. Everyone walks closer. Sagar asks them all to make a video. The video we will record now will be viral on the net. These 2 guys will say sorry to Janvi. Janvi asks Sagar to teach a lesson to both the guys. She leaves from there. The guys refuse to say sorry to Janvi. They too go away.

The photo falls in a fire. Ganga looks at it in shock.

Sagar beats one of the guys. Janvi is upset with Sagar for not doing anything to those guys. Sagar asks that guy about his friend. It is important to teach you how to respect girls. I am a Judge’s son so I cannot leave criminals. I had to make sure the party is on. Will you trouble any girl from today onwards? One guy says all the girls are my sisters from today onwards. Sagar speaks about what Ganga says. One should do one good deed in a day. I have done my bit for the day.

Janvi is looking for Sagar in the party. He comes just then. She is angry with him for not teaching a lesson to those guys. Lucky shows a video to Janvi in which he has beaten those guys. She runs to give him a hug.

Ganga pulls out the pic out of the fire. It is a bit burnt from the sides. She looks worriedly at the photo. Where are you Sagar?

Ganga pulls the pic out of fire. It is a bit burnt from the sides. She looks worriedly at the photo. Where are you Sagar? We are best friends. This is why we love and understand each other so well. We don’t need words. This thing only has bound us in an unbreakable bond.

Sagar gets hiccups. Who is thinking of me? Janvi says I will take everyone’s name one by one. The moment your hiccups stop, that is the person who is thinking of you. Sagar takes Ganga’s name. The hiccups stop. Janvi looks uncomfortable. His friends ask about Ganga.