Monday Update on Deception 4 May 2020


Monday Update on Deception 4 May 2020

Pooja congratulating Naren for his new relation and walking out of room. Naren looks helpless and sad. Pihu of Bhootu asks Shonu why Naren and Pooja fight with each other. Shona says they fight so much. Gopal comes and asks what they are talking.

Sunday Update on Deception 3 May 2020

Pihu asks him to do something so that they don’t fight. Gopal sits there. Pihu says they will have fun in picnic. Shona says children goes to Picnic and asks her to send Pooja and Naren for honeymoon. Pihu asks Gopal to send them to Picnic. Gopal says tathastu.

Pooja and Naren touches Supriya’s feet who wishes her on their anniversary and blesses them. She gives her envelope and says what we will do with you both. Pooja says all family will go else will not go.

Meera and her husband of Kaleerein come to Pooja’s house. Supriya asks her why she didn’t come before. Meera tells Pooja that Naren is romantic. Vivaan says Meera will expect same from me now.

Pooja asks her to give gift. Meera gives her gift. Pooja gets happy seeing Kaleerein. Meera tells her that Naren has planned a surprise for her, but she can’t give any details to her.
Rahul talks to Bela on mobile and says he will drive the bus today. He asks her to make the arrangements to stop the bus at right time. He tells her about Chandrika telling that Naren’s father wanted to sell him to snake charmer’s head. Bela gets an idea. He turns and sees Surbhi.

Naren asks Pooja if she is giving him a chance and agreed to come to Madhupur. Pooja says she is going with them so that Maa and Papa don’t feel bad and says bus will return without me. Naren says we will go together and will come together. Surbhi tells Rahul that she prays that her baby don’t get his father’s qualities. She tells that she will tell the truth to everyone and tells that you will never succeed.

Bela goes to snake charmers in jungle. Rahul takes Surbhi to room and troubles her. He says I am not Nayak, but Khal nayak and threatens to kill her. He locks her in room. Surbhi asks him to open the door and says Naren is your brother. Adivasi guys who are you and who told you about this address. Bela says I am bela. Adivasi says we are yam. Bela says she can make his maha guru completes his penance. Adivasi asks what you are saying? Bela tells him that a father gave his son to your Yam 27 years ago, and now he is staying a good life and have started a family also. Man says yams can’t marry. He says he will punish Naren by making him napunsak/impotent. Bela crazily thinks that Praveen wanted to celebrate wedding night with him and this is the punishment for him.

Everyone are in the bus. Naren says Pooja haven’t come till now. Rahul slowly drives the bus. Surbhi breaks the glass door and comes out. Pooja runs to catch the bus. Naren gives her hand, but she don’t hold the bus and get inside. Surbhi comes there and calls Pooja, Naren. Rahul sees her and drives off the bus. They play music. Yam tells that their Guru is getting buried in the soil because of Naren and now they will make him impotent. Bela smirks. Surbhi faints and falls down. Naren holds pooja’s dance and dances in the bus. Pooja excuses herself. Rahul calls Bela and says they have left. Bela says they are ready on the way. Yam comes infront of bus. Rahul calls Supriya and Harish. Yam asks Harish to drop him in the temple. Harish apologizes. Rahul acts as if bus is not starting. Neelima asks them to give lift to yam. Rahul asks Yam to sit in bus and says our destination is same. Just as he gets in and sits in bus. Pooja’s bangles break. Bela is hiding behind the tree and says very soon Yam will open the poisonous bottle and Naren will be in his cave to get punished. Yam is about to open bottle, but Pooja sees bottle in his hand and asks him about it. He tells that temple will come now and tells about puja there. Supriya says we all will go there. Pooja senses yam eying Naren and asks him to sit on her place. Yam thinks until when she will protect her husband, they will catch him in temple.

After going to temple, Naren sees man eating pan and recalls Pooja’s anger. He thinks I can’t do this mistake again. Yam gets down from the bus. Pooja thinks about Naren and Bela. She is about to fall down from temple stairs, but Naren holds her. Pooja asks why you are doing this, and asks him to leave her. Naren asks if last chance is so difficult to give. Pooja asks will you give a last chance if I am in your situation and gets helpless by heart. Naren is shocked. They all are inside the temple. Naren stands beside her, but she moves her place. Pandit ji says we shall begin the aarti of Durgasthami. Yam is waiting outside the temple. Bela comes there in jeep to kidnap Naren and take him. Yam tries to enter temple, but he feels electric shock. Bela steps inside. Yam tells her that they are prohibited in the temple. He gives her something and asks her to feed everyone, then they can kidnap Naren and take him in cave. Pooja gets flashes of Naren in cave and stabbing Pooja. She is shocked and looks for Naren.

Jia and Arjun of Woh Apna Sa comes there. They ask if she is searching them. They tell that Naren has invited them. Jia takes out sindoor bottle and asks Naren to come, as Pooja is waiting. Naren fills sindoor in Pooja’s maang. Bela sees Naren filling Pooja’s maang and says there are someone else too who wants to punish Naren, she mixes bhasm in the laddoos. Rahul asks her to give laddoos to everyone. Bela gives laddoo to everyone. Harish sees yam standing out and goes to talk to him. Jia stops everyone from eating the Prasad. Pooja tells that there is a dead rat in the laddoos. Harish asks Baba why is he restless. Baba threatens to kill him. Bela smirks happily seeing Harish eating laddoo. She cares for her own parents, but don’t care for others’ parents. Naren runs and stops Harish. Supriya says we shall take him to Doctor. Yam comes to his cave and tells that they shall keep Naren’s wife away from him as she is his kawaj. Pooja sees Rahul repairing the tyre and recalls seeing the same flashes in the temple. She questions Rahul. Rahul recalls Bela damaging the tyre and smiles.

Harish vomits. Pooja thinks to take help and tries to stop the car. Dada ji prays in the house temple with Harsha. Pooja stops a car. Anuj and Rachel comes out of car. Pooja cries hugging Anuj and tells him about Harish. Anuj says we shall take them to resort. Yam tells his Guru that Naren will become impotent now. Supriya thanks Anuj for taking them to doctor. Anuj says Naren has invited them. Pooja thinks why strange things happening with her today. Naren keeps hand on his mouth and jumps in pool with her. Pooja sees him and pushes him. She asks him why he wants her to forget that night. Naren says he is innocent and don’t expect her to understand what he is going through. Pooja asks why did he call her friends. Naren asks it is not easy to forget everything and asks if they will punish each other today on the special day. He takes out sorry ring and makes her wear it.

Naren holds his ears and apologizes. Pooja forgives him. Song plays…but it turns out to be Naren’s imagination. Pooja tells Naren that every year, this day will be punishment for me. Naren takes out ring from his pocket and is sad. Surbhi gains consciousness and calls Naren and Pooja’s name. Harsha tells her that Dada ji saw her unconscious in the garden. Dada ji comes there and says Rahul wants to talk to him. Surbhi takes the phone. Rahul asks Surbhi not to take panga from him and says if you think of telling anything to Naren and Pooja then I will not let you become Maa. Surbhi says ok. Harsha asks what did he say? Surbhi says nothing. Pooja is walking near the temple, when she sees some men walking towards her with their face hidden. Satish comes and asks why you are troubling my girl alone. Kusum also comes there. Satish says it was Naren’s plan to invite us. Rahul smirks and goes to Yam and tells that last night, your aim was lost, and asks him to aim at Naren. Yam wants to make Naren unconscious and aims medicine injection on him. He kidnaps Naren, nobody sees him.

Bela comes to Cave and tells that they shall start preparation to make him impotent. She pulls the curtain and says you will be tied here and will be tortured much so that Praveen’s heart gets scared. Pooja comes to room no. 12 and thinks it seems to be familiar, although I never came here. She recalls seeing the same room in flashes and touches the flowers. She drinks water kept there and recalls seeing gift box. Yam brings the kidnapped Man to his cave thinking him to be Naren. Bela smirks. Other yam see his face and he is Rahul instead of Naren. Rahul says he is Rahul and not Naren. Pooja reads a letter kept there. She sees gift box coming towards her. Naren comes out from him and asks her to wear some dress. Yam sharpens his knife and comes to Rahul. Rahul makes sound. Yam says we have brought the wrong guy and says we all will go there and bring them here. Bela says if you go there, then you can’t bring him here because of guards. She says if Pooja is his kavaj, then I am not his kavaj. She promises to bring naren there by evening.

Pooja hugs Naren and says I am feeling bad here, we shall return home. Naren says we will go, but tomorrow, as Doctor advised Papa to rest today. He asks her to wear dress and get ready. Pooja refuses. Naren asks her to agree. Pooja takes the dress. Naren is calling Vivaan. Vivaan asks where are you? Naren says we have changed venue’s address and asks him to inform other. Vivaan says ok. Naren says today it will be a memorable evening for you. Pooja comes out of hotel and sees Bela standing, but don’t see her face. She asks her if there is cave or mountain here. Bela says there is no mountain or cave here. Pooja thanks her. Bela thinks I have to keep her away from naren, else my revenge will not be fulfilled.

Shaurya of Mahek talks to Naren and asks him to think resort as his. Naren invites them. Shaurya gets sad and says we will reach there. Rahul is scared. Yam says he has to lose his manhood. Bela comes and gives Pooja’s mayka and sasural family pics and says she will be diverted because of them. Rahul tries to run. Naren brings Pooja to the decorated place. Everyone tells poetry and wishes them happy anniversary. Naren asks if I will get a chance to tell my feelings. He tells poetry praising her and giving her importance in his life. Everyone claps. Pooja looks on. She tells that cake is beautiful. supriya says Surbhi and Harsha have baked it. Pooja says it is our favorite. Anuj asks them to cut cake. Naren takes knife in his hand. Pooja recalls Naren stabbing her in the cave.

Rahul manages to escape half naked and thinks he is remembering Tai ji’s kanhaiya. He thinks where to go now, and thinks what is Bela intention, what she wants to do with Naren. He thinks only Surbhi can save him now. He sits there. Dog comes. Rahul runs to save himself. Arjun and Jia’s car stops on the way. Jia says we shall go there. Naren is about to feed cake in Pooja’s mouth.

Anuj says he will feed her and pushes Rachel’s head on the cake. Satish argues with kusum. And Hardik runs after Neelima to hit her with bottle. All of them get under the influence of magic. Vivaan tells Meera that the doors are locked and they don’t know what to do. He opens the car door with pin and comes out. Bela thinks everyone will get under its influence now and will be diverted. Rahul hides behind the tree. He sees a man coming on cycle, scares him and rides on his cycle. Pihu and Shona see Rahul going on cycle. Harish tortures Supriya. Supriya calls Naren and asks him to come there. Bela comes to Naren’s room in bridal clothes and makes pan. She thinks Praveen can’t stop his heart now, and he will eat pan. Naren comes to his room. Bela offers his pan. Naren locks the door. Bela asks him why he is upset with her and gives him pan. Naren slaps her hard and smashes pan under his feet. He tells her that his wife is Pooja. Bela says if you go from here then your wife will not see this day. Guru ji yam comes out of the soil and says he will bring Naren and make him impotent, so that all normal men will gets scared.

Pooja tries to make everyone come out of magic spell and thinks where is Naren? She prays to God to save him. Bela pushes Naren on bed and says you have to come to me for Pooja. She says she is jealous of Pooja now. Naren says I will call Police, then they will deal with you. Bela laughs and says phone can’t connect in this hotel. She tells him that it is not a coincidence that you all came here, and says it is all planned by me. Naren is shocked and says do whatever you want, but I won’t let you harm Pooja or my family. He hears Pooja shouting and running towards jungle with fire on her pallu. Naren jumps from window and runs behind her. The fake Pooja is actually yam who took her disguise. Naren blows off the fire and hugs her/him. Yam smirks and runs inside the cave. Naren sees her vanished and gets shocked. He faints. He gains consciousness in the cave and sees yam, asks about Pooja. Yam in Pooja’s disguise says that she is here. He laughs aloud.

Everyone come out of magic spell. Harish asks what happened here? Pooja sees her phone and thinks same things happening here. She checks the call list and thinks when did I call Police. She sees thread and thinks he went from window. Bela thinks Naren will be punished today. Guru ji laughs aloud. Naren sees his real face. Guru yam says we will make you napunsak for living a family life. Naren says until my wife is with me, nobody can harm me. Yam says Pooja can’t come here, and there is just Maya here. He sees Yam in Pooja’s attire and laughs aloud. He says do his shuddhi. Naren tells you can’t do anything to me. They make Naren shirtless. Yam in Pooja’s disguise throw some powder on Naren and throws hot oil on his stomach. Yam says you will be Yam today and stamps on him. Naren shouts in pain. Bela looks at him from far and smirks. Pooja prays to Devi maa. Vivaan- Meera, Aditya-Jia come there. Pooja tells Naren is missing. Pihu says they made them come here. Aditya asks for help. They get the network. Bela smiles happily seeing her crazy and wrong revenge fulfilling.

Pooja and others come near the cave. Shona comes there and tells that there is no door and window here, you have to go inside with magic. Naren breaks the chains , gets up and hides Pooja asks them to let her go inside and not to snatch her rights. Pihu makes Pooja go inside and thinks Yam is afraid of married woman. Pooja comes inside in the cave in red saree with sindoor etc in her maang. She sees Naren who asks him to wait and suddenly he disappears. Naren stabs Yam who is indisguise of Pooja and gets up alive. Pooja is shocked. Guru ji asks Yams to catch Naren and his friends standing out. Yams come out. Aditya and Vivaan fights with them. Pooja asks them to leave Naren. Bela comes infront of her and says Naren has her husband’s heart. Pooja asks her not to show fake right on her husband. Bela asks how you will come out from this Maya jaal. Pooja says she will take her husband and Supriya’s son from here. Bela gets her caged by the net and asks Maha guru to start the vidhi. They make Naren lie down.

Bela heats up the knife. Pooja asks them to leave her Naren. They make Naren smell something to make him unconscious. Naren gets unconscious. Bela gives him field knife after heating it. Guru says time has come to do penance and laughs aloud. Meera and Jia think to go inside and help Pooja. Shona holds their hand and asks them to come. Pooja asks them to leave Naren. Bela says very soon Naren will become Guru ji’s sevak. Yam pours hot oil on Naren’s stomach. They light fire around him. Naren is unconscious. Pooja prays to Maa Bhavani and asks her to come for her help. She asks her to come to her and show miracles to her bhakt. She says this Maya has to bend their feet infront of you. She says Jai Maa Bhavani. Bela looks at Pooja angrily.

Pooja prays to Goddess with devotion, a heavy wind comes and Pooja’s hands gets freed from chain. Bela is shocked. Pooja removes net from her body and looks on in Devi’s avatar. She tells bela that no Maya/magic can stand infront of Maa’s blessings. Bela holds Pooja’s hands and asks Maha Guru to begin the vidhi. Other yams hold Pooja’s hand. Bela looks on revengeful as Guru ji checks the knife and makes a small cuts on his hands. Bela says it seems your Maa’s blessings can’t stop this now. Jia and Meera come there in married women avatar and says we are with Pooja. Guru laughs and says catch them also. Pooja takes the trishul kept there, fills her maang with her blood. She says Naren’s name blood will become her kavaj.

Jia and Meera also pick the weapons. Pooja and others fight with the yams and kill some of them. One of the yam try to do magic, but Pihu fails his magic. Bela looks on. Pooja scares yam and says if you had known the strength of red then you wouldn’t have done this. She stabs trishul to him. Bela tries to escape. Pooja comes to Naren and hugs him. She checks him. She thanks Arjun, Jai, Meera and Vivaan for helping her save Naren. Naren is safe and conscious. Jia tells that love is sweet and sour. Bela thinks tomorrow morning will bring new gifts for entire family.

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