Monday Update on Deception 27 April 2020


Monday Update on Deception 27 April 2020

Pooja and Supriya coming at the accident spot. They get shocked seeing Naren. Pooja shouts Naren. Bela sits crying there. Pooja, Harish and Supriya get Naren to the hospital. Harish cries. Bela comes with Praveen and cries. Chandrika comes crying and hugs Supriya. Harish regrets and asks why didn’t you stop Naren, how can you forgive myself, I don’t deserve to be called a father, he sacrificed himself to save me, he paid me for his upbringing. He cries. Pooja goes to console Bela. She wipes her tears.

Sunday Update on Deception 26 April 2020

Doctor comes to Bela, and says sorry, we can’t save your husband, he is on life support system, he is here just till systems are on. Doctor tells Harish that Naren has internal injuries, there is just one way to get saved, that’s heart transplant, they have to find a matching heart for him. Harish says his heart transplant will happen, I will take my son home after he gets totally fine.

Pooja comes to Naren and cries. She says you tried to save me and got all wounds on yourself, why…. Doctor says we checked all hospital, we didn’t get any right match for Naren’s heart. Satish comes and says what happened, I got suhaag shagun for Pooja on Gangaur, I didn’t know her sindoor is in danger. Supriya takes the shagun and says Naren won’t be in danger. Dada ji says our Pooja will snatch him even from Yamraj. Rahul says trust me Surbhi, our son will rule in this house. Harsha comes and says Naren is serious, Rahul find a donor for his heart transplant. Surbhi says nothing will happen to Naren. Pooja shows shagun to Naren and says I thought to get many gifts from you, but you….you are annoyed and slept, whenever you get fine, I won’t let you go away from my sight. She cries. She prays. Rahul says inform me if anyone dies in Rishikesh or meets with any accident, Naren shouldn’t get any donor, I guarantee no heart will reach Naren. He sings Dil deewana…. and smiles.

Doctor says congrats Pooja ji, we got a heart match for Naren, Praveen’s heart can be transplanted, but you have to seek permission from his wife and family. Pooja says I will talk to them. Doctor asks her to hurry, they have less time. Satish says any decision to save life partner’s life can’t be wrong, go and save your sindoor, this is your Dharm. Pooja goes to Bela. Bela gets the aid done. Pooja asks shall I do her aid. She says I can’t know your pain of losing a husband, Naren is fighting for his life and just Praveen’s heart can save him. Bela gets away. Pooja says I know this time is not right, but I have to take the right step. She cries.

Bela goes to Lord and says what did you make me, I have made poisonous betel, when a girl gets married, she prays for her husband, but I had to give him poison myself, I will not let his heart beat more, I have sent him to you and will send his parents to you soon. Pooja sits by her side and prays for Naren. Bela gets shocked. Harish and Supriya come to Naren and cry. Harish apologizes. He says you taught me relations are not legitimate or illegitimate, its just made by heart. Pooja tries to convince Bela again. Bela says don’t do this drama in front of me. Pooja says tell me what shall I do, I can do anything to save Naren’s life. Bela says pay for my pain and tears, you are rich, you like to buy everything, me and my husband’s heart are not on sale. She pushes Pooja away. Praveen’s parents come there and curse Bela.

Bela says Naren has killed Praveen, now this woman wants his heart, stop her. Harish asks Naren to say something. Machines start beeping. They worriedly shout for doctor. Doctor checks Naren. Doctor says we can’t save his heart for long. Praveen’s mum scolds Pooja. Pooja says don’t say this, I came here with hope. Praveen’s mum curses Naren. Pooja goes. Praveen’s mum catches Bela and scolds her. Harish asks Pooja did Bela agree for heart transplant. Pooja says no, they are taking Praveen for final rites. She hugs Supriya and cries.

Pooja running to stop Praveen’s last rites. Some men stop her. She says let me go and meet Bela, its imp. The man says Thakur asked us not to let anyone in. Pooja says its imp, let me go. The final rites rituals begin. Bela sees Pooja and asks pandit to hurry up. Pooja fights with the men and gets beaten up. She sees the rituals and says I can’t let anything happen to Naren. She beats the goon. Harish says don’t worry Pooja, your family is with you as a shield. Satish asks Pooja to run, they will see the men. Pooja stops Praveen’s dad. Doctor says we can’t save Naren if we don’t do the transplant in one hour. Supriya says just save Naren at any cost. Doctor says we didn’t find any match, Bela is our last hope. Praveen’s mum scolds Pooja.

Pooja says Bela ji, I know this time and place are not right to trouble you, how can I see Naren dying, just save him, I will do whatever you say. She begs Bela and asks her to at least agree for Praveen, who loved her a lot. Bela gets angry. Chandrika asks doctor not to refuse a mum from keeping the diya, its their last option. Supriya keeps the diya and says Pooja won’t let anything happen to you. Bela gets the firetorch and says I will not let Praveen’s heart beat in anyone’s body. She throws the firetorch towards Pooja. Satish moves Pooja. They see Bela. Satish goes to Bela and begs her for Pooja’s happiness.

Neelima lies to Harsha and plays with her emotions. Surbhi looks on. Neelima says if our next generation is treated as illegitimate, I will not tolerate it. Harish thanks Praveen’s dad for his favor. He signs a blank cheque and gives him. Praveen’s mum and dad sign each other and get glad to get cheque. Bela sees them and goes away. She gets Praveen’s clothes by hospital staff. Pooja comes to her. She thanks her for giving new life to all of them, she is not less than any Devi. Satish says your parents would be brave to give birth to such daughter. Bela thinks I have no problem with Naren, but Praveen’s heart will beat in him now, that heart has done wrong with me, I will never forgive him. Doctor says congrats, Naren’s heart transplant was successful, Bela can take Praveen’s body for last rites. Praveen’s parents take his body.

Bela thinks my war isn’t over till your heart beats. Neelima says Naren’s operation is done, did anyone not tell you. Rahul and Neelima try to instigate her. Harsha goes. Surbhi asks what’s the need to do all this. Rahul scolds her. Doctor shifts Naren. He asks them not to worry, Naren will get fine. Bela thinks I will return Praveen, I have to settle scores. Praveen’s mum starts hurting her. Harish stops her and says you can’t punish Bela. Praveen’s dad says we gave our son’s heart, but his widow’s life, don’t speak between us. Praveen’s mum takes Bela for widow rituals. Pooja hugs Chandrika. She keeps flowers near Naren. Harish gets their pic. Pooja ties a mauli. Naren gets unwell. They worry. Harsha cries and misses Mayank. She blames Naren. Rahul says mom, its time to make Naren out of Harsha’s heart. Neelima smiles. Doctor checks Naren. Harish asks what happened to him. Doctor says some times body doesn’t accept new organs, if he doesn’t get stable in an hour, he may never get up.

She says you have to become pure and have to go to widow ashram. Bela says don’t cut my hair, please listen to me. The widows catch her and pour water on her. Praveen’s mum says I will show her place. She gets the scissor. Supriya and Chandrika pray. Neelima changes the ghee pot. Rahul smiles. Supriya sees the Akhand jyot flickering and adds ghee. Jyot gets put off. Neelima says how did this Akhand jyot blow off. Supriya says I was just managing it, don’t know how. Pooja stops Praveen’s mum. She argues with her and says this is wrong customs, it changes with time, Bela lost her sindoor, it doesn’t mean she has no right to live. Praveen’s mum says she will be punished. Pooja asks who are you to punish her, how can you do this, can’t you see her pain.

Pooja hugs Bela and says Bela gave a life to my husband, I will not let this happen with her, she won’t go to widow ashram. Praveen’s dad asks who will take her responsibility. Pooja says Bela will go to her Maayka, she will go to Vyas mansion with me. Bela gets shocked. Pooja threatens them and leaves with Bela. Harsha scolds Supriya. She goes. Supriya adds ghee/oil in the diya. It also blows off. Supriya says this is water. Rahul smiles and thinks this is called Rahul Leela. Pooja and Bela come to hospital. Pooja asks is Naren fine. Harish says he is shifted to special ward, doctors said maybe they can’t save Naren now. Pooja gets shocked. She says maybe Praveen’s heart wants to say something to you, come with me. She takes Bela to Naren.

Pooja and Naren’s pic falls by Bela’s hand. Bela says sorry. Pooja says its fine, I will see it. Pooja asks Bela to stay here, she will go and talk to doctor. She goes. Bela takes a glass piece to pierce in Naren’s wound. She says even if your heart gave you a chance to live again, but I won’t let you win. Supriya and Chandrika light Jyoti and diya again. They pray. Bela removes Naren’s bandage to hurt him. Supriya and Chandrika protect the diya. Pooja gets Naren’s mauli thread in the corridor. She gets shocked and runs to him, The diya gets stable.

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