Monday Update on Deception 18 May 2020


Monday Update on Deception 18 May 2020

Pooja comes to the Police station and cries. Constable says you have just 2 mins. Pooja gets inside the cell and hugs him. She cries. Naren says Anuj shot Angraj and I shot Anuj in anger. He asks her to tell something. Main jogiya plays…constable says Shivani called you. Pooja goes. Naren cries.

Present time:
Pooja lifts the cloth from Anuj’s photo frame. Naren bangs his head in the cell.

In the morning, Rahul and Harish come to the Police station and bails out Naren. Naren hugs Rahul. Shivani says you can take Neta ji home. Harish thanks her and asks Naren to come home. At home, Naren asks Supriya to have food. Supriya says she will not eat until he brings angraj’s body. Naren says rescue team is searching his body. Supriya asks him to get Angraj’s body from Pooja’s house.

Inspector Shivani coming to Gupta’s house and tells that Naren has filed Police complaint stating that you have hidden Angraj’s dead body. Satish says we are shattered with our son’s truth and can’t come out of the trauma. Pooja says Naren can’t do this complaint and calls him. Shivani shows the copy of the file. Naren comes there in his car. Satish says why we will keep Angraj’s dead body at our house. Naren says I know, but Maa thinks his body is here. Pooja asks why did you file the complaint without talking to me. Naren says I told Shivani not to file complaint. Shivani says you have sent papers to me and shows the papers. Pooja asks him to tell that it is not his sign. Shivani shows Angraj’s locket and asks what is it doing here? She says I won’t be surprised if I get his body here.

Naren gets angry and tells that he will check the house for his body and until he gets angraj’s body, Anuj last rites can’t be done. Mora Piya plays….He goes inside the house and asks Pooja to tell where is Angraj’s body. Pooja tells him that their relation will spoil if he checks her house and asks him who will hide Angraj’s body here. Naren asks her not to think it as their personal fight. He picks the rod and tries to break the cupboard. Pooja says if you break the cupboard then our relation will end.
Neelima and Surbhi have done the conspiracy and have hidden Angraj’s things in the house. Surbhi says Naren has called us rapist family. They talk that they have signed the complaint papers, but Naren will be trapped. Naren breaks the cupboard and gets Angraj’s ID card. Shivani says his shoes are also here. Rahul is the one who has kept the things in the house and sees Naren and Pooja in his phone. Naren accuses Satish’s family and Pooja of both Angraj and Anuj’s death and tells that if they have shown trust on angraj then this wouldn’t have happened. Pooja says you are blindfolded and can’t see his truth. She asks Pandit ji to start the vidhi. Naren says nobody will touch Anuj’s body. Pooja asks him not to do such thing which will bring bad reputation to her sasural. She asks Mami to come and says time has come for Anuj’s last rites to be done. Angraj or his soul come to Supriya and asks her to give him mukti. He provokes her against Naren and Pooja and asks her to go. She tells Dada ji that she is going to Pooja’s house. Dada ji says we all should go and pay our last respect to him. Harish asks shall we present garland to our son’s dead body. Kusum cries infront of Anuj’s body.

Supriya comes to Gupta house and says she will see who will take Anuj’s dead body for last rites. Pooja tells her that Angraj’s dead body is not here. Kusum asks her to understand and let them do the last rites. Supriya acts mad and accuses them for hiding Angraj’s body. Satish says we haven’t done anything. Supriya says if my son doesn’t get mukti then Anuj’s dead body will also not get mukti. She pours kerosene oil on herself. Naren tries to stop her and her that they will do as she says. She agrees and asks them not to do Anuj’s last rites. ‘

Dada ji reaching there and asks Supriya and Naren to stop. He apologizes to Satish and his family. Harish gets angry on them. Kusum asks them to think about them and says they have brought up Anuj since his birth. Supriya says son is son always. Rachel is about to faint. Dada ji asks did you bring me back for this day. Harish says you always care for outsiders. Satish says we are your relatives. Supriya gets angry on them and says you are not letting me live. Naren asks Danish to take Anuj’s body to morgue and says until my brother gets agni, Anuj can’t get it. Pooja comes back and asks where is Anuj’s body. She sees Naren taking the body to the morque. Naren says you and your family have started this drama. Pooja tells Satish that she won’t let Naren do this. She runs

after the car. Naren recalls Supriya asking them to give Angraj’s body. Jogiya song plays…..Pooja continues to run and falls down. Naren stops the car and looks at her. He thinks of Supriya and son’s love overpower husband’s love and he drives off. Pooja shouts and says you can’t do this with me. She returns home. Kusum asks where is my son Anuj. Pooja says I couldn’t bring my brother’s dead body back. Kusum says first they killed my son and now not letting his soul get peace. Pooja blames the circumstances and tells that Naren is doing this because of Supriya’s condition. Kusum tells Satish that she won’t let her come near Rachel and says she has eaten my son, I won’t let her eat my grand child.
Satish talks to Anuj’s pic. Rachel’s condition deteriorates. Kusum tells that my son died because of his sister. Pooja assures that she won’t let her brother’s last memory go. Kusum says your brother gave life for you, don’t upset his soul. Pooja promises that she will bring Anuj’s dead body back in the house. Naren takes Anuj’s body to morgue and feels bad for his doings. He then recalls Anuj shooting Angraj and covers his body with cloth. Pooja and Satish come to the hospital. Nurse informs them that Naren got the hospital and gave them order not to let her go. They stop Pooja. Pooja threatens to cut her wrist and asks Naren’s men to back off. She says if anyone come behind me then it won’t be good. They move back. She goes to the morgue and sees Anuj’s dead body. She hugs his dead body and says I have come here to take you from here. She comes out and is taking the dead body. Naren’s men stop her. Pooja threatens to kill them.

Naren asks do you have any idea, you can get jailed. Pooja says it is better for me to die if I don’t do my brother’s last rites. Satish gets a call and says that ambulance left. Naren says I asked the ambulance to go. Dada ji comes and says your Dada’s car is outside. Harish comes with Supriya and says nobody shall move from here. Supriya snatches a gun and aims at her forehead and tells Satish that she will die and he will be blamed. She asks him to return her son. Dada ji asks her not to do this. Naren asks Supriya to leave the gun. Pooja says we really don’t know where is Angraj’s body. Neelima says then why did your Mama met the Baba near the river. She asks Rahul to tell. Naren asks Rahul to tell. Rahul brings a false witness.

He says Satish met this Baba often and even on that day. Satish says he is Vaid and I met him for Rachel’s baby. Vaid ji tells that he gives shelter to people and tells that he is not Vaid, and he was asking me about the dead body and asked me to search dead body. Satish says he is lying. Supriya hugs Harish and cries. Rahul cries threatening Vaid on gun point. Naren is shocked and angry with Satish.

Harish telling Dada ji that it would have been good if he had not returned and would have lost in mountains. He says from today onwards, we will not take your decisions into account and asks him not to involve himself in their affairs and asks him to keep himself away from them. Naren asks Harish why he is saying this. He blames Pooja for his family division. Pooja says she will take NGO’s help. She calls on her number, but they refuse to help her going against Naren. Naren asks her to do whatever she wants, but she will not get Anuj’s body. Pooja swears to get her brother’s body in 2 days. Naren says till then he is our safekeeping. He takes Anuj’s body to the morgue. Rahul smiles on naren and Pooja’s break up.

Pooja comes home. Rachel makes tea for them and says Anuj might be coming. Pooja tells that she will get her brother’s body back and asks Kusum what she shall do to get justice for Anuj. Kusum asks her to get Naren jailed for 20 years atleast and asks her to promise. Pooja feels herself in dilemma. Rahul gives money to Inspector and also to goons, asking them to threaten Gupta family so much that Pooja sends Naren to jail. Satish asks pooja to sit. Pooja sits and blames herself. Satish asks her to talk to Naren alone. Kusum says Anuj will get peace when Naren gets arrested. Rahul’s goons attack Gupta family. They hide behind the chairs. The goons break the things in house. Rahul’s men comes to Vyas mansion and asks Naren to return his body. Dada ji asks him to return his body. Harish refuses. Pooja asks Satish to take Rachel inside and says we can’t let Anuj’s baby to have anything. Satish and Kusum take Rachel inside. Pooja calls Police and tells about the attack. Inspector gives call to Rahul. Rahul calls her and asks why is she lying, there is no goons here? Pooja says she is recording the call and call his senior. Rahul says your husband has planned this attack on your family. Pooja thinks how can he stoop low.

Rahul comes home and asks his goon how dare he to throw chappal on Naren. And on whose insistence? Man says he came on Pooja’s orders. Naren gets angry and asks him to tell Pooja that she will not get her brother’s body. Rahul and Neelima provoke Naren against Pooja. Harish asks him to get ready for the case. Pooja cries and says why can’t Naren see her pain of losing her brother. Naren suspects Pooja’s hand in hiding Angraj’s body and says why did you burn mannequin in your sasural. She determines to get justice for Anuj. She applies sindoor in her maang. Jogiya song plays…She thinks she will not forget her dharma. Naren talks to Angraj’s pic and tells that he will get mukti for him.

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