Monday Update on Deception 1 June 2020


Monday Update on Deception 1 June 2020

Arjun says I was ringing the horn. Rahul says I was lost. He asks him to come to his house for treating his injury. Tantrik tells that time has come for son’s soul to enter father’s soul. Harish and Supriya are having food. He teases her for making him eat oily food. Suddenly he gets an attack and falls down. Supriya runs out to call help. Tantrik says now destruction will happen. Harish opens his eyes as Angraj’s soul enters him. Satish asks Pooja to go home and be there, says Naren might come there. Pooja worries for the unseen danger.

Rahul brings Arjun home and tells Surbhi that Arjun hurt himself while trying to save him. Surbhi bandages his hand. Neelima comes there. Arjun greets her, but she ignores him and leaves. Surbhi says don’t mind, mom is always busy. Arjun goes. Surbhi asks Rahul to find Angraj. Arjun thinks when I made my blood flow for Rahul, I will make everyone’s blood flow. He peeps inside Neelima’s body. Angraj in Harish’s body tells I have come in your body Papa. He tells that Dada ji left him after birth, so first he will kill him.

Neelima exercising with music system on. Arjun comes and switches off lights and music system. She thinks electricity is gone and calls Servants. She thinks Naren came and asks him to go. She is about to run, but Arjun holds on her mouth. She doesn’t see his face. Pooja is on the way and thinks she feels like she is needed in the house. Tantrik looks at Angraj’s body and says who can tell that his body is making havoc in the Vyas Mansion. Pooja comes running to the house. Arjun attacks Neelima, while Harish attacks Supriya. Supriya faints. Harish comes to hall. Pooja asks did you see Naren. Harish thinks if I talk to her then she will understand that I am not Papa, but Angraj. Pooja comes near Kitchen, but don’t see Supriya on floor. She takes Danish’s call. Rahul and

Surbhi come to Neelima’s room, they don’t see her. surbhi says she must be gone to kitty party. Arjun is hiding there.
Rahul tells Surbhi that he is sure that Angraj fled with all the treasure. Arjun looks at Neelima and thinks he is dead. He says you have taken my mother’s place, now you sleep forever. He sees poisonous gas bottle and thinks now it is Rahul and Surbhi’s turn. Pooja thinks where did Naren go and pick their photo frame. Angraj in Harish thinks next turn is of my Dada ji who threw me in dustbin. Arjun looks at him going and hides. Pooja thinks kanhaiya will answer her and fills her maang with sindoor. She thinks it has much strength and will not wipe off easily.

Harsha and Dada ji are talking to each other, when Harish comes there. Harsha asks him to come. Harish signs her. She says she will send tea for them and goes out. Arjun comes to Rahul and Surbhi’s room and sprays poisonous spray in the AC. He thinks it will make you sleep forever. Rahul and Surbhi come there. Arjun hides. Surbhi asks if Angraj is found. Rahul says once he is found, I will not leave him. Arjun runs away. Surbhi and Rahul think Naren is after them. Pooja sings bhajan and do aarti. Harish pushes Harsha. Harsha gets hurt and faints. Pooj asks God to give her a sign to search Naren. A flower drops on Dada ji’s stuff. Pooja thinks Dada ji must have an answer. Harish comes to Dada ji. Harish closes the door and laughs. Dada ji says your voice is looking familiar. Harish says I am Angraj, whom you have thrown in dustbin. Surbhi and Rahul faint and fall down on bed. Arjun thinks just 10 mins more, you all will be dead. He comes out of their room and sees Pooja going. He hides. Pooja hears some sound and go to Rahul and Surbhi room. She coughs and opens the window. She pours water on them and calls Maa, Dada ji. She comes out and sees Harsha fallen on ground. She panics and runs to her. She tries to make her gain consciousness. Just then she hears Dada ji asking Harish to come in his senses. She knocks on the door. Harish says this is heaven and is about to slit his throat, when Pooja comes running inside. Harish in Angraj calls her Madam ji and tells her that he is Angraj.

He says I have entered in your sasur’s body so that I can kill Dada ji. Dada ji says whatever happened 27 years before was an accident and apologizes to him. Pooja asks him not to apologize and asks Angraj to kill her instead. Harish says no and tells that he will kill Dada ji. He asks Pooja to kill Harish to make his soul go. He drops the knife. Pooja throws the puja flowers on him and recites jai hanuman. Angraj’s soul tells that this time he has taken Maa’s life, and next time he will come again. Pooja is shocked. Angraj soul leaves. Harish’s condition is bad. Pooja asks where is Maa and cries.

Pooja worrying about Supriya and thinks don’t know what Angraj made Papa do to Maa. She calls her and comes to kitchen hearing the phone ring tone. She tries to make her gain consciousness. Arjun comes to mental asylum to meet Hardik. Hardik hugs him. Arjun says he has killed Neelima, but Pooja rescued Rahul and Surbhi. Hardik asks him to kill Pooja first. Dada ji cries and blames himself for Angraj’s anger. He then thinks about Harsha and goes out. He finds her on ground. Rahul gains consciousness and sees Surbhi unconsciousness. He tries to make her come to senses and asks if she is alright. He takes her outside the room. Dada ji cries and says don’t know what happened to my daughter. Rahul and Surbhi are shocked. Pooja asks Supriya to gain consciousness and asks her

to get up. She calls and asks for ambulance. Satish tells Danish that don’t know where is Naren? Danish gets a call that Naren’s lookalike is in Dehradun. Satish tells Danish that he will go there.
Surbhi bandages Harsha’s head. They ask who attacked her. They run to Dada ji room and see Harish unconscious. Surbhi gets worried about Neelima. Rahul goes to her room. Danish gets a call and the informer tell Naren went to jungle. Danish stops the car and thinks if Angraj have done some black magic on Naren. Rahul comes to Neelima’s room and sees her unconscious. He checks her pulse and says nothing will happen to you. Pooja tells Supriya that she will be fine. Rahul brings Neelima outside. Pooja tells that ambulance is on the way. Rahul says who is doing this. Tantrik tells that Angraj’s soul will be back once his aim will be fulfilled. Angraj’s soul comes to his body and tells that he couldn’t do anything. He tells that Pooja and Dada ji know about him. Tantrik does something and Dada ji and Pooja forget knowing about Angraj attacking them.

Pooja asks what happened to Neelima and Supriya. Rahul says you said that you have called an ambulance. Danish finds Naren’s purse, wallet, mobile and comb in the jungle. Doctor checks them and tells that they are fine. Surbhi and Pooja hug each other. Surbhi realizes and breaks the hug. Rahul goes from there and tells Surbhi that it was Angraj who wanted to kill them. He says we are fools to help Angraj. Pooja thinks it is good that they are parting off from him. Danish calls Pooja from Naren’s mobile and tells about finding his stuff in the jungle near to the accident site.

Pooja sees a baba and asks about him. He tells that Supriya used to give him charity since 30 years and tells that he was away since some years. Pooja looks on. He turns to go and thinks you don’t know that I am the same tantrik who made Angraj’s body enter Harish’s body. He thinks Naren was kept captive here and that accident was just to misguide them. Pooja sees Naren’s kurta and stops them. He thinks if she thinks then Angraj will not leave him.

Surbhi coming to call Pooja and takes her with her. Tantrik manages to take the trunk. Danish gets worried for Naren and thinks both Angraj and Naren are missing. Satish thinks Rachel is looking happy and he can’t tell them about Naren being missing. He thinks to shift them to a safe place. Supriya tells everyone that sbe can’t be alive now and asks them to call Naren. Rahul says if Bhabhi has kidnapped Angraj then she has to bring him back. Supriya asks Harish to take care of her son and says she don’t have any hopes on Pooja. Tantrik brings Naren to Angraj. Angraj says if he is Naren’s ghost. Tantrik says he is Naren and that too alive.

Satish asks Kusum to take Rachel to her mother’s house. Rachel asks Kusum to take her. Kusum agrees. Satish calls Danish

and asks him to reach party office. Pooja prays to God to protect Supriya and says today is Kanhaiya’s test and not of his devotee. Angraj is shocked. Tantrik says here you are leaving your soul, but there Naren and Pooja were fooling you. Angraj says now he won’t be safe and picks a sword to kill him. Pooja keeps hand on the lamp and asks God not to break her trust. Tantrik stops him and says your Milan is impossible here in Hrishikesh and that’s why we have to do something so that the people throws Pooja out from here.
Shailaja tells that we couldn’t find Naren till now. Satish comes and says you have already helped us. Shailaja says she don’t have any info of naren. Danish tells about the call. Shailaja says she will get it traced and says someone is misguiding us. Pooja says she wants to test her strength of power and says if something happens to Naren then Maa’s trust will break. Doctor tells that Supriya needs rest. Surbhi says don’t know where Pooja sent him. Supriya says I am suffering to make her my bahu. Rahul says Bhai is not a kid. Dada ji asks them to stop it and asks Supriya to tell. Supriya says if anything happens to me, then take care of my Naren and separate him from Pooja. Neelima says get well soon. Harish says I won’t let her stay in the house and will talk to Satish. Pooja thinks of Supriya’s words and cries. Dada ji comes to pooja and says Naren can’t get good bahu than you. He says whatever might be the problem, my bahu will win.

Arjun is still with Hardik. Hardik says you still have the shirt which I gifted you on your 20th birthday. Arjun says yes. Hardik asks him to go to Vyas family and emotionally blackmail Dada ji to get his rights. He asks him to make Pooja go from there, and says then we will win half battle. Tantrik says time has come to give gift to Naren’s sasural. Angraj asks what gift. Tantrik says what could be more better gift than this.

Satish comes to Pooja and thanks Dada ji for his support. Pooja asks Dada ji to take rest for Naren’s sake. Dada ji says ok and leaves. Satish tells her that whatever the phone calls came were not from your party office. Pooja is shocked. She says Angraj will not keep quiet if he gets to know about Naren. Danish says I have brought Kiran thinking she is unsafe in tribe. Pooja asks Satish to stay with Kiran and goes with Danish. Surbhi and Rahul are at home. Tantrik calls Rahul and says I am standing out of house. She says Angraj called you both. Pooja hears them.

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