Monday Update On Begusarai Zee World

Monday Update On Begusarai Zee World

Poonam is calling but he is not picking up. Poonam ask Guddi about him and Guddi says he is wind and nobody can catch him, she then ask Poonam how her first day at college was? Poonam is in tension and doesn’t answer her. Guddi sense something fishy and ask her what happened?. Tiwari is extremely furious learning about Lakhan beating his son. Chuna Yaadav who informed Lakhan about ragging is now himself with ragging guy in hospital, saying nobody can do anything and he Tiwari who happen to be Mitlaish’s partner. Tiwari says they have bear all this and they can’t do anything. Mithilesh later reaches the hospital where Tiwari and his children are. On seeing Mitlaish, Chuna Yaadav changes his statement and says it must be his son’s mistake that Lakhan beat him, he greets Mitlaish and says he was telling Tiwari that Lakhan must have reason to beat the guy. Tiwari says it was wrong, reminding him that they have business relationship and what Lakhan did to his son is bad. Mithilesh tells him that his son is a lion and it’s just a small wound. Tiwari tries to express his anger against Lakhan’s behaviour in front of Mithilesh that he have respect too in Begusarai, he is his son, he feels the pain to see him in this condition and asks him to make Lakhan apologize to his son by coming to the hospital. But Mithilesh gets furious looking at him and saying they respect him but that doesn’t mean they will insult themselves. He then asks if he have ever listened to Thakur family saying sorry to anyone and he is asking him to change their history, he ask about the hospital bill. Tiwari says it’s 50,000 and Mithilesh instead asks him to remain happy with the money that he is offering him, adding that he is giving him 5 lacs to go to honeymoon with his wife. Tiwari asks if he is joking in this situation and Mithilesh tells him he is just trying to lighten the mood but the bottom line is Lakhan will not apologize to him, he tells Tiwari’s son that he should thank his luck that it was only Lakhan that beat him and if he was in his place then he would have cut his body in pieces for teasing Thakur’s daughter-in-law. Just when Mithilesh is about to leave, Chuna blunt out that Poonam had no problem with ragging and Poonam should have told the ragging group about she being Thakur’s daughter-in-law but she didn’t and instead she sang song and enjoyed it, adding that it was not Tiwari’s son mistake or Lakhan’s mistake but Poonam should have told them about her identity.

Meanwhile, Poonam and Guddi are worried about what might follow after the actions of Lakhan and they try to call Priyom as he is the only one who can easily handle every situation with ease. But Priyom meanwhile takes Bindiya to a place that he refers to as his second home. He flirts with Bindya, he finds Poonam’s call on phone and says she must be calling to tell him about her first day at college and doesn’t pick the call. He ask Bindya to come that they will practice. she ask what practice, he brings her closer and says they will do dance practice. He brings her inside his home and it’s a messy room, he says this is his dream home. Bindya doesn’t like it but says it’s romantic. Priyom says no one can come here without his permission. Just then, Piddi comes there and he ask Priyom to come out that he want to talk to him. Priyom ask him to go as he is busy but Rajkumar ( Piddi ) insist that he want to talk. Bindya has caused quite the stir with the Thakur family and tells Priyom to go with the child and maybe it’s something important. Piddi angrily blunt out that he is not a child and he will show her soon. Priyom who feels he will steal Bindiya’s heart scold her that she is talking too much, he leaves with Rajkumar ( Piddi ). Poonam on the other hand is still calling Priyom, her friend comes there and informs her that Mitlaish went to the hospital and that she got to know that ragging guy is Tiwari’s son. Guddi says he is Mitlaish business partner and now things have gone serious and only Priyom can handle the situation, she ask Poonam to call him again.

Priyom ask Piddi what happened. An upset Piddi tells him that he betrayed him and asked him to ignore her and now he is enjoying with her, reminding his elder brother that it’s his birthday and he is enjoying but he will see her dance first. Priyom says he is a kid. Piddi remind him that he have so many girlfriends and still flirting with his Bindya. Meanwhile, Ghungroo comes to Bindya. Bindya happily tells her assistant to see that Priyom is in her love. Ghungroo says he is just a flirt. Bindya says he can’t run away from her and just then, she finds Priyom’s phone there and sees Poonam’s. Bindiya picks up Poonam’s call and she tells Poonam that Piryom is busy, adding that she call him Pri with love. Poonam ask who she is?. She says his new girlfriend. Poonam ask Bindya to give the call to Priyom. But Bindya avoids her from talking to Priyom as she is on her mission to woo Priyom and says he is saying that he is busy. Poonam tells her to tell him to talk to her once. Bindya says he is saying, he is busy and will talk to her later. She cuts the call and Poonam is tensed.

Priyom comes to Bindya, he gets closer with her. Chuna tells Lakhan that he did good by beating that guy, he says his work is not going good. Lakhan asks if he is not getting contracts so he is saying this. Chuna says great Thakur killed his father and made him his servant but he is his ( Lakhan) friend and it’s Phulan’s rule here and further asks Lakhan if he have thought about his business? Lakhan says Mitlaish have given him some contract. Chuna point to Lakhan that it’s Phulan Thakur’s business and he ( Lakhan) is a mere worker. Lakhan gets angry listening to this but he is unaware that Chuna is trying to cause hatred in the family in order to take revenge on them. Chuna advice Lakhan to start his own business. At the same time, Mitlaish comes there so Chuna leaves. As Mitlaish takes Lakhan from there, Chuna looks at them and smirks, he talk to himself that he swear to his late father that he will destroy the brotherhood of Thakur family.

Badi Amma ask Piddi what happened?. Piddi says nobody say anything to Priyom. Maya also ask what happened? Piddi says he is worried about Priyom as he is roaming around with Bindya, adding that Bindya will detroy Priyom. Badi Amma laughs and says that Priyom is cutting cake of his birthday so he is jealous of Priyom. Piddi says nobody loves him and he leaves angrily. Mitlaish brings Lakhan to the port and he ask Lakhan to sit on his seat. Lakhan asks how can he sit on his chair. Mithilesh who can not tolerate Lakhan’s irresponsible behaviour says he wish to sit on it so he asks Lakhan to sit now. Lakhan refuses to sit. Mitlaish ask him to control his anger and ask if he want to show his father ( Phulan ) that he is not capable of handling his younger brothers and that he don’t deserve this seat, he then ask Lakhan if he beat Tiwari’s son?. He further tells Lakhan that he is asking for an apology and asks if he should make him apologize to Tiwari’s son? Tiwari gives them contracts and now all the contracts are gone. Just then, Lakhan suggest Mithilesh to kill Tiwari and they will get the contracts from other officer who will be appointed after Tiwari’s death. Mitlaish tells him not to pressurize his mind as it affect them. He further tells Lakhan that he have handled things now as he had to give 5 lacs so that he ( Lakhan ) don’t have to apologize, adding that he can’t even earn this much money in his whole life and he don’t care what’s going on in his personal life but this time it has affected his business. Lakhan explain to Mithilesh that he teased Poonam in college and asks what should he have done then? Mitlaish says nobody was teasing her, she was standing with him with her own will, she was singing chirpily, and that she had no problem with it. He further tells him that he have found out about it. Lakhan is stunned to hear this. Mithilesh then scold Lakhan that he can’t even handle his would be wife then how will he handle their work? Lakhan looks down. Mithilesh adds on that he is taking the contract back from him which he had given to you. Lakhan is shocked hearing this. Mitlaish says it’s the rule that girl should not affect their business. He tells him to first go and handle his wife then then will talk, he leaves. Lakhan gets angry on Poonam. Manjeeta listened to all this and is tensed for his daughter, Poonam.

Poonam gets upset when she watches Priyom flirting with Bindiya seeing them coming back home. Bindya thanks Priyom for taking her for ride. Priyom kisses her hand and Poonam angrily looks at him. Bindya leaves. Priyom finds Poonam and ask how was her first day, he comes to her but she doesn’t answer him. He later makes attempts to apologize to her for not picking up her phone earlier that he have a life but Poonam remains upset and instead apologizes to him for calling him that it’s his life and he can talk to anyone. Priyom apologize to her that he show him attitude but not her husband. Poonam says it’s her mistake to talk to him, she leaves. Priyom taunts her that she will come to him asking for help soon.

Badi Amma ask Maya to make tea for her and at the same time Bindya comes there and offer to make great tea, but Choti Amma stops her from entering kitchen, she ask Maya to make tea, she ask Bindya to sit in lounge. Bindya curses her in heart, she ask Maya to make one tea for her too then, Maya looks at her stunned, Bindya comes to Badi Amma and asks if she should massage your feet? Badi Amma moves away.

Manjeeta comes back home, he ask about Poonam and her mother says she has returned and that it’s not her daughter fault about what happened in college. Later, Manjeeta slaps his wife when she defends Poonam’s action in the college and says she is hiding her daughter mistake and trying to say that Thakur is wrong? He says Poonam did a mistake today and if she commit one more mistake then he won’t forgive her and will also behead her. Just then, Lakhan reaches the scene and takes Poonam along with him after telling her parents.

Bindya tell Badi Amma that she is practicing on new songs for her dance performance and at the same time, Priyom comes there and says he was helping her. Badi Amma ask Priyom to go and wash his hands, he pass flying kiss to Bindya and leaves. Badi Amma notices it. Maya gives tea to Bindya, she drinks it and Badi Amma ask if she will listen to a story? Bindya says why not, she says there was a fish who used to live in gutter water then she suddenly came in Ganga water of Begusarai, she liked the purity and thought to stay there her whole life and then she was trapped in net then she was cut into pieces and fried then people ate her and she reached the gutter again. Bindya ask what this mean? Badi Amma remind her that came to their house to dance then make people enjoy but to remember one thing that they enjoy other kind of fishes and give place to her kind of fishes in their house otherwise she can be cut into pieces too, Bindya is shocked.

Lakhan brings Poonam straight to a boutique and asks all the customers to vacate the shop.
He tells the manager that his wife want to buy clothes and later asks the salesman to display all the best dresses they have and he later asks them to leave the shop too. He ask Poonam to wear these clothes and show him. Poonam takes the dress and goes to the changing room, she recalls how her father slapped her mother. Poonam comes out after changing the dress. Later, he orders Poonam to try on every dress one by one. After all dresses are done, he scolds her for trying to gain attention in the college by singing in front of the boys. Lakhan ask her if she don’t enjoy it? He says she like attention so he thought to give her attention but she is not enjoying with him, he tell her sing infront of him too and that what did is a shameful thing. Poonam is tensed. He ask her to take all the dresses, she does as told and they leave the shop.

Meanwhile, Bindiya who makes a futile attempt at trying to develop her proximity with Badi Amma and others recalls Badi Amma’s words, Ghungroo brings fish there and ask her to eat, she says they will not eat fish from now on and angrily says that old lady says she will fry her and eat. A determined Bindiya vow that she will not leave from Thukur’s, she will take out Badi Amma’s eyes and also promise that she will fry her soon. Lakhan later brings Poonam back home, he says she know the mistake was hers? Poonam nods in yes, he asks if she will do it again? She says no, he then tells her that from now on, he will pick and drop her from college, she nods and is about to leave when Lakhan says he liked the dress which she wore last and further compliment her that she was looking good in it. Poonam smiles a little, he gives her the dresses, she takes it from him, he leaves. Poonam recalls how Lakhan insulted her and she wipes her tears.

Bindiya realizes that Priyom cannot be influenced by her and his playboy image that is famous in the village confirms her decision to shift her attention away from him. Just then, Rajkumar (Piddi ) enters Bindiya’s room and she decides to woo him instead and says something in his ear. While Poonam is sad, Priyom comes there with a watch pleading with her to wake him up in morning but she didn’t reply anything. Priyom goes from there but again come back to see Poonam upon notices that she is sad and Poonam sleeping. Priyom smiled and compliment her.

Later, the entire family goes to the temple to mark the beginning of Rajkumar’s eighteenth birthday. Priyom as usual arrives at his own sweet time with his friends. Later, Lakhan see Poonam in the dress and remember the flashback. He takes Poonam to the college and drops her there saying he will be waiting there for her at 5pm. Upon entering the college, Poonam is forced to meet the eyes of all the students who stare at her and pass comments about her among themselves, although the fear of Lakhan does not let them speak aloud about her. Things get complicated for Poonam when more of the Thakur family starts to show up at her college. But before things get worse, Priyom reaches the college along with Bindiya. Poonam smile seeing him. The teacher had a flashback of how Priyom used his mischief and all. He introduce Bindiya to the teacher and all the student, adding that he will show the whole college to her. Poonam again upset because she was thinking Priyom come for her. The teacher get back to class. While Poonam and her friend are in ground, Priyom comes there and remind her to come to the party but Poonam end up insulting Bindiya.