Monday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv August 20

Monday Update on Begusarai Zee World Tv

August 20 Episode

Lakhan ask Poonam you wanted to do Pooja now start my pooja, Choti Amma says have you gone mad? you will take God’s place? Lakhan says don’t come in between husband and wife and this house’s rule is that husband can decide anything for wife, Bhushan says you talk like this with elders? Lakhan says elders should also remain in limits and don’t come in everything, Priyom sees this from terrace, Lakhan says i know you all have many answers, i have only one answer, she is my wife and i am her Pati parmeshwar so she can do my aarti and there shouldn’t be any problem in it, he stares at Priyom, gets up from seat and says to Poonam that go and do aarti of your lover, Poonam is stunned and looks at Priyom standing there, Lakhan ask her to go, she is in tears, he says you are worrying about family? they will not say anything, they knew your relation was fixed with me from childhood but you were having love affair with Priyom and nobody said anything against it, infact they were making you marry Priyom, he says i will give you one more chance, lets see whose aarti will you do, your husband’s or your lover’s, all look on, he sit infront of her and glances at Priyom, Poonam moves infront of Lakhan and starts his Pooja, Phulan tries to stop but Badi Amma says let his pain ease, dont say anything, Phulan and Bhushan leaves, Poonam does his aarti, Lakhan smirks at Priyom who is hurt, he says its pious thing to serve husband, now do bhog to me, Poonam is stunned, Rekha thinks by seeing this i got peace, Poonam makes Lakhan eat parsad, he says now take ashirwad too, Poonam touches his feet and is in tears, Choti amma, maya leaves too, Lakhan says after Pooja God gets satisfied but i am not satisfied with your pooja, seems like you didnt do it with your heart, how can you do it from heart as your heart is beating for someone else, he gets angry and throws aarti plate away, Poonam scream, Badi Amma is shocked, Lakhan gives a hurt look to Poonam and leaves, Priyom sadly looks at her, Lakhan comes back to Poonam and says from now on this pooja of God will not happen, the girl whom i loved, this God made her love someone else i dont accept this God and you will also not accept it, this was last Pooja of your life, i should not listen bhajan from your mouth, he leaves, Poonam cries.

Guddi comes on terrace in morning and sees Dolt standing on one feet and feeling sleepy, she says he is really mad, i asked him and he kept standing on one feet, Manjeeta comes on terrace and ask Dolt why you are standing on one feet, dolt says i am not listening anything, Manjeet says joking with me, wait i will make you speak, he goes to bring hunter, Guddi thinks now he will go to hospital, Dolt thinks if i get beaten up then my foot will go down and i will lose then Guddi ji will not come to cinema with me, he sees Guddi there, she ignores him, he says i was standing whole night on one feet, where were you? end this challenge, Guddi says i havent end it, can you stand like this when Manjeeta will beat you, Dolt says i have you in my heart so i will keep standing, lets see what that devil can do, Manjeeta comes there with bat, Guddi frees him from challenge, he runs before manjeeta could hit him, Manjeeta says i will not leave you today, you will comeback to home, then i will see, he leaves, Dolt says to Guddi that i have booked ticket for movie, when you are in mood, tell me we will go, Guddi thinks i will make film of yours and your sister and brother in law will see it.
Poonam is collecting aarti plate, Badi Amma ask Rekha to go and make break fast, she leaves, Maya helps Poonam, Badi Amma says to Poonam that Phulan could stop Lakhan but i stopped him because we can stop Lakhan for sometime but you have to live life with him, Poonam says if a person like Lakhan gets to know that his wife loved someone else then he would kill that man but he didn’t do anything like that, i have little hope and i have to move forward with this hope, Badi Amma says you should not leave your way, one day Lakhan’s hatred will go away, dont let this hope break, she leaves, Poonam shed tears.

Priyom comes in his room, Drugha comes and says we will drown that Lakhan in lake, just tell us what to do, Priyom says leave me alone, he leaves.
Lakhan is taking bath, Poonam is in room, Lakhan says i forgot my towel outside, he opens door and sees Poonam there, she has back on him, he sees towel on chair beside her, Poonam thinks why he didnt come out? she turns to see him, he closes door, Poonam is confused, Lakhan thinks how to go, she is standing near towel, he opens door, Poonam ask do you need anything? tell me i will give it, Lakhan says do one thing, turn your back to me, she ask why? he says dont question me and close your eyes too, she turns and closes eyes, Lakhan comes out in boxers only, he comes close to Poonam to take towel, he looks at her while taking towel and gets lost in her, he takes towel and goes in bathroom, Poonam opens her eyes and finds water drops on her neck, she is confused.

Rekha brings tea for Badi Amma, she says i will first check how you made this, Rekha ask why you are getting angry on me? Badi Amma says i will be angry if tea is not fine, she drinks tea and says good, she shows her 1000rs note and says keep up good work, i will give it in evening, she ask did you give breakfast to others? Rekha says my DIL Poonam is giving, Badi Amma says you are lucky that she your DIL.
Lakhan is on call, setting meeting, Rekha bangs into him, Lakhan scolds her that you spilled tea on me, Rekha says i was bringing it for you, Lakhan says i am already late and you.. he goes to change, Rekha finds Priyom standing on terrace, Rekha gets idea and says now bomb will explode.
Bhushan ask Phulan what to do with Lakhan? Phulan says Badi Amma will handle him, have faith in her, women take care of house.
Rekha comes to Poonam and ask where are you going? she says going to give tea to Phulan, Rekha says they are on terrace, go, Poonam goes, Rekha says i have planted bomb, now i have to find my match stick to explode it, where is Lakhan?
Poonam comes on terrace, doesnt find and starts to leave, Priyom calls Poonam, she stops, he comes to her and says if you have brought tea then give it, he takes one cup from tray.
Rekha comes to Lakhan, Lakhan is on call, Rekha ends call, he ask have you gone mad? i was setting meeting with contractor, Rekha says your women is maligning your respect and you are thinking about business, he ask what are you saying? she says come with me, she brings him on terrace, Poonam and Priyom are talking there, he is stunned seeing them from far. Priyom ask Poonam why Lakhan is doing all this? Rekha says to Lakhan that they have no shame, they are meeting like long lost lovers. Priyom says to Poonam that where life is taking you? Poonam says i am going to my destination and i have faith that soon i will pacify Lakhan and will remove his doubt that i still love you.. Rekha says to Lakhan that she still love him that she doesnt forget him even after marriage, Lakhan goes to stop them but Rekha stops him and says see how much far she can go, listen to me once, see her. Priyom says i always wanted to see you happy but unintentionally i am becoming reason for your sadness, what to do? Poonam says keep smiling and everything will become fine, i have to leave now, she smiles and turns to leave but her saree Pallu gets stuck in pillar, Lakhan doesnt see pillar and thinks Priyom is holding her Pallu, Poonam ask Priyom to leave her pallu, she turns to see it stuck in pillar, Priyom removes it and is holding her pallu, Poonam shares eyelock with him, Priyom leaves it, and goes from there, Lakhan is fuming in anger, Poonam turns to find Lakhan standing there, she is shocked,

Lakhan comes down, Poonam comes behind him, he comes in kitchen, Poonam says you are thinking wrong, my pallu was stuck in pillar, he just helped me, Lakhan brings Poonam in hall, puts diesel on himself and Poonam, all are shocked, Phulan ask him to stop but he doesnt, Lakhan shouts to shut up, he says no one will come inbetween us, he brings out pistol, Poonam cries and says listen to me, you are mistaken, Lakhan gives her match box and ask her to burn it, Poonam says no, he ask her to burn it, she says no, he takes it from her and starts to burn it, it doesnt burn, Priyom comes there and ask Lakhan to stop it, Lakhan says i will not stop, match stick burns, Lakhan holds Poonam, all are stunned… it all turns out to be Poonam’s imagination, they are still on terrace, Poonam ask Lakhan to listen her once, Lakhan leaves from there, Poonam goes behind him, Rekha says my bomb didnt explode, all my plans are failing, maybe Poonam is doing magic on Lakhan, i have to think something soon.
Lakhan is leaving, Poonam ask him to listen once, Lakhan sit in jeep and leaves from there, Poonam cries and thinks atleast give me chance to explain, what to do, she turns to go in house and strikes with guddi who is on call with Dolt, Poonam ask are you talking with dolt? Guddi says why will i talk to him? are you spying on me? Poonam says you used to tell me everything, Guddi says time is changed, Poonam says i am your bhabhi now, Guddi says you are in this house but not in my heart, be away from me, she leaves, Poonam get in tears, Vimla sees her from her house and gets tensed for her, Poonam looks down.
Poonam comes in Vimla’s house, Vimla says i have made sweets, eat, Poonam recalls Lakhan’s ill treating and doesnt it, Vimla says i should not ask about your personal life but i am not satisfied, is everything fine? Poonam hugs her and cries, Vimla says i am your friend, share with me, Poonam says i told Lakhan on nuptial night that i loved Priyom but i told him that he was my past and my present is only my husband but Lakhan doesnt understand me and wants to hurt Priyom like he is hurt thats why he has brought me in Haveli, how to make him understand, today morning i was giving tea to Priyom and my saree Pallu got stuck in pillar and Lakhan thought Priyom was.. he got upset and left, how to remove his doubt? Vimla says doubt can end in two ways, either prove that doubt right or be so honest that doubt cannot stand stand infront of it, i believe Lakhan’s doubt will end too and he will love you, Poonam is determined.

Guddi is havving ice cream with Dolt, he says you missed morning cinema, i have tickets for evening too, she says i am enjoying ice cream for now, he tries to put hand on on her hand, she jerks it away, she says hold it gently, he holds her hand, she ask how much you love me? he says i love you more than length of this sky, she says how can i believe it? he says ask anything, she says come in my street and announce openly that you love me, he looks at her, she says your face got pale, he says i am thinking about time, i will come and announce, Guddi thinks then it will be end of this story, he is an idiot.
Lakhan is sitting in his jeep and drinking wine, he break wine bottle on his man’s hand and says you didnt die by it but i am dying, i got wound which cant be seen but felt only.
its night, Poonam is waiting for Lakhan, she thinks to call him but then say he will get angry on me again, its very late and he didnt come, dont know what he must be thinking about me, he must be taking out anger on himself.
All ladies are sitting in hall, Lakhan comes in drunk state, Rekha ask did you drink? he says you are doing drama, when i kill someone then you dont react and now shocked when i am drunk? he ask her to be silent, he starts leaving, Pidd tries to hold Lakhan but Badi amma says Mitlaish, Phulan Bhushan are not at home, dont do anything, Lakhan is about to fall but Priyom holds him, Lakhan jerks him away and says i dont need your support, he leaves.

Lakhan comes in his room, he is about to fall but Poonam tries to hold him, he says be away, i dont need your help, Poonam closes door, Lakhan tries to open belt of his pant, Poonam helps him, she takes off his belt, he strangles her with same belt by putting it around her neck, he says you are liar women, who lied to me everytime, he says you wanna say something? he strangles her more, she coughs, Priyom comes in and pushes Lakhan away, he is about to punch Lakhan but stops seeing Poonam, Lakhan laughs and says so lover has come to save her love, what you were saying Poonam that he is your past? but he is your present, he has come in my room and will fight for his love, Priyom says you are going beyond limits, stop it, Lakhan says you cant hide your affair, Poonam cries, Priyom looks at her, Lakhan says you are shouting on me and eyeing my wife, all can see your love, Priyom says this is your doubt nothing else, its true she started loving me after her marriage broke but after her marriage with you, she listens to you, bear your everything as she wants to be with you, i was in his life but not now, Lakhan says you say same dialogue as her, you both may practice together, i think when i go from house, you both.. Priyom ask him to shut up, Lakhan says you were my friend and when my marriage broke, you took chance on my love? friend was if you had kept her safe for me, you have ditched me in friendship and she has betrayed me in love, Priyom says nothing like that, you acted like devil and that time.. Lakhan sys what time? when my marriage broke, i didnt love someone else, i fought for my love, i kidnapped Soni Pinto for her and what she says on nuptial night that she loved you, she doesnt have permission to love someone else, Priyom says you call it love? you are giving her pain only, Lakhan says all can see her pain and what about my heart? nobody can see that, behind my back, what is going on, i know it, i saw it in morning, Priyom is like this, a flirt but me, i always loved only one girl, i know everything, you have no girlfriends now, its only Poonam for you, you are becoming devdas for her, Priyom looks on, Lakhan says speak up, Priyom says you are drunk, sleep, Lakhan says prove it that you have someone else in your heart than Poonam, prove it that you and Poonam have nothing going on, can you prove it Priyom Phulan Thakur? Priyom thinks.. Lakhan says you cant, you are silent now, i know everything, Priyom says it will be good if you sleep, i will talk tomorrow, Lakhan ask why? you want me to sleep so that you can romance with Poonam, Priyom gets angry and punches him, Poonam gets angry on Priyom and slaps him, he is shocked, she says how dare you raise hand on him? this is matter of husband and wife, why did you come here? Priyom says he is saying rubbish, Poonam says so what, i will listen it for life and will bear it, you have no right to come here, Priyom says what he said now, i want to kill him for that, Poonam says if you want to touch him then first you have to kill me, she ask him to get lost from here, he is stunned, Poonam ask Priyom to leave from here else i will do something, she drags him out of room and closes door, Poonam comes to Lakhan and tries to help him, he says dont touch me, she says you can keep me away from yourself but i will return to you as you are part of my life now, Lakhan says you are liar, you have broken my heart, Poonam sets him on bed and covers him with blanket, he sleeps, Poonam says i cant bear it anymore, God please either give me chance to prove my relation is true or take my life.