Monday Update on Begusarai Zee World July 30

Monday Update on Begusarai Zee World

July 30 Episode

The festival starts. Najma says to Poonam that dont look at audience as you will lose confidence, close your eyes and just sing, you will win. Poonam is called on stage, Poonam comes on stage, she is tensed, Priyom enters the hall, guys are hooting, spot light is on Poonam, Poonam tries to sing but cant utter a word due to stage fright, one guy from audience taunt that if you cant sing then take training from me, Poonam starts to leave stage, Priyom brings that guy out of audience, Poonam looks on, Priyom says you wanna give training then go on stage, go else you will not be able to walk even, he brings a guy on stage and ask him to sing, minister who is chief guest says what is this behavior, Priyom says you can see my behavior but cant see this guy taunting people on stage, minister ask his secretary to arrest this guy, secretary says he is Priyom thakur, Phulan thakur’s son, Minister gets silent, Priyom ask guy to sing and train, guy says i am sorry, Priyom says you were commenting from audience now what happened on stage, cant sing then atleast say something, guy is silent, he says to people that now you understand, people shiver on stage, he ask if anyone else wanna comment? a girl who never stood infront of audience, mustered courage to sing infront of all so respect her guts and if you cant then atleast remain silent, guy leaves silently, Priyom says welcome Poonam, all claps, he comes to Poonam and says see all are clapping fro you and spot light is on you too, your dream is going to be fulfilled, dont look at me just sing, he leaves, Poonam holds mike, look at audience.

shaavni comes to college. Lakhan calls someone and says i need drugs but it should be original, Mitlaish comes there, Lakhan is shocked, Mitlaish comes and sit infront of him, Lakhan ask what work you have? Mitlaish says you ate my 15 lacs and my 2 men, before taking any action, i wanted to ask if you killed my men just for fun or are you starting a new business with this money?
Poonam closes her eyes, she starts singing, People starts clapping for her, Poonam opens her eyes and sings with confidence, she ends her song, all praises her, Poonam looks at Priyom who is clapping for her, she smiles, just then Shaavni enters hall, Priyom goes out with her, Poonam is stunned, she goes behind them.
Mitlaish says to Lakhan that you must remember that i made you learn how to use toys(hinting guns), Lakhan says 15 years passed, Mitlaish says after 15 years, you are pointing gun at me, he says my and Phulan’s way of ruling is different, for him justice, welfare all this matters, and blood relations, but i know you are my brother, this is not first that i have spent my money on you, but remember one thing that Phulan can kill me or you for justice, you are my brother so important than money or my men thats why i am here, think from mind, after Phulan and Bhushan, we have to rule Begusarai, everything is ours then why you are taking gun in your hands? i want you to be my side when i become king, i want us to be united, you be my power, i saved you today from Phulan and will keep saving you and your business in future too because i have hopes from you, you love Poonam? after i become king, i will allow you to marry her and this is rule of Begusarai that girl’s father have to follow king’s order then why you are taking gun in your hands? Lakhan agrees, Mitlaish says you are intelligent, remember one thing this talk shouldn’t go to Bhushan as he is more brother to Phulan than your father, Rekha comes there and is shocked to see Mitlaish, she says you here? Mitlaish says just came to see Lakhan, i will leave, he leaves, Rekha is confused.
Poonam comes out of hall and tries to find Priyom, she finds Priyom talking to Shaavni that i can go to any length for you Shaavni, she comes there and finds shaavni hugging Priyom, she is stunned, he says Poonam.. Poonam comes to him and slaps him hard, all are shocked.

Poonam slaps Priyom, all are stunned, Poonam says to Priyom that i never thought you will stoop so low that you will have affair with married women, i am ashamed to call you my friend, to keep your illegal relation with her, you had beaten her husband, did you kill him? i am feeling that you are filth, Priyom leaves from there, Poonam is in tears, and starts leaving, Shaavni stops her and says you thought wrong, he was mot making me away from my husband, he has saved my life, Poonam is stunned. Poonam ask Shaavni what relation you have with Priyom? shaavni says once i was friend with Priyom then i got married to Sanjay, he is a drunkard and beats me alot but i never showed my pain to anyone, i kept thinking that mu husband will change, will love me someday but that day never came, i came here that day to meet my cousin, Priyom saw me, i tried hide to my pain but Priyom doubted me, dont know how he found my address, he cam to my house, you came there too, Priyom asked me everything and i told him truth as i was broken from inside, then my husband came so Priyom left from backside, Sanjay was drunk that day, he got loss in business and beat me hard, then i lost my patience and called Priyom, told him everything, Priyom sent his men and took my husband from house, Priyom have admitted him in rehabilitation center so he can leave drinking, because of his drinking he lost alot in business and had to pay hefty loan but Priyom paid that loan, Poonam is stunned, shaavni sys you all were going back Begusarai so i thought to meet Priyom and thank him but you misunderstood him, he changed my life and what you said to him? by the way who are you to Priyom? Poonam looks on, she says i am Priyom’s friend, Shaavni says Priyom is laways laughing and chirpy but he is very serious from heart, you call him friend but you misunderstood him like others, all thinks Priyom traps girls but nobody saw his goodness, Priyom is very nice guy, nothing is wrong, you are lucky to have friend like Priyom, there are very less people who think about others than themselves, go and pacify your friend, dont ever lose a friend like him, Poonam feel guilty.

In Haveli, Phulan and Bhushan are waiting, Phulan ask Bhushan what Lakhsn did with Mitlaish’s men? Mitlaish comes and says Lakhan didnt do anything, Bhushan says then how he got money? Mitlaish says you doubted him and he being angry man said that he robbed my men, how can you think that he will go against Phulan, he will rob my money? he is your blood, and about money, Lakhan has taken loan to do business, i have confirmed it, Phulan ask Mitlaish then where did money go? Mitlaish says i have found the one who robbed my money, Lakhan is innocent, Mitlaish leaves, Phulan says to Bhushan that you make issue f small things, Lakhan is hot headed person, handle him with calmness.
Poonam is finding Priyom, Najma ask her to not feel guilty, anyone will think like this, Poonam says it was my mistake, she finds Priyom’s servant, Poonam ask where is Priyom, they say Priyom went to bus stand, Poonam runs toward bus stand, she is finding Priyom, crying, she is checking in every bus but doesnt find him, she cries, Najma ask her to calm down, you fight with him everytime but everything becomes fine, Poonam says its not small thing, i have done sin, i have alleged his purity, how to find him, she comes to receptionist and says my own is lost, can you announce his name, she says his name is Priyom, receptionist announce his name and ask him to come here.
Lakhan is thinking, Rekha ask what are you thinking? you robbed money, killed Phulan’s men so drama will be created, Mitlaish can save you and can help you in business too, Lakhan sys yes, Rekha says remember one thing that from years your father is servant of Phulan, yo dont become servant of Mitlaish, Mitliash can become king but you have to setup your own kingship, Lakhan says you are right, i will not repeat my father’s mistake, i will take help of Mitlaish but will setup my own kingship, i will rule it, he calls someone.

New entry Dolt is shown in jail, he watching a movie and lifting weights, he says i like this girl in movie, he says i love this actress, but does she love me? other man says this is 25 years old film, she must be having kids now, leave her, Dolt gets angry and beats that guy with weights, he injures him and says i asked you a simple question that will she love me or not? and you said she has kids, you broke my heart, he beats him, he maybe be having kids but can love me, he looks at actress in movie and says i love you., he again starts beating guy, his phone rings, Lakhan has called him, Dolt ask him to just order, Lakhan says i have started new business come fast, Dolt says i will fly and come.