Monday Update on Begusarai September 3

Monday Update on Begusarai

September 3 Episode

Bindya takes plate from Poonam and is about to eat food which has bhaang in it, Rekha shouts that i need water, she points Bindya to not eat that food, Bindya eats it, Poonam eats from other plate and thinks that Bindya got trapped in her own web, lets see what will happen to her after eating this food, Rekha thinks how to stop Bindya eating from Poonam’s plate, Badi Amma ask Rekha why you seem worried? Rekha says no i have problem, Poonam have made good food, she thinks nothing can happen now, Bindya will be drunk after eating this bhang mixed food and Dadda will not leave her.
Rekha is going to her room but Maya stops her and ask why are you going against Poonam and taking Bindya’s side? Poonam is with you from 10 years and Bindya has come just now, Rekha says you are forgetting that i am your mother in law not you, mind your own business, Maya leaves, Rekha says we did so much to make Poonam eat bhang filled food but she got saved.
Bindya is laughing in her room, Rekha sees her and prays to lord that Bindya should not do much drama, she closes door and ask Bindya to not laugh much, Bindya says nothing has happened to me, Poonam is inebriated not me, Rekha says you think everything is in your favor as you are inebriated, you ate bhaang filled food, Bindya says i have so much poison in me that bhaang cant affect me, now listen what i did, flashback shows Bindya mixing bhaang in Poonam’s food and Maya saw her, fb ends, Bindya says i knew Maya has seen me and she would do something to exchange Poonam’s plate so i mixed bhaang in my plate and in Poonam’s plate both so when Poonam exchanged her plate with me, she was not saved, she has eaten bhaang mixed food, Rekha says this means Poonam has eaten bhaang too, your mind work so fast, you deserve to be queen of Begusarai, Bindya says you are right Bindya deserve to be praised but people dont respect me, all call me dancer but now Poonam will dance and people will insult her, she forced Dadda to insult me and now till i dont see Dadda insulting her, i will not get peace, everything is fine now.
Poonam is laughing in her room and taking rounds, playing like kids, Lakhan comes there and is confused to see her behavior, he says why she is acting like this? did she eat something unhealthy? Poonam falls in Lakhan’s arms, he ask what are you doing? Poonam says why you keep trying to scare me by opening your eyes wide open, i will make you afraid today, she shows him big eyes of hers and says you must be afraid of me, Lakhan tries to control her but she pushes him away and stand on bed, he ask her to get down, did you drink something? Poonam comes closer to him and i am inebriated because of you, Lakhan ask what did you drink? what? Poonam shouts like and mimics him, he is stunned, Poonam says why you keep ordering me? why dont you talk to me lovingly like a husband does to his wife, in low tone, in loving way, Lakhan says i will do that but first you get down from bed and take bath, you will feel better, Poonam says no and falls on bed, he ask did you get hurt? she says yes, you have hurt me alot from childhood, after marriage, whenever you get angry, you pour it on me, Lakhan ask what are you doing? she says i am showing you my pain, you remember when you had made me stand under cold water? i got very sad and i was feeling too cold, i thought you will change after marriage but you didnt leave to hurt me even after marriage, you remember when you took me to your house for pag phera and Manjeeta didnt bless you, then you punished me by making me run on feet from my house to yours, my feet were paining but you didnt listen to me, remember i stood on ice block as you asked me, Lakhan feels bad, Poonam says i kept standing on it till ice melted, Lakhan thinks i always punished Poonam because of my anger, she never did any mistake, i was so wrong, i did wrong, Poonam says to Lakhan that if i wanted, i would have hidden the fact from you that i started loving Priyom before our marriage but i didnt want our relation to be based on a lie but you didnt understand my truth, till now you keep doubting me, why? you love me, right? you know you should not hurt the one whom you love as seeing them hurt gives pain to you too, Lakhan thinks about it and gets sad, he turns away, he says till now i have not said it to anyone because i never felt it but today i want to say this to you, forgive me, intentionally or unintentionally i have given you so much pain, forgive me for that, i hope that you will give me chance even after all my mistakes, he turns to find Poonam missing from room.

Bindya is waiting for Poonam to come out her room, Rekha brings popcorn for Bindya, Bindya ask what is this for? Rekha says today i am going to see show in this house so i have brought popcorns to enjoy it, Bindya says she has not come out her room til now, Rekha says film name should be ‘Poonam Ka Tamasha’, Bindya says Lakhan has gone inside room but no noise is coming from room, Rekha says maybe she can bear bhaang effect too like you, Bindya says you cant say anything nice, Rekha says she is Manjeeta’s daughter, have you seen Manjeeta? he can eat gun’s bullet so what is bhaange for him? she is his daughter, she may seem weak but must be strong from inside, they find Poonam coming out room, laughing and dancing, Rekha says Lakhan has not hurt her, she has done something to my Lakhan, Lakhan comes out of room too and starts finding Poonam in Haveli, Rekha says Poonam is drunk but Lakhan is not saying anything to her, i will talk to him, bindya says we dont want Lakhan to get angry on Poonam but that Dadda should get angry on her, it will be fun to watch.
Lakhan comes in garden to find Poonam playing with flowers, he says this kind of inebriation happens because of bhang but from where did she eat that? i will take her to room, Poonam sees him and ask him to catch her, she runs away from him, he runs behind her, he says you will fall, she jokes with him that you are fat, Lakhan says yes, she runs away from him, Lakhan grabs her in arms, both share eyelock, bindya sees it and thinks that whenever i see her, i feel jealous of her, she lost her first love and got second love easily and otherside is me, for first time in life i made relation with someone but still i am alone.
Rekha says to herself that how to bring Dadda out of his room, Dadda comes out of his room, he ask what are you doing here? she says garden, he says this is not garden, have you gone mad? Rekha says actually garden.. Dadda says i will go and see in garden, he leaves, Rekha goes behind him.
Lakhan ask Poonam to come in room, it starts raining, Poonam starts singing Dekho naa, she dances with Lakhan, she hugs Lakhan, both enjoys rain, she throws water on Lakhan’s face, Lakhan tries to take her from there but she doesnt listen, Bindya is envious seeing all this, Lakhan lifts Poonam in his arms, she pushes him away and enjoys rain, Lakhan starts singing too with her, both dance together in rain, Lakhan lifts her in arms, Poonam rest in his arms, Lakhan takes her from there, Bindya is sad seeing all this, she thinks i try so much to put Poonam in problem but she always escape, before Lakhan takes Poonam in room, i have to bring Dadda here.

Scene 2
Dadda comes in garden, he doesnt find anyone here, he ask Rekha why you were saying garden garden? there is nothing here, Rekha says i was saying same but you didnt listen to me, Dadda says ask Bhushan to take you hospital, you need check up, if you do something like this again then i will bury in this garden only, he leaves, Bindya scolds Rekha that you spoiled my plan, i was thinking to watch Ramleela but i had to watch Raasleela because of you, my plan flopped because of you, you are useless, she leaves, Rekha says my fate is bad, i get scolded from both sides.
Lakhan brings Poonam in room, he ask her to go and take bath, she says no i like these clothes, he says your clothes are wet, you will catch cold, Poonam says i dont wanna take bath, Lakhan says ok change clothes, she says no, he says yes, Lakhan takes her to bathroom.
Lakhan bring Poonam, her clothes are changed, he is shirtless, he ask her to take rest for sometime, he makes Poonam lie on bed, he ask Poonam to close her eyes. Rekha sees Lakhan-Poonam’s room door closed, she says he will not leave her in this state, but i have to do something and make him go away from here, Lakhan is about to kiss Poonam on forhead but Rekha knocks door, he opens door, she says i saw a very bad dream about Bhushan, he has left his phone here, go and give phone to him, i will talk to him, Lakhan says ok i will go, she leaves, Lakhan comes to Poonam and says i am leaving for some important, you keep resting here, i will comeback, Poonam says no i wont let you go today, Lakhan thinks its difficult to make her understand in inebriated state, if she sleep then i will not be worried too for her, he ask her to close her eyes, she does and sleeps, Lakhan takes of his hand from her clutches, he kisses her forehead and says keep sleeping here, i will comeback soon, he takes kyes, he comes out of room, locks it from outside and leaves, Rekha sees lock on door and says my son always keep creating problems for me, i have to break this lock, she breaks it with something and comes in, Poonam wakes up and ask where is Lakhan? Rekha says i will take you to lakhan, she thinks now Dadda will see Poonam in this state.
Dolt says to Guddi that you are living in old era, these no one cares about marriage before romancing, Bindya listens hiding behind window, Dolt says to Guddi that you are ignoring me as you dont love me, Guddi says i love you but i cant.. dolt says there is no ifs and buts in love, its all about love, i want to love some nice girl, a girl who will leave everything for me, who will listen to me without any conditions and you cant do that as you dont love me, from today your and my paths are different, he leaves, Guddi cries, Bindya smirks, she comes to Guddi and says love is not the one which you have to prove, Guddi is shocked to see her.

Guddi says to Bindya don’t feel ashamed listening to others. You don’t have anything else to do. Bindya says true love doesn’t have to be proved, it shows automatically. The one you have to prove is not true love. True love doesn’t is dying for your lover. Its like open air. It can go anywhere. Nothing can stop it. The one whole loves truly is not scared of the world. Rest you know.

Poonam asks Rekha where is lakhan? She points at Dadda ji and says he has lakhan. He has concealed him. Dadda ji says to his man rain season is almost ending. Get the field work started. Poonam says where is my lakhan? Give him back to me. Dadda ji asks men to leave. Dadda ji says first time I was wrong in recognizing someone. You are standing like this in front of me, your feet are trembling. There is a limit to everything. Whats wrong with you. Poonam says whats wrong with you, have you forgotten who you are. Why are you back? He says you dare not. Poonam says you don’t speak in such loud tone. The saints have good manners in their head. But I see a man who shouts at women and wants them to be in control. I wont cover my head. Why can’t I smile and laugh in my own house. why can’t thakur family girls go out to study. The woman, why she has to face so many restrictions. You do pooja of durga maa, she is a woman too. Why such dual life? Now I know why you want me to be quite. Because you don’t have any answers. No one showed you mirror by now. So you want me to be quite. Why this dual life dadda ji.
Bindya says to Rekha she is saying way more than I expected. Maya says to badi amma please do something. I think Bindya mixed something in her food. She doesn’t even know what she is saying. Badi amma says she is under hangover still speaking sense. She is saying right. None of us had the courage to speak like this in front of him.
Dadda ji says to Poonam you operation has to be done. Poonam laughs. Dadda ji says no one can save you from me today. Poonam says nothing will happen to me. I didn’t do anything wrong. My mom says that until you don’t do wrong, no one can do wrong to you. But the people who think ill, they are haunted by wrong. Dadda ji asks his man to bring the belt. He says for the first time, I break the rule of not hitting a woman. Today I will tell you, he is about to slam it but Lakhan holds the belt. Poonam smiles. Everyone is bewildered. Lakhan stands in front of Poonam. she hugs him. Dadda ji says Lakhan you came in my way. You the consequence of stopping Manohar thakur. If you had seen your wife doing what she did, this belt would have been in your hand. I said it once, that i will punish her. And its final. Lakhan says I am sorry till I am alive no one can touch my wife. Dadda laughs and says nice dialogue. You consider yourself a man, once the sword is out it doesn’t go in unless it has blood on it. Rekha says dadda ji please calm down i will handle him. I’ll talk to him. Rekha says to Lakhan are you out of your mind. Dadda ji is certain about his words. you will stop him? You will argue with him? How did you even think? It was poonam’s mistake. We were all here. You are saving her and she misbehaved. Leave her and come with me Lakhan says maya bhabhi take poonam from here. Poonam says i wont go anywhere without you. Lakhan says go to your room poonam. Maya takes her to room. Lakhan says to dadda i understand that she must have done something that she shouldn’t have as daughter in law of this badi haveli. Dadda ji says you want to be your wife’s slave. Sending her to room doesn’t solve the problem. The punishment has to be served.