Monday Update on Age is Just a Number 1 June 2020


Monday Update on Age is Just a Number 1 June 2020

The next morning, Vaidika thanks Sahil for suggesting about the exhibition at the shop. They watch a bulldozer approaching their shops. The committee members got the shops being destroyed. Sahil takes Vaidika aside while their shop was being put down. Sahil comes to question the committee members. The committee member says they will have to pay the fine as well for running the shop without permission.

Age Is Just a Number Update Sunday 31 May 2020

Sahil speaks to the committee member that they won’t get any fine as they didn’t bring any prior notice. They ask who Sahil is. Vaidika says Sahil is her tenant. Panday ji gets a chance to blame Vaidika. Sahil beats Panday for cursing Vaidika’s character. The police arrest Sahil.
Deepak was following another tip of Pandit to bear a son. He gets a call from the police inspector
Vaidika was upset at home that Sahil was punished for helping her.
In the police station, the media questions Sahil the reason for his arrest. They ask if Sahil is the ruined son of Agarwal and had to stay at Vaidika’s house because his family didn’t allow him stay.
Vaidika successfully gets a bail for Sahil in the police station.
Bari Amma leaves with the driver. Vaidika comes home furious over Sahil. She tells Sahil he ruined her hard earned respect today. Her character was accused by Panday today. She doesn’t have the money to return to Sahil, but she can’t even let him stay here. He must bring his wife here within next 24 hours or vacate the room. She can’t bear his childishness anymore. Sahil leaves the house.
Bari Amma reaches the neighborhood of Vaidika. Panday ji brings her towards the house. Bari Amma sends the driver away while Panday had filled her ears along the way. Bari Amma walks inside and calls Sahil. Vaidika comes out of the kitchen. Panday’s words echo in her mind, she asks Vaidika about Sahil.

Vaidika walks outside with a glass of water for Bari Amma but she denies. She says she must be Sahil’s Bari Amma, Sahil isn’t home right now. She turns to call and ask him when he would return. Bari Amma asks Vaidika where has Sahil gone? Nani comes out and recognizes her, she comes for a confrontation with Bari Amma. Bari Amma says she already knew Sahil was living with illiterates, and now is sure he has fallen down a lot. Vaidika stops Nani, but Bari Amma blames Vaidika that she wants to gulp her innocent child as he is rich. Nani reminds Bari Amma that Sahil left the house himself, and chose to live with them. Bari Amma blames Vaidika and tells her to leave Sahil. Vaidika stops Bari Amma from saying anything else; she says Sahil is only a tenant at their house. Bari Amma says Sahil

will now go with her. Nani says they won’t get the rent back. Vaidika tells Bari Amma to wait for Sahil here and speak to him. Sahil stood at a jalebi stall. Panday ji informs him that his family has come to see his rented house.
Bari Amma blames that Vaidika and her family has shown Sahil the air of jail as well. She questions Vaidika what she wants from Sahil? His money or bed? Vaidika was taken aback at her words. She joins her hands and tells her to stop it, she will respect that she is standing at her house. Nani tells Bari Amma to look into her own house, she teased her son and daughter in law both. Bari Amma says her son is a bachelor. She says she now understands their intentions; and throws a bundle of money at the table for Vaidika forbidding them to spread anymore rumors about Sahil.
Sahil had reached home. Bari Amma stops him from speaking to Vaidika and tells him to go home. Vaidika stops Sahil from speaking up, he must go and speak to Bari Amma. Sahil brings Bari Amma outside the house and questions her about her way of speech. Bari Amma tells him to come home with her, this place isn’t worth staying. Sahil withdraws his hand and denies going with him.
Sahil comes inside and apologizes Vaidika. She only asks if he wasn’t married.
Panday ji says it’s Vaidika who trapped Sahil.
Vaidika hands Sahil the bag and tells him to leave. Sahil says he didn’t bring any girl as his wife here because he didn’t want to lie to her. It was his Bari Amma who told her everything; but the matter has now been resolved. Vaidika asks what’s resolved. She was disgraced everywhere because of his mistakes; his Bari Amma, the committee members and police and everyone around has blamed her. She hands him the bundle of money that Bari Amma left; and promises to return his rent as well. She requests him to leave. She holds her self-respect very dear. It hurts when an elder speaks ill about you. She shuts the door. Sahil leaves home with his bag.

Anjana was speaking to the Pandit about a remedy for Sahil. Deepak watches his Pandit and asks Gauri why she called their Pandit here, what if he gives a valid remedy. He tries to signal the Pandit but Anjana calls to join them. Deepak thinks he won’t get anything if Sahil returns.

Sahil walks along the street crying as he thinks about Vaidika’s words.
Aarya comes to tell Vaidika that there is something she didn’t share with her. The other day they were sitting on stairs, he told her that he isn’t married. He asked for her help to tell her, Aarya suggested him not to tell her else he won’t be allowed to stay here anymore. Aarya apologizes for not letting him tell her the truth. Vaidika says she didn’t expect this from Aarya, she could judge Sahil’s thoughts and considers her mother as stupid. Aarya tries to make her up, Nani also defends her. Vaidika was upset that her daughter hasn’t been able to speak truth to her. She has proven to be a bad mother; Sunil is right that single parent isn’t perfect. Aarya apologizes Vaidika and requests her not to send Sahil away from home.

Deepak comes to greet Pandit ji. Pandit tells Anjana that Sahil will make a home where he would live, his heart would also belong there and will always have a few differences with his family. Bari Amma returned home and thinks about what happened at Vaidika’s house. Anjana asks Bari Amma where is Sahil? Bari Amma says they have lost Sahil.

Bari Amma says they lost their Sahil. Anjana asks if he said something to you. Bari Amma doesn’t reply and orders Pandit to prepare Sahil’s birth chart right away.
At home, Aarya brings the tray of meal untouched. Maya comes in and takes the plate. She asks Vaidika if she is upset with Sahil’s departure why did she let him leave. Vaidika says it’s about his lies. Maya defends that Sahil lied because he wanted a space to live; but he later bear a lot because of her. Nani told her what Bari Amma said to her, but it wasn’t Sahil’s mistake. Vaidika was thoughtful. Maya insists that Aarya, Nani and she – all have lied to Vaidika at some time; she must push them all out of the house then. Everyone insist on Vaidika to eat something now when Rohit comes at the door. Maya welcomes

him inside, Nani also allows him to come in. Vaidika was worried where Sahil must have gone.
Sahil lay on a staircase in a garden. Karan comes there with a peck for him and tells him to go home, why ruin himself for a landlord. Sahil insists she is more than that for him.
Vaidika brings tea for Rohit who sat outside. Rohit speaks to her that Vaidika never cared for people and their thinking. Then why pay much heed to what people would think now? Sahil had to lie to her because she cared what people would think if she keeps a bachelor tenant.
Karan asks Sahil what’s going on between them. Sahil says he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him. He always want to impress her, and everything she does or say has an effect on him. He has discovered some unique connection with her. Karan didn’t recognize it was the same Sahil. Sahil shouts that he is in love with Vaidika. Somewhere behind there was firework. Sahil says she must be really tensed because of him and runs home.

The family ask Vaidika about her decision now. Vaidika turns to speak to them all when Sahil appears from behind. Vaidika says she was actually thinking about the world.

Sahil speaks from behind that when would she follow her own impulses then? Aarya was happy to see him. Sahil says the world didn’t even spare Mahatma Gandhi. He holds his ears in apology. Vaidika warns that he shouldn’t lie to her again. Sahil promises to never get her into any problem again. Nani takes Vaidika inside for dinner and invites Sahil as well. Karan watched this from outside, he drags Sahil outside and asks if he has gone crazy? She is a mature woman and has a grownup child. He has no future with Vaidika. Sahil was furious that Karan thinks he likes Vaidika for her hotness and grabs Karan’s collar. He feels disgusted over Karan’s thinking. Karan says he only wanted to know this wasn’t a physical attraction; it’s a difficult relation. She has a 15 year old daughter. Sahil must not take another step until he is 1000 percent sure its love, because he won’t get another chance with such a girl.
Gauri brings the glass of milk for Deepak and says what Sahil did today wasn’t right. Deepak physically molests her while cursing Sahil. Gauri insists that they only need to understand Sahil. Gauri avoids Deepak to go to Amma. Deepak warns they will leave Riya to Dada and Dadi forever if a son isn’t born this year.
Anjana was worried watching all the packing of luggage. Bari Amma comes downstairs and leaves without replying anyone. Deepak thinks his plan would work for sure today.

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