Monday Update Kindred hearts 19th August


Monday Update Kindred hearts 19th August

In morning, Jhanvi wakes up and suddenly flower petals are showered on her, she smiles and takes off card from table. She reads Adi’s note that you have made my life beautiful by coming in it, sameway I want to make every morning of yours beautiful – your Adi. Adi comes there, she tries to get up but Adi says remain in bed, I have brought breakfast. He brings breakfast to her, she says you made all this? he says I woke Kaki and Chinni and they helped me, she hugs him and says I love you. Adi says I love you too and today is our lives’s new start and I want everything to be perfect, Jhanvi says when you are with me then everything is perfect. Adi feeds her breakfast, she praises it and makes him eat too, hawain plays as they share breakfast. Adi brings gift for her.

She opens it and finds a nice pink shawl inside. Jhanvi says thank you, its pretty. Chinni comes there and asks how was breakfast mom? she says it was world’s best, you helped papa so do you want noodle now? she says yes and goes to wake up Binni. Adi smiles at Jhanvi and says I have talked to lawyer, divorce proceeding have moved on and I have given proofs against Nisha and soon all this will end, everything will be fine, you just smile. Jhanvi smiles, he leans in to kiss her but she says I have to make noodles and runs away, Adi laughs.

Nisha tears Adi’s notice and Adi how could you send divorce papers to me? Jhanvi must have sent it, he has got guts from Jhanvi have come in his life. Lawyer says you had to sign these papers, we have to handle this carefully, Nisha shouts on him to leave, he leaves. Nisha calls Kaka and says I want your help, he says you dont deserve my help. Nisha says I have proofs against you, I can show your deeds to everyone and you will be thrown out like me too so you have to help me. Kaka says nobody would believe you, I know Neha’s baby died because of you, I couldnt be grand father now, my Neha and Raj lost their baby because of you so dont even ask for help from me now, Nisha says shut up and ends call. She says if he cant help me then fine, I will remove him from my way, his time has ended and I will finish him in time now.

Kids are screaming for food. Jhanvi says statue, all becomes statue including Adi and Kaki. Jhanvi says whoever remains statue for longer time, that will get noodles from my hands. Jhanvi blows a kiss at Adi. Adi smiles at her. Jhanvi says Adi lost and kids won, Adi says its cheating. Kaki says come to mandir first. She puts her hand over flame and puts tikka on Jhanvi and Adi, she says it will protect you all. Raj and Neha comes there. Neha says I dont want to eat anything. Jhanvi says its good Neha came here, Neha you have to spend time and start eating, she serves her food. Adi says I have to go to office. Jhanvi gets miffed and huffs at him, he silently pleads her to let him go, she pouts. Adi says I am leaving, he whispers to her lunchbox, she says to family that Adi forgot lunchbox, I will give it to him.
Jhanvi comes to Adi with lunchbox, she says you will make me wait whole day, Adi says you are acting like typical wife. Adi pulls her to his arms, Jhanvi says anyone can see. Adi says you are my wife, I am so happy. Jhanvi says I am scared that someone might cast evil eye on us. Samar looks at Jhanvi in Adi’s arms from his window. Adi says to Jhanvi that no one will cast evil eye on us, we will be together always, he kisses her cheek all over and leaves. Samar sees all this from window and fumes in anger.

Jhanvi gets dressed in saree for Adi, she wears jewelry and waits for Adi. Her saree gets stuck in stool. Samar comes there and pulls it away. She says sorry I didnt see it. Samar says I couldnt see it too, its okay you didnt tell me or not even family. Jhanvi says I.. he says its okay. Samar looks at flowers and says they are pretty like you. Jhanvi says Adi.. he says ofcourse Adi brought them, same husband who left you with your kids? I am happy that your husband is back, I am happy for you and Adi, I can see happiness in your eyes but what about my heart that is in pain? because I am not reason for your happiness, I wish you were smiling for me, humming thinking about me. She is shocked and says what are you saying? Samar says when I met you, I didnt know I would fall in love with you, I was impressed with your attitude and will power and lost my heart, I love you Jhanvi. Jhanvi is shocked to hear it. Samar says I tried to impress you for my love but I couldnt and now I know the reason. Jhanvi says what are you saying? I never hinted all this to you, how can you think like that? Samar says love is not calculated, it just happens like it happened to me for you and I am not ashamed of you, I started dreaming of life with you, if this was not hidden from me then I wouldnt have been this hurt. Jhanvi says leave love, I was not even your friend, we had a professional relation only, you are just Adi’s friend for me. Samar says thats the reason, I thought one day our relation will move on from professionalism but I didnt know you did everything for Adi, you could have told me everything but you hurt me a lot. Jhanvi says I am sorry, I didnt realize it. Samar says you still dont realize. Samar tries to hold her hand but she jerks it away and says what are you doing? Samar smirks at her creepily. Samar says take care of yourself Jhanvi, he looks at rose and says flowers might be pretty but they have to stale one day, we dont see thorns in them but when they prick you then it hurts a lot, he smashes rose in his hand and glares at Jhanvi. Jhanvi is tensed. Samar leaves.

Nisha is looking at Adi’s picture with obsession, her mother brings tea. Door bell rings, her mom opens, goon comes there and says call Nisha madam. Nisha says come inside. He does. Goon says work will be done, my money? Nisha gives him money, he says name and photo? She shows him Adi’s picture and says I will send you information, you will get full payment after work is done. Nisha’s mom looks on. Goon leaves.

Jhanvi is tensed in her room and recalls Samar’s words and how he confessed his love. Jhanvi says this thing can go further, I have to tell Adi and he will handle it. Nisha’s mom call Jhanvi and says I want to tell you something, please hear me, Nisha is planning to do something bad with Adi, she is fuming to take revenge, Jhanvi says what? but call ends. Jhanvi is tensed.

Adi comes to office and gets Jhanvi’s call. Jhanvi asks where are you? why were you not picking my call? Adi says I was in washroom. Jhanvi says Nisha’s mom called and said Nisha is trying to hurt, I am coming to get you from office. Adi says relax, I am fine. Jhanvi says I want to see you right now. Adi says come to my office and see your husband is in one piece, Jhanvi says I am coming.

Jhanvi starts leaving house. she strikes with Adi’s photo on wall, its about to fall but Jhanvi fixes it.

Samar is in car and drinking wine, he recalls his moments with Jhanvi in rage, he recalls how he saved her, tried to impress her. Samar comes out of car and recalls how Nisha fueled his feelings for Jhanvi,encouraged him to impress Jhanvi, he throws away wine bottle

and calls Nisha, he says you have destroyed my life, you knew everything that Jhanvi is married still you made me dream of her for your motive, all are right you are liar and fake. Nisha says stop it and calm down, your anger shouldnt waste on me, you have got your heart hurt and no one knows its pain better than me, meet me, talk to me and everything will be fine. She ends call and smirks.
Jhanvi comes to Adi’s office. Receptionist brings flowers to her, she says thank you and leaves. Jhanvi says weird. Another man brings flowers, more people start giving her flowers, she is confused. She comes to Adi’s cabin and sees Adi holding thank you card. His cabin decorated. Adi says its all for you. She says why all are thanking me? Adi says because you deserve it, when I got to know you are coming so I gave off to everyone and they all left. Adi says we met here for first time so we should have date here too. Adi says I am hungry. Jhanvi says we can order, Adi says no I want to cook something for you, he shows her electric kettle and asks if she remembers something? Jhanvi recalls how once she got stuck in office with Adi and he had made noodles in that kettle and they shared it that night, she smiles recalling it. Adi says keep smiling like that, he kisses her forehead. Jhanvi says dont forget to pamper me, make food for me. Adi goes to make noodles in electric kettle. Adi lovingly looks at Jhanvi and kisses her hand, he says I love you. Jhanvi says I love you too.. they smile at each other.

Samar meets Nisha and says you have hurt me more by lying to me, you distracted me. Nisha says you wanted Jhanvi and I wanted Adi so I did it, we do things in love that we dont want. Samar says stop it.. this family did this with my father too, they threw him out on roads and did same for me, you knew everything but still attracted me to Jhanvi. Nisha says you were already attracted to her, you were always looking for Jhanvi, I just noticed it, now you know Jhanvi is married to Adi, is your love less for her now? no because love is like this, we cant control it. Samar says how to pacify Jhanvi now? Nisha says you love her that much? He says I love her a lot, Nisha says how much? Samar says I love her unconditionally, I can kill myself for her. Nisha says can you kill someone else for her? Samar looks on. Nisha says kill Adi and your path will be cleared, Jhanvi will be yours. Samar says have you gone mad? Nisha says I can see craziness in your eyes, I am just wording it. Samar says you want me to sacrifice my friend? Nisha says he is not that great, he ended his marriage with me like nothing, threw me out of house and kids away from me, if love is return for love, friendship for friendship then betrayal in return of betrayal is good too. Samar looks on.

Adi and Jhanvi shares noodles, they feed each other lovingly. Adi is mesmerized by her. Adi says one minute, he goes.

Samar asks Nisha if it will be alright to do? Nisha says what Jindal family did with your father, was that right? this cheating and hurt what you are feeling right now, is that right? now tell me will you spend whole life thinking that Jindals never did right with you or will you take action against is? will you make a deal with me? Samar looks on but shakes hand with her.

Adi brings guitar and starts playing it for Jhanvi. She smiles at him. Adi starts singing Ae dil hai mushkil,she is lost in him. Adi comes to her and they start dancing. They share eyelock and smile. Jhanvi hugs him tightly but recalls Nisha’s mom’s words that Nisha will do something bad with Adi, she gets tensed. Nisha comes to Adi’s office and sees Jhanvi hugging Adi. She glares at them. Jhanvi sees her standing there. Nisha comes in office. Adi is hugging Jhanvi and has back towards Nisha. Nisha pulls out gun and points at Adi’s back. Jhanvi gets tensed. Jhanvi shouts Adi no.. and stands infront of Adi, she turns to look that there is no one outside cabin. Adi says there is no one here, what happened? Jhanvi says that Nisha.. Adi says we are fine here. Jhanvi says I am okay, you are with me. Adi says you are not okay, let me make it okay. Adi calls Nisha and says how dare you try to reach me through others? Nisha says aww are you missing me? atleast I got to talk to you, seems like you are bored with Jhanvi soon, should I comeback darling husband. Adi says shut up, I am warning you to stay away from my family, you will go to jail, your mother called Jhanvi and said my life is in danger? I have signed divorce papers, you sign them otherwise you will go to jail and no one will save you, stay away from my family, he ends call. Nisha is shocked to hear about her mother telling Jhanvi about her plan.

Nisha comes to her mother with kerosene and starts pouring it over her, mom says have you gone mad? I am your mother. Nisha says you want to die? what you think that I am a fool? you are taking Adi’s side, you are giving him information about my plan? how dare you, I would forget you are my parents, I was in hospital but you never came to see me, you left me alone, I dont care about you both at all so dont interfere in my life otherwise what I will do will never even cross your mind, she leaves.

Jhanvi says to Adi that I feel Nisha’s evil eye is on us. Adi says she will go away and nothing will happen, he hugs her to console her but she is still worried.

Adi and Jhanvi comes home. Kaki says I pray for you both. Baba says we are lucky to find daughter in law like Jhanvi, Adi says son is forgotten now. Kaki says you handle her Jhanvi. Jhanvi says I wouldnt find courage without family’s support. Kaki says you are best daughter in law. Adi smiles. Samar sees all this from balcony. Adi looks up and sees Samar there but Samar leaves.

Samar comes to his room and looks at Adi and Jhanvi’s wedding photo, he recalls his moments with Jhanvi. He burns Adi’s image from their wedding photo and punches glass table in rage, his hand bleed. Adi comes there and says what happened man? you are hurt. Samar says hand slipped and hurt, its weird that when things slip from hand, it hurts. Adi says let me call doctor, Samar says its

small wound and blood stopped too. Adi says I am sorry, I hid many things from you, I know you had good friendship with Nisha but you dont know what she did with this family, you are my family and member of this house, I am sorry for what I did. Samar takes glass piece and hides it behind him, he says its okay. Adi says I know you must have felt bad, I am really sorry.. Samar takes out glass piece and stabs Adi suddenly, Adi is shocked and looks down. Samar says you and Jhanvi hurt me a lot, he takes out glass piece. Adi looks down his stomach bleeding… it all turns out to be Samar’s dream. Samar says to Adi that its okay, I would have done same. Adi says I will bandage your hand. He brings first aid box, Samar glares at him while Adi wipes his wound and bandages it.


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