Monday Update 26th August on King of hearts


Monday Update 26th August on King of hearts

Roshni gets up and feels dizzy. DD calls Shambu and asks him to bring Dalchini and Pudina water for Roshni. Nani Maasi and DD come there. Nani Maasi asks where is Roshni. DD says she is in bathroom and is slightly unwell. Roshni gets vomiting. Nani asks what happened. Roshni comes to room. Nani Maasi asks to call doctor now. Shambu brings Dalchini and Pudina water. Nani Maasi asks what is this? Nani says it is just a drink and asks her to go and check the arrangements. Nani Maasi says everyone is hopeless here, as she has to see everything. Nani tells DD that she is her mum and says this Dalchini water is usually drink by a pregnant woman. Roshni smiles. DD tells that Roshni is pregnant. Nani gets happy and is on cloud nine. She tells that her sister should not know as she has old thinking. Jigna comes and asks what you were talking about. DD asks her to go out. Nani takes Jigna from there. Roshni smiles.

Sid and his family come to DD’s house. Nani Maasi stops them right there, and asks to remove the footwear. Sid and his family agree and remove the foot wears. Raj tells Sid that DD is looking old is gold. Sid tells that Nani Maasi is DD’s aunt, and is more old than DD. Nani Maasi warns Sid to obey her. Bua Dadi comes and says our groom will not listen to you. Sid gets tensed and thinks they will fight.

Bua Dadi asks where is the bride. Beeji sees Roshni coming and informs her. Krutika brings Roshni there. Bua Dadi asks why you are so think, didn’t you eat anything. She says I will make you eat ghee parathas etc. Roshni nods no. Raj asks her to keep parathas reserved to herself.

Sid and Roshni sits for Puja. Pandit ji asks Mona to make Sid wear the chunari. Dadi Bua stops Mona. Nani Maasi stops her and says please let the rituals complete. Beeji asks Bua Dadi to comply. Sid sits helplessly. Raj intervenes and says they are just performing the rituals. Dadi Bua refuses. Pandit ji tells that mahurat will end if they continue fighting. He starts the rituals. Roshni feels nausea because of the fire smoke. Pandit ji declares that the puja is completed with all the rituals. Bua Dadi tells Roshni that she brought ghee laddos for her. Roshni refuses to eat as she is feeling nausea. Bua Dadi insists. Roshni feels vomiting sensation and runs to washroom. Everyone is tensed. Bua Dadi tells that Roshni is very arrogant and refused to eat laddo with my hand. Beeji tells that she will go and see. Nani Maasi makes it clear that Roshni is not keeping well.

After coming out from washroom. Roshni picks a guava and is about to eat it. Beeji comes and happens to see it. She figures out that Roshni is pregnant. Roshni gets surprised seeing her. Beeji asks her if she is going to be great grand mum? Roshni blushes. Beeji blesses her and is also on cloud nine happily. She tells that she will tell everyone. Nani stops her and says they have not made this news public and asks her to restrain herself from informing others for now. She tells that their sisters have old thinking too.

Sid and Roshni getting romantic, and Sid demanding a kiss from her. Roshni refuses and tells that anyone can see them. Sid insists so she gives him kiss on his cheek. Sid gets romantic and closer. Bua Dadi comes and happens to see them romantic. She badmouths about Roshni’s character. Nani Maasi asks her to take care of her son, and says she don’t like this alliance. Bua Dadi tells that she break this alliance. Nani gets tensed and asks if this marriage will not happen even this time? Bua Dadi raises a question on Nani’s upbringing. Nani Maasi says they are not interested in the alliance. They argue while Sid and Roshni get tensed. Beeji tells that kids have done a mistake, and they shall forgive them. She asks them to apologize to elders. DD asks Roshni, why did you get close to him. She says even a little closeness is not accepted by elders. Sid intervenes. Simran tells him that DD is right. Sid apologizes to Nani Maasi. Nani Maasi warns him not to do mistake again else. They argue again. Roshni asks Sid, if you are happy now? Sid apologizes.

Later they talk to each other on phone. Roshni tells him that she is having mango shake. Sid tells that she is eating so much now, and wonders about her weight. Roshni asks him to get ready for double Roshni and tells that they can’t go on a drive because of today’s happening. Sid says Roshni is taking him lightly and he has to do something.

DD tells that she has decided on baby names, and the baby will be part of Shiv. She selects the names related to Shiv. Nani tells that this baby has done magic on you as you agreed for the wedding.

Nani notices Roshni, Sam and others practicing for the sangeet. Nani stops the music and asks Sam to give her light steps. Sam asks why? Nani Maasi tells her that Nani is right and Roshni is unwell. Sam goes angrily. Mona follows her. Roshni tells her that she knows that she is pregnant, but she have to dance in sangeet. Nani makes her sit and have juice.

Krutika tells Simran that she will practice dance and asks her to show ths steps. Simran shows her dance steps. Bua Dadi thinks she can’t bear to see Krutika’s face. Simran sees Beeji going somewhere silently. Bua Dadi asks her to call Beeji. Beeji goes to room and takes out toy from the cupboard. She kisses it. Simran comes and asks what is it?

Beeji tells that it is for neighbor. Simran is surprised and says he is small. Krutika shouts as she slipped in water. Simran and Roshni go to her rescue. Simran tells that she will massage with ice cube. It is shown that Bua Dadi made her fall, to stop her from dancing at Sid and Roshni’s wedding.

Sid and Roshni’s sangeet begins. The announcement is made for Nani and Beeji to dance. Everyone looks on happily. Beeji and Nani dance fabulously on the song Sasural Kenda Phool.


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