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Mismatched Starlife Full story,Plot, Teasers,Summary and Casts

Mismatched narrates the tale of Shaurya, a chauvinist who believes that every girl’s future belongs in the kitchen. He is in for a surprise when he crosses paths with Anokhi, a seemingly ordinary but hardworking girl.

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Full Story Summary on Mismatched

Shaurya Sabherwal belongs to an affluent family in Chandigarh. He is a modern-day misogynist and believes that women should be restricted from studying and working. He has such a nature because his mother left him in his childhood unwillingly to pursue her career to aid and support her elderly parents, while he was influenced by thinking of his uncle and aunt. On the other hand, Anokhi Bhalla is an ambitious and headstrong girl, willing to mark society. Having a completely different ideology, she feels that society is patriarchal and women should strive to live on their terms.

The story begins with Shaurya’s engagement with his long-time girlfriend, Shagun. However, on the engagement day, Shagun reveals to Shaurya that she is willing to go to Cambridge to study further. A reluctant Shaurya asks her to choose between her married life and Cambridge. Shagun chooses to follow her dream while an infuriated Shaurya breaks the engagement. On the other hand, Anokhi studies in the same college in which Shaurya’s mother, Aastha, is a professor. Aastha is highly supportive of Anokhi.

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Anokhi participates in a debate competition where she speaks up about the need for women to become independent. She wins the competition and gets awarded by none other than Shaurya, who is the Guest of Honour of the competition. After the competition, Aastha wishes to meet her son, Shaurya. As he is about to go, Aastha goes towards him and tries to talk to him. Shaurya refuses to talk to her and behaves with her very rudely. Anokhi sees this from a distance and comes in between them. She confronts Shaurya for his Misbehavior and asks him to apologise Aastha. Shaurya refuses and goes away. Anokhi didn’t know that Shaurya is the son of Aastha.

Anokhi’s father fixes her marriage with an orthodox and alcoholic person, Monty, much to Anokhi, Babli, and Rama’s reluctance. Anokhi’s in-laws permit her to continue her studies after marriage in Toronto, Canada. But, the actual colours of the family are revealed when she overhears Monty’s conversation wherein he addresses wives as ‘Glorified Servants’ and reveals his unwillingness to allow Anokhi to study. Anokhi pleads her father to stop her marriage, but he locks her up in her room. Later, Babli and Rama learn of Monty’s ugly side. They decide to free Anokhi from this forced relation and helps her to run away. Anokhi manages to escape her marriage and arrives at Aastha’s house. Aastha facilitates her admission at Sabherwal Institute of Arts and Commerce (SIAC) by requesting her estranged husband, Shaan.

Shaurya bombards Anokhi with questions, but she cracks the interview with flying colours. The confidence with which she answered all the questions astonished all panel members. Later, Anokhi had to arrange for her Transfer Certificate and fifty thousand rupees for her admission. Babli tries to help Anokhi by lending her gold bangles, which she can mortgage. But, Vineet foils their plan and insults them. Shaurya accuses Anokhi of theft and refuses to provide her admission. But, Aastha proves Anokhi’s innocence. Thus, Anokhi is finally admitted to SIAC.

Anokhi finds it difficult in adjusting to her new classmates at SIAC. After college premises, the students confined Anokhi and insulted her and then locked her up in the classroom. Anokhi was deeply traumatised after this incident, but she mustered courage and sought to expose the students. The group of students, led by Kitty and Bebo (Shaurya’s cousin sisters), used tactful ways to confute Anokhi’s claim. Shaurya too initially refuted all her claims, but later they teamed up to expose the students. Ultimately, the students accepted their mistakes. Elsewhere, an agitated Raja shoots Aastha, who Anokhi’s parents later rescued.

Aastha is quickly rushed to Chandigarh, where she is operated on. Anokhi and Shaan worry about Aastha as the latter’s health deteriorates. Gayatri gets tensed upon listening about Aastha’s deteriorating health. Thus, she insists Shaurya meet Aastha. Later, it is shown that Shaurya visits Aastha. This reveals that Shaurya is not bad at heart and cares about his mother. But the latter’s past constantly haunts him, due to which he cannot express his love for his mother freely. Later, an enraged Devi confronts Aastha. Shaurya overhears their conversation and again misunderstands Aastha and hurls accusations at her. Anokhi, who was hearing all this, defends Aastha. Later after a heated argument, Devi manipulates Shaan to give divorce to Aastha.

Aastha expresses her desire of celebrating Shaurya’s birthday with him. Anokhi conveys this to Shaurya, who sternly refuses and mistakenly harms Anokhi. Later, Aastha comes to Shaurya to clear out all grudges with him. Shaurya, who was reluctant to hear her, brutally insults her, so she leaves. When Aastha goes missing, Shaurya and Anokhi search for her together. When they search for Aastha in the market, they are caught during a riot. Anokhi is injured in a blast near the market, but Shaurya rescues her and has her hospitalised. Elsewhere, Shaan finds Aastha. When Aastha is found, Shaurya unwillingly seeks forgiveness from her. Later, Shaurya becomes envious of seeing Anokhi getting close to ACP Aahir. To separate Shaurya from Aastha and Anokhi, Tej plans to appoint him as the chairman of their college’s new branch at Patiala. This is when Shaurya realises that he is falling for Anokhi. Aahir’s growing concern for Anokhi irks Shaurya, and the latter vents his frustration on Anokhi. Anokhi couldn’t tolerate the insult and decides to return to her hometown, Kapurthala.

Before leaving for Kapurthala, Anokhi appears for the Economics Preliminary examination. Although she had worked hard for this and topped the exam, she is accused of cheating. She was on the verge of rustication, but Shaurya proves her innocence. Even though she was proven innocent, she doesn’t change her decision to leave the college. Elsewhere, Aastha and Shaan file for a divorce. Even though they separate legally, Shaan decides to start afresh with Aastha.

Later, Shaurya convinces Anokhi to continue her studies at SIAC. Aastha becomes sceptical about Shaurya and Anokhi’s relationship as she realises that Shaurya and Anokhi are falling for each other. Further, Shagun makes a re-entry, intending to spoil Shaurya and Anokhi’s budding love. Amidst this, Shaurya realises how much he loves Anokhi and wants to tell her this; he travels to Anokhi’s hostel, drenched in the rain, where he falls sick. Shaurya spends most of the night with Anokhi, whilst Devi is worried about where Shaurya is. She calls ACP Ahir to help investigate who eventually finds Shaurya. To prevent Anokhi from getting in trouble, Shaurya formulates a plan to seem as if he was in the library. Anokhi gets off the hook.

Shaurya wishes to tell Anokhi about his feelings on the day of the festival. However, his plans are spoiled because of ACP Ahir. In a fit of rage, he accidentally crashes into Ahir’s car and, as a result, is arrested. ACP Ahir also reveals that he has feelings for Anokhi.

Shagun sees that Shaurya has moved on and is smitten with someone else, so she prepares to go despite Devi’s protests. However, Shaurya mistakes Shagun for Anokhi and lovingly colours her face. This puts Shagun under the delusion that Shaurya still has feelings for her. She takes the vacant job of the professor for Economics at SIAC and tells Shaurya why she has come back from the UK, but he tries to explain that he likes Anokhi now and that Shagun should not have left her career for this. When Anokhi enters the room, Shaurya is rude to her. Later, he apologises and asks her to dine with him on a date. Anokhi, ecstatic, agrees. After which, Devi makes a plan and sends Shagun to the date where Anokhi misunderstands Shaurya. Shaurya proposes to Anokhi, but she thinks that he is taking revenge on her. A furious Shaurya goes to Goa without letting anyone know, but Anokhi follows him to Goa, where Babli and ACP Aahir reaches too. Soon, Shaurya gets into an accident, and Aastha and Devi fight about rights over Shaurya. The truth finally comes out that Shaurya and Anokhi are in love with each other.

Soon, Shaurya goes missing and is assumed to be lost somewhere, which worries the Sabherwals and Aastha. Aastha comforts Devi, and the two come closer during this time and understand that they both are mothers. One gave birth to Shaurya, and the other raised him. Shagun confronts Anokhi and asks her where she has hidden Shaurya. Shocked, Anokhi looks for him and soon finds out that it was Vineet who kidnapped him with other goons so that he could demand ransom from the Sabherwals. After she tells the Sabherwals that her sister’s husband kidnapped Shaurya. Devi blames Anokhi for his kidnapping. After much effort, she finds Shaurya, but the Sabherwals reach there and leave with Shaurya. The next day, Shaurya tries to find Anokhi, but the receptionist tells him that she, with her sister and Aahir, left for Chandigarh. Shaurya tries to reach there but receives the news of Devi’s minor heart attack and rushes to the villa. Devi asks Shaurya to get engaged to Shagun, but he denies it. Devi fakes a heart attack, and thus Shaurya gets engaged to Shagun.

However, the next day he meets Anokhi, and they both confess their love for each other. Still, Anokhi chooses her career and leaves Shaurya where in a fit of anger, he fills vermilion in Anokhi’s hairline, making her Mrs Anokhi Shaurya Sabherwal. Even though Shaurya is happy about the marriage, Anokhi is furious at Shaurya for deciding without even asking her. She claims that she can’t believe that the person who didn’t even fight for her mother’s rights will fight for her rights. She puts a condition for him to accept his mother into his life and become a good son and then try to become a good husband. However, Aastha refuses to come back. Shaurya visits Anokhi and tells her about Aastha’s decision where the couple shares a few romantic moments. Aahir proposes to Anokhi for marriage where she refuses and tells him the truth of her marriage. Elsewhere, Anokhi is selected for an Economics seminar in Delhi where Shaurya plans a romantic trip. The couple shares romantic moments under the rain, and Shaurya pours his heart out to Anokhi about why he hates his mother, Aastha. Later Shagun tracks down Shaurya and Anokhi, and she learns about Shaurya’s marriage with Anokhi. The family members learn of Shaurya’s marriage at which point they confront Shaurya, but he takes a stand and says that he loves Anokhi and thus married her. Tej and Devi wisely send Shaurya to Patiala, and in Shaurya’s absence, they rusticate Anokhi from college and hostel.

Shaurya reconciles with Aastha. When he learns of Anokhi’s rustication, he gets mad at the Sabherwals. Tej refuses to accept Anokhi as the daughter-in-law of Sabherwals, and therefore Shaurya leaves Sabherwal mansion. However, Tej meets Anokhi privately and blackmails her into leaving Shaurya or else he will disown Shaurya and ruin his career. As a result of this, Anokhi hides in ACP Ahir’s basement without the knowledge of Shaurya, who is desperately looking for her. With the help of ACP Ahir, he finds Anokhi. When he tries to talk to her, she shouts at him, stating that she does not accept their marriage and that he should go away. Shaurya reluctantly leaves and goes to the Sabherwal mansion, telling his family that the story of Shaurya and Anokhi is over, much to their delight. He then goes into his room, sulking intensively, mirroring Anokhi’s emotions. The next day, some guys tease Anokhi. She gets dizzy. Shaurya goes and holds her. He brings her back to her consciousness. Shaurya drops Anokhi home and discovers that the reason behind her rude behaviour is something else. He asks Anokhi about the reason, but she remains quiet. But Shaurya forces her to reveal her conversation with Tej. While Anokhi tries to apologise to Shaurya, he gets furious as Anokhi cannot take a stand for their love and decided to leave him. He proclaims that their relationship is over and leaves the house. A broken Anokhi tries to stop Shaurya, but her efforts remain futile.

Later on, Shaurya brings Shaan, Aastha, Babli and Ahir together and announces that he has decided to marry Anokhi again with all the rituals and marital vows. He also says that Anokhi should not be aware of their plan. While initially everyone remains a bit hesitant, later on, for the sake of Shaurya and Anokhi’s love, all of them agree to the plan. While Anokhi regrets her actions and for losing Shaurya forever, Shaurya goes to Kapurthala to meet the Bhallas and express his desire to marry Anokhi. They agree with Shaurya and Anokhi’s marriage wholeheartedly. The next day, Shaurya announces in front of the Sabharwals that he will marry Anokhi again, leaving everyone in a state of shock. He asks Devi to make a list of all the rituals to be conducted and to discuss with Aastha and decide among themselves who is going to perform which of the rituals. Devi tells Shaurya that Aastha cannot be invited to the wedding, to which Shaurya replies that it’s not possible and if Devi doesn’t want to be a part of the function, she need not, leaving her in shock. Later on, at college, Shaurya asks Shagun whether she can join in his plan for fooling Anokhi by playing along for a fake marriage, to which Shagun agrees. Later on, Shaurya declares in front of Anokhi that he will marry Shagun, leaving her traumatised. Shaurya then asks Anokhi if she would be able to prepare decorations for the wedding alongside Babli. Anokhi reluctantly agrees and undergoes a lot of stress in a period where all of her close ones are focused on Shaurya’s wedding. On the day of the Shagan, Anokhi arrives in a beautiful sari leaving Shaurya mesmerised.

While Anokhi continues to believe that Shaurya is getting married to Shagun, Aastha and Babli conduct the rituals of Shagan stealthily without making her feel suspicious about anything. The next day, for the Mehendi, Shaurya secretly makes the Mehendi artist write his name on Anokhi’s hand, leaving her surprised. By the end of the ceremony, unable to handle herself, and on Reema’s insistence, Anokhi ends up confessing her undying love for Shaurya and requests him to stop the wedding. At that moment, Shaurya shows Anokhi the wedding card and reveals that it’s their wedding. He says that he played all these games to make Anokhi realise that they cannot live without each other and shouldn’t give up on their love. They embrace each other as both Bhallas & Sabherwals join in on their happiness.

On the day of the wedding, Shaurya and his family arrive with baaraat. He then asks everyone where Tej is but no one has a clue. It is then when Tej makes a surprise entry to the wedding, telling Shaurya that his happiness is most important. Shaurya and Anokhi seek Tej’s blessings which he reluctantly gives. The couple then put garlands around each other’s necks. Later, Anokhi gets a message that her Sociology exam has been preponed on the same day from 11:30AM to 2:30PM. Anokhi panics as she does not know what to decide. While coming back down she bursts into tears, telling Shaurya about the exam getting preponed and if she doesn’t appear in the exam then it would waste her 1-year worth of efforts. Shaurya immediately tells her to go prioritize the exam and gives her a pen, but tells her to be quick enough to make it in time for the wedding. She thanks him and everyone wishes her best of luck. Then she and Reema directly head off to SIAC to appear in the exam.

Whilst taking in consideration of the auspicious time, Anokhi sits the exam, and is on route to finishing early at 2PM. However one last question takes her an extra 15 minutes meaning she leaves the exam hall at 2:15. Moreover, Anokhi receives the news that the main road was bombarded with heavy traffic due to a truck accident. Upon hearing this, she becomes depleted, and goes downstairs when she sees the whole baraat at the college. Shaurya and Anokhi quickly complete the circumambulations, and Shaurya applies the sindoor once again on Anokhi’s hair parting. Thus Shaurya and Anokhi get officially married. They then go to Sabherwal House and starts for the Ghrah Pravesh ritual. When Devi starts to do the ritual, Anokhi requests Aastha to start it first which she agrees and does. Anokhi and Shaurya then asks Devi to do it next as she is also Shaurya’s mother but she refuses to perform a ritual which is already done by someone else. After everyone’s pleadings she finally agrees and does the rasam, then Shaurya and Anokhi takes everyone’s blessings when Devi says to Anokhi to go and take blessings from Mata Rani in the house’ mandir, when Shagun and some other women accompany her to the mandir. The women suspect Anokhi of being pregnant and talk ill about Tej and Devi being suppressive in-laws. Hearing to those, Anokhi gives a back reply tells them that she won’t tolerate anyone talking anything bad about her family, saying so she goes. Later, Devi calls Anokhi and lashes out at her for insulting their close relatives but she tells them that what the women actually said about their family. Shaurya and Shaan too support her. Then Shaurya takes Anokhi to the room, while she is taking off her jewellery Shaurya back-hugs her and flirts with her. Kanchan calls them out to get ready for their reception, Anokhi sends him away in order to get ready for the reception. Shaurya comes well-dressed and everyone calls him handsome.

Anokhi also comes down and everyone praises her for her beauty. They then head off to the reception venue. Anokhi then meets her father and mother and gets too happy, Devi tells her to go and greet the guests. A guest asks her about her planning for further studies, Devi intervenes and replies that she won’t study anymore as she is now the daughter-in-law of their house, Anokhi looks shocked and stunned. The guests goes and Anokhi asks Devi why she answered it but Devi doesn’t reply and goes. Anokhi worries and Babli asks her the reason she tells her about her fear that she might need to compromise with her studies in order to say the daughter-in-law of Sabherwals, Babli assures her that Shaurya won’t let anything happen as he is always with her. Shaurya and Anokhi share a good time with each other later, the party ends, they move to their room where everyone is gathered. They asks what happened when Alok tells everyone that Shagun had drunk a lot and felt unconscious. She tries hard to stay in room but Shaurya removes her out of room. Later Shaurya and Anokhi spend a romantic night. In morning, Shaurya and Anokhi wake up and have a conversation when Kanchan comes and calls out Anokhi for Pehli Rasoi Ki Rasam. She then gets ready and goes in the kitchen. Devi gives her a long list of menu which she has to prepare in three hours, she also tells that no one can help her. Shaurya comes and gives her the idea of seeking help from Babli, she does. Everyone comes in the dining table.

Meanwhile, Alok tries to take advantage of a student Priyanka’s helplessness and tries to molest her but she manages to escape. Priyanka lodges a complaint against Alok and Anokhi supports her much to the infuriation of Sabherwal family, who fear of losing their face while Shaurya is confused about the same.Shagun manipulates Priyanka and asks her to make a fake recording against Anokhi.Sabherwals throw Anokhi out of house where Shaurya helds an investigation with help of ACP Ahir and Priyanka reveals everything and proves Anokhi innocent.Shaurya leaves Sabherwals to stay with Anokhi where Sabherwals finally realise their mistake and throws Alok out of house and apologies Anokhi and Aastha. The show ends when the Sabherwals reunite.

Brief Information and Details on Mismatched StarLife.

  • Genre: Family Drama
  • First Episode: 28th of October, 2021
  • Total number of episodes: 186
  • Total numbers of the season: One
  •  Channel: StarLife Africa
  • Network: Star Plus Tv
  • Original name:
  • Tele Country: Indian
  • Last Episode: Nil
  • Time Slot: Monday -Sunday, 7pm CAT

Main Cast on Mismatched StarLife

  • Debattama Saha as Anokhi Bhalla Sabherwal: Rama and Ramesh’s daughter, Babli and Raja’s sister, Shaurya’s student turned wife. She is a focused and hardworking girl who believes in gender equality. She elopes from her forced wedding in order to make a career and be independent. Later she falls in love with her professor, Shaurya and eventually marries him. (2020–2021)
  • Karanvir Sharma as Shaurya Sabherwal: Aastha and Shaan’s son, Devi and Tej’s foster son, Anokhi’s professor turned husband. He used to be a misogynist because he assumed that his mother left him to pursue her career. Initially he hated Anokhi but later on fell in love and married her. He used to hate his mother but later accepted her. (2020–2021)


  • Alka Kaushal as Devi Sabherwal: Tej’s wife, Shaurya’s aunt-turned-foster mother. She instigates Shaurya against Aastha by telling him that Aastha left him to focus on her career. Later she teams up with Shagun to remove Anokhi from Shaurya’s life but fails. But later on, she started admiring Anokhi and Aastha.(2020–2021)
  • Sooraj Thapar as Tej Sabherwal: Devi’s husband, Shaurya’s uncle-turned-foster father, Shaan and Alok’s elder brother. He is the patriarch of the Sabherwal family and chairman of Sabherwal Institute of Arts and Commerce [SIAC]. He taunts Shaan for being an irresponsible father and an alcoholic. He later on started admiring Anokhi and Aastha. (2020–2021)
  • Khalid Siddiqui as Shaan Sabherwal: Aastha’s former husband, Shaurya’s father, Tej and Alok’s brother, Anokhi’s father-in-law. He has been addicted to alcohol after Aastha left him. As a result, he could not concentrate on neither work nor his son. (2020–2021)

  • Deepa Parab as Aastha Kashyap: Shaan’s former wife, Shaurya’s mother, Anokhi’s Professor turned mother-in-law. Though she left the Sabherwal house to take care of her parents, her son Shaurya believes that she left for her career. She loves Shaan and Shaurya and is Anokhi’s mentor. (2020–2021)
  • Rajvir Chauhan as Pawan “Raja” Bhalla: Rama and Ramesh’s son; Anokhi’s elder brother; Babli’s younger brother (2020–2021)
  • Hitesh Bharadwaj as ACP Aahir Chattwal: Shaurya and Anokhi’s well-wisher. He loved Anokhi. (2021)