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Mismatched November Teasers 2021

Aastha’s efforts bear fruit after Anokhi gets admission to the college. Read Mismatched November 2021 Teasers:

Starlife Mismatched November 2021 Teasers 

Monday 1 November 2021

Episode 9

Anokhi learns a shocking truth about Babli while Ramesh humiliates Aastha. Elsewhere, the Sabherwals take an unexpected decision about Shaurya’s marriage.

Episode 10

Ramesh has a shocking outburst while Shaan recalls some fond memories of Aastha. Later, Anokhi rebukes Raja for dropping out of his college.

Tuesday 2 November 2021

Episode 11

At Shoki’s wedding, Monty is unable to take his eyes off Anokhi and tries to start a conversation. Elsewhere, Shagun meets Shaurya for official work.

Episode 12

Devi tries to convince Shaurya to attend Shagun’s farewell ceremony. While the groom’s family meets Anokhi, Shaurya scolds Shagun.

Wednesday 3 November 2021

Episode 13

Shaurya asks Shagun to rethink her decision of leaving the country for her Ph.D. Elsewhere, Anokhi tries to stop Vineet from assaulting Babli.

Episode 14

Anokhi is torn between her dreams and parental pressure about her marriage. Elsewhere, Devi asks Shaurya to break all ties with Shagun.

Thursday 4 November 2021

Episode 15

Anokhi remains adamant about writing her entrance exams for the Sabherwal Institute. Later, she puts forth a special request before Monty’s family.

Episode 16

Aastha gives Anokhi a crucial piece of advice on life after marriage. Later, Anokhi learns an alarming truth about Monty.

Friday 5 November 2021

Episode 17

Anokhi is forced to marry Monty despite gathering proof against his misdeeds. Meanwhile, Shaurya puts forth a demand before Aastha.

Episode 18

Babli comes to know about Monty’s true colours from a voice recording on Anokhi’s phone. Later, Babli and Rama give Anokhi an extraordinary idea.

Saturday 6 November 2021

Episode 19

Babli comes up with an idea to save Anokhi from the marriage. While Monty gets intoxicated, Anokhi secretly escapes from the wedding venue.

Episode 20

Ramesh learns that Anokhi has run away from the wedding. While Monty’s parents insult him for her outrageous act, Anokhi hides from Raja and Vineet in Shaurya’s car.

Sunday 7 November 2021

Episode 21

Monty’s family creates a scene while Raja grows suspicious about Babli. Later, Aastha seeks Shaan’s help for Anokhi’s admission in the Sabharwal college.

Episode 22

Aastha drops Anokhi at the railway station and lends her some cash. Later, Anokhi faces trouble on her way to Chandigarh as the police search for her.

Monday 8 November 2021

Episode 23

At the Sabherwal institute, Shaan eagerly waits to meet Anokhi and proceed with her admission. Elsewhere, the Bhallas threaten Aastha for helping Anokhi.

Episode 24

Anokhi is tensed about spending the first night alone in Chandigarh. Elsewhere, Rama decides to leave the house as the Bhallas accuse her of helping Anokhi.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

Episode 25

Rama consoles Anokhi while Aastha makes an exceptional request to Shaan. Later, Anokhi spends the night at Sabherwal Institute library.

Episode 26

Shaurya berates Anokhi and asks her to leave the college premises. Later, he comes home and confronts Shaan about Anokhi’s admission, calling him Aastha’s puppet.

Wednesday 10 November 2021

Episode 27

Anokhi meets Shaan at the Sabherwal college. While Anokhi lands in a troublesome situation, Shaan decides to do the unthinkable.

Episode 28

Shaurya talks to the inspector and gets Anokhi released from the police station. Later, Anokhi gears up for her interview at the Sabherwal institute.

Thursday 11 November 2021

Episode 29

Shaan spends some time over breakfast with Anokhi while Aastha gets concerned about her. Later, the Sabherwals begin their interview with Anokhi.

Episode 30

Shaurya bombards Anokhi with questions, but she successfully cracks the interview. Later, Shaan informs Anokhi that she’s selected by the college.

Friday 12 November 2021

Episode 31

The Bhallas are taken aback when the police officers arrive at their residence. Meanwhile, Anokhi meets Babli at Vineet’s house and spends some time with her.

Episode 32

Anokhi questions Shaurya about his relationship with Aastha, while Raja attempts to get the latter arrested. Later, Babli offers to help Anokhi.

Saturday 13 November 2021

Episode 33

Babli is petrified when Vineet finds her gold bangles with Anokhi. Elsewhere, Shaurya accuses Anokhi of theft as he notices his wristwatch with her.

Episode 34

Facing fire from Vineet and Shaurya, Anokhi decides to give up on her dream and leaves the premises. Later, Aastha arrives to find a dejected Anokhi.

Sunday 14 November 2021

Episode 35

Aastha’s efforts bear fruit after Anokhi gets admission to the college. While Vineet creates a huge scene, Alok faces Aastha’s fierce outburst.

Episode 36

Aastha and Shaan enjoy their time together in the library of the Sabherwal institute. Meanwhile, Anokhi faces an unexpected situation at Vineet’s house.

Monday 15 November 2021

Episode 37

Anokhi and Babli convince Vineet and his parents to let the former stay under their roof. Meanwhile, Shaan’s family has mixed feelings about Aastha’s return.

Episode 38

Kitty, Bebo and their gang humiliate Anokhi at the college. Later, Anokhi confronts Shaurya for questioning her capability.

More Teasers to be Available Soon.