Mehek Wednesday Update 4 September 2019


Mehek Wednesday Update 4 September 2019

Shaurya comes to restaurant. He asks vicky to stay home with Karuna. He says mahek I know you will recall everything with this. He says where is what I called for.
Archie meets Mandhar and says you will leave. The car will take you. Shaurya sees Mandhar talking to someone. he reverses and can’t see the face of other person.
Archie says your car will meet accident. Mahek will die. You have to take vandana form here. Shaurya comes towards them. He sees Archie with Mandhar. Shaurya says what are you doing with him?

Shaurya asking Archie what she is doing with Mandar, furiously!
Archie thinks he didn’t hear anything she lies that Mandar came to attack her with lever because he is not in sense, he is drunk and goes to Shaurya’s side. Mandar agrees with her telling he is not in right mind since in Delhi and what is happening nowadays. Shaurya warns him to stay away from her friends and family. Mandar apologizes and leaves. Shaurya says he will drop Archie.

Archie after sitting in car asks what is that box for? He says its decoration items.

Mehak with banvaarilaal …and tells him to get well soon and solve her turmoil inside she is having.
Kanta prays to lord to give them there Mehak back…Shaurya to Meera’s portrait asking for her blessing to

get Mehak back …Neev takes the temple bell and rings it ..and wipes Mehaks tear telling not to worry about anything…everything will be alright soon…Mandar thinks everything will not be good for her and smirks.
In white chillies party arrangements is going on. Shaurya is guiding them. When people bring Christmas tree, SK tries to sneak in to vandana but she catches him sneaking at her. He tells to move the treat little bit bit.
Something falls on Shaurya’s face.

Mehak tells him to clear it by sign. They smile. Soap Bubbles were blown, Shaurya tries to pick up something from down sitting on knees while Mehak stands in front of him. She tries .. and remembers how she confessed her love to him first …and says I love you unknowingly. When Shaurya asks her, she gets confused and leaves. Archie comes there, tries to sneak in to the box but Shaurya stops her. Archie informs Mandar to be ready tonight because Shaurya is planning something big.

Sharmas are trying to leave for the party. Mandar brings her mother telling his mother she should go for the party. Sharmas tell them they will take her. Everyone gets ready for the party. In white chillies, Shaurya has something in his hand to gift Mehak. Mehak is nervous and guiding the chef to serve snacks first. Shaurya gives her the gift and says Merry Christmas. It’s a snowball with couple on it. She looks at it and thanks him. Shaurya says its important night for him but something sweetness is missing. She offers him sweets, but he tells her that he was not asking sweet but her smile. He leaves. Mehak thinks what he wants to tell her.

Mandar bribing neev by rasgullas (sweets)…and tells him to eat and watch TV…neev does the same.

Shaurya says he’ll do something that Mehek gets her memory back. Archie says it’ll be the end of Mehek. BL wakes up and says that Mehek’s life is in danger.

Mandar tells Neev to eat rasagulla, that he will come back soon and goes from there. Archie is wondering what he’s planning so secretly. Praises the dishes to Vicky who says the credit goes to their Chef.
Archie says today Mehak starts her last journey.
Guests wonder about Mehek and gossip about her thinking who she is. Make fun that original and duplicate both are same. Archie hears all this and tells Vicky to start serving the dinner. Says once the dance starts everyone will be indulged in it and Mandar can take away Mehek from there.
Mehek seeing her MIL who is angry with her thinks she’ll be alright soon as they are going back soon.


Mehek is arranging the dishes and handing over for serving. Mandar is on phone and is calling the ambulance driver I guess and instructs him to be there fast in 5 minutes. Manhandles his father and tells him all this drama has happened because of him and he feels like burying him there.

Talks to Archie and tells her that he’s coming to get his mother and Mehek. Cuts the call saying that he’s getting Ambulance driver’s call. Tells BL today will be his fake DIL’s last day on earth. BL wakes up and recalls Mandar’s words and says Mehek’s life is in danger and he has to save her.

In party, all are waiting for shaurya and says he is not in his own party. Shaurya comes there. He is about to do announcement but mic stops working. Archie have cut the wire of mic and thinks I wont let him announce anything. Shaurya tries to announce again but loud music plays and Vicky stops the music. Shaurya gets miffed, he puts mic aside and says I dont need it to announce as its not important for everyone but I want to introduce someone special.

He asks Vandana to come on stage, she shyly does. Shaurya says she has done something special like Mahek did and have made him emotional. Shaurya says I want to give her special gift reward. He brings out the gift. Shaurya looks at gift then at Mahek, he gives it to her,its a cooker and gift. Mahek recalls flashback of how Shaurya gave it to

her earlier too, she looks at Shaurya confused. Shaurya says Vandana you have won hearts too, you are wonderful cook and more wonderful person, my wife Mahek was like this, I want to share some memories of Mahek, her journey, I want to show how I got my Mahek who made me a better man.

Video of Mahek participating in contest plays, how Mahek got late on the first day of contest, how Mahek won the competition,how he gifted her cooker and a cheque for repenting. Vandana sees all that and is getting dizzy. She emotionally looks at Shaurya. Shaurya sadly looks at her. All clap for Mahek. Archie is tensed. Mahek tries to calm herself down.

In house, Balwant comes in lounge and calls out for Neev. Neeb is watching cartoons and doesnt hear him. Balwant looks around and tries to walk, he mistakenly throws a pot, Neev hears a noise. He comes in lounge and sees Balwant, he dances that Balwant is fine, Balwant says I want to meet your mother, where is she? Neev says she has gone to hero’s contest, Balwant says please take me there. Neev brings his walker, they start leaving house.
Mandhar calls his men and says you are useless, you couldnt do one thing, I am coming. Mandhar meets his men in market. Archie calls him and asks where is he? Mandhar says I have ambulance, I am coming soon, Archie tells him some plan. Balwant and Neev comes in market. Balwant is shocked to see Mandhar there, he hides with Neev from Mandhar. Balwant hires a rickshaw and leaves with Neev. Mandhar comes to Vandana’s house and says why door is open? where is Neev?

In contest, Shaurya presents 25 lacs cheque to Mahek and says this is for what you have done for me. Reporters ask why you seem tensed ma’am? are you happy? Mahek recalls flashback and is dizzy. Archie thinks oh God she is remembering everything. Mahek tries to leave from there. Kanta says to Shaurya that seems like she remembers everything, go to her. Shaurya runs behind Mahek and says Vandana stay, you know me and Mahek started a relation with bitter memories, now you are leaving so I want to end our relation with sweetness, I want to give you something. Vicky brings gift. Shaurya says this is the last gift, these are Mahek’s memories, I was living with them but you are leaving, Its difficult to live with these memories so you should take them, I have given everything of Mahek to you. Mahek opens gift box and finds her and Shaurya’s pictures in it, she finds her wedding chura, her wedding ring, she is in tears and recalls more flashbacks of how Shaurya proposed. Shaurya says delete my number, its useless as I wont irritate you from now on, you wont have to curse me, our lives will be different, maybe our lives were never one, we will live separately in our lives. Mahek is jittery and shocked to hear that, she tries to remember everything. Shaurya says doyou remember anything Mahek? he shows her pictures and says you remember something? he shows her chura and says you remember anything? he shows her wedding ring and says this was our love’s first identity, Mahek do you remember it? gift box falls from Mahek’s hand, she says no.. I dont remember anything, I dont know anything,my head is spinning.. she cries and says why you are doing this? what game are you playing with me? I wont stay here anymore, she runs from there. Shaurya is in tears and screams Mahek! He looks at Mahek’s memories on floor and how Mahek left him. He is in tears and says where Mahek would go? where? Dancers come in party. They start dancing. Shaurya tries to go behind Mahek but dancers block his path, they bock Kanta’s path too. Archie smirks and says cheers to Shaurya. She hints at girl dancer to go to Shaurya. Female dancers drag Shaurya to dance floor and keep him busy. Shaurya moves away from them, he grabs Mahek’s memories and says she must have remembered everything, I wont let her go, I know she must remember everything. Archie thinks where is Mandhar? what to do with Shaurya?

Balwant asks rickshaw driver to drive faster.
Mandhar is searching for Balwant in market, he asks one man, man says I saw him taking rickshaw. Mandhar says that oldie woke up and started his antics, I will not spare him and Mahek, I will kill Mahek today otherwise I will have to go to jail. He takes knife and leaves.

Mahek is sitting in corner in contest venues and is recalling flashbacks, she recalls Shaurya words to remember memories, she thinks whats the truth of my identity? I feel I am Shaurya’s Mahek and Neev’s mother too,whats the truth? she recalls Shaurya’s words pleading her to remember everything. Julie comes there and says Vandana?

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