Mehek Tuesday Update 5 November 2019


Mehek Tuesday Update 5 November 2019

shaurya is asleep in his room. yuvraj comes to him and says shaurya. I was making a plan to kick mahek out. I listened to you for Sweeti. Now you will do what I ask. You will invite mahek to your birthday. You will make her drink and take her shameful photos. You will make them viral. Will you do it? You will right. He leaves. Shaurya sits in trouble. He says how can i do that? Why do I feel so bad for her? i can’t crush her trust like this. What is happening.
He goes to kitchen and cooks. He recalls what yuvraj said and cuts his hand. Shaurya says what is happening with me. Rashmi says what happened? Why are you so worried? He says just cut my hand. She dresses it.

Mahek says today will be good. Swati says you look good in these clothes. Sajita says you wore

this and went to temple? Is that really mahek? Swati says she fasted with me as well. Swati says I sent her clothes to laundry. Sajita says why? Coach says then lets go to college in these clothes. We are late.
SAjita says to Mahek you hate shalwar kameez. Why are you happily wearing it to college? She says have no other clothes.

Shaurya’s friends plan for his birthday. He says I don’t want to celebrate my birthday. shauurya sees mahek in desi clothes. He looks at her and smiles. His friends say why are you so lost? Shaurya says i dont’ wanna celebrate birthday. No drinks nothing. He leaves.

Sharuya comes to Mahek. He says you look very pretty. You are getting more beautiful day by day. She says thank you. She says i went to temple and got this thread for you. she ties it on his hand. Shaurya says in heart why i feel she tied this before. Mahek says you saved my life. Take care of yourself. He says when you are with me nothing can go wrong. She leaves. Shaurya says mahek.. She says yes? He says nothing just wanted to see you. Shaurya says in heart how can I do anything with her.

Sweeti says great that daddy agreed. I would have run from the house other wise. Rashmi says shaurya convinced him. She says first time he is ever useful. He is useless otherwise. Shaurya hears. He says why did gets me wrong every time? Rashmi says if your intentions are clean she will see them some day.
Yuvraj says on call don’t worry my son will become champ.

Shaurya comes to him. Yuvraj says whole Haryana is after you. sponsors want to sponsor you. shaurya says I can’t do what you asked me to do. I wont do anything such wrong. i can’t stoop so low. don’t force me. I can’t do this sorry. Yuvraj is angry. He says okay don’t worry. Don’t do what you don’t like. We will plan something else. Shaurya hugs him and says thank you so much. I knew you would agree. Yuvraj says in heart i will have to do something.

Mahek is practicing. Shaurya’s friend says to Mahek its SHaurya’s birthday today. We have prepared surprise party for him. You have to come. Mahek comes to Swati and says please help me. Please do something i have to go to the party. Swati says okay go I will handle here. Everyone is dancing in the party. Mahek comes. SHaurya’s friend calls Yuvraj and says she is here. We will leak her photos. Mahek says I don’t know any of them. Where is Shaurya? Swati calls mahek. She says be home on time. Don’t eat or drink anything.

Mahek looks around for Shaurya. Shaurya’s friend comes and says you are here. Mahek says where is shayra? He says its surprise party. Shaurya will come with friends. Don’t worry. Come inside or he will see you.
He says to waiter give her everything.
Rashmi says Shaurya eat something. He says in heart why i feel so weird.
Shaurya’s friend says eat something. She says i don’t wanna eat. He says have a drink. She says I am on a diet. He says you are shaurya’s special friend. We have to serve you. I will make a drink for you. He mixes something in her drink. Mahek drinks it.

Rashmi asks shaurya are you okay? he says I am fine. Rashmi says is your daddy upto something wrong? i know your daddy and dadi. shaurya says how you know? He calls Mahek. Mahek says to his friend its shaurya. He says don’t pick his call here. go to room and call there.
Shaurya says why is mahek not picking. Rashmi says what happened? He says ma please i am really worried for mahek.

Mahek comes to room. Her head is numb. His friend says talk to him here we will stay outside. Mahek picks his call and faints. shaurya hears karan and his friends talking. He says I was scared for this. Rashmi says go to her place. Shaurya says she isn’t there. I know daddy planned all this. this is all my fault. I have to save her. Ma please help me. Shaurya pretends that get got a bruise. Rashmi calls doctors. Shaurya says daddy please bring painkiller. Dadi says I will bring haldi. Rashi goes out and locks the room. Shaurya stole Yuvraj’s phone and reads his texts with Karan. He says what is going on.

Shaurya texts Karan how is task going? He replies going back. Shaurya says give me address I will come there. He replies uncle I will handle. Don’t worry. shaurya texts tell me where you are. He sends shaurya location.
Yuvraj comes back with painkiller but shaurya isn’t in his room. He says rashmi ma? Where are they all? Yuvraj says where is my phone?
Mahek is on bed. Karan and his photographer prepare to take her photos. Shaurya comes to party. Everyone says surprise. Shaurya looks for Karan and Mahek. He asks everyone where is karan? Everyone says shaurya you have cut cake with us. He says I dont wanna come. Where is Karan?

Mahek says i don’t wanna go home. She is drunk. She says I wanna dance. take me to the party. He says shut up and stay here.
Yuvraj comes to the party and says where is my son? Karan says he came here hit my head and took Mahek from here. He is not in your control. You failed. Yuvraj leaves in anger. Mahek says happy birthday golu. He says sit silently. Mahek says I wanna have fun. Shaurya stops the car. He comes out and fights with the driver next to himk. Mahek comes out of the car. Shaurya says where are you doing? Sit back in the car. Mahek hugs him. Shauyra says its already late. Your coach will kill me. She says I really like you,, I lied so much to be with you on this day but you dont’ want to spend time with me. You dont’ understand how much I like you.

He says sorry for all that. You made my day special. Mahek sings zara sa jhoom lun main and dances in the park. Shauyra takes her back to the car. He says what if someone gets to know she is drunk? She can’t go alone either. I will take her home when she is normal. He says would you want tea? She pulls him in and says give me a kiss first.
Yuvraj pulls Rashmi’s hair. Sweeti says leave ma. Dadi says calm down what are you doing. He says Shaurya left because of her. Dadi says to shaurya loves his mom. If he sees you hurting her you will leave him forever.
Mahek gets up on the car. She says Shaurya you have to give me puppy or I will suicide from here. She jumps from the car. Shaurya picks her.
Swati says its so late. Where is she? its very late. I wont let her go next time. Mahek says i love you. She hugs him. Swati calls on her phone. shaurya sees it.
Swati tries to sneak out. Shaurya picks mahek and comes to her door. Swati opens the door. They take her to the room. Swati says who made her drink so much? I thought you were responsible. shaurya says she will be fine till morning. Mahek says shaurya always be mine. He caresses her face and kisses her forehead. Swati comes in and smiles.
Shaurya sneaks out. Yuvrj calls him an says how dare you interfere in my work. Shaurya says I told you we wont do any such thing, I will come home and talk. Coach overhears. He says i will expose him today.

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