Mehek Tuesday Update 30th July 2019 Zee World


Mehek Tuesday Update 30th July 2019 Zee World

Svetlana says he should remain in this condition till I comeback otherwise you all will be dead. She asks to hide Shaurya’s face, she gives them money and says do my work. Shaurya’s face is covered with veil, Svetlana glares at him.

Mahek wakes up, she thinks that it was a bad dream, she recalls finding burning car in which Shaurya was kidnapped. She says Digvijay didnt call till now. She wakes Sonal and Nehal and says lets go with me, Nehal asks where? Mahek says just get ready.

Shaurya is moving and squirming in chair. Svetlana smirks and says Shaurya darling, why are you struggling so much? just accept that you are not going anywhere from here. You know when you threw me out of house, I decided that I wont fight this time but will have all out war! she drinks wine and says this crores of property is not money but an empire, there is always one king of empire or one queen but till you are alive, I cant enjoy my empire, thats why I decided that I will either finish myself or you, you kept me away from you but I kept my eyes on you and kept seeing you getting destroyed, I was just waiting for my chance and your foolish wife gave me that chance, she gave all property to Nikki, she made my work easy, it was difficult to snatch property from you but Nikki and Ajay are fools and I cant easily take empire from them. When you and Mahek were planning about your fake death, when you met Mahek last time outside Sharma house, I heard everything, I made my plan. When you went to Khanna mansion, I kidnapped you. Flashback shows Shaurya coming out of Khanna house but Svetlana’s goons attack him, they throw his phone near curb, drags him to van, they kidnap him and takes him to container. Svetlana smirks telling him her plan.

Mahek comes to Guradvarah with Nehal and Sonal. She meets priet, priest asks Mahek why she is sad? where is your husband? why didnt he come with you? are you both living happily? Mahek recalls how when she was injured, Shaurya brought her here and prayed for her. Priest says did you have fight with him? husband and wife fights, dont worry. Mahek says he has gone far away from me, I am scared that I might lose him, pray for him, like he brought me back, I can bring him back. Priest says God takes test of true love, just trust him, you will get your husband and he will be fine.

Shaurya is tied down and in veil, Svetlana throws wine at him and says cool down. I will free you soon, first I take my empire from Nikki and Ajay then I will kill you, you dont know when I will need you but once my work is done then I will send you away from world and can also send Mahek to you.

Nikki asks her lawyer to file papers for property claim, he says it will take fees, Ajay says stop taking bribe from us, Nikki says fees is nothing infront of this property’s worth, she asks lawyer to file papers and get them the property. Lawyer gets call from someone,man says to lawyer that there is one problem, some Mrs. M Khanna has filed claim on property too, Nikki says Mrs. M Khanna? it means Mahek has done it, Ajay says I wont spare her this time, they leave.

Its Svetlana’s man that called Nikki’s lawyer and made him doubt Mahek claiming property, Svetlana says I have made Nikki and Ajay think that Mahek is trying to get the property so their focus will be on her and I will get it, she asks goons to change Shaurya’s position and take him away from this container and out of city so no one gets to know about him, she asks her goons to throw their sim cards too.

Mahek is praying in Guradvarah, she recalls her sweet moments with Shaurya. Mahek says to Lord that do some miracle and make me meet my Shaurya, please show his signs.

Goons start dragging Shaurya out of container, they beat him and make him unonscious. They start dragging him to a van, Shaurya is dizzy but steals phone from one goon’s pocket, goon doesnt get to know it, they lock Shaurya in the van.
In guradvarah, Mahek prays for Shaurya, she recalls Shaurya saying I love you to her, asking her to say love you too as life can change any moment, she gets sad recalling it. Sonal asks her if they should leave? Mahek nods, she bows down one last time and leaves Guradvarah.
Shaurya is in a van, he calls Mahek but she is not taking call. Mahek sees someone calling,she takes call, Shaurya says its me Mahek, I dont have much time. Mahek says Shaurya? she gets elated and asks where is he? Shaurya says listen to me, I am in a van, they are taking me out of city, I am sending you the location, track it and come to me, he ends call. Mahek goes to Guradvarah and thanks lord for giving her, clues, she prays to protect Shaurya.

Nikki comes to Sharma house and shouts for Mahek to come out, she asks to call Mahek, she wont be spared today, Kanta says she is not here. Nikki says you people are cheap and Mahek is more cheap, she doesnt know about her husband and still fighting for property? she is filing case on us? Karona says how do you know Mahek is doing all this? Nikki says Mrs. M Khanna can be you or her and I dont think you can go to toilet yourself let alone filing case on us, tell Mahek if she doesnt take case back then she will lose her family like property, she leaves. Kanta asks Karona to not trust this fake Nikki, you know Mahek cares for Shaurya.. Karona says enough! stop taking your favorite daughter’s side, I couldnt think that Mahek would change like this, family used to be her priority but now she is fighting for money and money only, Jeevan says you are wrong about Mahek, she cares for family most. Karona says then why didnt she tell us about filing case on Nikki and Ajay? money is more important for Mahek than Shaurya, she leaves angrily. Dolly asks Kanta to not worry about Karona’s words, she is in pain for her son, we all know how much Mahek is working to find Shaurya.

Mahek comes to Digvijay and tells him about Shaurya’s call, he makes inspector trace Shaurya’s phone address and goes there.

Goons are in van with Shaurya, they are going to Ahmedabad, they stop at a tea stall. Svetlana calls goon and asks where they are? he says stopping at a tea stall, Svetlana says what? are you mad? do you think this is a joke that you have big man kidnapped in a car and you are drinking tea? just start driving, goon says okay,he ends call and says to other goon that this woman is crazy, her husband would never want to come out of jail, she tortures so much.

Digvijay and Mahek are in car. Mahek traces Shaurya’s van in her phone. She comes to street where goons’ van is parked. Shaurya is tied down and stuckin a van. Van is parked on the road near tea stall. Shaurya looks from the window and sees Mahek and Digvijay arriving there by tracing him. Mahek and Digvijay comes out of car and are standing on the other side of the road and looking away from him, Shaurya screams and bangs on window, he says Mahek look! please I am here, please look here Mahek. Goons sit in van and drive away before Mahek can spot Shaurya, Shaurya sadly looks on while Mahek is searching for Shaurya there as he is going away.

Nikki says to lawyer that how can you say that we cant get property? you have to stop this case, lawyer says we dont know who this enemy is, we just guessed that this is Mahek, we have to wait till court hearing, Ajay says you are useless, lawyer says they said Mrs. M Khanna filed case and guessed that it was Mahek but it can be someone else too.

Mahek and Digvijay comes to containter in which Shaurya was locked. Inspector says we checked nearby areas, Shaurya is not seen anywhere. Mahek thinks my heart says Shaurya was here.

Pammi cries hearing lawyer’s talk, she says Mahek is very clever, she fooled us, I know she filed this case. Ajay asks her to not cry, Nikki says what if counter claim, we can file that this is false claim and then she will have to come to court to fight us there otherwise she will be charged as fraud. Ajay says you should fight our case than this useless lawyer, lawyer says let me file fraud claim.

Mahek searches container and looks for any proof, she finds nothing,inspector says it seems like there was no one here for months, Mahek says no Shaurya was here, I can feel it, Digvijay says how are you sure? Mahek says dont know but I know that Shaurya was here, my heart says its. inspector says if we listen to your heart then we wont be Delhi police but Dilwali police. Mahek thinks that they wont believe me but I know Shaurya was here, I can feel his presence, his warmth here. Mahek finds chair there on which Shaurya was tired. Mahek looks at it and says ‘S’ is scribbled on it, Shaurya must have engraved it to give us clue. Mahek finds Shaurya’s shirt’s piece stuck in chair, she says sees his shirt’s piece is there too, Digvijay asks inspector to DNA test this piece and we will get to know if Shaurya was here for real, Mahek says I am telling you, he was here, he left clue and some were left behind too, Digvijay says well done Mahek. Mahek thinks if Shaurya wanted to let us he was here by scribbling this ‘S’ or wanted to give a hint at something else by this ‘S”.

Digvijay and Mahek sees that Shaurya has scribbled S here, Mahek says we had come here late, we could have come here sooner and he would have been with me now. Digvijay says atleast we have a lead about him now.Mahek says did Shaurya want to write his name with this ‘S’ or hinting something else? Digvijay says seems like he wanted to write his name only, lets talk to inspector and see if we can find more.

Karona says to Harish that I dont trust Mahek or police now, go and search Shaurya,no one is going to worry about him, I want my Shaurya back, Harish says we will but take medicine first, Karona throws away medicine and says I want my Shaurya here first. Sonal sees her state and says to Kanta that if Shaurya is not found sooner then Karona will go crazy.

Mahek comes home. Sonal tells Mahek that Nikki came here and was accusing you, did you file any case to claim property? Mahek says no, Sonal says Nikki was saying that some Mrs. M Khanna filed the case, Karona is mad from that time thinking that you worry about property more than finding Shaurya. Mahek says I didnt file any case, I am just searching for shaurya, I dont care about property right now. Kanta says she said that some M Khanna filed case, if its not you then who did it? ahek says someone is using my name to fool everyone, who is this person? whats their motive? Kanta says what if Ajay and Nikki have an enemy and attacking them from behind? Sonal says there would be many enemies fighting for that crores of property, Kanta told her that we wont attack from behind. Mahek says whoever is this person, he or she wants to direct my attention from searching shaurya and get trapped in this case, they have an agenda. Sonal says it might the kidnapper.

Mahek calls Digvijay and tells him about property claim by some M Khanna, Mahek says who it can be? Digvijay says we will get to know because Nikki and Ajay have filed counter claim and if they dont show up in court tomorrow then case will be dismissed. Mahek says I will be there in court tomorrow.

Svetlana threatens her goon and says you people are useless, you cant even handle Shaurya alone. Svetlana gets a call from lawyer, lawyer tells her about Nikki and Ajay filing counter case on her and she has to show up in court tomorrow. Svetlana says they dont know that my name is Monica Khanna and I filed the case as M Khanna. Svetlana says to her goons that I will be going to court tomorrow, you take Shaurya to Nepal, take him away and dont comeback till I dont sent Nikki and that joker Ajay to jail, tomorrow my problems will end.

Next morning, Mahek and Vicky comes to court disguised as reporters. They are waiting for M Khanna to show him. Vicky acts like journalist, Mahek asks him to not overact and dont play with camera. Ajay comes there. He sees a couple romancing, he goes close to Nikki, she pushes him away and says focus on our work. Announcer asks Ajay and Nikki to come for court hearing. Ajay says Mahek didnt come till now, what if Mrs. M Khanna is not Mahek but someone else? Digvijay calls Mahek and says keep an eye outside court, cases are fought in court but solved outside court, keep an eye on everyone and keep looking for that agent, Mahek says okay. Svetlana comes there in burqa, have fake belly to show off as pregnant woman and veil so no one recognizes her. She comes to her lawyer. Vicky sees her shoes, he says to Mahek that woman is wearing fancy heels and she is pregnant, its odd. Mahek says she has come disguised like us to hide her identity. Mahek calls Digvijay and says M Khanna has come here in burqa. Nikki sees woman in veil too. Nikki tries to run to her, Mahek tries to go to her but Svetlana throws away pillow from her belly and runs away. Mahek asks Vicky to run behind her. Svetlana mixes in many women wearing burqas there. Ajay and Nikki sit on bike, and follows Svetlana who is running away. Mahek is running behind Svetlana in veil. All are chasing Svetlana but she is still wearing burqa and keep running away. Ajay follows her on bike but they slip and fall down. Svetlana sits in her car, Vicky runs behind her but she drives away before he can reach her. Digvijay comes there, Vicky says fake Mrs. Khanna left. Vicky asks where is Mahek? they looks around for Mahek but doesnt find her. Vicky says I feel like she kidnapped Mahek too, I just saw that it was white Sedan car but I couldnt see number of car. Digvijay says where will we find Mahek?

Nikki slaps Ajay for making them fall from bike, one man says dont beat your husband, Ajay says I am sorry baby. Nikki says I could have caught that M Khanna, Ajay says who is this person who doesnt want to show their face.

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