Mehek Tuesday Update 3 September 2019


Mehek Tuesday Update 3 September 2019

Shaurya pins Mahek to door. He gets Vicky’s call and is stunned.. Mahek asks what happened? Shaurya says someone attacked mom, I have to go. He wears his shirt. Mandhar is outside room. Shaurya comes out, Mandhar hides, Shaurya wears his coat and leaves. Mandhar comes in room and says what were you doing here? I was waiting for you to scream for help and then I would come, Mahek says what are you saying? I am coming.

She runs from there. She comes to Shaurya and says nothing will happen to your mom, have patience, you give me strength so you have keep strength too, she gives him God’s idol necklace piece and says keep it under your mom’s pillow, God will protect her, Shaurya nods. Mahek says I will handle everything here, you take care of your mother, Shaurya nods and drives

away. Mandhar hides and hears everything. Mandhar starts leaving, one guard sees him and says who is he? he was never on duty of guard, Mandhar runs from there, guards run behind him.

Shaurya comes to Karona’s room, she is unconscious, and injured, Shaurya asks how this happened? Inspector says seems like robbery case, safe was open and there was jewelry outside, Karona must have tried to stop them she they injured her. Shaurya says normal robber cant have this much guts. Shaurya takes out Mahek’s locket and touches it Karona’s head, he says mom Mahek’s prayers are with you, I am sure it will make you fine. Karona wakes up and says Shaurya.. Shaurya thinks Mahek’s prayers became Karona’s cure.
Mahek is working in cooking competition and prays for Karona’s health. Mahek cooks and she sees peas burnt, she says all are burnt, what will I do without Shaurya? One contestant asks what you will do with burnt peas? Mahek suddenly says I will make peas kheer. She is shocked herself and recalls how she used to make peas kheer, she says what is happening? I never made peas kheer.. anywway I promised Shaurya and I wont break it. Mahek starts cooking. One contestant says she won cooking contest earlier too? other says yes she is or was Shaurya’s wife, she is Mahek. Mahek ignores them and cooks her kheer. Host says stop cooking, time is over. All contestants present their dishes to judges. Judges taste Mahek’s kheer, they nod and says its very tasty, one judge says its weird dish but its very tasty, it works for me, other judge says white chilies should to go to final round. Mahek thinks either God did this or Shaurya’s trust, my hand just worked instinctively.

Shaurya says to Vicky and inspector that I need tight security, some professional attacked her. Vicky nods and leaves. Archie comes there and says what happened to aunty? we should take her to hospital. Shaurya says no, prayers worked, she is fine because of some prayers. Archie says she can get ill, doctor says miracle happened, she is fine. Archie thinks I thought she would go to coma. Vicky asks Shaurya if he will go to contest? Archie says Karona aunty is ill, Shaurya says I will just go there, then drop Mahek.. I mean Vandana and comeback. Shaurya and Vicky leaves. Archie says to Dolly and Khanna that you both rest, I am here.
Archie calls Mandhar and says just go to your wife and take her away, blackmail her, emotionally tell her but take her away.
Archie calls manager of contest and says Shaurya left contest in middle.

Manager comes to Mahek and says Shaurya left contest in middle? Shaurya comes there and says I am sorry, I had emergency, manager says rule is broken so we will disqualify you. Mahek says what kind of rule is that? Mandhar hides and hears them. Mahek says he had emergency so he left and we completed our work, he is owner so I worked as a worker, this is ridiculous, she argues with them, talks in english too, Shaurya smiles.Mahek says to Shaurya that you go to aunty, I will handle everything here, now I am sure to win this contest. Mahek says to managers that we will handle everything, he has emergency, manager says okay and leaves. Shaurya thinks now I am sure my Mahek is coming back, this contest was just the way to bring her back. Shaurya and Mahek shares eyelock. Kanta comes there. Shaurya says I called Kanta chachi for your support, he gives ID to Kanta and says keep it for safety, he says to Mahek that you are important, you are head chef, if you need to call Neev then use Kanta’s phone. Shaurya whispers to Kanta that Mandhar is out of jail so he can come anytime, Kanta says dont worry, I will handle everything. Shaurya sits in car, Mahek waves at him, Shaurya prays that God bring my Mahek back, he leaves. Mahek thinks that I should tell Kanta chachi that Mandhar comes here.

Mandhar calls Archie and says Kanta is here with Mahek, how to take Mahek away from here? Archie says I made Shaurya leave from there so now your work is to take Mahek from there and leave with her, if Shaurya gets to know about it then he wont spare you this time so take Mahek and leave. She ends call and turns around to see Dolly standing there. Dolly asks what are you doing here? Karona is awake. Archie says I was just talking to client, thank God.

Mahek prays and says I hope we work fine in competition, Kanta says we are not going to war, she touches God’s idol on her neck and says now God blessed you, lets go to competition. Mahek says I want to tell you something. One man comes to Kanta and says you have call on reception from your house. Kanta says tell them to call on my mobile. Mahek says you can go and take call, Kanta says no I wont leave you like this, she asks man to leave, he leaves. Mandhar pushes Kanta away, Kanta falls down and hits her head on car, she gets dizzy. Mahek sees it and screams chachi.. Mandhar puts hand on her mouth and drags her away from there. Kanta tries to go behind her but she is dizzy and cant walk, she finds her phone, her head is bleeding, she tries to call but faints.

Shaurya calls Kanta but she doesnt pick up, he says why her phone is not ringing? Archie thinks that I hope Mandhar took Shaurya’s Mahek away and you keep running behind but they already left. Shaurya asks Vicky to call manager of event and ask if everything is fine. Karona asks what happened? Shaurya says nothing.
Mandhar drags Mahek away, Mahek holds his collar and says Kanta Chachi was helping me and you hurt her? Mandhar grabs her hand and says whoever comes between us will be hurt, you had to leave but you were making food here? you dont remember your family? duty? making food here thinking you belong here? if you dont come with me then I will drag you.

Vicky tells shaurya that competition has started, manager called me and told me that no one is there from our side in competition and we have to go there. Shaurya says how can this happen?

Mandhar says to Mahek come with me. Mahek says I wont run leaving this in middle, Shaurya brought you out of jail and you hurt his chachi? I wont go anywhere, I will finish this competition, take care of chachi and then go. Mandhar glares at her.

Karuna wakes up. She says you shouldd go and focus on the contest. Dolly says Karuna is right. Archie says lets go. Dolly says no you stay here. Shaurya leaves. Mandhar says to MAhek come with me. She says I wont go anywhere. I will look after chachi and then complete this contest then come with you.

Kanta’s head is bleeding. People pick her up and call doctor. She calls Shaurya. Mandhar forces Mahek to come with him. She locks him in the room and runs. Mandhar says you are doing wrong. The finals start. Mahek says is ma okay? He says yes. Kanta comes. Shaurya says who did this? Where is Mandhar? Mahek says I locked him. We have to stay calm till contest. Shaurya says you go start working. Mahek is nervous. Shaurya calls Neev and asks him to talk to Mahek. Mahek talks to him.

He says ma don’t be nervous ma. Good luck. The contest starts. Mahek cooks.
She displays her dish for serving. The judges taste her dish. They announce the winner is white chillies. Kanta hugs Mahek. She hugs Shaurya. Mahek is about to hug Shaurya. Shaurya shakes hand with her. They give her sheild. Mahek says I should go now. She goees towards mandhar. Shaurya says we have to stop her. She comes ouside the room but he isn’t there. Mandhar is hidden in a corner and crying. She says why are you crying. Please come with me. I know i did wrong but I was helpleess. She takes him out. He pretends to cry. Mahek says I am sorry. He says my wife doesn’t care about me at all. You locked me in there for that man. She says I had to do this to get you out. You injured chachi. Mandhar syas is it over? Come with me. She says I won the contest but I can come after chirstmas party. He says okay then come with me after that. Mahek says in heart I need answers. Shaurya comes there.

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