Mehek Tuesday Update 29 October 2019


Mehek Tuesday Update 29 October 2019

Yuvraj says to Shaurya are you ready? I want you to win. I am a failed boxer tot he work. I couldn’t play for the country but you will. You have everything a champ should have. Never get into everything. One breaking news can ruin your career. I know you will bring your attention to boxing only. I want to see you as a champion.
Yuvraj says to Shaurya will you win it? He says yes. Yuvraj hugs him.
Sarti and swati wish Mahek luck. Coach says Mahek you will win it today.

The matches start. Coach says to Mahek this is your chance. yuvraj says I have complains. how can this girl join in mid season? If she has to join she has to fight Shaurya. She can’t qualify. Committee says yes it is right. Mahek and Shaurya come in the ring.

Mahek hits Shaurya. Mahek wins the first round. Yuvraj is angry. Yuvraj says you have to win. Yuvraj reflects flash light in Mahek’s eyes. She can’t see and falls down. Shaurya wins the second round.

Shaurya sees Mahek’s flashbacks in the house. His heart aches. Yuvraj comes and says what happened? He says i am fine. Yuvraj says how is the house? He says its really good. Yuvraj says its on your name. Let me get done with paper work. Shaurya says why do I see so many flashbacks in this house. Why did I agree to shift here. What does all this mean? Does Mahek see all this too? I see her face. Where does she live? Let me talk to mata ji.
Shaurya recalls where he hit Mahek’s mom. He says it was chandni chowk. He goes there. Yuvraj sees him going.
Mahek and Swati come to market. Shaurya looks around for Mahek. He asks people if they know Mahek. A man tells him where she lives.
Swati buys a dupata for mahek. She says I don’t like this. Shaurya sees her. He sees board of Meera sharma road. He sees more flashbacks. Mahek sees Shaurya.

The chunri falls on Mehek and shaurya darmayan sing plays..
They shared eyelock..
Jagurath pulls them apart.. He says I told you so many times to only concentrate in boxing..
He leaves and thinks have to do something to this girl..
Mehek and Swathi also leaves..
Jagurath cones to mehek house.. And says I’m here to talk about your daughter.. as far as I know your daughter won so many medals. I’m asking you to leave the city and offers 2 and half crores.. And married the two of them.. Mehek gets angry Swathi stops her and Swathi says uncle thanks for giving advice now we will do what we have to. Now go.. Jagurath says at least try to give manners elders. Where there no father you can’t talk like that..

Coach comes there and say I will complain in sports administrator.. Jagurath pulls his callor and Says do what ever you want.. He gives cheque to mehek and says leave the city.. Mehek lits the cheque and asks him to go out of house.. Coach also asks the same he leaves..

At college Shaurya feels why I’m feeling strange with mehek. Vi have to go talk to her..
Mehek talk to coach and Says I know all This behind that shaurya will be there..
Shaurya asks someone about mehek she says no.. He thinks I have to talk to her somehow. I have a connection with her and have to clear the MU..

Shaurya comes to mehek mehek sees him and wants to hit.. But coach stops her she listens..
Shaurya ask I want to talk to you.. She asks what he wants to go out. Mehek asks tell me here only.. But he wants to talk outside..

Shaurya is playing.. Mehek comes there and asks let’s go where we have to go..
They came to cafe.. He says I get nightmares.. She says I know you told me.. He asks do you remember.. He says Ha I get flashes of yours and mine someone is behind us.. When I come to Chandini chowk also I felt strange and felt as I know that place very well. She thoughts I also felt the same.. But she goes from there.. He runs behind her.. He pulls her in him.. Kantha is near them but all auto is between then she sees them and calls them but they runs from there.. Auto hits kantha she says shaurya and mehek I saw them..

Mehek is at canteen. She reminds coach words that keep friends close and enemies away and Sharya words about nightmare she thinks it may be his prank.. Shaurya comes there and ask what I asked you that you ran away.. He says you eating samosa chunni I know one place where they are superb taste and we will go there she says no.. He asked you will beat but can’t come out alone Shaurya Says tomorrow I will be waiting for you at your place .

Shaurya Says Tomorrow I will be free after class.. So then we can go. She says no. He asks are you scared. Mehek says why will I scare I won over you at child age only.. If you want to go then go with your useless friends.. He says tomorrow I will be waiting for you at your place.. Mehek thinks have to go with him to his plan…

Mehek’s sister asks her if she is dreaming or trying to escape work in kitchen. Mehek says finding reason to talk to Mehek. Mehek tells her mom that her friends are going out for dinner and i am asked to accompany. Her mom refuses permission as they are in Delhi. Her elder sis supports Mehek. Her mom still refuses coz of Mehek’s short temper.
Shaurya’s father brings his friends to Mehek’s father saying this is the way to remove Mehek from Shauryas life. Mehek’s father is drunk and swears to teach Mehek, her sis and her mom a lesson. Shauryas father offers money to Mehek’s father. Shaurays father (Yuvraj) tells his plan to Meheks father (Vikram).

Mehek recollects Shauryas words of waiting for her. Her boxer coach tells Shaurya to encourage friendship with Shaurya

for her own good, to know next step ahead. Mehek reveals how Shaurya invited her for dinner. Boxer coach tells her to meet Shaurya to find out his plans. They say that Shaurya and his father have realised we will not relent to their pressure so they have changed plans. He asks Mehek to go to dinner with Shaurya. Mehek says my mom said no. Boxer coach says i will explain her.
Shauryas father instigates the panchayat against Mehek, her mom and sister. Meheks father fake cries. Shauryas father says that if Mehek and her mom are left uncontrolled they will misguide all other women. He tells them to call Mehek and her mom back to restore the panch’s reputation. The panch agree on Shauryas fathers suggestion. Meheks father tells him his plan is in motion.

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