Mehek Tuesday Update 10 September 2019


Mehek Tuesday Update 10 September 2019

Karuna and Dolly are waiting Shaurya and Mahek. Servant comes in and says here is the new gardner. Dolly says ask him to bring good flowers. Dolly says we will welcome them in the house. Vicky says awara made Mahek’s favorite dishes.
A car stops. Shaurya and Mahek come in. Mahek says Shaurya please calm down.. Shaurya comes in and starts beating Vicky. Dolly says what are you doing. Shaurya hits him with rod. Karuna says please don’t do this. Why are you hitting him. Karuna says whats happening Mahek? Shaurya says he will tell himself. Karuna says what he did? Shaurya says he is a father without marriage. Everyone is dazed. Shaurya says you know who the girl is.. Nehal. Everyone is shocked. Shaurya says I kept ignoring your mistakes but this wont be pardoned. i want to kick

you out of this house. He ruined her life. Nehal is my family. You should have thought about me and Mahek at least. Mahek says sit down and talk. Shaurya says find a solution or I will kick you out of this house. He leaves.
Vicky says to Mahek I am really sorry. Its all my mistake. I really love Nehal. Mahek says you know Shaurya gets angry. What you two did is wrong. At least you could take me in confidence. He says there were so many problems. Mahek says for how long had it been happening? he says ever since you left. Shaurya used to send me to your house. I really love Nehal. I am not lying.
The new gardener is keeping an eye on them. Dolly says what? He says I brought the flowers you asked for.

Shaurya says to mahek abortion is the right option. Mahek says are you serious? He says thats the logical solution. She says its a life. He says its just fetus. It doesn’t feel any pain. Mahek says no. Nehal and Vicky will decide what they want. Shaurrya says if he was responsible this wont have happened. Mahek says nehal is equally responsible. Shaurya says vicky has no responsibility. If i knew before I wont have let him go close to Nehal.

Dolly says the girls should have control. Who can responsible men. Vicky says no she is not a bad girl. Please dont’ say such things about her.
Sharuya says I wont let mahek spend time with this loser. He has no way to survive on his own. Mahek says don’t be so critical. No one is as ambitious as you. But he worked for white chilies as well. If they love each other I will get them married.

Pandit ji says 15th january can be the date. Mahek says thank you ma. She says this is all we can do. They both love each other. Dolly says she did this for money. Mahek says no she can’t have such intentions. She is my sister. She can’t do this for money.
He says I am sorry for what I did but i will marry her now. Karuna says sort your matter with Shurti asap. Meet Mr. Khurana. Mahek says shaurya will look into on personally. Be a good father. Be responsible. Sharya says he can never be responsible.
He says Vicky minister had to call right? but you forgot. Right? See how responsible he is. This was a great contract but he forgot. Same way he will forget his family. Vicky says I am sorry. Shaurya says see.. Mahek says please. Shaurya says so you ever thought.. how all these luxuries come from? i can afford your family But how will you look after them? And when you can’t handle one more divorce. I wont be part of your wedding. And you all.. She is pregnant get her married no matter what a loser guy is.

The Gardner calls someone and says he has left. Shaurya comes to white chilies. There is welding going on. It falls in Shaurya’s eyes. The worker says I am really sorry. Lets go to the doctor.
Doctor checks Shaurya’s eyes. Mahek comes as well. He says my eyes really hurt. Doctor says we are scanning his eyes. Some wood pieces fell into it. They scan his eyes. He says we will get your eyes washed. They will be fine soon. Mahek says thank you doctor. They leave.
Shaurya and Mahek pay the bill. The gardener takes sketch of Shaurya’s eyes from the doctor and pays him. He calls someone and says its done.

Shaurya says to a client that thank you for giving us catering order of your daughter Nidhi’s wedding. Client says you have been working for us but this wedding is important, I am minister so all important people will be there so you have to be good. Mahek says this house wedding for us so we will work our best. Minister says security will be tight, we need one point of contact, that person needs to be experienced and intelligent. Shaurya says it will be me.. Mahek says that will be our experienced and talented person Vicky. Shaurya whispers to Mahek what are you saying? Nidhi says I thought Shaurya would look after everything. Mahek says shaurya is the owner, he will look after everything big but on daily basis, Vicky will look after everything. Shaurya serves food to them and takes

Mahek away. Shaurya says to Mahek that I am pissed with you, you think Vicky can handle all this? once I sent him to pick up a client but he brought a wrong person, Vicky cant take responsibility, this is big project for me, you cant give this duty to Vicky, you want to destroy my business? use your mind. Mahek says I dont have mind, I dont care about your business because I cant see your brother as loser, useless like you think of your brother, cant you see Vicky’s goodness? Vicky follows everything you say and you scolded him? Shaurya says I know he is good but he is not responsible, he cant take responsibility of home minister’s daughter’s wedding. Mahek says so make him responsible, you cant be responsible from birth, if I am trusting him with my sister then why cant you? if you dont give him responsibility then how will he take it? Shaurya says I wont give him this project, I cant risk it. Mahek says I am half partner of this business so I can take decisions too. Shaurya says you are playing games with me? you want to give duty to Vicky who cant take care of himself? Mahek says this is about my sister and brother in law, everyone needs chances, you did mistakes too, you burnt my food truck too but nobody called you fool and insane so grow up and give chance to Vicky, as a partner I am deciding that you and Vicky both will work on this project, and I am going to tell this to minister. Mahek pats him and leaves, Shaurya is miffed.
Mahek goes to entertain minister and says I will give you tour of white chilies.
Dolly says to Karona that this is not the way to do marriages here, Nehal didnt get any chance to enter our house so Nehal did this. Karona says why you are saying all this? Nehal and Vicky loves each other so let them be together, Nehal is Mahek’s sister so she have same upbringing. Vicky comes there and says I will try my best to be good person. Dolly says all are getting divorced these days, Karona asks Vicky to focus on his divorce and asks Dolly to stop it.

Shaurya says to Mahek that she cant trust Vicky with this. Mahek says I have already discussed that Vicky will work with you. Media comes there and asks Shaurya if he has got the contract of minister’s daughter’s wedding? Shaurya says no comments. Mahek says to media that we are honored to get this project, we will be handling the wedding, and my husband Shaurya and his brother Vicky will handle it, media thanks her and leaves. Mahek says to Shaurya that decision has been taken, I have work, she leaves. Shaurya says what work she has now?
Some goon gives a chip to another goon and says Shaurya’s interview is in it.

Karona, Dolly and Vicky comes to Kanta’s house. All are awkward. Karona asks to call Nehal. Nehal is in room. Mahek asks her to be brave. Nehal says will everyone scold me? curse me? Mahek says no one will say anything. Nehal says I have twisted stomach, Mahek says everything will be fine.
Mansi says to Karona that we are not like this, dont know how this mistake happened? boys can do mistakes but girls.. Mahek comes there and says girls what? we never differentiated between girls and boys, Mohit and I followed same rules, in this case, girl and boy both were at mistake, they both did equal mistake. Shaurya comes there and says no, they both are not at fault, its only Vicky’s fault, he says to Karona that you are listening to Mahek only? you brought shagun to get Vicky and Nehal married? but you should tell them that Vicky is not divorced till now, how can he get married again? Mahek says I have talked to Khurrana, he will get divorced soon then we will do his and Nehal’s marriage, we know laws. shaurya says I am sure. He says to Nehal that dont be under pressure, you dont have to marry him, we can deal with pregnancy in some other way, you dont have to marry this fool Vicky. Nehal says I love vicky, I want to marry him. Shaurya says okay go, jump in this love’s well, you all will regret this decision. Mahek murmurs like I am regretting marrying him.

At night, Mahek is sitting in room and says loves goes out of room after marriage, I dont know I have married angry young man.
Shaurya is in blacony and says people should not marry, you just get happiness for two minutes and then fight only.. how to take out time for romance, I cant be miffed with her for so much, I did so much to be with her, I will go and pacify her.
Mahek says to herself that I should end the fight, I should make halwa for him.. but what if he doesnt get pacified.
Shaurya says to himself that no I should not pacify her, she will get spoiled them. Neev sees them both sulking separately. He gets an idea and screams my foot.. Shaurya and Mahek both rush to Neev. They see him in lounge lying on floor. Mahek and Shaurya rushes to him and asks what happened? Neev says I got hurt, give me hug and then I will be fine. Mahek and Shaurya huffs at each other, Neev says give me hug, they both lean in to give hug to Neev but Neev moves from inbetween them and suddenly Mahek falls in Shaurya’s arms, they both hug each other. Neev dances around them and says yay you both are hugging. Shaurya and Mahek runs behind him, Neev behind bed. Mahek says where is naughty Neev? Shaurya says I think he is hiding. Neev comes out and says its impossible to catch Neev, he runs away from there.

Mahek tries to run behind him but slips and falls on Shaurya, they both fall on bed with Mahek lying on top of Shaurya. Shaurya smiles at Mahek and holds her hand, she shyly smiles at him. Shaurya says my wife, when falls on me, guy dies. Mahek says many people are ready to bear my weight. Shaurya says I am ready to die in your love. Mahek says when you want to romance then your words are so cheesy otherwise when you want to be angry then see your scowling face, let me go. Shaurya says you cant go away from me, I am your magnet, Mahek says not magnet, you are cheap, you have been fighting with me, showing your ego, did you marry me for this? Shaurya pulls her closer and kisses her.. Mahek is stunned, Shaurya says I married you for this. Dekha hazaron dafa plays. Shaurya pulls Mahek closer to his lips again.

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