Mehek Thursday Update 5 September 2019


Mehek Thursday Update 5 September 2019

Mahek wipes her her tears. Julie says are you fine? Mandhar is calling, lets go, she takes her hand but Shaurya comes there and says Mahek.. Julie says please dont start this again, let us go Shaurya. Mahek turns to leave but Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and says where are you going? your face is showing that you remember something, I wont let you go, tell everyone truth about what you remember, Mahek says let me go, I dont remember anything and whatever I am seeing doesnt matter as my identity is that I am Neev’s mother and if I am Neev’s mother then how am I your Mahek? tell me, truth is I am Neev’s mother.

Karuna says to shaurya Mahek is gone. Stop this craziness. This is Vandana. Shaurya is upset. Mandhar is in a rickshaw.

Bhanwari and neev are on their way too. Bhanwari says are we on the right way?
Shaurya keeps drinking the party. Karuna tries to handle him. Mahek is there with her face hidden. Bhanwari and Neev come outside. Bhanwari’s condition worsen. He asks Neev to call Vandana out. Neev says I am coming. Julie is with Mahek. Shaurya breaks bottles in anger. He says get out of here everyone. Are you all making fun of me? I don’t want this life. Ravi says please stay strong. Shaurya says she left me. I will burn everything down. He breaks stuff. Everyone calms him down. Kanta hugs him. She syas please calm down.

Shaurya says how can she leave me? How can’tshe hear me? I did everything. Neev is looking for Mahek. Shaurya says I dont’ want anyone. He is crying. He asks all the guests to leave. Vicky says please calm down. Shaurya says I don’t care. This all is useless. He throws away all the dishes Mahek made. He says I will ruin everything. Shaurya says we don’t need this food truck either. I will burn this. Ravi says please calm down.

Julie says he is doing something wrong. Mahek runs out. She sees Shauray trying to destroy the food truck. Bhanwari is not well. He says what is this noise? Where is Neev. Neev is crying. He says ma where are you.. Shaurya is about to burn the food truck. He puts petrol on it. Karuna says please don’t do this. Vikcy says please listen. Kanta says please stop. Mahek is looking at all this from distance. Shaurya picks fired papers and throws them towards the truck. Everyone is shocked. They are crying. Shaurya throws his ring in the fire as well. Mahek holds her head. She sees flashbacks. Shaurya burns everything related to her. He burns their pictures. Mahek holds her head. SHe is about to faint. Shaurya throws her bangles in fire as well. Shaurya says everything is over. Good bye mahek. mahek recalls everything. She holds her head. She recalls everything. She sits down crying and says my Shaurya. Shaurya.

Shaurya says I don’t want anything. He sits down crying. Bhanwari is not well. He sees Mandhar coming. He hides behind the cars. Mandhar says what is this fire? Mahek says I am Mahek.. Mahek sharma. They are my chachi chacha. Julie says stop listen to me. Mahek says I want to go to Shaurya. Mahek says I am going to Shaurya. Tell me the truth. Why have you all been lying to me? You only told me what you had to. Please tell me what is true. If I am Mahek then how am I neev’s mom? I know everything.

Truth is that I am Mahek not Vandana. I can see everything clearly. I remember everything. I knnow you have been lying to me all this time. I am not Neev’s mom but now he is my son. But those photos of wedding whats the truth behind all this? Please tell me whats the truth. How did I come to you? Please tell me. Julie is silent. Mahek says okay I know how will I find out truth. Shaurya will tell me everything. SHe runs towards him. Mandhar puts a hand on her mouth and takes her with him. Shauruya says Mahek? Did she call my name? Neev sees Mandhar taking Mahek.

Mandhar takes Mahek to a store room. Mahek says leave me. He ties her hands. He says now see what I do. Mahek says Shaurya wont leave you. Let me go he will kill you. Mandhar says I will kill you and then Neev. Mahek shoves him. She tries to run from there. Mandhar takes out his knife. Julie says please stop it. He is about to stab Mahek.. Bhanwari comes in between. Mandhar stabs him. Julie screams.

Bhanwari falls down. Mahek screams. Julie is crying. Mahek says Mandhar will pay for this sin. I won’t leave him.
Mahek comes out. Archie sees her coming. Archie says in heart what is she doing here? Mandhar didn’t take her? Shaurya says you came back? Mahek says saheb.. I have to go now. He says you left me before as well. I wont let you go. Mahek looks at Mandhar.

Shaurya hugs her and says I wont let you go anywhere. i will die without you. You are only mine. Mahek shoves him and says I am married. Mahek is in tears. Mandhar says come with me. Shaurya shoves him and says don’t touch her or I will break your hands. she is my Mahek. Mahek is in tears. Shaurya beats him. Mahek slaps Shaurya.

He is dazed. Mahek says how dare you hit my husband. Stop all this andd stay away from me. I told you i am not Mahek. Let me go. Mahek says I suffocate around you. I am Vandana not Mahek. Stay away from me. SHaurya says I can’t go away from you. Mahek picks a knife nd says let me go or I will kill myself. Shaurya says don’t do that. I will go away from here. I will go away from you. Don’t harm yourself.

Mahek says to Mandhar lets go. Mahek recalls Mandhar said that he will kill Neev. He said if you go to Shaurya I will kill Neev as well. Mahek says Shaurya wont leave you. He says by the time they come neev will be in pieces. You consider him a son. Mahek is in tears. She says in heart I am sorry Shaurya. I couldn’t let him kill Neev. Please wait for me I will come back to you with Neev. She sits in the car and leaves.
Julie says in car are you an animal. He was your father. How could you kill him. Mandhar says don’t say a word or I will do the same to you. Mahek says don’t dare to threaten ma now. I will not leave you. Mandhar says shut up and get out of car all of you.
They come out of car. Mandhr goes to take change from a shop. Mahek says to Julie I am sorry I couldn’t save dad. You have to help me in saving Neev. Julie nods.

Archie brings Shaurya to room and is saying Mahek.. Archie lies him on bed.
Mandhar takes out deadbody. He says burry him here. No one will know. Mahek says where is neev? mahek is in tears. SHe says God please help Shaurya.

Shaurya is unconscious. Archie says finally we are together. No one will come between us. she switches off his phone. Archie comes close to him. Shaurya says Mahek left. Archie says yes she did but I am always here for you. She comes close to him. Archie says I really want you. She makes him drink more.

Julie says I should have killed you when you were born. He was your step father but was so kind to you and you killed him. I am punished for being a mother. Mandhar says shut up. Don’t come in my way or I will kill Neev as well. Don’t dare playing any game.

Julie is crying. Mahek says we have to find neev you have to stay strong. Mandhar is digging grave for Bhanwari. Mahek says to Julie we have to find neev. Mandhar says what will you do? Whats your plan? Mahek says you will be jailed for all this. I won’t let you roam free. Mandhar says if you try doing anything I will get neev eaten by dogs. He starts digging grave while Mahek sits with Julie. Mandhar says see I did his funeral. Now do what i want to get Neev back. Mahek says what you want? He says I want 1 crore and then I will go to Dubai and you will keep Neev I don’t care. Mahek says where will i bring 1 crore from?

Archie comes close to Shaurya. He says mahek in sub consciousness. She says I will erase Mahek’s memories forever. She takes of Shaurya’s shits

and kisses his chest. She says your Mahek must have died by now.
Harsh says Karuna is not well because of what happened today. Shaurya has gone too his phone is off as well. Kanta says he will come home don’t worry. Dolly says Archie isn’t picking her phone either. He will come back don’t worry. Vicky comes home and says Shaurya is nowhere. Kanta says to Jeevan i dont trust this Archie at all.

Next morning, Archie wakes up next to Shaurya. She turns her phone on. She calls Mandhar but his phone is off. Archie says I have to play next steps smartly. Shaurya wakes up and says where am I? Archie pretends to cry. Shaurya says what happened? She says you were in anger. I tried to stop you a lot but you came close to me. I wont let this come between our friendship. He says I have to leave. Archie says I will come with you. I will come with you. Shaurya says I don’t know how this happened. She says I am equally responsible. He says I am waiting for you in the car. Archie says when I tell his family he has already been physical with me they will get us married.

Harsh says to Kanta we will get the food truck reconstructed. Kanta says we just want Shaurya to come back and Karuna to get well soon. Shaurya comes in. Harsh says where were you both? Archie says I am sorry. I was at mistake too. We were together all night. Our phones were off. Then we got so lost that we forgot about our phones. Dolly says you two were together all night? Mahek comes in. Shaurya says Mahek? She says no i am Vandana. My family has faced a lot of trouble because of you and I am here to ask for a payback. You have to payback for troubling us. I want 1 crore right now. Or i will go to media and tell them everything you have done to me. Give me the money. Shaurya says I was wrong. My Mahek could never be like this. She says thank God you have realized.

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