Mehek Thursday Update 25th July 2019

Shaurya punches Ajay’s car that he left there and says everything is destroyed now! I will kill them, Ravi says everything is finished. Mahek says no there is still time, you all take boxes, I am going, Shaurya asks where? Mahek looks on.

Nikki whines and says I got beaten by that witch Mahek. Ajay says we have broken many of their lunchboxes and now they wont be able to able to complete contract, we broke 15 boxes. Pammi says you had so many goons and still you could only break 15? Ajay looks on.
Mahek and Shaurya comes to Ratan’s dhabba. Mahek starts cooking for new boxes. She says I wish all family women were to support me. Kanta and Mansi comes there and informs that Vicky has gone to contractor office to ask for more time. Jeevan says how will we deliver boxes there? our cycles are broken. Mahek asks if we should take an rickshaw? Ratan comes there and says my servant has a cycle but how will we load boxes on it? Shaurya says it will be done, just show him cycle. Ratan asks servant to bring cycle. shaurya nods
at Mahek that everything will be fine.
Shaurya makes rack and ties it behind cycle, they load lunchboxes on rack. Shaurya says I will ride the cycle, Mahek says are you sure? Shaurya says if I can handle you then this is just cycle. shaurya starts cycle and leaves, all chant for him.

Vicky says to contractor that they are bringing food boxes soon, dont worry. Vicky calls Mahek and asks if everything is fine? She says yes. Shaurya is running cycle on full speed. Mahek is in rickshaw with her family, she stops at mandir.
Shaurya is stopped by traffic police, policeman says to Shaurya that stop here, minister is going to passby from here so you cant leave, Shaurya says please let me its urgent delivery.
Contractor says to Vicky that you dont have much time, if they dont bring lunch then we will order.
Mahek comes in mandir and prays for Shaurya.

Shaurya requests policeman to let him go. Policeman gets order that he is transferred to another road, policeman says to Shaurya that you are lucky, you can go, Shaurya thanks him and leaves.
Vicky asks contractor to wait for sometime please, he will be coming.

Nikki says to Ajay that soon Shaurya and Mahek’s will be destroyed.

All family members are at home and waiting for Shaurya to return, Nehal says he didnt even call. Mahek gets call from Ajay, Ajay says your lover boy became delivery boy in your love but still you couldnt get contract, you can come to my house, I will make your family my servant and you are my life so I will make you my personal secretary. Mahek fumes in anger. Shaurya comes there and takes phone from Mahek, Shaurya says to Ajay that I will give you your rent in an hour and I will give you something else too, Ajay throws phone away in anger. Shaurya smiles at Mahek and puts money on her hand, Mahek smiles and hugs him, all are happy. Ravi starts singing, all family members start dancing, Shaurya and Mahek smiles.

Harish is dancing with family too. Mahek brings Shaurya aside and says let them dance, we will go and throw money at Nikki and Ajay’s face. Shaurya says I will slap them too so they will remember it and not come in our way. Ravi comes to them and says lets dance, ajay can go to hell. Shaurya and Mahek joins family and dances too. Jeevan says to family that Mahek should make sweetdish now, Mahek says you all dance and get hungry, I will make halwa, she leaves. Vicky says to Shaurya that we made deals of crores but we never felt this much happiness. shaurya says we did those deals for ourselves but we made our families happy today, our small success made our family happy, as Mahek says that in love, small happiness expand to big too and in sadness, you dont feel any happiness, Vicky nods. Mahek brings halwa there, she says we should enjoy our success. Mansi says we should have seen Ajay’s face right now, Vicky says he must be banging his head on wall or strangling Nikki. Vicky calls Awara, Awara come on video chat, he shows Khanna and Sharma family about what Ajay is doing. Ajay is breaking things in anger and says let Shaurya come, I will break him, Pammi says why you are breaking our things? Nikki says you people have become rich but still act like cheap people, Pammi says you witch, you said big things that Shaurya wont get contract but what happened? Nikki says I will break your face if you say all this. Pammi grabs her hand and twists it, they get in cat fight. Vicky and family laughs seeing all this, Nehal says Vicky this video will go viral on internet.

Mahek says Vicky this kind of antics Mohit used to do.. all get tensed hearing Mohit’s name, all get sad. Shaurya sees it and claps to get attention, he says to family that today is a happy day and we will make it bigger with our love so just enjoy and dance. All smile and start dancing. Mahek comes to him and says thank you Mr. handsome for making them smile, Shaurya says anything for love, Mahek hugs him and says lets go and give them money, Shaurya says I will go alone, dont know what they can do, Mahek says so? we arent scared of anyone. Shaurya smirks and pulls her closer.

Mahek is riding scooty, Shaurya is sitting behind her, Mahek asks Shaurya to not move, he says I asked you to hire rickshaw, my back is killing on this, Mahek says if you dont stay still then you will fall in ditch, she giggles at thought, he pinches her and pulls her closer, she says what are you doing? Shaurya says taking advantage of situation, Mahek says we will fall.. you know you look cute on this scooty, Shaurya says I was hot, stud before marriage and now I am cute, ew. Shaurya sees one girl staring at him sitting behind Mahek on scooty, Shaurya says why they stare like they havent seen people before? Mahek says you are grumpy, see girls are checking you out but they dont know that you have become old after wedding, Shaurya says who says I am old? I am young. Mahek says you are old as you dont romance anymore, Shaurya says I will show you how much romance I do tonight, Mahek says dont be naughty, we will think about that at night. Shaurya says I will soon buy you car and then I will show you what naughtiness is.

Kanta and Mansi buys veggies, Kanta says to Mansi that we will do preparation before Mahek come. Nehal is standing on a store. She hears one girl saying to other that on Rakhi my brother is buying me phone. Mansi comes there and says to Nehal that I forgot tomorrow is Rakhi. Nehal says I want to buy rakhi, Kanta comes there and takes rakhi from her, she says no need to spend money on useless thing, Nehal says but tomorrow is rakhi, Kanta says so what? without meaning this is just a thread, why you want to buy it? for that runner? leave it, Nehal looks on sadly.

Mahek asks Shaurya to stay still on scooty, Shaurya says to Mahek that your scooty is garbage, it is swaying, I have to hold you, do you want that? Mahek says I will beat you if you dont stay still. They stop at signal, one girl comes to them and asks Mahek to buy rakhi for her brother, Mahek gets sad hearing it, Shaurya says we dont need it, Mahek says no we will buy it, I know Mohit is not here but he is my brother, I will

Mahek buys Rakhi from signal. They smile and go to Ajay’s house.
Mansi asks Kanta to not be angry, if brother is not here so what? sister can still buy rakhi, Kanta says no, we will not buy it, Nehal just assume that your brother has died, Kanta is pained to say it. Vicky sees all that.

Mahek is riding scooty, Shaurya says my back is killing me, how is this scooty still working, there are so many bumps, Mahek says this is middle class’s scooty, it is habituated to all this. Some car passesby and throws dirt on Shaurya’s shirt, Shaurya gets angry and curses him, Mahek stops scooty and says you have threw more dirt on people in past, dont worry, I will bring water, Shaurya says these people are mad.

Mahek brings water and washes dirt from his shirt. Shaurya sees
one crossing road and suddenly gets hit by a car, Shaurya says oh God no. Shaurya and Mahek runs to man, Mahek says he is bleeding, Shaurya says he has fainted and bleeding, we have to take him to hospital, Shaurya asks onlookers if they have car but no one comes forward, Shaurya tries to stop some car. Mahek sees one man uploading pictures on social media, Mahek says shame on you, instead of helping, you are using social media, other man says if you are so worried then take him to hospital, shaurya slaps man and says dont say rubbish to her otherwise you will need to go to hospital. One car stops, Shaurya brings injured man in car.

Ajay and Rohit are waiting for Shaurya and Mahek. Nikki says I cant wait more, Ajay says if this was all Shaurya’s plan to fool us?

Shaurya and Mahek brings injured man to hospital, doctor says his condition is critical but we cant start operation till you pay money for it. Mahek says he is ill, we cant take him to other hospital, Shaurya says he is critical and you are saying all this? doctor says you want me to pay from my pocket? i cant treat him till you pay, shaurya starts throwing things away, doctor says we wont start treatment till you pay money, you can throw all things away.

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