Mehek Thursday Update 21 November 2019


Mehek Thursday Update 21 November 2019

He says he is my son. I am father and thats why I came here. You can’t see rashmi but that girl is death for your son. Dadi says think once.
Mahek asks shauyra where were you?

He says nothing dont worry. Rashmi comes back. She is worried.
Everyone is dancing. Suveltana sneaks outside. Coach goes after her. Maek goes too. Saurya comes and says where are you going? She says I invited a friend and waiting for him. Yuvraj says on call mahek carry on there. Don’t worry. I will handle everything here. Shaurya says mahek today is so important. You are on call. Swweti says mom left for early? Arish says she wasn’t well and didn’t want to spoil the function. Sweeti says ma are upset. what happeened? Rashmi says nothing.

 Suvetlana says on call you had to do this today. She sees that sharma is keeping an eye on her. She says something big is goin to happen in mandap. sharma calls mahek and tells her. Someone stabs him. Mahej says why did he stop speaking? Shaurya comes and says lets go in.

Swati washes Mahek’s mehndi. Mahek says I have to go somewhere, Swati asks her to stay put. Mahek says I have been saying that listen to me, nobody hears care about me, all are just worried about dancing and celebrating. Swati gets hurt and says what are you saying? Shaurya comes there and says to Swati that I will handle, Mahek says sorry to Swati, Swati leaves. Shaurya asks Mahek why she is behaving like that? Mahek tells him that coach is missing, she tells him about Svetlana and how coach went behind her, Mahek says I tried to call him but its not connecting, dont know where he is. Shaurya says so much happened and you didnt tell me? Mahek says you wouldnt listen to me, Shaurya tries to call coach. Mahek says Svetlana left her own son’s party, but you dont listen that something

is fishy. Shaurya says you are right, why would she leave function? Mahek says coach heard Svetlana that she has planned something big, we should tell police. Shaurya says they will ask us to wait for 24 hours and question Svetlana, it can affect Sweety’s marriage, we need proofs before we complain, Mahek says what if something happens to coach? Shaurya says I have a friend that can trace Svetlana’s number and we can find her. Mahek says I am worried about you, Smriti is getting married in that house too. Shaurya says we will find truth till tomorrow and save Smriti from any danger, dont worry.
Sajita greets Aarosh and Smriti after function. She thanks Rashmi for inviting, she asks why she is sweating? Rashmi says dont worry, its just hot here. Rashmi says I forgot shaurya and Mahek’s pooja, we will do a small pooja tomorrow so can you give Mahek’s kundli? Sajita asks if something is wrong? Rashmi says no, its just about happiness of our kids so I want to do this pooja. Sajita says send someone with us for Kundli, I will give it. Mahek and Shaurya comes there. Rashmi is tensed. Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and whispers that you go home, I will handle everything, dont let anyone know about this, Mahek thinks he is right, nobody should doubt. Mahek starts leaving with Sajita and Swati. Sajita asks where is coach? Shaurya says he left from here, he must be home, let me know if there is a problem, Mahek looks on. Sajita leaves with them.

Svetlana wakes up in her room. Aarosh comes there and says do you care about me? I feel like your servant, you get work done from me. Svetlana says calm down, I am your mother thats why doing this drama, do you think you will get married tomorrow or mourning? Aarosh says what? Svetlana says guests will come for wedding tomorrow but will mourn.. she hums. Aarosh thinks mourning? this mad woman, what is she upto now?

Sajita and Swati comes home with Mahek. She asks driver to stay, she have to give some things. Mahek tries to help Swati but Swati says you let it be, tomorrow is your wedding so take rest, she leaves. Mahek thinks that she is angry, I shouldnt have talked to her like that.

At night, Mahek gives milk to Sajita and says coach called, he is in village, he has some urgent work here. Sajita says he didnt even inform?

At night, Mahek sees Sajita and Swati sleeping. She locks their door. She calls Shaurya, Shaurya says I have located coach’s location, I am going there. Mahek says take me with you, Shaurya says dont you trust me? you take care of Sajita, I will go and inform you. He starts leaving but sees Rashmi with priest. He thinks why she is with priest at night, must be something, she leaves. Priest says to Rashmi that your husband is right, this kundli is strange, it shows that Shaurya and Mahek had a relation in past birth but their union in this life can either bring big destruction or can be very beneficial, we have to find if their marriage will be a destruction or not, Rashmi asks him to hurry, she thinks tomorrow is marriage and this happened now.

Shaurya comes to a jungle, he looks around but doesnt find coach. He calls Mahek and says I am trying to locate him.
Coach is in a den, kidnapper asks coach to talk to Mahek. Kidnapper calls coach, coach sees gun on his head and says to Mahek that I am fine and I am keeping an eye on Svetlana, Mahek says I have been trying to find you, I will send Shaurya to you. Coach panics and says no no, I am fine, dont tell anyone about this, Mahek is worried.

Shaurya is looking around for coach in jungle. Mahek calls him and tells him how coach said that he is fine. Shaurya says thank God he is fine, but I feel something is wrong, Mahek says if he doesnt return till tomorrow then I will complain to police. Shaurya says I dont understand why he asked to not tell anyone, if he doesnt return till tomorrow then we will go to police.

In morning, Shaurya is on call and says to Mahek that I am going for FIR. Rashsmi stops him and asks where he is going? Shaurya says I have to go somewhere, I will comeback, he leaves.

Sajita makes Mahek ready for wedding, Sajita says its strange that coach left without telling anyone? its wedding today and he havent comeback? Mahek thinks that I tried to call him but he is not picking up, dont know where he is. Sajita says dont worry, he will definitely return before your wedding.

Shaurya calls Mahek and says I am filed FIR in police, dont tell anyone as we dont know what is happening, he ends call. He sits in car and backs away but his car hits someone. Shaurya gets down from car and says sorry to man, he says I didnt see you. Svetlana sits in his car, she messages from his phone to Mahek. She takes out his sim and breaks it.

Mahek is worried and says dont know where coach is. Mahek gets Shaurya’s message that he has found coach, he is in a farmhouse near this address, his life is in danger, come there, I will be there and dont tell anyone. Mahek is tensed reading his text.

Shaurya says will I look joker in the sehra? Rashmi says I wanted to talk to you. He says ma look here. I guess you are worried for preparations. what you have done is enough. She says I met your dad and dadi outside the house on mehdni. she said that Mahek isn’t fgood for you.

Shaurya says you know they are liars. She says I asked Sajita for Mahek’s kundli. I showed it to pandit ji. He.. She sits down. shaurya says and what did pandit say? She says pandit said the same thing your dad and dadi said. Shaurya says this is all rubbish. You know how much we love each other. She always saves me. She can never hurt me. This is daddy’s game. He doesn’t like mahek. Rashmi says I know they were both wrong. He says they can never change. Rashmi says but I saw truth in her eyes.

she wasn’t lying. I am a mother. No mother would want to risk her kid’s life. Shaurya says I will marry Mahek today and no one can stop me. Rashmi says please listen. He leaves.
Sajita says Swati was here? Where is she now? Mahek says ma you look for didi I am going inside. Sajita says stop. Mahek goes inside.
Mahe says she might be at the shop. Sajita goes out and looks fror swati. Swati buys gift for Mahek. There is a mug that says best sister. She says Mahek will love it. You are getting married. How will I live without you.

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