Mehek Thursday Update 1st August 2019 Zee World

Mahek comes out to dressing room dressed as dancer. She sees goons dancing and drunk. She comes there, she cuts one goon’s pocket and grabs car key from it, he is too busy in dancing to notice. Mahek keeps veil on her face, she hides keys under foot. She looks at head dancer and shows her that she got the key. Mahek silently leaves from there. Mahek comes to parking lot, she opens trunk of car, Shaurya is tied inside, she opens his ties. Dancers leave dhabba too.

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Mahek brings Shaurya out of car, she makes him sit on the side and says please wake up, see I have come, we have to leave, please wake up. Inside dhabba, goon says all dancers left, we should leave too. He asks goon to give car keys but goon sees his pocket cut, other goon says someone robbed your pocket, lets go to car. Goons start coming towards car. Mahek is hiding behind car with Shaurya, she begs Shaurya to wake up, she says we have to leave please wake up, Shaurya is still unconscious.

Mahek punctures car’s tyre so goons cant leave. She pleads Shaurya to wake up, she says see I am here. Shaurya wakes up and murmurs Mahek? Mahek cries and touches her forehead with his, she says very good, now we have to leave from here, lets get up and try. Mahek supports Shaurya, they both get up. Mahek brings Shaurya to her scooty, she makes him sit behind her and drives away from there. Goons come to their car and sees Shaurya gone from there, goon says car is punctured too.Svetlana calls goon, Goon says Shaurya is gone, Svetlana says you fool, one girl took whole man from you and you couldnt do anything? Goon says we will find Shaurya. Svetlana says remember that Mahek cant get away with Shaurya. Goon sees Tempo there, they rob Tempo and starts following Mahek in Tempo.

Inspector’s man calls inspector from Dhabba, he says goons left in some Tempo, he gives Tempo’s number, he says some girl took some unconscious man on my scooty too, inspector ends call. He calls Digvijay and says Mahek has runaway with Shaurya on scooty, goons are following her too. Digvijay says okay. Kanta asks Vicky to drive faster, they have to reach Mahek.

Mahek is riding scooty with Shaurya unconscious sitting behind her. Mahek says please Shaurya you have to wake up, police and family are searching for us. Mahek sees goons following her in temppo, she says they are near us, if Shaurya was fine then I wouldnt worry but Shaurya you have to wake up. Goons come infront of Mahek’s scooty, she stops and gets scared seeing them. Mahek hugs Shaurya closely. Mahek says dont do anything, my husband wouldnt leave you. Goon says its good you came here to save your husband, we will kill you, we will not kill Shaurya but we will cut his arms and legs and will finish you. One goon is about to attack Mahek but Shaurya wakes up and holds his stick, he says dont you dare.

Shaurya starts beating goons. Shaurya says dare you touch my Mahek and you will see your hands last time, he beats all goons. Mahek says we should leave Shaurya, she tends to Shaurya but Svetlana comes there and says how far can you both run? she points gun at them and says you lover will get free today. She says to Mahek that you want to see your useless husband alive then come with me, she points gun at Shaurya. Mahek says please dont do anything to Shaurya. Shaurya says no Mahek! he is weak and cant stand straight. Svetlana says Shaurya you cant even stand properly and still want to protect your love.

Svetlana points gun at Mahek’s head and says to Shaurya that you want to keep her safe then give whole property to me, name your property to me right now! Shaurya says how can I? Svetlana says I dont know, if you dont then I wont spare your Mahek. Shaurya says if you try to hurt my Mahek then you will regret with bone in your body. Svetlana says stop threatening me, you were raised on my money. Mahek sees police coming there, she says police! Svetlana turns to look around, Mahek snatches gun from her and throws it away.

Svetlana’s goon tries to attack them but Shaurya pushes him away, Svetlana says I wont spare you. Mahek grabs her arm and doesnt her let her run away. Digvijay arrives there with Sharma family and police. Police arrests Svetlana, Svetlana glares at Shaurya and Mahek and says I wont spare you both, I will comeback and get that property. Mahek and Shaurya hug each other seeing Svetlana get arrested.

Nikki ends call, Ajay looks on. Shaurya and Mahek comes to Sharma house. Karona runs out and sees them, Dolly does their aarti, all family members are emotional. Balwant smile. He says thank God you are back. Harish hugs Shaurya tightly and says son I got to know how much I love you when I lost you, dont ever do this again, I love him, he hugs him. Sheetal comes there and gets excited, she says Shaurya is back, I knew you both were hiding something, Mahek was not looking like she lost you, she applies tilak to him and eats sweets instead of giving to him.

At night, all family members sit down. Shaurya says to Karona that I am sorry, we did a mistake, I forgot right and wrong to get property back, Mahek tried to stop me but I didnt listen. Karona kisses his forehead and cries, she looks to Mahek and kisses her cheek, she says dont ever forget this lesson, money, revenge property all comes to second, first comes your family and love, what if anything happened to you both? how would we live? promise me to never do something like this, promise me you will never do it even if you get property or not, promise on my name.

Shaurya says dont say that, I wont promise something like that, Mahek says Shaurya please. Karona says my real wealth is you and Mahek, I dont need that property that can put your life in danger. Shaurya says its about justice, I wont let that cheaters Nikki and Ajay get that property, nothing happened to me. Karona says you will understand when something happens to you? why dont you just forget everything and move on.

Kanta says Karona is right. Shaurya says I love you all but I wont accept it, my principles are most important to me, I will make Ajay and Nikki get their lesson and punishment at all cost, he leaves. All are tensed. Karona cries, Mahek is hurt seeing her state.

In morning, Digvijay meets Shaurya and Mahek. Mahek says Maa doesnt want us.. Shaurya says dont be emotional like Maa, I will get my property back. Digvijay says you both have to be on one page to fight this, Ajay and Nikki are going to court to file for property, you have to stop them. Mahek says I will bring my bag. Mahek comes in lounge, she sees Karona and Harish fighting. Karona asks Harish to stop fighting and putting his life in danger, Harish says Shaurya is doing right, he has to fight for his property, Kanta says I will talk to Mahek, Harish says no Shaurya is right, he is a man and will fight for his rights,

Nikki and Ajay keep snatching if we dont stop them, Shaurya has to punish them. Jeevan says he is right, we cant keep sitting silently, Shaurya should teach them a lesson that they will never forget. Kanta says why you men keep fighting for your ego, its about our kids’ safety, Jeevan says they did wrong but now they are fighting legally and I support Shaurya. Mahek comes inside, Karona pleads Mahek to stop Shaurya from putting his life in danger, Harish says no Mahek dont stop Shaurya from fighting. Mahek is confused, Shaurya calls out to her, she leaves.

Nikki and Ajay comes to registrar to register property. registrar says you will get in 10 days. Digvijay comes there and says they cant get it, registrar says you have come yourself sir? Digvijay says I had to come, the property is of my client, she has already claimed it as M Khanna, Shaurya says its my wife’s property, Nikki says Svetlana filed claimn not Mahek, Digvijay says Svetlana would have used S Khanna, its Mahek’s property and she filed the claim, if you have proof that this property is yours then give it to registerar, Mahek has the proof, Nikki doesnt have any proof that property is hers. Registrar asks if Mahek if she has the proof? show it to me. Mahek looks down… Digvijay asks her to show it. Mahek says Nikki is right, I didnt file any claim on the property. All are stunned, Shaurya glares at Mahek for double crossing him.

Shaurya and Mahek comes out of registrar’s office. Nikki and ajay comes out too, they hide and spies on couple’s talk. Shaurya says to Mahek that you cant stop me. Mahek says yes but I wont be part of your plan, Shaurya says you want me to leave my property that I earned with years ot hardwork and live with your useless family in that small house? Mahek says mind your language, is my family nothing to you? why you keep fighting, cant you live a simple life like everyone else.

Shaurya says you want me to live like a failure and not achiever? why didnt you marry Ajay Parmar but me. Mahek says dont say like that, we were all putting our lives in danger when you went on suicide mission. Shaurya says your responsiblity is to take my side, I wont stop, I will get my property back, Mahek says dont be so blind by your anger, it will burn your hands.

Shaurya glares at her and pushes her away angrily, she falls down on road and cries, Shaurya leaves her there, Mahek cries. Ajay and Nikki witnesses all that. Nikki says their relation is at self destructive mode, Ajay feels bad for Mahek crying alone, Nikki glares at him and says lets go,they smirk and leaves. Mahek looks at them leaving, she wipes her tears and calls Shaurya. She says to Shaurya that I dont think if they fell for our plan or not, Shaurya says they have to love, your acting is way too good sweetheart, Mahek smiles.