Mehek Thursday Update 12 September 2019


Mehek Thursday Update 12 September 2019

Priest says to family that husband and wife should be present in pooja otherwise Pooja will not complete. Mahek says Shaurya is in pain, I will apologize to Lord. Mahek prays to Lord that Shaurya have been getting pain from last few days, like he did everything to bring me back, I will do everything for my Shaurya to be fine. Inspector calls Mahek and says we caught terrorists but head terrorist ranaway please be careful, your and Shaurya’s life is in danger.

Vicky says to Nehal that take care, I will come later. Jeevan asks if they caught head terrorist? Vicky says no police is searching for him.

At night, someone tries to enter Shaurya’s house.

Mahek comes in house. Shaurya lies mattress on floor and says I will sleep on mattress, Mahek says have you gone

mad? you sleep on bed. Shaurya says I dont want to disturb your sleep, you move around a lot in bed. Mahek says okay but you wont sleep on floor, you sleep on couch and even when you get fine, I will not let you come near me. He smiles and goes to sleep on couch.

At night, Mahek is sleeping, she hears Shaurya’s voice to save him.. she looks around and doesnt find Shaurya, she hears Shaurya’s voice to save him.. she suddenly wakes up and remembers that it was a dream. She looks around and doesnt find Shaurya on couch, she hears noise and says what he is doing in balcony at night? She comes in balcony and says Shaurya what are you doing here? man turns and its not Shaurya but head terrorist, she says you? he grabs her neck and says dont scream otherwise I will not spare you, he strangles her. Mahek tries to call out for Shaurya and says dont kill me, she tries to struggle against him. Shaurya comes there and says leave her, he hits terrorist with stick and says now I will not spare you, shaurya starts fighting with him and says your God wont be able to save you today, Shaurya beats him. Mahek hugs Shaurya and asks if he is fine? Terrorist is injured. Police arrives there and arrests terrorist. All family members are shocked to see him in house. Neev hides behind Mahek and says this is bad boy, Mahek says I am with you. Shaurya asks Mahek to leave with Neev, they leave. Dolly says this head terrorist looks like our gardener, Shaurya says what? inspector says yes this man was hiding in your house with different identity, Shaurya says how can someone so dangerous run from your custody? Inspector says I wont spare him now. Vicky says why he was hiding in our house? when there was so much security around our house then why did he hide here only? something is fishy. Mahek comes there too. Shaurya says wow you are using your mind, he hid here because he wanted revenge. Mahek says he wanted revenge thats why he came here. Vicky says these people are not nice, police should provide protection at restaurant and home too. Shaurya says shut up, we dont need police protection, its a big protection and I dont police at my restaurant, he thanks inspector, inspector leaves. Shaurya is tensed.
Shaurya and Mahek comes to room. Mahek says I told you to not shout at Vicky, he is incharge of home minister’s daughter’s wedding and he can take decisions for for protection of restaurant. shaurya says it was your decision to make him incharge and your decisions are from heart, we cant use heart for business, this project and restaurant is mine and I will take my decisions. Mahek says I thought I had half right on your life, wealth and house, if you are the lone owner of all this then fine, you take care of this project alone, I will not be part of it, fight your war alone, I wont be part of it, she goes to sleep. Shaurya is tensed.
Nehal, Kanta and Mansi are in market. One neighbor comes and says I made laddos for you, eat them, Nehal have puking fit smelling, she says I am sorry aunty, I will vomit smelling it. Nehal vomit. Neighbor says I vomit when I was pregnant, this Nehal looked so nice girl, she is pregnant? Kant ask them to shut up.

Mansi and Kanta comes to Karona’s house. Mansi says things are getting out of control, people are talking about it, we have to marry them soon. Karonsa says I want them to get married soon, its about our respect too. Mansi says you can do anything, please get them married soon. Dolly says Vicky didnt even get divorced, it will take time to finalize it, you should have thought before giving too much freedom to your girl. Kanta says it was only girl’s fault? Dolly says girl have to bear only. Kanta says boys are not at mistake, your thinking is what make country not good for girls, we should think of solution. Dolly says talk with respect, I am giving you respect as you are Mahek’s chachi otherwise I would have asked you leave. Karona asks her to stop it. Mahek says we have to find solution. Dolly says look at their attitude, they are scolding us. Kanta says I am sorry if I was stern but I am just trying to say that we have less time and do something soon.

Mahek calls Khurana and says please finalize it soon. Mahek ends call and says Shurti is delaying the process.

Vicky comes to Shaurya and says I want to get divorced soon, you can do it, think about Nehal, make Shurti have settlement, give her some money, do something but make me get divorced, Shaurya says but I have one condition, vicky says I will hear everything.

Vicky comes to Mahek and others, he says Shaurya has agreed to talk to Shurti and get my divorce done but Shaurya has a condition, he wants Mahek to be part of the project, please dont say no, please help him. Mahek nods. Shaurya comes there and says I have talked to Shurti, she is ready for divorce, I will give her money, Khurana will handle everything, get ready for Vicky and Nehal’s marriage, all smile. Shaurya winks at Mahek, Mahek blushes.

Karuna says on this happy day I will make something sweet. Neev says I am so happy. Shaurya says shukran. Neev asks mahek what is Shukran? Mahek says thats thank you in Arabic. Where did you hear that? He says Sharuya said. Mahek wonders why shaurya said that.

Vicky says to Shaurya mahek will sign that paper in afternoon. She is out for shopping. SHaurya says there should be no issues in this project. Shaurya says I have to go somewhere. Vicky says but there is an important meeting. He says that after one hour. Shaurya says I want to rest. He leaves. Neev says my stomach hurts. Mahek says its because of the junk food you eat. They are going for shopping.
Shaurya comes back home. Mahek is going back home as well. Mahek comes home. Vicky calls her.
Shaurya is in washroom. Mahek says meeting

at this time? I will send them for shopping and come right now. Mahek calls Shaurya.. He says I am in a meeting I will call you back. Mahek says why did Shaurya lie. Neev goes to washroom.
Shaurya wears a topi and takes arabic attire. He offers prayer. Mahek is looking for Shaurya. He comes back to washroom and changes hos clothes.
Shaurya comes to white chilies. Vicky says I conducted the interviews and short listed these. Shaurya says where are their bio data? Vicky gives him the list. Shaurya throws it away and says you can’t do anything right. Vicky says look at it once. Shaurya says I rejected six of them. Vicky says I worked so hard on this. Vicky says you are not valuing my effort. Shaurya says you are project incharge only because of Mahek. Go and do something that doesn’t damage more. Mahek and Nehal come there. Nehal leaves.

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