Mehek Sunday Update 8 September 2019


Mehek Sunday Update 8 September 2019

Archie is scared. She gets up from bed to check who is there. Ravi runs. She comes out and says someone is joking with me. Who are you? She comes to a room. Someone locks her. Arohi says is someone there? Take me out. She is scared. She comes near window. Someone throttles her. she screams and cries. AA man comes with bleeding face. Archie fants. Its Ravi. She faints. Shaurya comes in. Ravi says we are done. Shaurya hugs Mahek.

Archie says to Dolly someone is doing this to me. I was so scared. Shaurya comes and asks all the servants who tried to annoy Archie. They see we didn’t do anything. Shaurya says to Vicky you did this? he says how can I? Archie says I want to rest.

Archie sees Shaurya talking to someone on call. He goes to meet Mahek. Archie follows him. She calls him. Archie says where were you going?
Dolly does arti and says there are some powers in the house. Archie says to Shaurya whom were talking to on call? He says my staff. Shaurya says calm down. Lets go home. They leave. Mahek is hidden.

Mahek says to Sharya on call you should have been careful. Control the situation. She says go and focus on the plan. He says okay.
Shaurya says to Archie I am sorry. Archie says its okay. She takes meds.
Kanta comes to Dolly and says we want to pray for Shaurya’s life. We have arranged a jagrata. Shaurya says we can’t come. We need private time. You can take staff to jagrata.
Archie says thank you for spending time with me. She comes close to him. He runs upstairs. Archie comes to room and says this dress is for you. Change and come to the pool. She says thank you. She wears the dress. Archie is very happy. She hears someone saying hello beautiful. Archie is scared. The door gets locked. Archie says shaurya save me. Please get me out. The bed starts moving. Archie is scared. She says shaurya please save me. Shaurya smiles.

Archie comes running to the kitchen and screams. She takes water. A ghost comes and says come near me. Archie faints again. Mahek and Ravi smile. Mahek says poor girl. They put her on bed. There is foam on Shaurya’s face. Mahek cleans it. She says I have to go. Shaurya calls doctor. avi and Jevan leave. Ravi sees a lemon under the beed. He says what is this? Mahek says must be mausi’s mantra to send ghosts away.

Shaurya asks Archie what happened? She says please save me. He has come. Shaurya says please calm down. Archie says where were you? I looked for you everywhere. He is here. He will take me with him. Shaurya says please tell me what happened. Archie says he is back. He has found me. He will take me. Shaurya hugs him. Archie says Shaurya please save me.

Shaurya says whom are you talking about? You are just stressed. Kanta says to Dolly I am sure there is some ghost on her. Dolly says yes i put a lemon here and it turned red. KKanta says thats scary. We should call someone who can throw away this ghost. Dolly says who? Kanta says I know someone. Dolly says bring her here. I won’t let Shaaurya know about it. Kanta says yes he doesn’t believe in all this. Kanta calls Mahek and says get ready. Mata Katiyari devi you have to come to send ghost away.

Dolly says to Archie you have a ghost on you. You have to come with me and meet Mata. Archie says stop this nonsense or I will send you to the village you came from. Dolly calls Kanta and says she sin’t agreeing.
Mansi and Kanta are getting Mahek ready. Mansi says what will we do now? Mahek says she will have to agree.

Archie goes out for jogging. Shaurya is talking to Mahek on video call. He says see the live action. An empty car comes towards Archie. A watchman and dolly see the car going towards archie. Archie sees the car coming and screams. Archie runs. Sharuya comes and says how did this happen? Someone must have done this. Let me check the car. He says Archie see the note on the car. It is written with blood Waiting for you. Archie is scared. Dolly says this is blood. Archie faints. ddolly says let me check her.

Mahek says you hugged her. He says you asked me to marry her now I have to. Mahek says meet me I will tell you. She smirks.
Jevan comes home and says we can’t get that place because there is already a mundan today. Kanta says you can’t do anything. Nehal says let me call Shaurya. He will suggest what to do.

Archie is crying. Dolly says I will stay with you all the time. Archie says take me where you were saying. I will go anywhere. Dolly says don’t cry. Archie says lets go. Dolly says to Archie where is your mangal sutra? She says Shaurya never gave me. Dolly says I will ask him to bring you.
Nehal and everyone is preparing. Kanta says Dolly and Archie must be coming any moment. Kanta says lets call shaurya. Mansi says they must be coming. Kanta says we don’t know where Shaurya is. Dolly and Archie will reach any moment.

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