Mehek Sunday Update 29 September 2019


Mehek Sunday Update 29 September 2019

Kanta says to Jeevan why did you open the door. Shaurya is gallery. Kanta says I hope they are safe. The thugs ask each other to make tea. Kanta says I can make for you. Ravi says no don’t. Kanta says they are like our kids. She goes to kitchen to make tea. one of them keeps an eye on her.

Vicky collides with Abba. Nehal says he is here for white chilies. He couldn’t get a home so he is living here. Come lets have food first.

Dolly comes to Karuna and says there are two people in the house. They are very dangerous. They have a big knife. She says they are not right people. We have to be careful. Karuan says I will talk to Shaurya in the morning.

Kanta is in kitchen. Shaurya tells Kanta what to do. She gives them all tea. Kanta brings hot water and throws it on

their faces. They screams. SHaurya comes in. They all hit the thugs and rope them. Arman puts gun on Neev’s head and says stop. Leave my people. Kanta releases them all. Arman says everyone is brave in this house.
Mahek is worried in the house. Abba comes and says you thought you could fool us? Mahek is dazed. Arman comes too. Abba says wanna get killed? Don’t mess with us, We will kill you all. They throw shaurya towards her. Shaurya says I am sorry. I failed. Everything is over. They are very dangerous. Mahek says we can’t give up. He says I don’t know what to do.

Mahek is worried. Dolly comes to her. Dolly says what are you hiding from us?? Mahek says nothing please don’t be scared.
mahek says to Shaurya Masi doubts Arman. She is very scared. Shaurya says calm her down. Dolly is keeping an eye on Arman. She says there is something else. They are hiding something.
One of the thug tries to harass Nehal. Mahek comes there. Dolly says they have to leave this house. Mahek says what is your mission? You are a cheap human. Don’t dare doing this again or I will kill you.
Kanta and family see the news of the wedding. Thug says in this wedding everyone will die. Ravi says you will fail.
Abba asks Arman to go to venue and do all the preps. Dolly comes to Abba’s room and looks for stuff. Abba comes in. She hides. he takes his phone and leaves.
Mahek says to Dolly you should have been careful. Shaurya says they are my guess stay away from them. She leaves the room. He says I know I did wrong but I have to keep her away from all this. Shaurya and magek go downstairs. Arman says bomb wiring is in this necklace and you Mahek will wear this. You will plant the bomb else we will kill your family.

Arman says to Shaurya your mistake can get you in trouble. Your family can be killed.
Dolly gets table ready. She sees bua ji taking photos.

Silky asks Veera to cook tea for Vivan. She says please. Mruain says for him never. She says please did do that. She says get him ready for antakshari.
Vivan is working. Veera gives him tea. She says we are all playing antakshari. He says sorry I dont’ have time. Veera says he doesn’t like hindi songs. He is scared. Vivan says okay I will be there. Get ready. He says are you all scared? You might want to give up. Veera says don’t mess with us Indians. We know how to defeat. He grasps her hand. Veera says go and learn as much as hindi songs you. Silky says I am sorry I don’t know what happened to her.

Mahek wears the necklace. She is worried. Abba asks her to stand in the queue. Abba says you have to send your wife and my men inside. Mahek goes in from the other door. Shauyra is worried. Inspector stops her and says go from security walk through gate. Mahek pretends like her foot has sprained. Shaurya comes and says Mahek what are you doing here. We have to go and work. We have work. Ask your head. Minister comes and says why have you stopped them. Shaurya says we are in queue while the food inside is ruining. He says let them go in. Mahek and shaurya go inside. Mahek takes off the garland and gives it to the men. Mahek says to Shaurya what to do.

Paa ji is sitting upset. his son says what are you doing here? He says I want to be alone here. She shows him a ring and says yes its the same ring. Paa ji says how did you arrange it? He says don’t worry. Get ready. Paa ji says thank you so much. He says keep this ring for Veera.
Veera slips. Vivan holds her. He says you are so worried that you are slipping. sHe says Indians don’t lose. Bet. He says it will be fun. She says I have no interest in bet. He says because you fear losing. You are giving up. She says I accept the bet. He says all the best.

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