Mehek Sunday Update 24 November 2019


Mehek Sunday Update 24 November 2019

Nurse says we can’t think she can be saved. Doctor says inform police. Kanta is crying.
Nurse says fill the form. She says please save my daughter. Kanta fills the form. She faints.

Shaurya comes to police station and reports them. He sys we will investigate after 12 hours. Suvetlana comes to police station. Saurya says she did this. She knows where mahek is. Suvetlana says how many time will blame me. i came here myself. Sharm says you were not here we all were. Suvetlana says I was with my doctor. Go and ask my doctor. SHarma says she is behind Swati’s death too. She does all this drama.


Shaurya and Sharma come to hospital. Nurse says she is being treated. Doctor comes out and says she is no more. Shaurya is dazed. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says how can you leave me alone? Mahek you can’t leave me. How will I live without you. We had to talk about so many things. Mahek please open yr eyes.
Shaurya recalls his moments with mahekk. Suvetlana sees her dead and says chapter is closed.

Sharma cries and says to Suvetlana you are a witch. You killed our Mahek. Suvetlana and Arush leave. Kanta says I want to go to my mahek, I want to see her. Suvetlana says I have heard that voice somewhere. Arush says lets go.
Kanta sees Mahek. She screams and cries. suvetlana sees her. She recalls everything. Suvetlana hides. Kanta sees shaurya and says I knew you would come back i knew you were here. Police comes. Kanta says Shaurya why is Mahek not waking up. Nurse says I think she is crazy. Shaury asays I don’t know you and I don’t want to know you. Kanta says what are you saying. This is Maehk and I am your Kanta. SHaurya says stay away from my Mehak. Maybe she is a fraud and she killed Mahek. Kanta says are mad. Kanta says listen. Inspector says what are you doing.

THey take her out. Suvetlana says thank God shaurya didn’t recall. This old woman is still alive. Inspector says we have to do her post mortem. Sharma cries. He says God took Mahek from us as well. There is nothing left in life. Shaurya says we have to live for her.Sharma comes home. sajita says where is mahek? Wehn will she come back> Sharma says I sent her to training camp. She needs to stay there.

Sajit says she didn’t meet me before going? I will talk to her. Sharma says she can’t talk to everyone. This is their rule. She came home but you were asleep. She can meet you later. If you call her she would be in troubble. Sajita says I will call her first. Coach says try to understand. Sajita says she is my daughter. I will talk to her. If she doesn’t pick my call I will go there and meet her. shaurya says let me talk to them for permission. SAjita says okay.

Mahek’s funeral rites are being done. Everyone is crying. Swweti says how can this happen. How will i liev with all this. rashmi says life doesn’t stop. This is God’s decision. Look at Shaurya. Sharma comes too. He says I shouldn’t be pardoned. I couldn’t save my Mahek. Suvetlana and Arush come too. Shaurya picks Mahek and puts her body on the woods. He reaclls his moments with Mahek. Sajita comes there.

She screams. she says my Mahek.. Shaurya you did this. You ruined my house. I should never have trusted you. You will beg for death. She screams adn says Mahek.. Please open your eyes. Sharam says Mahek has left us. Sajita says she can’t leave me alone. I want to go with her too. She says I will go with her. Everyone is crying. Shaurya does the rites and burns the body.Sajita screams and cries. Arush says we won mom. Suvetlana sits in the car adn sees Mahek at the back. She screams.

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